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Why is Roy Williams Tweeting Gun Graphics?

A few days after Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend before turning the gun on himself, NFL player Roy Williams sent out a tweet while hunting.

The tweet sent on December 9 reads “Great day to be Hunting” and is embellished with several tiny guns and the words “bang-bang”. A short time later he sends another tweet that reads “Great Way to Start your morning” with the same gun graphics.

After the horrific events in Connecticut yesterday, I did a double take on Williams’ ‘bang-bang’ tweets. The thread was disturbing and peaked with one fan asking Williams’ if he was going to “especially” shoot the “Oregon Ducks”, his response, “yes, the Ducks, lol”. Shortly thereafter he tweets, “I hunt everything.”

With renewed talks about gun control, we felt it important to ask and plead with our professional athletes and celebrities to stop glorifying guns, especially on the heels of an NFL murder/suicide and especially after yesterday’s events.

There is nothing funny about it. Nothing. Zero. Sorry Roy Williams, as a public figure you have a social responsibility. Enjoy your duck hunting but leave the bang-bang gun graphics out…it only takes one unbalanced fan to misinterpret and take action.

That’s all.

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Athletes Film PSA Against Dating Violence

David Beckham, Jeremy Lin, Eli Manning, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria, Joe Torre and Andy Katz joined President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in this PSA to raise awareness about dating violence.

Despite the significant progress made in reducing violence against women, young women continue to face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In the last year, one in 10 teens has reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend. One in five young women has been sexually assaulted while in college. In response to these alarming statistics, Vice President Biden launched the 1is2many campaign last year. This campaign focuses his longstanding commitment to reducing violence against women specifically on teens and young women ages 16-24. By targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to violence, and educating the public on the realities of abuse, this Administration is leading the way to stop violence against women before it begins

Interesting that they chose sports hotties to participate…how about a campaign to support women who claim sexual abuse at the hands of a sports star? How quickly these women become the subject of hatred, immediately labeled as gold-diggers or groupies and liars.

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NFL Players Tour East Africa with OXFAM

NFLer’s Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin tour with OXFAM and inspire Kurt Warner to get involved.

There’s one athlete we’re having trouble keeping up with, Larry Fitzgerald. Perhaps the biggest ‘giver’ in the NFL, Fitzgerald does so much charity work, we could dedicate our entire blog to him and never run out of fodder.

The might-mighty-fine man has been documenting his various ‘charitable’ journeys via Facebook and Twitter, most recently, he checked in from Ethiopia. Continue reading

Tim Tebow Speaks About Faith and Football in Alabama

The NFL’s Tim Tebow spoke to a sold out crowd about everything except the Denver Broncos on March 16, in Montgomery, Alabama, while raising money for a great cause.

“An Evening with Tim Tebow” was sponsored by Baptist Health and benefited the Cancer Wellness Foundation of Central Alabama. Continue reading

NFL Player Santonio Holmes Keeps on Giving

New York Jets wide receiver Santonio Holmes has caught our attention after posting numerous Tweets about his work with Pros for Africa and the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

This morning, Holmes shared a photo of himself with “some girls from St. Monica’s holding up #10 sign. Beautiful people & country. Making a diff with Pros For Africa.” Continue reading

The NFL’s Larry Fitzgerald Lives Strong

The NFL’s Larry Fitzgerald Lives Strong

This morning, Arizona Cardinal Larry Fitzgerald was up to Good again, this time tweeting from the offices of Nike for a ‘Live-strong’ event.

Today marks the 15th anniversary of Lance Armstrong’s foundation, aka Livestrong.org. Since its creation as the Lance Armstrong Foundation in 1997, the non-profit has invested $157 million in programs that serve survivors, $85 million in grants and awards and $33 million to advocate for policies and funding that advance the fight against the world’s leading cause of death.
And today also marks a mighty-mighty-fine athlete shout-out to Fitzgerald for being one of the most cause orientated, sincere and socially-engaging athletes alive. Continue reading

Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson Make Charity ‘Bet’ on MSU-UM Game

Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson Make Charity ‘Bet’ on MSU-UM Game

A day after Charles Barkley said ‘twitter is for losers’ I found a nice exchange to contradict the big guy: trash talk between Jalen Rose and Magic Johnson regarding the MSU/UM game this weekend that could result in a nice donation to charity.

Rose (left) went to University of Michigan (Wolverines): Magic (right) went to Michigan State (Spartans).

Magic:  ‘I’d like to officially call out Jalen Rose, Chris Webber, Braylon Edwards and his dad about what we’re betting on MSU-UM game this weekend…My Spartans will beat the Wolverines this weekend!”

Jalen (to Magic):  ‘I propose that if Michigan wins Sat at MSU that you would visit the Jalen Rose Learning Academy in Detroit in 2011 wearing a UM hoops jersey?! Your move!’

