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Walking on Water: The Derek Rabelo Story

“We need to live by faith, not by sight.” ~Derek Rabelo

17 year-old Derek Rabelo was born blind, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of surfing Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.

“Pipeline is basically the ultimate wave in a lot of ways — just a short, intense, dangerous wave that’s close to the beach,” said Kelly Slater, 11-time World Champion surfer. “Many surfers with sight do not venture out even after they see that others can do it.”

But he DID do it, and after years of training and inspiring the worlds top surfers Rableo’s story is set to be immortalized in film by pro-surfer and film producer Bryan Jennings. Continue reading

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Zen master, wave dancer, humanitarian, pro-surfer Rob Machado will be hosting his first ever benefit concert November 12 at The Belly-Up in Solana Beach, California to benefit the Rob Machado Foundation.

The event, which costs only 40 bucks to attend, will feature one-of-a-kind surf memorabilia and merchandise, surprise musical performances, lots of celebs, and acoustic sets from John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Jon Swift.

The Rob Machado Foundation does an amazing job at teaching children that our resources are precious.

“We need to respect our water and land,” says Machado via his website, “Each one of us can make a difference. From turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, to eliminating single-use plastic bottles, to understanding your watershed, we can all work together to make an impact. We can’t keep operating the way we do or we’ll pay a price. So, I hope to encourage people to take a look around and realize that there is an issue but ultimately, we can make it better.”

Last month, Machado went back to his high school, the San Dieguito Academy, where he kicked off Hydration Nation with his foundation and Hurley’s h20. Thanks to Global Tap the kids now have a clean water fountain that they will actually use to refill water bottles. No plastic needed. Continue reading

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

This year, SIMA’s Liquid Nation Ball 8 will be honoring Shaney jo Darden: Keep A Breast co-founder as their ‘2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year.’

    The annual Liquid Nation Ball serves as the main fundraising source for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund and has become one of the surf industry’s can’t miss events. Each year surf industry legends, surf stars, and La Jolla VIPs gather for an amazing night of dancing, live music, great food, open bar, and a short live auction of a unique collection of one-of-a-kind items to exclusively benefit the surf-related humanitarian organizations selected by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors.

It goes down Saturday, September 17, 2011 in La Jolla, California. I HIGHLY recommend you nab tickets before it’s too late, as the list of guests who have confirmed their attendance to honor Shaney includes a trifecta of the world’s greatest surfers: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Greg Long (among others).

Liquid Nation is going on during the Hurley Pro but thankfully, Hurley will be shuttling down the athletes, because really, its take very little to get the surf industry to mobilize for the greater good.

In fact, Liquid Nation Ball host, Fernando Aguerre will be speaking at SDSU’s Center for Surf Research ‘Rising Tide Symposium’ the morning of Liquid Nation Ball. The ‘intellectual jam session on surf philanthropy’ brings together surf industry veterans Rusty Miller, Jon Roseman, (Co-owner Tavarua), Dr. Dave Jenkins (Founder of SurfAid); Steve Barilotti (Surfer Magazine) and Dr. Serge Dedina (WildCoast), in efforts to inspire students, showcase the ‘social movement’ of surf philanthropy and explore the needs from non-profit partners etc…oh, and its FREE.

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Liquid Nation Ball 6: Flea Receives Humanitarian Award

Liquid Nation Ball 6: Flea Receives Humanitarian Award
Anything that I have ever done, that is good, that is kind, that is helpful…it’s just what you are supposed to do. Nothing I have done is extraordinary or special, it’s just normal and it’s what all of us are supposed to do.” Flea upon receiving the SIMA Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Surfing industry legends and stars turned out in full force last night for the 6th Annual Liquid Nation Ball to honor Red Hot Chili Pepper Flea with the SIMA Humanitarian of the Year Award and raise money for 12 surf-related humanitarian organizations.


