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Skate 4 Cancer Collaborates with Keep a Breast

The founder of Skate 4 Cancer is collaborating on a new shoe in support of the Keep a Breast Foundation.

S4C founder Rob Dyer and friends have been skateboarding around the Globe, attacking with the phrase ‘Cancer is a Dick’ while raising awareness about cancer prevention.

The mission of Skate4Cancer is to hype up youth on the importance of cancer prevention and community building, making S4C a natural fit for the organization that coined the phrase ‘I Heart Boobies.Continue reading

Athlebrities: Swag for a Cause

Athlebrities: Swag for a Cause

We are aiming for the sky in 2012 and need your help…it no longer feels that simply writing about causes is enough. Awareness and celebrity/athlebrity involvement are at an all time high, but we feel the need to do more.

Last year, Athlebrities lost three cherished friends to cancer, and chances are you, or someone you know, began or is about to begin chemotherapy treatment.

It seems that everywhere we turn we find undue suffering as it relates to chemotherapy treatments. This has to stop. Particularly for those who can not afford insurance or the daily comforts needed to get through treatments.

Our goal? To provide ‘Swag’ bags to all first-time chemo patients. Starting at a local level in San Diego California, Athlebrities will roll out its first ‘chemo-swag’ bags next month filled with simple comforts needed by many.

Our ‘swag-bags’ will be given to people we celebrate as warriors against cancer.

They will be given to men, women and children as a signal that we care.

Why? During a conversation with a patient going in for round 4 of chemo, I was asked ‘why do all the celebrities get the swag, where’s our chemo-swag’? And just like that, Athlebrities birthed ‘Swag for a Cause.’ (Swagforacause.org-website pending)

And although the word ‘swag’ might offend a few (mainly those not going through chemotherapy) let’s keep in mind that ‘Keep a Breast’ fought controversy for the phrase ‘I Heart Boobies’ yet look where they are now.

Our special canvas-tote bags will be packed with goodies…gloves to keep your hands warm, and as a way to let you know we’re there with you holding your hand. Knit caps or head wraps to keep your heads warm during hair loss and as a reminder that we are thinking of you. A warm blanket as a hug. Lip balm is a virtual kiss. Uplifting books, scarves, breath mints, playing cards, CD players and chill tunes, notepads, pens, hydrating socks, unscented lotions, teddy bears, baby blankets, and more.

Of course, this is where we need your help. We are not a nonprofit yet but we can’t wait any longer to start. We are filling our bags and looking for partners, NPO’s, publicists, agents, athletes etc, product donations, or just about anything to help us make this a reality.

We envision the day where every first time chemo patient gets a swag-goodie-bag upon check-in.

If you, your hospital, clinic, friends, or organization would like more information or would like to be a part of this initiative, please contact me via email. We welcome any and all suggestions as to which clinics are in the most need.

Let’s do this together.

As always, thanks for reading~

Surfers, Celebrities and Liquid Nation Ball 8

Surfers, Celebrities and Liquid Nation Ball 8

SIMA’s 8th Annual Liquid Nation Ball went down last night in La Jolla where hundreds of surf industry peeps gathered to honor ‘Keep a Breast’ co-founder and CEO Shaney jo Darden as the 2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year.

The event, held at the ocean front home of Fernando Aguerre, is the official fundraiser for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund which benefits 13-surf related humanitarian organizations.

Aguerre,  one of the most colorful, passionate and dedicated humanitarians I know, graciously hosts the yearly event at his home which raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for SIMA beneficiaries including  ‘Keep a Breast’, ‘Surfer’s Healing’, ‘Life Rolls On’, the ‘Jimmy Miller Foundation’, and a new Athlebrity favorite ‘AccesSurf.’

For those out of the ‘Keep a Breast’ loop, Shaney jo is a powerhouse, coining the phrase ‘I Love Boobies’ while making serious strides towards raising awareness among the next generation about breast cancer and putting ‘faces’ to the cause via their ‘Image If’ there were no cancer campaign.

“The thing I love most about it is we do it all over the world,” Darden told me during the event. “You see this cross-section of people, mostly young people, all nationalities, all different social, economical backgrounds, and you really see their face and their one little sentence of how they’ve been impacted, it’s so powerful.”

Indeed. TV host Sal Masekela, who is a staple among the surf ‘tribe’ described his good friend Shaney as an angel. And I could see why…she was dismayed that people were there to recognize her. “It’s not just about me, that what’s weird. I’m getting this award but it’s a collective thing with thousands of people who’ve been supporting my dream and vision. My team and brands work so hard, it’s definitely a collective thing.”

