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Captain Fabio Cannavaro Injured for EURO, Jose Mourinho Goes Italian, Max Mosley Keeps His Job, Greg Oden is a Rose, How to Spell Dikembe and NBA Names


Italian defender Alessandro Gamberini, midfielders Andrea Pirlo and Daniele De Rossi made my mouth water as they arrived for a training session in Maria Enzersdorf, near Vienna, on June 03 ahead of the EURO 2008 Championship…but one precious morsel who wont be kicking it during the game is Italy team captain Fabio Cannavaro.

Cannavaro has been ruled outta the game with an ankle injury. “I have a lot of confidence in this team. We’ve got some very experienced players and I’m sure we will do well”. Cannavaro has been replaced by 26-year-old defensive beast Alessandro Gamberini.


Mr. Sultry himself, Jose Mourinho, has been named the new coach of Inter Milan. Jose was officially presented at the Milanese team’s training center near Como Lake today. “I am Jose Mourinho, nothing else. It’s Inter that are special,” said the sexy coach in Italian. “I think I’m a good coach, but I don’t want to be special,” he said. “I’m still me, I don’t change. I’ve always thought that it would please me greatly to coach a big club in Italy. I like the players (that we have). They’re a beautiful team. I don’t need a dramatic change in the team. I think we need two or three players to improve and be more competitive.” And who might those two or three players be? Lampard, Essien, Carvalho, Drogba, Deco and Eto’o? “I think it’s normal that, as a consequence of the relationship I have with the Chelsea players, that almost all of them want to work with me in the future and it’s the same for me,” he said. Bring it on Jose!


Disgusting…F.I.A President Max Mosley has been allowed to stay as the head of motorsport’s governing body FIA, as two thirds of its delegates backed him in the wake of allegations (and video proof) that he had participated in a “Nazi-style” encounter with prostitutes. More than one team has expressed disgust and outrage at the verdict, and some may even drop their affiliation with F1. Too bad Mosley isnt man enough to re-consider his position in the view of such widespread outrage and the number of public appearances that have had to be cancelled since the story broke. At this point, its gone beyond a moral issue and is simply common sense to yank Mosley and his Nazi-connotations out before he soils the sport even further.


Trail Blazer Greg Oden is giving some love to the kids tomorrow (June 4) where he’ll be participating in the Jr. Rose Festival Parade with mentors and youth who represent mentoring programs around the community. Start time is 1 p.m. in the Hollywood District…(rosefestival)


Thirteen-year-old Sameer Mishra just won the national spelling-bee, but Jimmy Kimmel decided to put him through a tougher challenge… spelling the names of NBA stars. Sameer went head-to-head yesterday with Rockets’ Dikembe Mutombo for the segment airing Thursday on Kimmel…”Don’t ask me how to spell his first name,” Sameer said, “I don’t know.” Sameer said he got a list of possible names they might ask, but he’s been too busy doing media interviews to study it…my best guesses at the names on the list: Andre Iguodala, Andrei Kirilenko, Jamaal Magloire, Bostin Nachbar, Didier IIunga-Mbenga, Kelenna Azubike, Yakhouba Diawara and Zydrunas IIguaskas…the NBA finals begin Thursday.


Adidas 08 Dream Big, Kanye West Nike’s, Zinedine Zidane Kicks It for Charity, Max Mosley Still in Denial, Jennifer Harman Raises Big Bucks for SPCA.

Today in Germany, adidas launched its ’08 soccer ad campaign, in which soccer players visit the national soccer teams from some of the world’s smallest countries in a film project titled ‘Dream Big.’ Those enticing us from the spot include Sir Golden Balls himself, David Beckham, Liverpool beast Steven Gerrard, Arsenal’s Robin van Persie, Chelsea hottie Michael Ballack and AC Milan legend Kaka. Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho provides the sultry voiceover for the spot.


