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One-of-a-Kind “Surf-Uke” Available

One-of-a-Kind Ukulele Signed by Surfing Champion Joel Parkinson, Jack Johnson and 33 Legends

An amazing ukulele and celebrity signed guitar have come up on the eBay Auction Cause store. The nonprofit Guitars in the Classroom has collected the signatures of the “Stars, Icons and Legends of The Surfing World” on this Kohala Kanikapila-style concert ukulele and a Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster to raise funds for their programs to bring music into education. The auction will be live until Thursday night, December 20th, 2012 at http://stores.ebay.com/auctioncausestore/pages/guitars-in-the-classroom.

The “Surf Uke” features the 35 iconic autographs, including the following surfers: Joel Parkinson – 2012 World Champion and Pipe Masters winner; Kelly Slater – 11x World Surfing Champion and 18x Surfer Poll winner; Jack Johnson – famous musician and surfer; John John Florence – top pro surfing prodigy and #2 on the Surfer Poll; Gerry Lopez – legendary “Mr. Pipeline”; Rob Machado – iconic soul surfer; Dane Reynolds – futuristic surfing hero; Shane Dorian – big wave legend; and John Cruz – Hawaiian master musician. Continue reading

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Zen master, wave dancer, humanitarian, pro-surfer Rob Machado will be hosting his first ever benefit concert November 12 at The Belly-Up in Solana Beach, California to benefit the Rob Machado Foundation.

The event, which costs only 40 bucks to attend, will feature one-of-a-kind surf memorabilia and merchandise, surprise musical performances, lots of celebs, and acoustic sets from John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Jon Swift.

The Rob Machado Foundation does an amazing job at teaching children that our resources are precious.

“We need to respect our water and land,” says Machado via his website, “Each one of us can make a difference. From turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, to eliminating single-use plastic bottles, to understanding your watershed, we can all work together to make an impact. We can’t keep operating the way we do or we’ll pay a price. So, I hope to encourage people to take a look around and realize that there is an issue but ultimately, we can make it better.”

Last month, Machado went back to his high school, the San Dieguito Academy, where he kicked off Hydration Nation with his foundation and Hurley’s h20. Thanks to Global Tap the kids now have a clean water fountain that they will actually use to refill water bottles. No plastic needed. Continue reading

Waves for Water Seeks Help to Rebuild East Coast Surf Community


Humanitarian and former professional surfer Jon Rose is leading an effort to help rebuild post-Sandy devastation.

As a first responder to the surf-community, Jon’s non-profit organization, Waves For Water, will lead a focused effort to remove storm debris and assist with other basic survival needs associated with the catastrophic storm.

The team is currently gathering the intelligence of his friends and colleagues in the North Carolina, New Jersey and New York coastal areas for immediate support.

“Many of our favorite East Coast surfing epicenters are completely wiped out and under water,” said Rose, who’s spearheaded previous relief efforts to countries like Haiti, post- tsunami Japan, North Korea and Afghanistan. Continue reading

Help Kelly Slater Save Our Oceans

June 8 is World Oceans Day and 11x ASP World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater agrees with me (indirectly of course) and is tired of the severe threats facing our oceans…pollution, overfishing and coastal development…it all takes it’s toll.

Help Save Our Oceans: http://www.nature.org/allhands/world-oceans-day.xml?src=%20s.tw.wod

As always, thanks for reading~

LA Galaxy to Share Hermosa Beach with Elite Athletes

Two big events going on in Hermosa Beach this Summer…first, the LA Galaxy will host it inaugural LA Galaxy Sand Soccer Showcase from June 29-July 1 in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

“The LA Galaxy are excited to host our first-ever beach soccer event and to kick off what promises to be an exciting summer of soccer,” Galaxy Vice President Chris Klein said. “Being a professional soccer team in Southern California, there is no better way to celebrate the culture of soccer in this region than by hosting this tournament.”

