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How to Meet Tony Hawk

Our favorite go-to website for donating and receiving something awesome in return, Charity Buzz, is running an auction for all you Eyas:

Meet Tony Hawk

    ‘You and 3 guests can meet the world’s most famous skateboarder, the legendary Tony Hawk! 

You’ll visit Tony Hawk’s private skate-park, home of Birdhouse Skateboards in Southern California. While there, you’ll see Tony’s giant ‘Huckjam’ ramps, meet Tony Hawk and sit in on a live broadcast of Tony Hawk’s Demolition Radio’

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Tony Hawk: Rad Science Exhibition Premieres May 26 at the Lawrence Hall of Science

Tony Hawk, along with other pro-skateboarders, will perform on a specially designed vertical skate ramp set up outside UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science during the launch of ‘The Tony Hawk: Rad Science Exhibit’ on June 2, 2012.

The event, which begins May 26, demonstrates the important physics principles of skateboarding.

“Tony Hawk is famous for skateboarding, and UC Berkeley is famous for science,” said Gretchen Walker, Associate Director of the Lawrence Hall of Science. “This is a great match, like centripetal force to a kickflip.” Continue reading

Celebrities and Athletes Endorse a ‘Natural High’

Celebrities and Athletes Endorse a ‘Natural High’

Not Your Parent’s Anti-Drug Campaign

The Natural High Foundation will be hosting their 11th annual fundraising gala, Sunset Splash, October 28th in La Jolla, California. This event will allow founder, and La Jolla native John Sundt’s brilliantly thought out, and sincere anti-drug message to continue to reach middle school classrooms across America, at no cost to the school’s. The Natural High movement (NH) has hit very close to many young hearts and is solidifying the belief early on, of living a clean and healthy lifestyle.

The NH Program, DVD series, Youtube channel and on-line community hail in comparison to the outdated and ineffective Just Say No or egg in a frying pan campaigns of drug-abuse prevention past. If you’re expecting dramatic voice-overs, or a drug crazed youth overdosing on a bathroom floor, under bad lighting, then you are in for a disappointment.

Sundt has assembled an exceptional group of creative individuals from various industries ranging from motocross to fashion design. With names like Tony Hawk, Anna Rawson of the LPGA and X-Games gold medalist Travis Pastrana and Paul Rodriguiez involved, NH has been able to demonstrate how these individuals have been able to consistently set standards in their own industries. MTV reality star, turned fashion designer, Lauren Conrad, and professional skateboarder Terry Kennedy share a very raw and authentic point of view in their PSA’s on why they have chosen to stay away from alcohol and drugs in order to pursue their natural high, which has led them to prosperous careers. Award winning director, cinematographer and father of two, Josh Landan, (who also directed NH 3) is thrilled to be part of putting such a positive message out there and would love for his own kids to be able to watch this video in school.

A natural high is defined as any activity, art form, or sport that you love to do and makes you feel good inside. Sundt believes, “everybody has a natural high, a gift”. His inspiration for the Natural High movement came from the loss of his two younger brothers Steven and Eric’s battle with drugs. In 2010, The Natural High DVD series alone, reached over two million middle school students across all 50 states and 18 of those states were able to receive the program for free. If you would like to be involved at this years Sunset Splash as an event sponsor, auction item donor or event guest please contact Josh Billauer at 858-876-8576 or josh@naturalhigh.org.

“Drugs kill dreams!”
- Unknown

-Jessica Hernandez