The 35-year-old (former) France international soccer stud, Zinedine Zidane, joined a host of other soccer notables for a charity match Monday in Geneva. While he still loves kicking the ball for charity, he doesn’t regret retiring. “Not at all. I have been there and done it, and I have to do other things now,” Zidane said. The match was born through his friendship with Switzerland midfielder Fabio Celestini, who has launched 442, a children’s charity that aims to raise money to help disadvantaged children learn to play soccer…”I have met Fabio because our kids go to school in the same town,” Zidane explained. “It is a pleasure to play here and a good idea to give something to the kids.” If you need be reminded-Zidane is also a United Nations goodwill ambassador and now makes appearances for charitable causes. (Canadian Press)


Francesco Totti shakes hands with Francesco Rutelli-a candidate in the race for Rome’s city hall…whatever, I don’t care who he is…its not fair to post photos of a half-nekked Totti in bed…just kill me now already…


I think its official…we’ve seen Kanye in his ‘pastels and Bape shit’…and now Kanye West has become the first non-athlete to have his own Nike Signature shoe. West and Nike teamed up to create the Nike Air Yeezys. Kanye first wore the kicks for his Grammy performance in February but we’re just hearing about the details…in true Kanye fashion, the Air Yeezy’s glow in the dark. Still waiting on word about availability, price and release date…

Last year, professional poker player Jennifer Harman held her Inaugural Charity Poker Tournament for the Nevada SPCA. Thanks to her efforts, the event raised $130,000 for the shelter in Las Vegas, affording them the opportunity to open two new wings for the no-kill shelter. And on April 18, Harman hosted her Second Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament, which was held inside the Venetian Poker Room. Poker celebrities ‘giving back’ arrived at Venetian to walk the red carpet, but they didn’t walk alone. Each celebrity had a shelter animal with him or her. Former NFLer Shawn King walked the carpet with a cat dressed in feather boa and poker professional Phil Ivey walked with a kitten in his arms…for my complete write up visit Look to the Stars or to see the red carpet arrivals video, check out Poker News. This years event raised over $300,000 for the Las Vegas SPCA.

My favorite sports scandal continues to march on…FIA President Max Mosley, who faces a forced resignation due to that nasty Nazi-style-orgy-video, now thinks we should all just mind our business. Mosley: “I think most adults would say that whatever in that spectrum somebody does, provided it doesn’t hurt anybody, provided it’s consensual, provided it’s among adults, provided it’s in private, it concerns nobody but the people doing it.” Okay, so I agree with that-what people do behind closed doors in their business, BUT-its not an issue of his privacy anymore- its an issue of tainting the sport. I cant event think of Formula One without thinking of Mosley’s and his Nazi fetish. His perversion is an indication of a larger issue-a lack of compassion perhaps?

Perhaps the biggest shame is that Mosley wont retire or even admit to the facts caught on tape. Watch the video (link below) and you’ll see the controversy before laughing as you read his denial: “It’s outrageous, because the whole thing was predicated around the idea that this was some sort of Nazi orgy,” he said. “And the Nazi aspect of that is absolutely untrue. In fact it was a deliberate, cold-blooded, calculated lie, to which there’s no basis at all. So that was really annoying because obviously the main subject was embarrassing to say the least, but to have the Nazi connotation placed on it when it was completely untrue was extremely annoying.” Interesting that the women in the video tell a very different story. One of the ‘girls’ told how Mosley, 67—son of Britain’s notorious wartime fascist leader Sir Oswald—ordered her to dress up in German military uniform and bark orders at him as he was flogged till he bled. He also bellowed orders in German and spoke English in a bizarre German accent during the five-hour S & M orgy in a London dungeon. She told New of the World: “He filmed the whole thing on video camera to enjoy again later. And it’s not the first time he’s hired us to satisfy his kinky lust.” For all the details, or if you really wanna watch Mosley getting flogged in the video, visit New of the World.

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