Perks include…free beach soccer clinic sponsored by the LA Galaxy on Friday, June 29th, in Hermosa beach at 7:00 pm….watch the Galaxy Futboleros perform and learn some of their tricks…meet LA Galaxy players…team goodie bags with LA Galaxy items…each team receives 8 tickets to the LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA game on July 21 at 7:00 p.m. at The Home Depot Center.  More info: http://www.lagalaxy.com/sandsoccershowcase

And if that’s not your thing, also in the sand for a separate event…the Third Annual Running of “The Hermosa 24” will take place the weekend of June 30th in Hermosa Beach, Calif. Continue reading

Kelly Slater Helps Clean Up Bali

(Press Release) Surfing’s 11-time and current world champion Kelly Slater is joining the effort to help clean up Bali by donating a surf board and offering to give his time and money to turn the tide of the seemingly careless disregard for the environment that has permeated the holiday island.

Slater has been in spending the last few days in Bali surfing and visiting friends in between stops on the ASP World Tour, and was understandably aghast at seeing the large amounts of trash in the water and on the beaches of the previously pristine Bali. Continue reading

Fernando Aguerre to Receive Dick Baker Memorial Award at Surf Summit 15

The Dick Baker Memorial Award will be given to Fernando Aguerre in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, during the annual surf industry leadership conference, Surf Summit 15. The conference is presented by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and the Board Retailers Association (BRA). The award will be presented to Aguerre by the Baker Family during the Closing Ceremonies of Surf Summit 15 on May 18, 2012.

“The Dick Baker Memorial Award Committee is so honored to have Fernando as the 2012 recipient,” said Una Baker, Dick Baker Memorial Award Committee Chairwoman. “Fernando truly exemplifies the most admirable personal and professional characteristics that Dick possessed. From his endless devotion and love for his beautiful teenage triplets, sweetheart Florencia and family, to his dedication and professional guidance in the surf industry, he has a zest for life and knows how to embrace everyday to the fullest. Fernando was like a brother to Dick and today is a wonderful father figure to Ryan and Jack. Like Dick, Fernando is a man of great integrity and can make anything he believes in happen.” Continue reading

Kelly Slater ‘Honored’ to Help Challenged Athletes Foundation

According to my Twitter feed, Kelly Slater has agreed to give surf lessons to athletes from the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Slater was asked to participate by Rich Cruise Photo, “Would you consider giving some @CAFoundation (Challenged Athletes Foundation) athletes surf lessons?”

Took the surf-king less than 30 minutes to reply: “I’d love to. Would be an honor.” Continue reading


Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton to Speak at So-Cal Church

Athlebrities favorite female surfer, Bethany Hamilton, will speak at the VantagePoint Church in Eastvale January 22.

Hamilton’s story has been depicted in the inspirational movie ‘Soul Surfer’ after she lost an arm to a shark when she was 13. “She’s become an inspiration for so many people who want to find hope in their lives,” said Mark Lee, lead pastor of VantagePoint. “She was given the option of continuing her surf career or giving up,” he said. “She chose to continue.” Continue reading

Wolfhound Battalion Helps ‘Waves for Water’ Expand to Afghanistan

Since 2009, Waves for Water, (W4W) has been applying pragmatic solutions to the belief that everyone should have access to clean water. Founder and pro-surfer Jon Rose and partner Christian Troy teamed up with Hurley International to start the Clean Water Couriers DIY program, where surfers and travelers to third world countries can deliver portable water purification kits to impoverished areas.

Professional surfers Greg Long, Chilean native Ramon Navarro, and Kohl Christensen have all couriered water filters, giving more than 100,000 people access to clean water. Continue reading

Gerard Butler Rescued From Waves at Mavericks

Gerard Butler Rescued From Waves at Mavericks

Gerard Butler, the star of ‘300’ almost drown earlier this week during the filming of ‘Of Men and Mavericks’ when two massive waves held the stud underwater.

Butler, who plays the lead role as Pleasure Point surfer Frosty Henson in the film, has little surf experience, and knowing that big wave surfing at Mavericks is not for everyone, I can only say thank god for jet-skis and next time, hopefully he’ll make better use of his abs? Continue reading

Celebrities and Athletes Endorse a ‘Natural High’

Celebrities and Athletes Endorse a ‘Natural High’

Not Your Parent’s Anti-Drug Campaign

The Natural High Foundation will be hosting their 11th annual fundraising gala, Sunset Splash, October 28th in La Jolla, California. This event will allow founder, and La Jolla native John Sundt’s brilliantly thought out, and sincere anti-drug message to continue to reach middle school classrooms across America, at no cost to the school’s. The Natural High movement (NH) has hit very close to many young hearts and is solidifying the belief early on, of living a clean and healthy lifestyle.