The event was held at the ocean front home of Liquid Nation Ball chairman and co-founder, Fernando Aguerre, who should also receive an award for his incredible hospitality and generosity. “The excitement and caliber of this year’s Liquid Nation Ball has taken the fundraising to a whole new level,” Aguerre said prior to the event, “I firmly believe that Liquid Nation Ball 6 will be the best and most successful one yet.” Oh, and it was. From the costumed creature that greeted guests to the never ending crab cakes, empanada’s, skewed chicken and shrimp-(not to mention the numerous open bars and buffets)-it was easy to see why this event sells out every year.


First of all, Aguerre’s home is breathtaking…like a museum. A surfer’s paradise of a museum…the walls are lined with rare, vintage and unique surfboards, as well as some amazing sports related memorabilia-including a Diego Maradona signed jersey and another one signed by the Argentinean soccer team…I was salivating.


But the purpose of the night wasn’t to drool over memorabilia, hot surfers with Aussie accents or soak up the free booze, it was a gathering of like-minded people who have a passion for helping others. The Liquid Nation Ball was originally created by brothers Santiago and Fernando Aguerre to support the humanitarian efforts of SurfAid. In 2006, the brothers donated the Ball to the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association Humanitarian Fund and now, the Ball serves as the official fundraising event for SIMA’s Fund…ALL proceeds from the Ball this year benefit: Surfer’s Healing; Keep A Breast; Boarding for Breast Cancer; Jimmy Miller Foundation; AccesSurf Hawaii; Outdoor Outreach; Stoked Mentoring; Life Rolls On; Mauli Ola Foundation; Project Wipeout; SurfAid International and the Sumba Foundation.


Frolicking around the party were numerous celebrity athletes, notably Tony Hawk and Rob Machado.  Machado is one of the world’s greatest surfers…and he is also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. I plopped myself next to him in a cabana, eager to ask about him about his charity work. “I do have my own foundation, “ he told me, “It’s the Rob Machado Foundation. I teamed up with the elementary schools in my neighborhood, and we do environmental education programs, anything from your basic recycling programs and organic farming-we have organic gardens all over the property- and we also sponsor ocean week, which is an entire week where all curriculum is geared around protecting the ocean.” And as any good ocean-loven writer would ask, I had to bring up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch: “I’d like to learn more about it, “ he said of the Texas sized wad of garbage floating in the Pacific, “I have a few friends that are working on projects, they’ve gone out to it and they are just blown away.”

I also had the privilege of speaking with Flea (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) about his charity work, his Silverlake Conservatory and how it felt to receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award…instead of transcribing the interview, I’ve opted to simply post the video of his acceptance speech after Tony Hawk and Izzy Paskowitz presented him with the award…Flea is one of the most sincere and genuine people I’ve met, with a deep-found belief in giving back. Simply put, he rocks.

Flea pretty much sums it up there…and might I suggest that next year you buy your tickets to this event the minute they go on-sale. Each year its sells out quicker than the previous year…please visit SIMA for more information or any of the links provided in this post-all the organizations are doing incredible things for our kids and the environment. Special thanks to four-time world surfing champion Lisa Anderson for all her hard work, Mandy Johnson from SIMA, Tony Hawk for finally remembering me, Rob Machado for being a classy stud with great follow through skills, Flea for being who he is and Fernando Aguerre for inviting us all into his home for a great cause.

About SIMA: The Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) is the trade association of competing surf industry product suppliers working together to magnify their power for the development of the surf industry by: Promoting awareness and participation in the sport of surfing, which will result in increased sales of members’ products; Endorsing industry trade shows to assist members in bringing their products to market; Providing programs, services and information that will assist members in improving their business operations; Supporting oceanic environmental efforts through the SIMA Environmental Fund to ensure future growth of the sport and understanding of environmental activism.

