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Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Zen master, wave dancer, humanitarian, pro-surfer Rob Machado will be hosting his first ever benefit concert November 12 at The Belly-Up in Solana Beach, California to benefit the Rob Machado Foundation.

The event, which costs only 40 bucks to attend, will feature one-of-a-kind surf memorabilia and merchandise, surprise musical performances, lots of celebs, and acoustic sets from John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Jon Swift.

The Rob Machado Foundation does an amazing job at teaching children that our resources are precious.

“We need to respect our water and land,” says Machado via his website, “Each one of us can make a difference. From turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, to eliminating single-use plastic bottles, to understanding your watershed, we can all work together to make an impact. We can’t keep operating the way we do or we’ll pay a price. So, I hope to encourage people to take a look around and realize that there is an issue but ultimately, we can make it better.”

Last month, Machado went back to his high school, the San Dieguito Academy, where he kicked off Hydration Nation with his foundation and Hurley’s h20. Thanks to Global Tap the kids now have a clean water fountain that they will actually use to refill water bottles. No plastic needed. Continue reading

Waves for Water Seeks Help to Rebuild East Coast Surf Community


Humanitarian and former professional surfer Jon Rose is leading an effort to help rebuild post-Sandy devastation.

As a first responder to the surf-community, Jon’s non-profit organization, Waves For Water, will lead a focused effort to remove storm debris and assist with other basic survival needs associated with the catastrophic storm.

The team is currently gathering the intelligence of his friends and colleagues in the North Carolina, New Jersey and New York coastal areas for immediate support.

“Many of our favorite East Coast surfing epicenters are completely wiped out and under water,” said Rose, who’s spearheaded previous relief efforts to countries like Haiti, post- tsunami Japan, North Korea and Afghanistan. Continue reading

Waves for Water: Bali

Waves for Water has been globetrotting around the world in efforts to bring clean water to those in need. Founder Jon Rose recently drank water from the Amazon River and aided in bringing clean water to Afghanistan. Next up, Bali.

From the mouths of babes: Bali has given us surfers the waves of our lives. So why not give back? Jon Rose, Waves for Water and H2O need your help to bring clean drinking water to the thousands of Balinese who need it. Through the Clean Water Courier program you can make a difference by bringing a few water filters to Indonesia (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and passing them out to the local communities. You’re still able to do what you love (surf), and help in the process.

Seriously, Rose could save the world with our help. Athlebrities will be closely following Rose, his journey, success and progress of the water couriers until everyone has access to clean water, because really, there is NO reason for this not to be successful given the ease of delivery and proven results of the water filters.

Learn more at WAVES FOR WATER

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Jon Rose: How to Drink the Amazon River

Jon Rose: How to Drink the Amazon River

The advent of social media has given power to the people in terms of charitable giving and we here at Athlebrities love this new ‘Vote for a Cause’ initiative from Cultivate Wines. The company already donates 10% of sales to causes related to education and basic human needs and they’ve just kicked it up a notch. Continue reading

Wolfhound Battalion Helps ‘Waves for Water’ Expand to Afghanistan

Since 2009, Waves for Water, (W4W) has been applying pragmatic solutions to the belief that everyone should have access to clean water. Founder and pro-surfer Jon Rose and partner Christian Troy teamed up with Hurley International to start the Clean Water Couriers DIY program, where surfers and travelers to third world countries can deliver portable water purification kits to impoverished areas.

Professional surfers Greg Long, Chilean native Ramon Navarro, and Kohl Christensen have all couriered water filters, giving more than 100,000 people access to clean water. Continue reading