The NH Program, DVD series, Youtube channel and on-line community hail in comparison to the outdated and ineffective Just Say No or egg in a frying pan campaigns of drug-abuse prevention past. If you’re expecting dramatic voice-overs, or a drug crazed youth overdosing on a bathroom floor, under bad lighting, then you are in for a disappointment.

Sundt has assembled an exceptional group of creative individuals from various industries ranging from motocross to fashion design. With names like Tony Hawk, Anna Rawson of the LPGA and X-Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguiez involved, NH has been able to demonstrate how these individuals have been able to consistently set standards in their own industries. MTV reality star, turned fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, and professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy share a very raw and authentic point of view in their PSA’s on why they have chosen to stay away from alcohol and drugs in order to pursue their natural high, which has led them to prosperous careers. Award winning director, cinematographer and father of two, Josh Landan, (who also directed NH 3) is thrilled to be part of putting such a positive message out there and would love for his own kids to be able to watch this video in school.

A natural high is defined as any activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good inside. Sundt believes, “everybody has a natural high, a gift”. His inspiration for the Natural High movement came from the loss of his two younger brothers Steven and Eric’s battle with drugs. In 2010, The Natural High DVD series alone, reached over two million middle school students across all 50 states and 18 of those states were able to receive the program for free. If you would like to be involved at this years Sunset Splash as an event sponsor, auction item donor or event guest please contact Josh Billauer at 858-876-8576 or josh@naturalhigh.org.

“Drugs kill dreams!”
- Unknown

-Jessica Hernandez

Surfers, Celebrities and Liquid Nation Ball 8

Surfers, Celebrities and Liquid Nation Ball 8

SIMA’s 8th Annual Liquid Nation Ball went down last night in La Jolla where hundreds of surf industry peeps gathered to honor ‘Keep a Breast’ co-founder and CEO Shaney jo Darden as the 2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year.

The event, held at the ocean front home of Fernando Aguerre, is the official fundraiser for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund which benefits 13-surf related humanitarian organizations.

Aguerre,  one of the most colorful, passionate and dedicated humanitarians I know, graciously hosts the yearly event at his home which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for SIMA beneficiaries including  ‘Keep a Breast’, ‘Surfer’s Healing’, ‘Life Rolls On’, the ‘Jimmy Miller Foundation’, and a new Athlebrity favorite ‘AccesSurf.’

For those out of the ‘Keep a Breast’ loop, Shaney jo is a powerhouse, coining the phrase ‘I Love Boobies’ while making serious strides towards raising awareness among the next generation about breast cancer and putting ‘faces’ to the cause via their ‘Image If’ there were no cancer campaign.

“The thing I love most about it is we do it all over the world,” Darden told me during the event. “You see this cross-section of people, mostly young people, all nationalities, all different social, economical backgrounds, and you really see their face and their one little sentence of how they’ve been impacted, it’s so powerful.”

Indeed. TV host Sal Masekela, who is a staple among the surf ‘tribe’ described his good friend Shaney as an angel. And I could see why…she was dismayed that people were there to recognize her. “It’s not just about me, that what’s weird. I’m getting this award but it’s a collective thing with thousands of people who’ve been supporting my dream and vision. My team and brands work so hard, it’s definitely a collective thing.”

This was my third year attending LNB, and I must say, it was the first time I’ve seen an award recipient approach each person in attendance to say hello and thank them. Shaney jo is, simply put, a unique and beneficial addition to the world.

As mentioned, AccesSurf was in the house. Based in Oahu and backed by such celebrities as Jimmy Buffet, the organization assists people with disabilities explore their own level of performance in the ocean environment.  CEO Mark Marble, along with co-founder Richard Julian and an AccesSurf athlete, spoke to me about the program and its upcoming goals, “We are actually training athletes now to go into competition and hope to start entering mainstream able-bodied competitions so our challenged athletes can compete in their own heats against their own level of ‘ability’, not disability, and they can showcase what they’re doing.”

I daresay those who partake in AccesSurf’s adaptive surf programs could most likely out-surf most of their competitors-able bodied or not. Mad props to this amazing organization for giving back to the people of Oahu and enriching lives in ways you can’t even imagine.  Check em HERE and look for much more about them in future posts.

