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Stop Quoting The FAKE Bill Walton

Stop Quoting The FAKE Bill Walton

At last weekends Liquid Nation Ball, I once again had the pleasure of meeting one of the most frequently quoted men in NBA history, Lakers great Bill Walton.

But what’s been eating me up is the fact that people are quoting the wrong Bill Walton. And by people I mean ‘main-stream’ media. Writers or journalists who are earning a hefty paycheck for covering things like who Sarah Palin may have gotten nasty with in the NBA and what people are saying about it.

To wit, this snippet from the NY Daily News:

    NBA Hall-of-Famer Bill Walton took a shot at the notoriously offense-minded Rice. “Sarah Palin had an intimate relationship with Glen Rice in the 80s,” he tweeted. “Rice tried to resist but he was never one to stop anyone from scoring.”

Soon after the real-fake Walton quote appeared in the NY Daily News, Bills wife Lori tweeted: ‘Does Larry McShane, New York Daily News not know or not care that he quoted the fake Bill Walton in is article about Sarah Palin?’

A FAKE Walton Tweet

I asked the lovely Mrs. Walton about the real-fake Bill Walton quotes which are rampant on the Internet thanks to the fake Walton on Twitter. “He’s actually funnier than Bill, “she laughed. (The real-fake Bill has 49,000 followers, while the REAL Walton has about 5,000).

For what’s it worth, I asked the real Bill Walton about current players, the state of the league and where he sees the NBA in five years:

“Players today are better than ever, they’re bigger, they’re stronger, they’re faster-everything about it is better and we are looking forward to the resumption of the NBA,” said the real Bill Walton.

On expanding the NBA’s Global reach? “Players will be better, coaches will be better. With people like David Stern and Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant and Lebron James and Dirk Nowitzki taking the game to its highest level.”

Even IF the fake-Bill is funnier than the real-Bill, I find it crazy that paid-writers are NOT checking their sources while bloggers like myself bend over backwards to ensure what is printed is real…and for no pay. You’ve all heard the phrase lately ‘Apes Will Rise’?, well get ready people, because with rouge-writers continually not covering their bases I assure you, Bloggers Will Rise.

Many thanks to the real Bill Walton and Lori…who are never short of awesome.

As of this morning, the real Bill has been asked by Jamie Foxx to participate in his ‘3 on 3 Charity Basketball Tournament’ on Sat Sept 24 in LA. (Look for post-event details next week) Best to the real Bill, who-although recovering from back surgery-still seems to always make time to give back.

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Athlebrities Gone Crazy

She’s Back!


Nothing like some priceless Athlebrity action to entice me back into the swing of things…massive love for my Tapa who has been kicking R-Feds butt…big ups to the Dallas Mavericks and Jason Kidd for finally getting the ring…thank you Lebron James for living up to my expectations..and yay for those coming ’round to acknowledging who the real king is, Kelly Slater.

Much more coming soon…just wanted to say hello and I’m back!!!
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Matt Damon, Bono and Lebron James on Entourage

Matt Damon, Bono and Lebron James on Entourage

The greatest performance in Matt Damon’s career occurred on the season finale of HBO’s ‘Entourage.’ In the episode, Damon tried to convince Vince (played by Adrian Grenier) to use his celebrity status and travel on a mission to Ohio to help fight hunger among children for Damon’s ONEXONE organization…Vince couldn’t go but Damon wasn’t about to let him off easy… Showing true dedication to the charitable cause, Damon asked Vince to donate money in a sequence of phone calls and conversations that escalate at times to a heated exchange of words…Damon even hit Vince up via a conference call with Bono, who also hounds Vince into donating because it’s “for the kids.” Simply priceless.

