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Seven Days in Utopia with Robert Duvall: Interview

Seven Days in Utopia with Robert Duvall: Interview

It’s nice to see a film that doesn’t have all the gratuitous sex and violence.”- Robert Duvall on playing Johnny Crawford

Brilliant interview with the great Robert Duvall as he chats with golf-blogger extraordinaire Tony Korologos from ‘Hooked On Golf Blog’ about his latest role in the film ‘Seven Days in Utopia.’ Duvall chats about golf, Tiger Woods, inspiration, sex, drugs, and claims that working with Billy Bob Thornton for an upcoming film was “one of the greatest moments of my career.”


    SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA follows the story of Luke Chisolm (Lucas Black), a talented young golfer set on making the pro tour. When his first big shot turns out to be a very public disaster, Luke escapes the pressures of the game and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas, home to eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford (Robert Duvall). But Johnny’s more than meets the eye, and his profound ways of looking at life force Luke to question not only his past choices, but his direction for the future.

    Based on David L. Cook’s best-selling book Golf’s Sacred Journey: Seven Days at the Links of Utopia, SEVEN DAYS IN UTOPIA also stars Melissa Leo, Deborah Ann Woll, Brian Geraghty, Jerry Ferrera, Joseph Lyle Taylor, KJ Choi and Kathy Baker. The film is directed by Matthew Dean Russell from a script by Cook, Rob Levine, Russell and Sandra Thrift. The film was produced by Mark G. Mathis (Brick, Precious) and Jason M. Berman (The Dry Land).

The INTERVIEW can be heard HERE.

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Rafael Nadal One of the Worlds Most Influential People

Rafael Nadal One of the Worlds Most Influential People

Time Magazine has released their list of the World’s Most Influential People, and its gives me great pleasure to announce our tapa, Rafael Nadal has made the list. Rafa is sitting comfortably at #71 under the ‘Heroes & Icons’ section…joined only by two other athletes: Tiger Woods and Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao.


The explanation as to how Rafa cracked Time Mag’s 100, was beautifully written by someone who should also be on the list, Serena Williams.

    ‘I have never seen such tenacity, such ambition, such fight and such honor go into every shot as when I watch Rafael Nadal. I want to be like him. The attitude he exudes the moment he walks out on the court is the attitude of a true champion. A champion whose desire to win is the same as the desire of a lion to eat. Stalking his prey with force and speed, Nadal, 22, has already become one of the game’s all-time best…What is so unusual about Rafa (which is what he likes to be called) is that unlike many of his fellow Spaniards, he can dominate on all surfaces. He has never lost a match on the French Open’s clay, but he also has a Wimbledon title to his name, as well as one from the Australian Open. This year he’s the only man able to go for a true Grand Slam. What makes him so good? I think it’s that he’s the hardest worker. The last one to leave the court, the first to arrive. The one who falls asleep studying, the first to rise. It’s not easy being a champion; you don’t just wake up and — bam! — you’re No. 1. It takes work, effort, desire, dedication — all qualities that Rafa has. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am far off.’


Oh Serena, you hit the nail on the head and I am especially grateful for the ‘lion stalking its prey’ visual…next match, I plan on using body paints to transform myself into ‘prey’ before prancing across the court. Serena also points out something I’ve been saying for years- Rafa is the hardest working babe in tennis. He doesn’t just wake up and expect to remain at number one without putting every once of his effort into it…

Rafa is in good company in the top 100 (which includes Obama, Oprah, and Clooney…) Obviously, Tiger Woods is a staple on just about every list around, but not many people know of Manny Pacquiao. The beast is currently rated by the Ring Magazine as the #1 pound-for-pound boxer in the world, is actively involved in politics, is rumored to be the subject of Sylvester Stallone’s latest film venture and is set to take on British boxer Ricky Hatton this weekend. Pacquiao’s profile in Time was written by Lennox Lewis and can be read here.

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$2.00 Can Buy You Golf with Tiger Woods or A Bruins Luxury Box

$2.00 Can Buy You Golf with Tiger Woods or A Bruins Luxury Box

This post is my way of helping some of you get the most for your money. I’ve clued you in on how to meet some of your favorites via attending celebrity-golf events and the like. But there’s another avenue being offered to fans…and its called ‘raffles.’ And I’m not talking about your grandmother’s church raffles…I’m talking about celebrity charity raffles.

