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The Moses Project

The Moses Project

“I said back in 2000 that I was the world’s greatest athlete, and now I get the chance to try and prove it. I still love to compete. We’re going to have a lot of fun, and raise a lot of money for charity.” Ed Moses, stud.

Someone finally got it right. TV programming that is inspiring, heartfelt, thought provoking and void of egos…and the entertainment company giving it to us? Mojo Marketing & Media – the first and only of its kind whose underlying mission is to be an engine of awareness and encourage people to fully develop their personal social conscience, take action and get involved in making a positive difference.


The first show to come from the Mojo peeps is ‘The Moses Project.’ It features Olympic Gold Medalist and professional golfer Ed Moses as the sexy host and competitor for the new show that pits him against the hottest athletes and celebrities in different competitions each week…the kicker? All the money raised goes directly to charity…more than a million bucks to be exact.

The ‘Moses Project’ is just the first in a series of anticipated new programs from the company founded by Moses and Joy Stephenson. “There couldn’t be a better time than now for Mojo. But unlike other ‘feel-good’ fundraising projects that are oftentimes short-lived, Mojo is committed to ongoing efforts to benefit charities through innovative and engaging entertainment projects utilizing both mainstream and new media channels,” said company founder and president, Stephenson.


Mojo will produce original, compelling family-friendly content – including music, movies, sports, docudramas, concerts and reality-based content – that spreads the word about what organizations can do for communities and individuals and what communities and individuals can do for these organizations.

“Our first venture, ‘The Moses Project,’ is a great example of the entertaining and original work Mojo will produce,” said Moses, “As an athlete and Olympian who loves to compete, I can think of nothing more thrilling than putting it all on the line against other athletes and celebrities to benefit charity.”


More about our hot host Moses: The stud is an Olympic Champion, he won both gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2000 Sydney Olympics…he is a 13-time world record holder in swimming, the current world record holder in the 200 meter breaststroke, and a seven-time U.S. National Champion…he is also a professional golfer…he’s got a Bachelor of Arts degree in sports medicine from the University of Virginia…and, he is an active participant in events to raise funds and awareness for Ronald McDonald House, Mario Lemieux Foundation, Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation and the Joey Fatone Foundation…but wait, there’s more- he also teaches more than 10,000 kids and parents life skills and goal setting each year….and he served as the spokesperson for Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational from 2006 – 2008, a foundation which hosts an annual golf tournament in Jamaica to raise funds to place computer learning centers in Jamaica’s primary schools.

For more info please visit Mojo Marketing, The Moses Project Facebook Group, or The Real Moses: Ed’s Youtube channel where he’s got a great video-teaser of himself playing rooftop hoops with Michael Beasley.

I will have much, much more info available soon about Ed, the Moses Project and which of our athletes have accepted challenges from him. So stay tuned kids, I’m on top of this one.

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Celebrity Athletes: Steve Nash and Thierry Henry Kick it for Charity, NBA Draft Babes Take Part in NBA Cares, Michael Beasley’s Ball for Ronnie Mac.

A few NBA good-guys like Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Raja Bell, and Leandro Barbosa hooked up with some of the best soccer players on earth- Thierry Henry, Claudio Reyna, Robbie Fowler, Steve McManaman, Jozy Altidore, Juan Pablo Angel, and Gregg Berhalter for the ‘Showdown in Chinatown’ charity soccer game yesterday in NY. (Side note: Mad Props to Jason Kidd, who has popped up at just about every charity event imaginable during the off-season.)

The ‘Showdown’ was born from the beautiful humanitarian mind of Steve Nash, who spends most of his off-season showcasing the soccer skills that were passed down from his famous soccer-playing dad. Nash co-hosted the event along with buddy Claudio Reyna, who moved to MLS’s New York Red Bulls after making a name for himself in parts of the world where soccer is a religion. Following the game, the hotties held a private auction in SoHo to benefit their respective foundations. “Football and my foundation are two of my big passions,” said Nash, “And the chance to bring together guys like Thierry and Jason and Claudio. And the best part is that it (was) free to anyone who wanted to come watch us.”

“We had it completely wrong in terms of the excitement,” Reyna said. “We knew people were going to come out, but we just couldn’t believe it when we showed.” Uh-you didn’t know people were gonna come out? Actually, Reyna makes a good point. While my West Coast eyes had to search hard for info on this event, I’m wondering how much pre-event pumping up there was on the East Coast? This event could have sold more tickets than David Beckham has for the Galaxy- but seeing as it was Steve Nash holding the reins, it doesn’t surprise me that it was a free event. Thanks to the great fans who filmed the event and posted something fresh to look at on YouTube…if it weren’t for them, footage from this event may have gone by the wayside…the only stone in my shoe today is that I didn’t get my ass on a plane to NY to cover this event myself (a-hem, sponsors pa-leeze). Nash’s side won the 60-minute game, 9-4, while Thierry Henry entertained the crowd by juggling the ball for 20 yards at a time and balancing it on his head-stuff we only see in Reebok commercials…There’s a handful of post-related items…all the same standard wording…and maybe five images from the event making the rounds. And the ‘selling point’ of the story this morning is that Henry said he likes America-media translation? Henry may be following in the footsteps of Beckham and come to the states. “Why not?” he said Wednesday night, “I love America. I love it here. And whenever I come here, I feel free. Hopefully, one day. You never know what’s going to happen. But at the moment, I’m still over there.” But you were here yesterday Thierry, and we thank you for that. We thank you for adding an extra-bit of oomph to the most beautiful game to roll through NY in a long, long time. (And on a side note here-gotta call out a playa for a sham of a show…Baron Davis. While he also took part in this little shindig he gets no love from me-I ain’t buying his ‘charity efforts’ for one second. He may be one of the most charismatic and loved ballers around, but I’ve seen his dark side, his thug of a posse and his overbearing need to have his ego fed. In my book, he ain’t one of the good-guys until he clears up some dirty baggage that’s attached to his reputation.)


Yesterday, NBA Cares held a Special Olympics Clinic at John Jay College in NY. A few NBA ‘draft prospects’ such as Brook Lopez (L), O.J. Mayo (R), Robin Lopez, Russell Westbrook, Jerryd Bayless and Michael Beasley made the kids happy.

And in efforts to justify running this fab-photo of Michael Beasley, I found an auction by Topps who sponsored the McDonalds All American High School Basketball Games. Up for bids is a basketball signed by team members including Beasley. The exclusive Topps Vault eBay auctions features a limited number of Topps McDonald’s All-American High School “The Rock” Basketballs signed by the Boy’s East team, the Boy’s West team, and the Girls teams. 85% of the proceeds from the auctions will go to the Ronald McDonald House charities, so bid away my friends, bid away.

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