Of course, this isn’t the first we’ve seen of Entourage supporting celebrities and their causes…most recently, Tom Brady appeared in an episode-and while he didn’t plug ‘his charity’ he was playing in a charity golf event. And I expect much more celebrity cameos for charity in the following months. Why? Because it’s become very trendy to be a ‘giver.’ Now, this doesn’t mean that the giving is insincere, it just means we’re going to have to examine what’s inside the heroes we worship in order to figure that out. Sure, it may be difficult to decipher who’s sincere and who’s in it for the glory, but if you do your research you’ll find that most celebrities and athletes who are in the spotlight for their generosity have been doing charitable work for years. Let’s take for example…um, I dunno, Lebron James? Lebron also dropped a cameo in the Entourage finale…which I find highly suspect. Coming from the man who said the only thing he needs to donate to his hometown is an ‘appearance’, I ain’t buying it for a second. In my opinion, Lebron doesn’t care about any cause except that which furthers his image. Athletes making cameos for charity is trendy, hence his appearance. But hey, if it brings attention to Damon’s ONEXONE organization then I guess it’s worth it.

Props to Entourage for stepping it up for the causes…they’ve even set up an ‘Entourage’ page with behind the scenes videos of the actors lending their voice to the cause. But massive props to Matt Damon for effectively getting his message across with a flawlessly funny performance.

This clip rolled at the end of the Entourage final, after Damon has hounded Vince for a check. Be warned, lots of CUSSING it in….

Here’s another clip of Matt Damon directing Adrian (Vince) Grenier as he shoots a PSA for ONEXONE while Jeremy Piven tries to keep the peace…as seen on HBO On Demand… again, lots of profanity…

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Iverson Speaks the Truth on Charity While the Grizzlies Feed the Children and the NBA Takes Out a $200M Loan

Iverson on Charity, The Grizzlies Feed the Children and the NBA Takes Out a $200M Loan


We live in a confusing world…ballers perceived as thugs get ignored when they do something good…Olympic poster-children smoke pot and get shunned despite the fact that they’ve donated enough cash to charity to rebuild a small country…and the NBA decides to take out a $200M loan to ‘assist teams’ while still overpaying a bulk of their athletes as the economy goes to hell. 12 of the NBA’s 30 teams plan to borrow between $13 million and $20 million a piece and the NBA said there’s no restriction on how the money can be used. Maybe they’ll buy more chalk? This should OUTRAGE us all…(Which teams are actually tapping the loan remains a secret-we do know the Pacers have said no, but Orlando and Sac-Town said yes.)

Anyway…last week I read an interesting article where Allen Iverson spoke pretty openly about the NBA and charity. “I just look forward to doing it. I don’t need all the publicity that comes with it. I don’t need that. When it’s time for me to get toward that gate, either He [is] gonna say, ‘Come in,’ or He [is] gonna say, ‘Turn around.’ And a camera won’t decide whether I get in or not.”


The Answer also said something that I wish would register with certain NBA charity-fakers (a-hem Lebron): “We have more impact on the world than people may think, than even we might think, you know what I mean? When I was younger, when we talk about role-model-type situations, I never knew that we were important like we are.” The doe-eyed, freshly de-braided hottie continued, “We are role models, regardless if we like it or not. It is something that we got to accept, but it is something that people should know that we’re human and we make mistakes and we are not going to be perfect. You can want to be like Allen Iverson, but I don’t think people should try to be like Allen Iverson. I think people should be better than Allen Iverson.”

Iverson has also made no bones about calling the NBA’s charity work “fake.” Not sure what Iverson’s definition of ‘fake’ is, but I’ll agree that it’s somewhat more of a business than sincerity on behalf of the Organization-but this doesn’t mean the players aren’t interested in participating.


One team that’s registered as ‘genuine’ in my book: The Memphis Grizzlies. Yesterday, the boys teamed up with Feed the Children to provide free lunch and 800 boxes of food items to needy Memphis families. The event was held at the National Civil Rights Museum-making it that much more special.


The 400 families who received a food box were pre-identified by Feed The Children partner agency The Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Memphis. The boxes were designed to help supplement a family for up to one week. “We are so grateful for the players of the Memphis Grizzlies,” said Larry Jones, founder and president of Feed The Children. “We send our most sincere ‘Thank you!’ to the Grizzlies!” Indeed-sincere thank you’s to Hakim Warrick, O.J. Mayo, Rudy Gay, Darrell Arthur, and Quinton Ross for stimulating my appetite this morning. And a very special thanks to O.J. Mayo and that jug of syrup…wonder if he used it all.

