What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying About Athlebrities

“I’m a huge fan of Athlebrities.com because I know I am going to learn something about my favorite athletes that I never knew before and that makes me feel even better about being a sports fanatic! Too often we only hear about the negative and disappointing things that our professional athletes are up to, so I love checking out the site for some good and uplifting news. And the pictures are always so inspiring too!”
Donna DeDario
Director of Communications
Starlight Children’s Foundation
Los Angeles , CA 90036
www.starlight.org Helping seriously ill children and their families cope with their pain, fear and isolation through entertainment, education and family activities.

“Delinda is a real pleasure to work with. Her website does a wonderful job of stressing the positive impact of professional athletes that gets covered so rarely in the media. I am not surprised that Athlebrities.com is such a great success.”
Matthew Saler
Manager, New Business and Social Media
Maroon PR

“After being involved in Professional sport in the UK and now working for a sports education non profit in New York, I am always interested in what pro athletes and celebrities are doing to open the door for today’s youth and give back to the community, this is why Athlebrities is at the top of my book marked sites!”
Dom Wareing
Play Rugby USA About Play Rugby USA: No Field—No problem! Rugby and flag rugby is truly all inclusive, breaking down boundaries, developing character, promoting fitness and creating friendships that will last a lifetime. It is for everyone, boys, girls, from all backgrounds and beliefs. It is also a unique sport in that flag rugby and its lead up games can be played almost anywhere.

“I can always count on Delinda to get the word out about our events.”
- Lisa Wheeler, President GreasieWheels, LLC

“As Co-Founder and Director of Athlete Outreach for Team Darfur, Athlebrities.com became a main source of information to stay up-to-date on athletes and the causes they supported.  Delinda Lombardo is on top of her game with this blog!”
Bradley Greiner
Team Darfur

“Athlebrities.com is a top-notch source for the most current, interesting and newsworthy events. Hollywood Knights International has been on the forefront of celebrity charity fundraising for over 40 years and we support and applaud Athlebrities.com! We frequently log on to get the latest from Delinda and are always impressed with the pieces she writes. Great job Athlebrities.com!”
Vicky Mirisch, Marketing Director – HollywoodKnights.com

“Athlebrities.com has become a must read for me. Delinda’s sports knowledge, easy to read writing style, focus on the positive, and amazing contacts mean content found no where else on the web.”
Eric Gazin, Auction Cause

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