Many thanks to everyone at SIMA, Fernando Aguerre, Sal Masekela, Bill and Lori Walton and Shaney jo Daren for an inspirational and amazing gathering of the tribe.

Also thanks to Michael Realpeople for his wicked photog skills and Miss Match clothing in San Diego for proving my wardrobe.

As always, thanks for reading~

SIMA: Established in 2006, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund was created to serve as the humanitarian arm of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association by raising money from the public through fundraisers and solicitations. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund uses these funds to promote and support surf or boardsport related social and humanitarian non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on improving the quality of life, health, and/or welfare of people.

AccesSurf empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment.

The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Bethany Hamilton & Friends Changing the World?

Bethany Hamilton & Friends Changing the World?

 ‘Life can be beautiful for each of us if we look for that beauty. Life is also different for each of us; and we need to realize that. I think that it’s important to find the beauty in yourself and the people around you, and to be thankful for what you do have!’ –Bethany Hamilton


Athlebrities has a new favorite athlete-activist…actually, she’s not new to us but after following her career for a while, we can’t help but think ‘Soul Surfer’ Bethany Hamilton and friends can really change the world.

Hamilton is a 21-year-old surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack eight years ago. Most people would have given up, but Bethany returned to professional surfing with her story documented in the movie ‘Soul Surfer.’  Bethany has been using her fame to help others through her ‘Friends of Bethany’ Foundation and was nominated for a Do Something Award earlier this year. (Great interview with her HERE)

And this morning, Hamilton, along with actress Anna-Sophia Robb, were in New York as part of the BGC 7th Annual Global Charity Day. Hamilton’s Foundation (FOBH) is one of the recipients this year event that sees BGC’s offices around the world help raise over $10 million for charity.

”My goal in life is to serve and please God and do well in what he has called me to do, which is surf for Him and share His love and hope every chance I get,” said Hamilton via her Facebook page, “Currently my focus is competing in the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) Star series events. I travel the world surfing these events and try each year to qualify for the ASP Women’s World Tour!”

Bethany supports a number of non-profits, and we here at Athlebrities are so proud to add her to our growing list of young do-gooders who prefer to inspire and give-back rather than tweet about pop-gossip.

As always, thanks for reading~

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

This year, SIMA’s Liquid Nation Ball 8 will be honoring Shaney jo Darden: Keep A Breast co-founder as their ‘2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year.’

    The annual Liquid Nation Ball serves as the main fundraising source for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund and has become one of the surf industry’s can’t miss events. Each year surf industry legends, surf stars, and La Jolla VIPs gather for an amazing night of dancing, live music, great food, open bar, and a short live auction of a unique collection of one-of-a-kind items to exclusively benefit the surf-related humanitarian organizations selected by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors.

It goes down Saturday, September 17, 2011 in La Jolla, California. I HIGHLY recommend you nab tickets before it’s too late, as the list of guests who have confirmed their attendance to honor Shaney includes a trifecta of the world’s greatest surfers: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Greg Long (among others).

Liquid Nation is going on during the Hurley Pro but thankfully, Hurley will be shuttling down the athletes, because really, its take very little to get the surf industry to mobilize for the greater good.

In fact, Liquid Nation Ball host, Fernando Aguerre will be speaking at SDSU’s Center for Surf Research ‘Rising Tide Symposium’ the morning of Liquid Nation Ball. The ‘intellectual jam session on surf philanthropy’ brings together surf industry veterans Rusty Miller, Jon Roseman, (Co-owner Tavarua), Dr. Dave Jenkins (Founder of SurfAid); Steve Barilotti (Surfer Magazine) and Dr. Serge Dedina (WildCoast), in efforts to inspire students, showcase the ‘social movement’ of surf philanthropy and explore the needs from non-profit partners etc…oh, and its FREE.

As always, thanks for reading~

New TV Series Debuts with ‘Life Roll’s On’ in the Spotlight

New TV Series Debuts with ‘Life Roll’s On’ in the Spotlight

ABC’s new show, ‘Everyday Health,’ premiered today with its inaugural episode highlighting one of Athlebrities favorite organizations, ‘Life Rolls On.”