The concept is simple. Buy a raffle ticket for $2.00, the money goes to charity and you’re entered to win some amazing prizes-some of which will fly right under the radar if you’re not looking for them.


As mentioned, for a measly two-bucks, you theoretically can get ten-minutes of one-on-one instructions with Tiger Woods. The good peeps at Celebrities for Charity are raffling off one slot 1 slot in the Tiger Woods 1 Hour Golf Clinic at the Grand Cypress Resort in Orlando Florida (Wednesday, May 27, 2009). The winner receives: Minimum 5 – 10 minutes of one-on-one instruction from Tiger Woods; 2 hours of professional training with a certified Pro Golf Instructor; 2 night accommodations at the Grand Cypress Resort (single room, single occupancy); a voucher for roundtrip coach airfare (as necessary) to attend clinic (maximum $1,000); All meals on day of Clinic and a gift bag with shirts and other Tiger Woods collectables….BUT you gotta hurry-the raffle ends Tuesday March 24. The more raffle tickets you buy, the greater chance you have of winning. Do the math…a private lesson with Tiger Woods is worth thousands of dollars, why wouldn’t you gamble on a two-dollar raffle?


Aside from tips from Tiger, Celebrities for Charity also has some great Boston Bruins experiences up for grabs. How do 2 Tickets to every Boston Bruins playoff game during their 2009 playoff run for the Stanley Cup sound? And they’ll throw in an autographed photo of Milan Lucic (Drawing date April 10)…also on the chopping block is your own luxury box at a Bruins Game vs. the Montreal Canadians and a meet and greet with NHL Hall of Famers Ray Bourque and Cam Neely. (Drawing Date: Friday, April 3, 2009). Once again, tickets are only $2.00 and the price goes down if you buy in bulk.

In addition to raffles, I’ve also mentioned charity auctions before. Again, this is a great alternative to on-line shopping. Check the various celebrity charity auctions that are increasingly becoming more and more popular and you’ll likely find something worth your hard earned cash, which goes to charity, and is sold for well below the market value.

For example…the Farm Sanctuary is getting a ton of celebrity support. The organization works to end cruelty to farm animals and promotes compassionate living through rescue, education and advocacy. Through Charity Buzz, the organization is about to benefit from a few cool ‘experiences’ being auctioned off.


Eric Nies is up for grabs…granted, I don’t know who he is, but he is indeed a bid-worth beast. Hottie is best known as the teen idol from MTV’s ‘The Real World/New York. He’s also billed as a ‘health and wellness guru” so the prize package reads: ‘Take the opportunity to share a juice with Eric and pick his brain about how to live a better, more fulfilling and healthy life, while he sets you up on a nutritional program that will change your life.’ (SOLD to the crazy redheaded blogger)…

Other items up for bids include: Two Tickets to The Warped Tour 2009; Meet Kevin Nealon on the set of ‘Weeds’(SOLD to the crazy red headed blogger)…meet Kelly Clarkson after the show of your choice; Two VIP Tickets to a taping of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ (Sold to the crazy red headed blogger)… Yoga classes; make-up lessons; cooking classes, purses, lingerie and a whole slew of other goodies on being auctioned off to benefit the Farm Sanctuary.


Charity Buzz has a slew of auctions in progress, all of which offer extraordinary experiences. Everything from a ‘Lakers Dream Experience” to a meet and great with Usher to a weekend of fun with Alonzo Mourning and Dwyane Wade, are up for grabs. Also be sure to check out what Auction Cause has been up to. They are the forerunners in charity auctions, selling off everything from Evangeline Lilly’s lingerie to Sean Penn’s MILK clothing.


And if you’re feeling particularly in love with my blog, I’ve got some new Athlebrity ‘One Love’ T’s available…new designs available here: ATHLEBRITY T-shirts. And of course, I donate 10% of all proceeds to charity…and the rest of the proceeds go to maintaining this site. Don’t like my T’s but love my blog? Then you can always donate directly to me via that tiny button on the upper right that says ‘Donate’. Yes, the slumping economy has hit Athlebrities hard, and I do need help…if I’ve ever made ya chuckle or promoted your product or tipped you off to an awesome event…then even a dollar donation would be greatly appreciated. If not, then I’ll press on…perhaps blogging from an EDAR one day?

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Camilo Villegas Tour victory

Someone has crawled their way out of a five-shot deficit to win the Tour Championship…yes, our favorite Columbian lawn-crawling sex pot closed with a 4-under 66 after beating Sergio the ‘Spitter’ Garcia on the first playoff hole with a two-putt par.