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Men’s USA Basketball Babes Officially ‘Redeemed’

Lerbon james, dwyane wade, carmelo anthony
Prior to the game, Dwayne Wade said: “It could be emotional. We’ve thought about. But at the same time we have to win this game… But I think everybody has thought about that moment where you lean down and put the gold medal around your neck and you hear your country’s song being played. That’s when your emotions really come out because you really reflect on the journey…”

“We talked about on the bus ride over (for Saturday’s practice at Beijing Normal University). We are not going to shy away from our sensitivity” said Wade,” We know Melo is going to cry. We’re not shying away from it. We know it’s going to be a great moment, but we know we still have a job to do to get that moment.”

And now the three-year effort to redeem themselves has culminated in a 118-107 victory for the Men’s USA Basketball team as they delivered a lil dose of karma to Spain to bring home the Gold…with, of course, David Beckham and his golden balls watching from the sidelines.

Carmelo Anthony lights Kobe Bryants cigar after winning Gold
Prince(ess) Kobe Bryant finally got a gold around his neck, and he did it a day after turning 30-not a bad gift for the patient and wicked black mamba. After nibbling on his first taste of gold: “It is more important and more special than any championship that any of us will ever win,” Bryant said.

chris bosh
“I know that we had a tough road ahead of us. We knew that these guys (Spain) weren’t going to roll over and give up that easily,” U.S. forward Chris Bosh said. “So we had to be men, and that’s what it takes to win.” Damn straight! Men they are…teamwork, commitment, heart, soul, sweat and determination are what these men are made of. And for me, Bosh was impressive as hell. Talk about a friggen warrior. Bosh tears that court up with more soul than I’ve seen most ballers do in a lifetime. I could watch him play and never get bored of that hunger on his face.

Speaking of hunger…Carmelo Anthony. Oh my Melo, Melo, Melo. Damn. I mean, what can I say? His scored 13 luscious points? He proudly marched around with an American Flag wrapped around his waist as I tried to stay focused on his neck where that beautiful gold was hanging…that he lit Kobe’s cigar…that he drove me crazy…that I need to bite his medal, hard? I suspect if any ‘game worn’ Melo items turn up on the ‘Right to Play’ eBay auctions, my savings account will be drained.

Mad love to Jason Kidd for becoming the 13th U.S. player to win multiple gold medals-his first was in 2000. Mad love to the mighty-mighty-fine men of USA Basketball: Jason Kidd, Carlos Boozer, Tayshaun Prince, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Michael Redd, and Deron Williams.

Go on with your bad selves and bite your medals, smoke those cigars, cuddle on the bus and party till next season. You did us all proud. Undefeated, uncompromised, united and unbelievable.

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It’s Still the Dream Team in Most Parts of the World


We’ve been hearing about the ‘globalization of the NBA’ for a few years but it hasn’t been until recently that some of our babies have started jumping ship to chase the Euro dollar and capitalize on their international popularity. I say more power to ya boys. If I were one of the powers-that-be at the NBA offices (cough-cough Stern), I would be shaking in my boots. The likelihood of NBA ‘globalization’ isnt really very likely…but a mini-exodus of our ballers is going to happen. Who wouldn’t want to play and live in a European nation that adores you, pays you an obscene amount of money and has much more lax rules than the Ennnn-Beeee-Ayyyy?

Kobe Bryant mobbed in ChinaKobe Bryant mobbed in China
The movement of players to Europe got a major jump-start recently when Atlanta Hawk Josh Childress signed a 3-year $20M deal with Greece. And now we’ve even got Sweet Melon and the Black Mamba entertaining the idea…or at least teasing us with it. Kobe Bryant told the Boston Globe that he would consider a $50 million offer to play in Europe. “As players, the business of the game (is) evolving,” Bryant said. “I think free agency now is becoming a global thing…When players become free agents, the team they’re currently with – their competition is no longer the rest of the teams in the NBA. But it’s global. So, the market’s opened up. So we’ll just have to see how the league responds to it.”

chinese stalkers carmelo anthony-you go girl!
And what is swirling through the mind of my precious Carmelo Anthony. Is he gonna grab his family, ditch the States and capitalize on the NBA frenzy that has most of Europe spellbound? “If someone wants to throw $50 million on the table for me,” he said, chuckling, “we can talk.” Aside from the less stringent rules of the NBA, the appeal of playing hoops overseas has pa-lenty of perks. I don’t think I need to spell out what life in Greece would be like for an NBA player…or life in Italy? But we are certainly seeing what life in China would be like for some of our babes.