Life Rolls On, a subsidiary of the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury and utilizes action sports as a platform to inspire infinite possibilities despite paralysis…founded by Jesse Billauer, this inspiring organization has a long list of celebrity supporters including Jason Mraz, Jason Lewis, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Kelly Slater, Rob Machado, 90% of the worlds pro-surfers and 100% of the surf industry.

Co-hosted by Laila Ali, Ethan Zohn, and Jenna Morasca, ‘Everyday Health’ is a weekly program that brings you inspiring stories of people who’ve been affected by a health crisis and who are now ‘paying it forward,’ delivering a message of hope and healing to others with that condition.

    Whether it’s surprising a cheerleading squad for children with disabilities with an appearance from one of their celebrity idols, or coordinating a Flash Mob to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, the ‘Everyday Health’ team is there to make these dreams come true — and to celebrate the amazing strength of the human spirit. ‘Everyday Health’ helps you feel good — and feel better — every day.

Check out this ‘Life Rolls On’, video, if it doesn’t inspire you or tug at your heartstrings, then you’re on the wrong blog.

Big congratulations and a massive hug to Jesse and his amazing LRO staff for getting the recognition they deserve. You continue to inspire and improve the quality of life for those with disabilities and we here at Athlebrities are proud to call you a friend.

As always, thanks for reading~

Surfer’s Healing Helps Hunter Brown Achieve Success

Surfer’s Healing Helps Hunter Brown Achieve Success

It is possible to overcome some of the challenges of Autism and follow your dreams.“- Hunter’s Voice August 2011

Have you met Hunter Brown? This amazing little boy was diagnosed with autism at the age of three, and now, at tens years old, Hunter has become a ‘star’ in his own right, singing the National Anthem at LA Ride for Autism and is gearing up to sing the National Anthem and another song right before the inspirational Keynote Dr. Temple Grandin takes the stage in Pasadena for the Autism Conferences of America this Friday morning.


I first met Hunter when he was participating in a Surfer’s Healing event. In case you haven’t heard of the amazing organization, Surfers Healing was founded by Israel (Izzy) and Danielle Paskowitz and is making huge waves helping kids with autism harness the healing power of the ocean via surfing.

    Their son, Isaiah, was diagnosed with autism at age three. Like many children with autism, he often suffered from sensory overload– simple sensations could overwhelm him. The ocean was the one place where he seemed to find respite. A former competitive surfer, Israel hit upon an idea–with Isaiah on the front of his surfboard, and Izzy steering from the back, the two spent the day surfing together. Surfing had a profound impact on Isaiah. Israel and Danielle decided they wanted to share this unique therapy with other children with autism. They began to host day camps at the beach where children with autism and their families could be exposed to a completely new experience of surfing

Also, it looks like Oprah is finally hip to Izzy and work…check out ‘The Swell Life’ which chronicles a summer with the world-class surfer and his wife as they raise their three children and run Surfer’s Healing.


In 2007, when he was 7-years-old, Hunter (above with actor Dean McDermott), attended his first Surfer’s Healing camp…he has attended SH three times. He “absolutely loves Izzy and the entire Surfer’s Healing family” and has since nurtured his love for singing.

“At Surfer’s Healing, Hunter noticed a calmness from the kids when they were out in the water,” explains Hunter’s mom Lisa, “He’s also found that music has done the same thing for him as surfing has, from Mozart when he was a baby, to music classes as a toddler and music in Elementary school, he’s now being able to perform in a choral ensemble and sing solos for events all over…music has been an instrumental part of his journey with Autism and his road to recovery.”

You can find Hunter on Facebook or follow him via Twitter.

As always, thanks for reading~

SIMA’s Waterman’s Ball

SIMA’s Waterman’s Ball

On Friday night, SIMA held their 22nd annual Waterman’s Ball as part of their weekend activities to raise funds for 20 ocean-conservation organizations. Honored at the event were three surf industry legends, George Downing, Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner and Greg Long.

Athlebrities will have a full review posted soon, but in the meantime, we were very excited to speak with Greg Long about his actions in and out of the water (full interview will be posted on Look to the Stars). He did tell us that his brother Rusty-who was badly burned in an accident-was to be released from the hospital on Saturday-much earlier than expected. Also spotted in the crown, Nia Peeples-who was sending out supportive tweets all night; Jane’s Addiction front man Perry Farrell and family, and Pamela Anderson with her hot surfer boyfriend Jon Rose.


