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Beckham Donates Salary to Charity

Soccer icon Sir David Beckham has left La-LA land for a sixth month stint with PSG-Paris Saint Germain and pledged all his wages to an unknown children’s charity.

“Throughout this time now I won’t receive any salary, it will go towards a local children’s charity in Paris and we’re very excited and proud about that.” –Beckham Continue reading

Samuel Eto’o: The Worlds Highest Paid Athlete VS Racism?

Samuel Eto’o: The Worlds Highest Paid Athlete VS Racism?

A lot of interest this week after soccer stud Samuel Eto’o left Inter Milan and signed a three-year deal with some random Russian club, Anzhi Makhachkala, for an estimated $29M PER SEASON which could essentially make him the highest paid athlete in professional sports.

“This evening, Inter Milan striker Samuel Eto’o signed a personal three-year contract with Anzhi Makhachkala,” the club said in a statement issued after Eto’o completed a medical on Wednesday evening.


For more on the beautiful inner-drama of soccer transfers and fighting Russian billionaires, the Wall Street Journal breaks it down nicely for ya.

But we here at Athlebrities are wondering what he’s gonna do with all that cash? About four years ago, he established a foundation with the mission of delivering the less privileged from abject poverty and he recently visited a Sports study center in Gabon. It also seems a natural fit for Eto’o to possibly do something big to combat racism in soccer?

Over the years, Eto’o has been the subject of racist taunts by an opposing teams’ supporters, who’ve made monkey-like chants whenever he had possession of the ball. Referee’s have let it slide, claiming the behavior of the crowd is ‘normal’. At one point, Eto’o walked off the field and video captured him saying “No mas” (“No more”). Last year, as the racists again began chatting, they were drowned out by the rest of the stadium who chanted loudly enough to drown them out. A small step but progress none-the-less?

Due to ongoing racism, Eto’o stopped bringing family members to matches. “It is something that has affected me personally. I think players, leaders, and the media have to join forces so that no one feels looked down upon because of the color of their skin. At this moment in time I prefer my children don’t go to football matches. In the stands they have to listen to things that are difficult to explain to a child. It is better they aren’t exposed to it.”

And with that, Athlebrities would like to see Samuel Eto’o use some of the big money to establish a ‘No Mas’ campaign in efforts to stomp out racism in sports.

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