Take for example…um, I dunno…Carmelo Anthony? Mad props to the Chinese volunteers who swarmed the boys during a press conference. Great article in the Washington Post, which in part explains the feeding frenzy: ‘Then the players dispersed to individual stages around the room, and madness ensued. Half the crowd consisted of journalists attempting to interview pro basketball players. The other half consisted of volunteers attempting to take and/or pose for pictures with pro basketball players. Dozens–if not hundreds–roamed the room seeking autographs, with sharpies and everything.’ “They told us we can’t do that,” Dwight Howard said, as one autograph seeker interrupted his interview.

Speaking of ‘peace’…last month, NBA good-guys (and a gal) attended the Seeds of Peace International Camp in Maine. The 7th annual ‘Play for Peace’ clinic was attended by Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), Brook Lopez (NJ Nets), Robin Lopez (Phoenix Suns), Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City), DJ Augustin (Charlotte Bobcats), Anthony Randolph (Golden State Warriors), with NBA ‘Play for Peace’ veterans Brian Scalabrine (Boston Celtics), Jordan Farmar (LA Lakers), and former WNBA star Sue Wicks (NY Liberty). Bulls great BJ Armstrong helped to lead the clinic. 160 Egyptian, Jordanian, Israeli, Palestinian and American kids warmly greeted the ‘peace-playas’ who were delighted to participate in the camp’s second session, which focused on the Arab – Israeli conflict. The camp’s goal is to get youngsters to interact and understand the viewpoint of those on the opposite side. Vists Seeds of Peace for more info.

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Athletes, Olympics, Controversy and a Painted Protest

eddie romero
American pastor Eddie Romero has put an interesting new spin on protesting during the Olympic Games. Eddie checked himself into two “high-class downtown” hotels this week in Beijing and filmed himself painting the walls of his rooms with slogans such as “Beijing 2008 Our World, Our Nightmare” before disappearing…

Omar Simone free tibet
The good peeps at the London based ‘Free Tibet Campaign’ have also come up with a clever way of getting around the ‘Athletes can’t speak out about human rights’ rule by urging them to make a simple “T” sign with their hand to show their support of Tibet. “Athletes competing at the Olympics have been told they must not mention human rights or Tibet, but no one can stop them making a simple signal that they care,” the group said. “’The T for Tibet hand signal is a quick, easy way to send a clear message: It’s time to free Tibet.” The group is also lashing out at China’s support of the Sudanese government, which has allowed widespread ethnic violence and severe rights violations in its Darfur region…look for athletes wearing black wristbands in support of Darfur and German athletes sporting green and blue bands for support. You can also get involved with the Free Tibet movement and upload your own “T” photo on their website. Many people, including REM frontman Michael Stipe have already signed up. Check it out HERE.

Others are taking it one step further with their protests, most notably (for today anyway) are Mr. Thom and his friend Phil Bartnell who climbed lighting posts near the “Bird’s Nest” stadium around 5.30am and unfurled banners saying “One World One Dream Free Tibet.” Mr Thom spoke to reporters from the top of the pole by telephone, saying he was a long-term activist on the Tibet issue. “This is a really critical time for Tibet,” he said. “The Olympic Games are being used as a propaganda tool by the Chinese government to whitewash their human rights record.” (See the video and full story here)