Magic:  ‘I’ll agree to visit JRLAD in a UM jersey if you agree to tweet a pic of you in an MSU jersey writing a check to my foundation…you’ll look good in Green & White. #Spartans

Jalen: ‘Yes indeed…DONE DEAL! #Go-Blue’

So I guess really Barkley was right on some level-there will be a loser this weekend-one that will be writing a check to charity or one who will be visiting inner city kids in Detroit.  Gotta love Twitter.

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Celebrities and Athletes Support ‘Football for Good’

Celebrities and Athletes Support ‘Football for Good’

Football season is here and with it comes a great ménage a trios: Adrian Peterson, Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher.

The triage of do-gooders have partnered up via their foundations to raise awareness and bring an end to child sex trafficking.

NFL stud Adrian Peterson and his ‘All Day Foundation’ along with Demi and Ashton’s DNA Foundation, have officially kicked off their ‘Football for Give’ initiative on Crowdrise, with a ‘goal to make each touchdown count for more than just points.’

From the site:

    Through Football for Good, players and fans are coming together to raise funds and awareness to bring an end to child sex trafficking and support programs that enrich the lives of children around the country. It is estimated that more than 2 million children are victims of sex trafficking around the world. What many people don’t know is that this doesn’t just happen overseas, it happens here at home as well. More than 200,000 American children are at risk of being trafficked. Football for Good works to raise awareness about this issue and gather support for programs that address the needs of some of our country’s most vulnerable youth.

Football for Good: Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) will donate $5,000 per touchdown, Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore will match his contribution…Victor Ortiz will donate $2500 per Peterson touchdown…other NFL athletes involved with Football for Good include Michael Huff (Oakland Raiders); Roy Williams (Chicago Bears); Jermaine Gresham (Cincinnati Bengals); Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts); DeSean Jackson (Philadelphia Eagles)

Join the cause and donate to make a difference in the lives of children…and win great prizes along the way including a trip to a Vikings game, and a meet & greet with Adrian…join the team and raise more than $1000 before Nov. 1 and you’ll be entered to win a three-night stay at W residences in Miami. And, everyone on your team who contributes $20 or more will have a chance to win the trip to a Vikings game, VIP tickets and a meet & greet with Adrian.

Video below: Actors Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher participate in the launch the UN Trust Fund for Victims of Trafficking in Persons at UN Headquarters in New York November 2010.

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NFL Players Help African Children Hear

NFL Players Help African Children Hear

In honor of football starting tonight, I thought I’d give love to some mighty-mighty fine NFL guys…In 2009, ‘Pros For Africa’ was co-founded by current and past NFL peeps Reggie Whitten, Bill Horn, Jay Mitchel, Jared Mitchel, Adrian Peterson, Tommie Harris, Roy Williams and Mark Clayton (among others) with a focus on providing the children of Africa with a “little Hope, Help and Love.’

And it looks like they’ve been walking-the-walk…back in March of this year, when the NFL was involved in a “labor dispute”, Pros for Africa and the Starkey Hearing Foundation teamed up to deliver more than 22,000 hearing aids to people in Africa during a month-long charity mission. (Awesome article HERE from ESPN.com)

Arizona Cardinals stud, Larry Fitzgerald-who never takes a break from giving back-spoke about his fourth charity mission with the Starkey group: “The first time I helped someone to hear, I was so moved. I was emotional,” Fitzgerald said. “To see a child hear their mother’s voice for the first time and see their family’s reaction is one of the moments I will never forget. We all have basic needs, and hearing is one of those needs.”

And Titan Derrick Morgan also put it in perspective: “It’s a good experience to get away from all that and help people. They have real problems over here. We are arguing over billions of dollars, but they have real issues and real suffering here.” (Did ya here that NBA?)

WATCH Derrick Morgan, Gerald McCoy, Roy Williams, Tommie Harris, Vernon Davis, Vontae Davis, Larry Fitzgerald, Bryant McKinnie and Adrian ‘Dimples’ Peterson on a mission to provide hearing aids and other assistance.

Or enjoy a Pros For Africa promo below.

PROS FOR AFRICA (“PFA“) is an international, non-profit relief organization headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Through invaluable partnerships with professional athletes, business professionals and other organizations, PFA provides food, water, clothing, medicine and other necessities to disadvantaged children of war, poverty and natural disaster.

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A World Record Charity Goal by Soccer for Relief

A World Record Charity Goal by Soccer for Relief

“Football is the global game and it seemed a good idea to get so many people involved in something that so many feel passionately about. It was the first thing that I thought of.” –Imran Khan

Right now a group of guys are playing soccer in an attempt to break the world record for the longest soccer game played, aiming for 72 hours of continuous play…proceeds to be donated to the British Red Cross. The organization is called Football Relief, the event was organized by Imran Kahn.

    This is not the first time though that the group of friends from Blackburn have exerted themselves for charity; last season they walked 37 miles from their hometown in England in time for Blackburn Rovers’ Premier League match in Blackpool, raising almost $10,000…After starting on Saturday, the two teams, named Mankind United and Heilen World XI, are set to break the record at midnight on Monday (GMT). One of the four referees, who have been alternating in shifts of four hours, will blow for full time around midday on Tuesday. (NY Times blog)

Updates on the game available on the Football Relief Twitter feed or Facebook.

