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Tony Hawks Twitter Hunt #THTH

Yesterday, skate-god Tony Hawk, used Twitter to create a real-time treasure hunt which sent a good deal of his 2.9M followers scrambling to find hidden treasures before someone else did.

#THTH works like this: once a year, and with a lot of help from ‘hiders’ Hawk hides big boxes of swag then Tweets a clue to its location. From Hawaii to Dublin to London, fans scrambled to get there first, take a photo and Tweet it to Hawk. Continue reading

Top Athletes to ‘Clash at Clairemont’

The world’s best skateboard and BMX pros will ride again to crush cancer at the sixth annual Clash at Clairemont, Saturday, March 17 at Mission Valley YMCA’s Krause Family Skate and Bike Park.

Some of the biggest names in skateboarding and BMX, including Andy Macdonald, Tony Hawk, Bucky Lasek, Pierre-Luc Gagnon (“PLG”), Simon Tabron, Mimi Knoop and many more are scheduled to appear. Continue reading

Tony Hawk Show: INDIA

Tony Hawk Show: INDIA

Here at Athlebrities, we love all things surf and skate. We also firmly believe that professional skateboarders are held in such high regard by the ‘next generation’ that they actually have the power to reshape the lives of many-especially when staged in a place as mystical as India.

So hats off to Quiksilver and perhaps the greatest skateboarder of all time-Tony Hawk, for their astonishing event in Mumbai, India.

The skate-god and Quiksilver staged the first skateboard event ever organized in India. Nearly 5000 spectators flooded the Dhirubhai Ambani International School Grounds as Tony Hawk, along with his friends Kevin Staab, Andy MacDonald, Sam Bosworth and young prodigy Mitchie Brusco, entertained the crowd that was packed around one of the world’s biggest portable vert ramp built especially for the show by Quiksilver.

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Tony Hawk Is NOT Dead

Tony Hawk Is NOT Dead


Lots of fun on Twitter this week as Tony Hawk was busy dealing with his own death…when tweets began circulating that the legendary skateboarder had passed away, someone on Facebook created a “R.I.P. Tony Hawk (1968 – 2011)” page. Hawk responded by asking ‘fans’ to “like” his fake death, tweeting:

    ‘If 100k people “like” your fake death, you die. If 1 mil people like your real death, you’re canonized. Test the theory: http://t.co/13tv9O9

So test away kids, as of this morning, more than 67,000 people “like” the fact that Tony Hawk might be dead. Hopefully the theory tests false and he’s still around after the page hits 101,000 ‘likes.’ What I’d really “like” is for each person who likes his death to donate a buck to Tony’s Foundation, or some other cause…put your money where your hate is people.

Hawk’s spokeswoman Sarah Hall said she had no idea how the rumors got started, but they’ve turned into something of a joke now. “Tony is a terrific sport and had a great sense of humor about it,” Hall said.

Despite ‘being dead’ Hawk is currently doing good things on the Quiksilver Birdhouse tour…highlights, ironically enough, on SHRED OR DIE.

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Hobo Skate Company: Skateboarding With A Cause

Hobo Skate Company: Skateboarding With A Cause

It used to be when a company launched you didn’t hear a peep about charity work or foundations…but times are changing in a good way and we need to bring back those ‘Skateboarding is not a crime’ stickers. For those outside the world of extreme sports and skate rats, Tony Hawk’s name reigns supreme when you talk charity and skateboarding…but take note, he’s not the only one doing good with wheels….


In March of this year, two mighty-mighty fine men from Arizona launched the Hobo Skate Company…Chad Swensen and Jared Hancock…both have competed in extreme sports and both have a passion for helping others while building Hobo Skate as one of the most recognized brands in the extreme skate market.

From their website: Hobo Skate Company, Inc. is the world’s leading social cause extreme sports company, which designs, produces and distributes a superior mix of branded skate gear, accessories, apparel and footwear. The company’s product sales fund the Hobo Foundation, which provides much needed assistance to homeless families around the world.


Think they are all talk? Think again…the company has just sold its first item for charity- a skate deck that sold for $1,500 at the ‘Project Book Babe’ cancer fundraiser in Tempe, Arizona put together by Stephenie Meyer of ‘Twilight’ fame and other top selling authors.

“Skateboarding is a culture that was born and thrives on the streets in cities of all sizes around the world,” said Chad Swensen, co-founder of Hobo Skate Company. “Our motto is ‘We share the same streets’ with our growing number of friends who have found hard times. Hobo is a way for skateboarders to combine their passion for the sport and take ownership in an important social cause.”

Hobo Skate will make its debut at the Maloof Money Cup July 11-12 at the Orange County Fair Grounds…Check out Hobo Skate for more details about this company that feels a social responsibility to give back and help those in need…or join their Facebook group-which has already racked up more than 6,000 fans in less than three months. “The momentum is incredible,” said Jared Hancock, also co-founder of Hobo Skate Company. “Our fans are telling us they are stoked to have great products from top designers matched with a mission they can feel good about. There are a lot of great social causes tied to the extreme sport industry, but none of them are approaching it the way we are.”

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Million Dollar Hawk: Tony Hawk That is.

Million Dollar Hawk: Tony Hawk That is.
Tony Hawk 5th Annual

In 2002, Tony Hawk established the Tony Hawk Foundation to assist low-income communities create well-designed skateboard parks. Over the years, the Foundation has given away over a million dollars in grants and assistance…and last weekend, action-sports legends joined Hawk for the fifth annual Activision Presents ‘Stand Up For Skateparks.’ All in all, the event raised over $1M big ones for T-Hawks Foundation.

Shawn White at Tony Hawk event

The shindig went down at an exclusive estate in Beverly Hills, with attendees including Shaun White (L), Anthony Kiedis, David Spade, Perry Ferrell, Chris “BigBlack” Boykin, Kathy Ireland, Bam Margera, BMX legend Mat Hoffman, Jamie Lee Curtis (far right with Andy Macdonald) and Mia Hamm (C).

The one-day-action-sports carnival even included a special acoustic performance by Social Distortion, and a Vert Demo on Hawk’s personal ramp-where he was joined by White, Bucky Lasek, Andy Macdonald, Kevin Staab, and BMX riders John Parker and Dennis McCoy.

But Tony Hawk never seems to stop donating and building his empire at the same time. Bidding is open for Hawks Jeeps being auctioned off for his foundation…(photos by Jody Morris and Colin Vincent)…and just today it was announced that Hawk has teamed up with NBTY, a leading children’s vitamin supplier…the company has created the Tony Hawk HuckJam brand of vitamins. The chewy gummy vitamins are shaped like miniature skateboard decks, skateboard wheels and Tony’s signature hawk skull…aside from being fun to chew on, they are said to provide a good source of 11 vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12…

New events have been added on the celebrity athletes’ charity events calendar page including the Suns Celebrity Waiters event, and more importantly-Carmelo Anthony’s Thanksgiving event-which I’ll write about as soon as I’m done having a Sweet Melon heart-attack.

It never gets old…

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