But perhaps the biggest stone in my shoe this morning in an article on Yahoo Sports by Dan Wetzel. His enticing headline: ‘Will Kobe, Lebron pass on Darfur?’ Now I understand the importance of getting as many hits as possible, so props to Dan for creative writing. (And I’m not talking about Kobe). But come on, “Will Lebron pass on Darfur”? He already has-more than once! Wetzel also wrote: “They have been among the most outspoken of the major American athletes on the subject.” WHAT? Am I the only one not kissing Bron-brons ass because he can shoot hoops? Sure, Lebron mumbled something back in May about Darfur in efforts to promote his oh-so-wonderful image, but seriously, he doesn’t even speak out about stuff here in the States, so why is he suddenly going to lend his voice to Darfur or Tibet? Pa-leeze. USA Men’s team coach Jerry Colangelo in Wetzle’s piece: “Let me ask you this, what carries more weight?” he said. “One of them making a comment about what’s happening in Tibet or Darfur or two nights ago in Shanghai when our players helped raise $430,000 for the earthquake relief program where 70,000 Chinese died? I think that’s a little bit more important.” Ah…not. I tend to think both are important, but since Jerry is into numbers, he may wanna think about the fact that 400,000 Sudanese people have been murdered…

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Celebrity Athletes: Breaking Down The Men’s U.S. Olympic Basketball Team Off the Court

Monday, we got our starting line-up for the Men’s U.S. Olympic Basketball team that hopes to capture the gold medal in Beijing in August. Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Carlos Boozer, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Redd, and Deron Williams, Tayshaun Prince.


I’m gonna break down some of these beasts and their charity work for ya…yesterday, I mentioned that I’ve seen Jason Kidd at just about every charity gig you can imagine. To name a few- the ‘Showdown in Chinatown event,’ The Pro Team Sports Challenge’, and now Kidd’s headed off to Vegas for the Ante Up For Africa Poker tournement: “Role model is something that comes with my job description. It’s a given that kids will look up to you.” Kidd’s Foundation-oddly named the Jason Kidd Foundation, provided funds for children’s medical research and to charities supporting the needs and interests of children…he also launched the “Assists for Kidds” program, which asks fans to make donations to charity for every one of his assists, while he himself has pledged $100 per assist. He also holds the usual youth basketball camps and charity golf tournaments every summer. To me, Kidd is one of the mighty-mighty-fine good guys out there. I’ve seen him in action at the Pro Team challenge, and I can tell you he was more focused on winning the event for his teams’ chosen charity than he was in the silicon-how’d-they-find-out-about-this-event-girls traipsing around the pool. *The Pro Team Sports Challenge will be broadcast this weekend, Saturday and Sunday on FoxSportsNet.

What can I possibly say about Chris Paul and his charity work that hasn’t been said? Chris and his family created the CP3 Foundation in partnership with the Winston-Salem Foundation to feed hungry families, support worthy causes and provide scholarships. We’ve seen him getting down and dirty in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans-helping rebuild and clean-up the mess left behind by Hurricane Katrina. He passes out thousands of Thanksgiving turkeys every year-with a sincere smile on his face and in 2006 Chris won the NBA’s Community Assist Award, which garnered an additional $5,000 for his CP3 Foundation and applauded him for his emphasis on community involvement, service, and his donation of food baskets and bikes for underprivileged children in Oklahoma City and New Orleans.

In April 2008, Men’s Vogue ran a great piece on Chris Paul; which-in part- exemplifies his heart, soul, passion and past that have made him the mighty-mighty-sexy-good-guy he is today. Excerpt: Paul was born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where he developed into a high-scoring high-school point guard. In 2002, the day after Paul signed his letter of intent to play college basketball at Wake Forest, his grandfather, Nathaniel Jones, was murdered in his driveway. A few nights later, Paul took the court and scored 61 points — his grandfather’s age when he died — before taking himself out of the game and weeping on the bench. He now runs the Nathaniel Jones Scholarship Fund, which sends deserving high-school grads to Wake Forest. And if that didnt give you goosebumps, you’re on the wrong blog.