This was my third year attending LNB, and I must say, it was the first time I’ve seen an award recipient approach each person in attendance to say hello and thank them. Shaney jo is, simply put, a unique and beneficial addition to the world.

As mentioned, AccesSurf was in the house. Based in Oahu and backed by such celebrities as Jimmy Buffet, the organization assists people with disabilities explore their own level of performance in the ocean environment.  CEO Mark Marble, along with co-founder Richard Julian and an AccesSurf athlete, spoke to me about the program and its upcoming goals, “We are actually training athletes now to go into competition and hope to start entering mainstream able-bodied competitions so our challenged athletes can compete in their own heats against their own level of ‘ability’, not disability, and they can showcase what they’re doing.”

I daresay those who partake in AccesSurf’s adaptive surf programs could most likely out-surf most of their competitors-able bodied or not. Mad props to this amazing organization for giving back to the people of Oahu and enriching lives in ways you can’t even imagine.  Check em HERE and look for much more about them in future posts.

Many thanks to everyone at SIMA, Fernando Aguerre, Sal Masekela, Bill and Lori Walton and Shaney jo Daren for an inspirational and amazing gathering of the tribe.

Also thanks to Michael Realpeople for his wicked photog skills and Miss Match clothing in San Diego for proving my wardrobe.

As always, thanks for reading~

SIMA: Established in 2006, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund was created to serve as the humanitarian arm of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association by raising money from the public through fundraisers and solicitations. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund uses these funds to promote and support surf or boardsport related social and humanitarian non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on improving the quality of life, health, and/or welfare of people.

AccesSurf empowers people with disabilities by providing adaptive surfing instruction and therapeutic educational programs on water recreation and enriches lives by assisting families to access the beach and ocean in a barrier free environment.

The Keep A Breast Foundation™ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to help eradicate breast cancer by exposing young people to methods of prevention, early detection and support. Through art events, educational programs and fundraising efforts, we seek to increase breast cancer awareness among young people so they are better equipped to make choices and develop habits that will benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

Worlds Top Surfers Gather to Honor Boobies

This year, SIMA’s Liquid Nation Ball 8 will be honoring Shaney jo Darden: Keep A Breast co-founder as their ‘2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year.’

    The annual Liquid Nation Ball serves as the main fundraising source for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund and has become one of the surf industry’s can’t miss events. Each year surf industry legends, surf stars, and La Jolla VIPs gather for an amazing night of dancing, live music, great food, open bar, and a short live auction of a unique collection of one-of-a-kind items to exclusively benefit the surf-related humanitarian organizations selected by the SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors.

It goes down Saturday, September 17, 2011 in La Jolla, California. I HIGHLY recommend you nab tickets before it’s too late, as the list of guests who have confirmed their attendance to honor Shaney includes a trifecta of the world’s greatest surfers: Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Greg Long (among others).

Liquid Nation is going on during the Hurley Pro but thankfully, Hurley will be shuttling down the athletes, because really, its take very little to get the surf industry to mobilize for the greater good.

In fact, Liquid Nation Ball host, Fernando Aguerre will be speaking at SDSU’s Center for Surf Research ‘Rising Tide Symposium’ the morning of Liquid Nation Ball. The ‘intellectual jam session on surf philanthropy’ brings together surf industry veterans Rusty Miller, Jon Roseman, (Co-owner Tavarua), Dr. Dave Jenkins (Founder of SurfAid); Steve Barilotti (Surfer Magazine) and Dr. Serge Dedina (WildCoast), in efforts to inspire students, showcase the ‘social movement’ of surf philanthropy and explore the needs from non-profit partners etc…oh, and its FREE.

As always, thanks for reading~

SIMA’s Liquid Nation Ball 8

SIMA’s Liquid Nation Ball 8

It’s that time of year for the annual Surf Industry Manufacturers Association’s (SIMA) Liquid Nation Ball, the official fundraiser for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund, which will take place on Saturday, September 17, 2011, in La Jolla, Calif.

And this year, SIMA is honoring Shaney jo Darden, Co-Founder & CEO of ‘The Keep A Breast Foundation’ as the 2011 Humanitarian of the Year. (If you’re an avid reader, you already know I never miss this event-which has previously honored Jason Mraz and Flea.)


“The SIMA Humanitarian Fund is honored to recognize Shaney jo as the 2011 SIMA Humanitarian of the Year,” said Fernando Aguerre, SIMA Humanitarian Fund President and Liquid Nation Ball Chairman and Co-Founder. “As a woman that has had such a positive impact on the health and awareness of hundreds of thousands in the action sports industry, her work and passion is inspiring. We look forward to honoring her as the fourth-ever SIMA Humanitarian of the Year at this year’s Liquid Nation Ball.”