Stay tuned-full write-up coming later…photo above Athlebrities with Greg Long and his dimples.

As always, thanks for reading~

Waterman’s Weekend Environmental Fundraiser

Waterman’s Weekend Environmental Fundraiser

***Event Alert***

The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) will honor big wave surfing champion Greg Long as Waterman of the Year, former Malibu mayor and environmental stalwart Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner as Environmentalist of the Year, and Hawaiian big wave pioneer and legendary shaper George Downing with the 2011 Lifetime Achievement Award, as part of the association’s annual Waterman’s Weekend environmental fundraiser.


The 2011 Waterman’s Weekend will be held August 11-12th and will raise funds for 20 ocean conservation organizations. The weekend begins Thursday, August 11, with the Waterman’s Classic Golf Tournament at the Monarch Beach Golf Links, and culminates on Friday, August 12, with the 22nd annual Waterman’s Ball and auction to be held at The Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel, Calif.

“The SIMA Board of Directors and Environmental Fund are proud to honor Greg, Jay and George at the 22nd annual Waterman’s Ball,” said Paul Naude, Chairman of the Waterman’s Weekend Event Committee and President of the SIMA Environmental Fund Board of Directors. “All of the honorees have undoubtedly earned our respect and appreciation for their accomplishments in and out of the water, and for the influence they have had on the sport and culture of surfing.”

Waterman of the Year, Greg Long, is often referred to as “the best young big wave surfer on the planet.” He’s won the 2003 Red Bull Big Wave Africa; 2008 Mavericks Surf Contest; 2009 winner Quiksilver Eddie Aikau…has become one of only two surfers in the world to be invited to all three major big wave paddle events…and when he’s not tackling the world’s biggest waves, Long gives back to the community by giving motivational presentations to schools and community groups, as well as through his involvement in environmental organizations including Surfrider, Save the Waves, Wildcoast and The San Onofre Foundation.

Environmentalist of the Year, Jefferson “Zuma Jay” Wagner, is a longtime advocate and protector of one of surfing’s sacred spots – Malibu. In addition to owning a surf shop and formerly serving as the city’s mayor, Zuma Jay is dedicated to the fight to preserve Malibu’s beaches and keep its waters clean…he is currently promoting the restoration of Malibu lagoon, and worked with the California Coastal Commission and the Los Angeles County Beaches and Harbors to establish Malibu as the 1st World Surfing Reserve.

For decades this year’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, George Downing, has been a leader in the surf industry and community…he’s a major stud in the surf industry, with a resume that includes constructing what is known as the first board for truly big surf… he serves as the president of the Surfing Education Association which is dedicated to the preservation of our oceans, coral reefs, waves and beaches…and has just secured himself a spot in the Surfers Hall of Fame.

The two-day fundraising event benefits the SIMA Environmental Fund, a 501(c)(3) charitable foundation that awards grants to various environmental groups based on their dedication to preserving and protecting the world’s oceans, beaches and waves. Last year’s event attracted more than 700 people and raised more than $400,000 for 19 ocean conservation groups.


I hope to see you all there~

As always, thanks for reading~

Kelly Slater IS the Only King

King Slater

That’s the title of this post because his name is enough…next week, the Ten Time Word Surf Champ and long-standing King of all things Athlebrity, Kelly Slater, will be given a key to the city of Huntington Beach by Mayor Joe Carchio.

Now, what strikes me as criminal is this…the following PSA with King Slater has only been viewed 1,000 times on Youtube? Do we not wanna save our oceans? Why has the ‘Golf Boys” video gotten over 500k hits in a day while this breath-taking clip sits on the shelf collecting dust? Seriously, what’s not to like?

And if I were to tell you that Slater was chillen with the Dalai Lama last week for a youth panel, might you pay attention to what his passions are?


I chuckled to myself-loudly-as Lebron James slowly slipped off his throne. He should have never been put there in the first place…I only bring this up because I firmly believe that Slater is the most dominate athlete ever. Lebron is all things our sports heroes should NOT be. Slater is everything they should. Yes, I am comparing the two because it baffles me that fans would applaud the efforts of an athlete who has done nothing to better humanity while ignoring the efforts of someone who should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated already.

Natural talent, a big heart and finer than fine. And he saves puppies.

As always, thanks for reading~