I dare anyone to find something negative written about Dwight Howard. (And I ain’t talking about his hoops skills-although I’m willing to bet there’s not much you can rip on there either). Hot-stuff, along with his parents, established the Dwight D. Howard Foundation in 2004 to empower kids to reach their highest potential- he’s given out scholarships for students who want to attend his alma mater, Southwest Atlanta Christian Academy in Atlanta Georgia and provides grants to Lovell Elementary School and Memorial Middle School in Orlando Florida. He’s personally donated money for the Katrina Hurricane relief efforts, and helped to build a playground at the Boca Club Apartments in Orlando. And to top this sundae with a plump cherry- Dwight has faith. When he’s home in Atlanta, he attends the Fellowship of Faith Church and donates his time to the youth programs at the church. Needless to say, it’ll be a cold day in hell when you read anything about Howard getting a DUI, arrested for gun possession or accidentally picking up a stranger who later beats and robs him. Dwight Howard is more than a mighty-fine-man, he’s a stellar example for all of us to look up to.

Of course, not much ‘community’ news available on Chris Bosh, but according to his foundation website-Bosh is okay by me. Each year he runs a Chris Bosh Foundation Book Club where over 2000 kids get involved to read as much as possible during hoops season. Throughout 2007 Chris supported and initiated a variety of community events including a holiday party for more than 300 kids, his first annual basketball tournament, homework and book clubs…he’s the Read To Achieve spokesman for the Raptors and has attended a ton of Raptors community events including the Raptors Foundation Court Launch, Sick Kids Hospital visit and KingPin Bowling Challenge. During the month of February Chris promoted Black History Month by hosting in school trivia contests and provides youth the opportunity to come to games throughout the season.


By now you’ve must have heard of Boozer’s Buddies right? Boozer and his wife established the foundation to support families affected by Sickle Cell Disease. Inspiration comes in many shapes and forms, and Boozer was inspired after his 17-month-old son, Carmani, was diagnosed with has sickle cell anemia (who later underwent a successful bone marrow transplant). “You think of yourself as a father, brother, son, a basketball player, all these things,” Carlos said. “Now I realize I’m so much more than that, I’m an advocate. I want to raise money, help kids who can’t help themselves. This is the beginning of a long story for us, and this is just Part One.”


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Carmelo Anthony is a good-guy. I don’t care about his DUI-he made a mistake, which he’s owned up to, so get over it already. Im not condoning drinking and driving, but if the media would report the good things Melo’s been involved with, you may change your opinion. And again, I’m not gonna address some asinine video-game-much-to-do-about-nothing or overblown 7-Eleven BS that some of you have latched onto in efforts to bring Melo down. My point is finding about finding a balance…and when Melo is interacting with kids and kicking down some hefty cash (under the media radar) to improve the lives of needy kids-its easy to read his face and you just know in your heart he’s doing it outta love. Simple as that.

As for the rest of Team USA-Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Redd, Deron Williams, and Tayshaun Prince…well, lets see, D-Wade is always out there in the community- not sure if its sincerity or contract work, but regardless, he’s always smiling and licking those juicy lips of his…Lebron James-hypocrite…Michael Redd is a a devout Christian who bought a church building for his father’s ministry as the first purchase after signing with the NBA-I’d say he’s one of the good-guys out there-check out his Foundation…Deron Williams: His Point of Hope Foundation helps people with cancer…he holds charity golf events…and is hot….Tayshaun Prince…can’t give him love just yet…had a nasty run in with some of his peeps in Carson, so by proxy he’s a bit tainted for this Motor City gal.

The USA Basketball Men’s Senior National Team will be profiled in a five-part documentary series, “Road To Redemption presented by NIKE”. The series, produced by NBA Entertainment, will debut with a special one-hour episode that will air Wednesday, July 2 at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN2.

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Mutombo Gets $500k for Foundation, Nene Returns, LeBron James Dismisses King Kong Comparison, Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake Tee Off for Golf Digest

