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Duncan-Parker Photo Bad PR for Spurs

Days after NBA Commissioner David Stern fined the San Antonio Spurs $250K for ‘sitting their players’, a photo on Reddit.com is making the rounds…and not in a good way.

The image-allegedly taken around Halloween this year- shows Tony Parker and Tim Duncan, both in costume, pointing toy guns at the head of a man dressed as NBA referee Joey Crawford, with a noose hanging overhead.

How this escaped becoming media-fodder is beyond us, but according to most threads on reddit, fans are not happy about it.

We’re still stuck on the noose. The words ‘NBA player’ and ‘noose’ should never be heard together, let alone be immortalized in a photo. And the irony? Yesterday was the International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.

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NFL Player Cuts His Hair for Charity

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk has chopped off his long, blond golden locks and donated his hair to a child with cancer.

Hawk and his wife have partnered with Wigs for Kids a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their hair to chemotherapy…his own hair is the first to be donated to his initiative “Hawk’s Locks for Kids.”

Via Twitter, Hawk said: “Thanks to wigs for kids for partnering with us. My wife and I are proud to start ‘Hawk’s locks for Kids’ which will be helping kids with cancer. We are hoping to raise enough money and hair donations to change many lives!” Continue reading

Football Charities Ain’t Got Nothing on Futbol Charities

Football Charities Ain’t Got Nothing on Futbol (Soccer) Charities
Go ahead…enjoy the SuperBowl. Yes, there are tons of charity related NFL par-tays going on…but to me, most seem a bit insincere and more geared towards great ‘photo-ops.’ Of course there are exceptions, however, my (football) SuperBowl isn’t about helmets and hot-spots, it’s about voodoo, balls that unify, kids, and some mighty-mighty-fine men.


One of the greatest things about soccer is the global culture that surrounds it. While most of us dislike hooligans, their absence would leave a gaping hole in the stadiums and a lot of ‘police’ outta jobs. Make shift hooligan jails are a staple at World Cup qualifiers and games, so I was really, really bummed to hear RadioShack has bowed out of sponsoring a Mexican newspapers promotion which would have undoubtedly filled a few hooligan-tanks to capacity when they figured out it didn’t work…Mexico is set to play their World Cup Qualifier against the U.S. on February 11…Mexico has not beaten the U.S. on American soil in 10 years (and they wont do it anytime soon), so…an advertisement in the sports daily ‘Record’ invited fans to clip coupons and redeem them at their local Radio Shack store for a voodoo-doll likeness of a U.S. player. The hope was that a little black magic might help Mexico break a decade of futility on the road versus its northern neighbor. (AP photo) An illustration showed a pair of scissors slicing off the leg of a doll in a U.S. jersey; the doll grimaced in pain with its arms covered in bruises, as stuffing leaked from its No. 10 jersey, stuck with pushpins. The newspaper was hoping that soccer fans would watch the match and “apply punishments to our rivals,” giving Mexico an edge to end a decade of winless play versus the Americans on U.S. soil. “Help end the losing streak so Mexico advances,” the ad read.


If voodoo did work the way I’d like it too, I would win the lottery. No, I wouldn’t buy myself a house, or a new car…wouldn’t dare purchase a Prada, pair Jimmy Choo’s or any other pricey luxury good to make myself feel worthy…the first thing I would do? Join the Great Football Give Away…last November, a group of volunteers traveled to some of the most rural parts of Uganda and hand delivered over 3,000 soccer balls and netballs to the kids. And who says money can’t buy love? The organization is teaming up with Alive and Kicking to buy their Zambian made balls which have aids and malaria awareness messages printed on them…they’re using them to spread awareness about malaria-which is the number one killer in the country…And here’s where my lotto winnings would come into play…the Great Football Giveaway is looking for volunteers to organize and run future projects. If you can take a 4-6 month career break, they’ll help you with all the details-including fundraising, project management, putting a team together and hand-delivering the balls yourself to kids in some of the poorest countries of the world…I want to do this BAD so if anyone out there wants my beach front house for four-to-six months while paying for me to travel to Africa and pass out soccer balls to the kids, let me know. (And yes, I’m dead serious.)


Another one of my favorite charity organizations, Right To Play, earned a massive donation from Zdano Chara (Boston Bruins) after winning the NHL’s Hardest Shot Competition at the All Star Weekend in Montreal on January 24th…the mighty fine beast won the competition with an All-Star Record of 105.4MPH and then promptly donated his winnings- $24,000- to Right To Play…too bad the IOC can’t think out side the box…(Wow, Delinda is having a flashback to all the hate-emails I got after ripping the IOC a new one last year…hope ya’all paying attention now.)

Excluding the athlete-founded, athlete-driven Right To Play from the Athlete’s Village is a firm step backward for the Olympic movement. Right to Play is a humanitarian organization that uses sport to teach children about teamwork, fair play, conflict resolution, self-esteem, communication, commitment, respect and integrity. We firmly believe that this organization improves the lives of children by strengthening their vulnerable communities with the best practices of sport and play. And it creates opportunities to promote development, health and peace. I believe this act of exclusion violates the fundamental values of the Olympic movement.” Adam Kreek, Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist 2008, London, Ont.

What makes me really, really sad-is that this incredibly moving and poignant video has been posted on YouTube for over a year and has only been viewed 3,225 times. What a sad commentary on society…in any case, we may be able to help change that by coming up with a catchy moniker to grab some media attention for them. RTP is running a competition to highlight the studly attempt of a student by the name of Duncan Drew, who will try to run 30 MARATHONS IN THIRTY DAYS this August to benefit Right To Play. This is a world record attempt and will be receiving a lot of media attention…so help ‘em out by coming up with a catchy phrase to garner as much attention as possible for this event. The more support Duncan gets, the happier the disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be. What should they call it?

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Spain’s Olympic Basketball Team Slant Eyes


Spain continues to maintain its racist image via a photo of their Olympic Basketball team slating their eyes…the ad, which was shot prior to the Games, originally appeared in the Spanish-language newspaper La Marca and now is circling the Internet with alarming speed. The NY Times reports that the team is sponsored by Li-Ning Footwear, a Chinese company founded by Li Ning- the final torchbearer who was hoisted along the top of Beijing National Stadium during the Opening Ceremony. The ad is reportedly about the Spanish teams recent contract extension with the footwear giant and their ability to offend just about everyone who looks at this picture. (Telegraph)

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