About The Rob Machado Foundation: (RMF) is a California based 501c(3) not-for-profit private foundation. Founded in 2005, RMF was created to support charities dedicated to environmental programs within Southern California. Our primary mission is to provide funding and initiate educational programs focused on helping children understand their contribution towards a healthy earth. Annually, in September, the foundation hosts the Rob Machado Golf Experience in Solana Beach, CA as a means to support our efforts.

About Silverlake Conservatory of Music: The mission of the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, a non-profit organization, is to facilitate basic music education. Our primary focus is on the youth of the community but all are welcome and encouraged to participate. The Conservatory offers private music lessons at a reasonable cost and grants scholarships to children in need, providing free lessons and instruments. The study of music enriches the life of the student as well as the community and society.

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Life Rolls On ‘Night by the Ocean’ Benefit

Life Rolls On ‘Night by the Ocean’ Benefit

Just discovered a great event and awesome foundation thanks to those blue eyes of Kelly Slater…the Life Rolls on Foundation held their 5th Annual “Night by the Ocean” Benefit last Sunday…also bringing a wee-bit more attention to this event was Prison Break babe Dominic Purcell.

Over 500 celebrities, surf stars and supporters stepped out in full force to support the Life Rolls On Foundation which is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. Sponsor Disaboom kicked in $75k while saluting the efforts of IMG Sports & Entertainment for their efforts in promoting positive images of people with spinal cord injury.

Don’t know how many of you have tried surfing before. Living in San Diego has given me pa-lenty of time on a board and I can tell ya its not easy. After watching autistic kids surf via the aid of ‘Surfers Healing’ I vowed never to have a bad day. And now, as we face this insane economic crisis, let’s keep it in perspective. Most of us can walk, talk and enjoy the freedoms that some can’t. The Life Rolls On Foundation rightly deserves some serious attention…as do those with spinal cord injuries. Combine ‘em both- add a few waves and a splash or two Kelly Slater into the mix and ya got yourself one hell of a foundation.

The black tie gala was held at the historic Hollywood & Highland Grand Ballroom, and the red carpet (complete with wheelchair access) was walked by: Kelly Slater, Nicky Hilton, David Katzenberg, Jenna Fischer, Brooke Burns, Dominic Purcell, Morgan Spurlock, Rob Machado, Brandon Boyd, Jeffrey Donovan, Brandon Jenner, Linda Thompson, Brandon Davis, Jason Davis and David Chokachi.

This years fundraiser was the largest ever for the Foundation and raised a whopping $340,000 thanks to heavy bidding during the cocktail reception…guests enjoyed dinner by Wolfgang Puck…Highlights of the evening included Kelly Slater underwriting Life Rolls On Foundation’s upcoming family fair for kids with spinal cord injury, Brooke Burns buying a trip to Tavarua Island, David Katzenberg winning a surfboard signed by Dean Morrison, Jeffrey Donovan winning a trip to Costa Rica, Jenna Fischer sponsoring a They Will Ski event to give children with SCI the opportunity to ski this winter and Sal Masekela donating $10,000 to the foundation.

Scheduled host for the evening, Sal Masekela, couldn’t make it due to a flight delay, so LRO founder Jesse Billauer took to the stage. Morgan Spurlock opened the ceremony followed by contributions from Dominic Purcell, Brandon Boyd, Rob Machado, Jeffrey Donovan, Jodie Nelson and Josh Billauer (Jesse’s brother).

About Life Rolls On: Founded in 1999, Life Rolls On Foundation (LRO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people affected by spinal cord injury. Utilizing action sports as a platform to push the bounds of possibility after SCI, Life Rolls On produces quality of life programming, raises awareness about spinal cord injury and funds research to find a cure. With a network of more than 70,000 supporters worldwide, LRO is one of the fastest growing, contemporary charitable organizations in the country and has been featured in national print, television and radio. In 2007, the organization received its first EMMY® nomination for Best National Public Service Announcement. For more information, visit www.liferollson.org. Also be sure to check out thier YouTube Channel.

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