How many starts have we patiently waited through-about 84- to see Villegas win…but two in a row? And to top it off, this lands him second in the FedEx Cup (behind Singh) and is slated to take over as No. 6 in the world ranking…and with the Tour victory, Camilo Villegas pockets $1.26M and adds another $3M in bonus money for his second-place finish in the FedEx Cup.


And right about now I’m wondering…Tiger who? Yeah, I know many around the globe adore Tiger, and I’m certainly not comparing the Tiger to the Kitten, but I am saying its high-time Tiger stays home, chills with family and makes room for those who have been suffocated by his presence. And I don’t mean ‘suffocated’ on the greens, I mean suffocated as in ‘playing in his shadows’. Most of you have seen the throngs of fans lined up along the ropes just for a glimpse of Tiger…while some of us followed the lesser known packs of hotties dressed in Lindberg and Burberry.

I remember the first time I saw Camilo on the greens, emerging from the mist with a look of confidence to match his insane swagger. At the time, I didn’t know much about golf, but as I heard other golf aficionado’s mutter ‘who’s this guy coming up on 18’ I was the first to chime in, “Dah, its Camilo Villegas, from Columbia?” Perhaps due to high estrogen levels, my blinders rarely saw passed our kitten. Granted, Ian Poulter, Adam Scott and Aaron Baddeley appeared on my radar, but none are as special as Camilo. The second time I saw the kitten in the flesh, he was enjoying a practice round. How many people were following him that day? One. Me. Anyway, if you’re a regular, you read that entire post…and finally, the last time I was breathing the same air as Camilo, the estrogen brigade had caught on and I was no longer the sole admirer drooling over his every move.

Congratulations Camilo Villegas, my friend. You have worked hard, remained focused and infused a lethal dose of sex appeal into an old sport. Thank you, thank you, thank you for so many wonderful rounds and the many more future wins you have yet to tuck under that mouthwatering belt you got on.

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Our little kitten has finally done it…we’ve waited patiently for the last three years, hoping, praying and believing that hours of yoga and weight training will lend something to his already stellar physique -something extra-something to inch his oh-so-pretty Columbian flavor right into the victory circle.

Yes, we’ve been watching his sexiness crawl across the greens after meticulously selecting his Lindberg garb for the day…and now, our baby has popped his cherry and its time to rejoice and celebrate Camilo Villegas winning his first PGA tour victory. Our beast finished at 15-under 265 and earned a cool $1.26M. “It’s awesome to be here,” said Villegas, who was adorable in his solid white outfit accented by a yellow belt and painter’s cap. “Hopefully, it’s the first of many.” Indeed.

I’m not gonna post a hole-by-hole of the final round of the BMW Championships…because really, it’s about the man, not the game. It’s about the sweet demeanor of a long-overdue champion who brightens any course he plays with his unique crawl, flashy Lindberg cloths, perfectly matching socks and enticing tongue. Yes, the beast even looks hot when he sticks out his tongue…or yawns, or squats, or strokes his putter for that matter.

Camilo Villegas has won the BMW Championship. God…it feels so good to write that. But heads up ladies, a victory can mean much more than meets the eye. Regular readers and myself have been wiping Villegas-inspired drool off our chins for quite sometime, so I expect we are gonna see a Villegas-feeding-frenzy by the media from now on. Gone is the obscurity that allowed us to chit-chat with the kitten during practice rounds…gone are the days of having a secret hot golfer to enjoy…the trophy he kisses signifies his shot at Fame. My money says he’ll remain humble despite being thrown into the limelight, and I’m keep my fingers crossed that he appears in many, many more issues of Men’s Vogue, GQ, People, US, and whatever other publication has finally caught up to speed with us. I even heard a rumor that Tiger Woods is going to name his next child-if its a boy-Camilo….

Congratulations my kitten. We are all so proud of you.