Rockets owner Leslie Alexander knows Dikembe Mutombo’s value on and off the court. That’s why on Wednesday he handed Mutombo a $500,000 donation for his foundation and used their annual Tux & Tennies Charity Gala to benefit the foundation and the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital that Dikembe Mutombo built in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. “When Dikembe asked me to use this as an event for his cause, he showed me a video of people in Africa going to a hospital,” Alexander said Thursday. “They bring their own mattress. They walk in. There’s nobody there. There’s no drugs. There’s no medicine. There’s no facilities. There’s nothing. When you’re sick, you know how sad you are. I could just imagine in America walking into that same thing, how horrible they would feel. It shakes your bones. It (Wednesday’s donation) meant a great deal. It meant he could buy many goods and medicines for the people of the Congo. He is part of the Rocket family. To help him was really special.” So special, in fact, that former President George H.W. Bush spoke at the event. “There’s not many times people can get an occasion to have a former president to be the guest speaker for a function,” Mutombo said. “I think I was lucky enough to have that relationship and to have Les Alexander host this dinner and to make the gift to the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation…I just want to thank God for all His blessings,” he said. “I was very emotional seeing all my family members, my friends, my fans and the owner…you don’t get too many special nights like this. I’m just so happy, and I’m very lucky.” He said he hoped fans would think of him as someone who did his best both on the court and off. “As someone who made a difference,” he said. Done, done and done…to me, Dikembe is the Bono of the NBA, with T-Mac playing Edge…(Houston.chron)

Big beautiful sexy Denver Nugget Nene may have only played in the final 77 seconds of the Nuggets/Mavs game last night, but it was the fact that he played which was cause for celebration. The Brazilian beast returned to the court just 2 1/2 months after he underwent surgery to remove a malignant testicular tumor. “Everybody was excited to see Nene back out there, just to see him back in his uniform, seeing him smile again after the stuff he’s been through,” said Sweet Melon…In the locker room afterward, Nene was all smiles. “I survived, I’m still here,” he said. “I’m a new man, stronger than ever, I just say, ‘Thank you, everybody.”’

Tony Romo, Just Timberlake, and NBC’s Matt Lauer, will play in the Golf Digest Open Challenge, a cool little promo that gives an average golfer the chance to play Torrey Pines the weekend before the U.S. Open. Golf Digest received close to 56,000 entries and have narrowed the field down to five finalists who have best demonstrated their desire, passion, and determination to play Torrey Pines South Course under U.S. Open conditions while NBC cameras track the delicious Romo-Timberlake-Lauer foursome. You can cast your vote on gdopencontest.com to determine which of the five amateur finalists gets the spot. Romo tried to qualify for the U.S. Open in 2005 and ’07 but didn’t make the cut. “People probably don’t realize that this will be just as exciting for Justin, Matt and I as it is for the average guy who plays with us,” says Romo. “I love competition and challenges like this. This is what I live for when it comes to fun.” Romo, who played golf with Timberlake last year said, “Justin’s a solid player who consistently hits the ball pretty straight. The difficult part for this test will be length. One thing Justin has going for him is he has a good short game, so he’ll be able to get up and down even when he misses a few shots.”

I gotta admit, I didn’t even think of King Kong when I saw the cover. In fact, I thought it was a pretty lame photo. One might hope that the first black athlete to grace the cover of Vogue Magazine would be wearing a suit, no? So maybe, just maybe, the outrage from the African American community isnt so unfounded? Before you dismiss this as hypersensitive bullshit, just take a few minutes to really think about it, and understand why it’s offensive to a large portion of the community. And take a look at the dress Gisele is wearing? Coincidence? I think not. In a column at ESPN.com, Jemele Hill called the cover “memorable for all the wrong reasons.” But she said in an interview that the image is not unusual, white athletes are generally portrayed smiling or laughing, while black sports figures are given a “beastly sort of vibe.” And yeah, this girl loves that beastly sorta vibe, but not when it offends, and not when its dismissed or belittled by the asshole portraying ‘King Kong.’ Yes, Im calling Lebron James an asshole (yet again)- his selfishness is beyond ugly. James told The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer he was pleased with the cover, saying he was just showing a little emotion. “Everything my name is on is going to be criticized in a good way or bad way,” James told the paper: “Who cares what anyone says?” Who cares? Maybe all those little kids who look up to you? Maybe all those parents and fans who are buying your custom kicks for $5k a pair? Maybe the fans who shell out cash for your jersey? This latest stint by LeLame only reaffirms my opinion that he is completely worthless off-the-court. (And no, his age doesn’t factor into this argument for me) It also doesn’t matter whether or not you or I find the cover offensive…Lebron should have taken this opportunity to represent his race instead of posing like, well, King Kong.

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