Mixing her passion for the action sports industry, fashion design, fine art, and philanthropy, Shaney jo co-found The Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB), a non-profit charity organization that raises funds and support for breast cancer awareness. Taking plaster molds of women’s (and men’s) torsos, these casts are a trademark of the organization and are given to fine artists to paint, are shown in art exhibitions and then auctioned off with all proceeds going to KAB and other breast cancer awareness organizations. KAB is a unique foundation. With programs such as a Traveling Educational Booth hitting the road an average of 250 days a year to display at events such as The Roxy Jam, The Vans Warped Tour, and South by Southwest, Shaney jo can educate people face-to-face about breast cancer awareness.

Liquid Nation Ball 8 will be held on September 17, 2011, beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the oceanfront home of Fernando Aguerre in La Jolla, where one of the best private surfboard collections in the world is on display. The event includes dancing, live music, great food, open bar, and a short live auction of unique, one-of-a-kind items to benefit 13 surf-related humanitarian organizations. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund Board of Directors aims to continue the record fundraising legacy of the event and raise a net amount of $200,000 at Liquid Nation Ball 8.

As always, thanks for reading~

Surfers Unite for Charity: Liquid Nation Ball


On September 5, professional surfers and surf industry executives will converge at the annual Liquid Nation Ball – a charity fundraiser benefiting social and humanitarian organizations. This years ‘humanitarian of the year’ award will be given to Dr. Dave Jenkins, who founded SurfAid International. SurfAid delivers critical medical aide, malaria relief and prevention programs to the Mentawai people, off the western coast of Sumatra (Indonesia).

If you go the event, you’ll mingle with hot surfers while enjoying live music and bidding on one-of-a-kind-items…last year, the event raised $250,000…this year’s proceeds will be donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, Keep a Breast, Surfer’s Healing, Jimmy Miller Foundation, AccesSurf Hawaii, Outdoor Outreach, Get a Board Foundation, Ka Keikio Hawaii Foundation, Stoked Mentoring, L.A. Surf Bus, Life Rolls On, Project Wipeout, SurfAid International and Sumba Foundation. For more info and how to buy tickets to this very affordable and worthwhile event, (held in San Diego) please visit: Liquid Nation.

Liquid Nation Ball is the annual fundraiser for the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association’s (SIMA) Humanitarian Fund. Established in 2006, the SIMA Humanitarian Fund was created to serve as the humanitarian arm of the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association by raising money from the public through fundraisers and solicitations. The SIMA Humanitarian Fund uses these funds to promote and support surf or boardsport related social and humanitarian non-profit organizations whose efforts are focused on improving the quality of life, health, and/or welfare of people.

The reason I mention the Liquid Ball is not solely because its hot surfers raising money for charity, but because a week earlier, I went to the Surfers Healing Camp in San Diego. Surfers Healing is one of the beneficiaries of the Liquid Nations Ball…and they are doing remarkable things with children who suffer from autism.

Izzy goes in

Surfers Healing was founded by Israel (Izzy above) and Danielle Paskowitz after their 3-year-old son Isiah was diagnosed with autism. The ocean was the only place that seemed to calm Isaiah down, so, being a former competitive surfer, daddy Israel had the idea to paddle out with Isaiah on the front of his surfboard…after a day surfing together, the positive and profound impact on Isaiah was obvious, and Izzy and Danielle decided to share this unique therapy with other autistic children and have been hosting camps at various beaches ever since.

And let me just say, wow. I am not an expert on autism by a long shot, but I am an expert on noticing good-deeds being done by fine men. The Surfers Healing Camp was held in San Diego on August 20. This little event needs much more attention-apparently the one in Malibu is off the hook-but in any case, watching big, tan, strong, surfers hoist little kids onto a surfboard and paddle out to sea is something to be seen.

Most of the kids were beyond excited. Kicking up clumps of sand as they ran by and jumped into the waves while the ‘surfers’ tried to snatch ‘em up and paddle them out. Some kids grabbed surfboards and tried to head out on their own as the surfers scrambled to keep up with them.

Every child at camp was smiling. Every parent at camp was smiling. Every surfer, every random beach-goer who strolled by was smiling. And it wasn’t just because of the sunshine and warm ocean temperatures…we were witnessing the magical healing powers of the ocean combined with massive amounts of love from these surfers and it was, simply put, beautiful.

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