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Steve Nash Gets Star on Canada’s Walk Of Fame, Tiger Woods Rips NHL, Get Rondo’d, Bo-Sox Fan Runs Circles Around Security, Steve Francis at WNBA Game


Steve Nash has become the 20th inductee from the world of sports to receive a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame (others include Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Jacques Villeneuve). Nashty’s induction will be held on Sept. 6, and televised on a date to be announced later. The sexy Sun is currently frolicking around the Caribbean and not available for comment…Among the other inductees to be added to Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto: Bryan Adams, k.d. lang, Michael J. Fox, Frances Bay, James Cameron, supermodel Daria Werbowy and the Kids in the Hall comedy troupe…And if you are one of those people that collect rubber wristbands for a cause, they got some cool NBA ones available with the proceeds going to prostate cancer research. The special edition NBA player wristbands feature 18 players with team colors, names, signatures and uniform numbers. Steve Nash’s are sold out, but you can still support the cause and get an Iverson, Wade, Kidd, Billups or Hamilton one, among others. (Prostate Cancer Foundation)

So let me get this straight…Tiger Woods kept mum when you-know-who created havoc with her “take him into an alley and lynch him” comments, but during a news conference Monday, he felt it was okay to –excuse me- piss all over the NHL? During the news conference, Woods was asked whether he was rooting for the Red Wings or the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals Monday night: “I don’t really care,” he said “It’s all about the Dodgers. I don’t think anyone really watches hockey anymore.”

Funny thing is-I live in sunny So-Cal and know more NHL fans than Dodger fans. In fact, I can honestly say in the 20 years I’ve been here, I have never heard anyone say “Lets go to a Dodger game.” So rest assured Tiger, there’ll be pa-lenty of seats for ya at Dodger Stadium next time you’re in town…such a pity that a man with great talent doesn’t think before he speaks, and when he does-he has nothing productive to say.


Celtics beast Rajon Rondo is a great example of on-court quickness, agility and playmaking skills and has even inspired the phrase, “You Got Rondo’d!” Now, former Celtics and Patriots stars have teamed up to support the Reebok athlete and demonstrate how to ‘Rondo’ people in everyday life. Check out the videos featuring former Celtic greats, Jo Jo White and Dee Brown and New England Patriot, Vincent Wilfork on You Tube and on Reebok.com.


Ain’t nothing better than an unruly fan interrupting a game and making security look like a bunch of fools. Eighth-inning, Boston V Tampa at Fenway. Priceless.


Houston Rocket Steve Francis and his daughter Shailyn gave some support to the WNBA at the Reliant Arena on June 3. The Houston Comets took on the San Antonio Silver Stars…and while I haven’t a clue about anything WNBA, I will certainly pay closer attention to hot ballers with their adorable kids watching the ladies hoop it up….


Kelly Tilghman Gets Lynched

Kelly Tilghman Gets Lynched

When I first read about this story, I wasn’t going to post it, but the more I read, the more I feel compelled to chime in…In case ya missed it- Friday on the Golf Channel, commentator Kelly Tilghman and cohort Nick Faldo were discussing which young players could possibly challenge Tiger Woods. Faldo said perhaps the youngsters should “gang up (on Tiger) for a while.” The pair laughed a bit before Tilghman responded by saying, “Lynch him in a back alley.” The pair chuckled before moving on.


Tilghman realized her ‘faux pas’, and attempted to explain her comments during the final-round broadcast. “I’ve reached out to Tiger to make an apology, and I’ve done the same with our viewers,” Tilghman said. “I can assure you that there was never any intention to offend anyone. I’m sorry for any misunderstanding.” A Golf Channel spokesman said no disciplinary action is planned, “other than the mistake she made is regrettable and an extreme learning experience for her.” The Channel also said it received a limited number of complaints regarding the comment-which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as a golf is predominately a “white” sport…

Now here’s what I wanna know. Is anyone else offended by her comments? I personally don’t care how stellar her commentating is, or if she is indeed ‘chummy’ with Tiger Woods-I think she should be fired. Period. And, what’s really astonished me is that while perusing other sites reporting the story, most, if not all of the comments left by readers, were in defense of her comments. WTF? Are we living in the Twilight Zone? Sure, the word “lynching” doesn’t limit itself to race and can be used in a number of ways, BUT, in this case, she was referring to not only one of the classiest men alive, but a Black man. Yes people, using the word “lynching” in the manner which she did, in reference to Tiger, does in fact make it a racial issue. Whether it was just a bad joke or not, commentators should really think twice before trying to ‘crack a joke’ that might lead to this kind of “misunderstanding.” Flashback to the late Howard Cosell and his notorious comment in reference to Washington Redskin wide receiver Alvin Garrett during a Monday Night Football broadcast in 1983, when he excitedly declared “Look at that little monkey run.” That was his last stint on Monday Night Football. As Friday should have been Kelly Tilghman’s last broadcast for the Golf Channel.

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