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Mark Sanchez Donates to Soup Kitchen After ‘Hot Dog’ Incident

Mark Sanchez Donates to Soup Kitchen After ‘Hot Dog’ Incident

Quarterback Mark Sanchez and his New York Jets beat the Oakland Raiders 38-0 last Sunday…but apparently the bigger news is that he was caught on tape (oh god no) eating a hot dog! The gorgeous NLF beast has issued an apology for discreetly attempting to eat while sidelined.

But sometimes ‘ridiculous’ morphs into something beautiful…Sanchez has offered to donate 1,000 hotdogs and burgers to a soup kitchen in New Jersey. He’s said that he will buy 500 hot dogs and 500 hamburgers, along with 500 buns and 500 rolls to donate to the Community Soup Kitchen of Morristown located at 36 South St. in Morristown.

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Barefoot Runner Scores a Touchdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers

Barefoot Runner Scores a Touchdown with the Pittsburgh Steelers
What an amazing feat for such an important cause. My wife and I are honored to be a part of it.” Brett Keisel, starting defensive lineman for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Yes my friends, Tellman is still running…he left his shoes in New York City on September 9 and has wholeheartedly dedicated himself to running cross country barefoot to raise $100,000,000.00 to aid homeless youth in a project called RunTellmanRun…He is currently approaching Pittsburgh on Rte. 130, averaging about 20 miles per day, and plans to run through downtown Pittsburgh on Tuesday…and FINALLY, someone ‘famous’ aside from Richard Branson has stepped up and heard Tellmans plea…Pittsburgh Steelers’ Brett Keisel (along with his wife) are going to meet Tellman tomorrow when they share lunch with residents of The Hub, a homeless relief program of Three Rivers Youth located in the Strip district.

“When I heard this guy, Tellman, was running across the country for charity, I wanted to meet him,” said Keisel, “And when I heard he was raising $100,000,000 for homeless kids, and running barefoot, I knew I had to meet him.”

Keisel, who is on the board of the Homeless Children’s Education Fund, also plans to autograph a football to be auctioned to raise money for Three Rivers Youth, the organization that runs The Hub. “I can’t thank Brett enough for agreeing to meet,” said Tellman, “He is obviously respected in Pittsburgh, and he’s going to be a great help in shining a floodlight on the problem of youth homelessness in this country.”

Now, with all this said, why hasn’t CNN done a profile piece on Tellman? They’ve wasted endless hours covering a hoax…if Tellman were given one-tenth the amount of media coverage given to balloon boy, than perhaps there’d be fewer hungry and homeless youth out there?

Run Tellman Run!

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San Diego Chargers: One Love

San Diego Chargers: One Love

This year, the San Diego Chargers closed training camp to the public due to a broken water pipe under the bleachers…needless to say, fans aren’t too happy, but if they pay attention they’ll find they have something else to cheer about.


As part of the Chargers Community outreach, the organization is routinely frolicking around San Diego passing out food to the homeless or visiting the elderly in convalescent homes. Who knew? It’s this kind of ‘under the radar’ activity that makes my heart go pitter-patter. No arms need twisting when the Chargers and support staff head out to spread love…and those I spoke to sincerely look forward to giving back and spending quality time with those who are often otherwise ignored.

This is the first in a series of articles I plan on writing about the Chargers organization, support staff and of course, the hotties, as I join them around town getting a first hand look at their good deeds. First of all, Dick Lewis is the Man. Lewis is the Director of Player Outreach and also fronts the Chargers band known as ‘Time Out.’ They’ve been playing around town-in convalescent homes-for over ten-years. He explained to me how the Chargers Band came to fruition. “Ten years ago, actually, the idea came from Dean Spanos, President of the Chargers organization, we talked about a variety of needs in the community that they should be addressing,” said Lewis, “While we were talking about it, Spanos said why don’t you feed the homeless and do something with convalescent homes. So we were there. We started feeding homeless and coming here. First we developed a band with players and us, and went from convalescent home to convalescent home-we’ve been doing this for ten years now. And we’ve been feeding the homeless for ten years as well.”


Our conversation took place at the Golden Paradise convalescent home where the band was performing. And as I watched them perform my eyes scanned the crowd…it was amazing. Lewis has a soft, soulful voice that easily rivals those of the greats he was singing – Smokey Robinson, Al Greene- eat your hearts out.

The power of music was evident on the elderly faces around the room. For a few short hours, these folks experienced something wonderful. I couldn’t help but wonder who they were, where their families were and what memory flashed through their mind as Lewis sang an oldie but goodie.


But Lewis was quick to point out –selflessly-that its about the bigger picture. “I want to tell you, it’s such a gratifying feeling. It’s not just the band, basically it’s the organization. They gather stuff up- toys, clothing, sandwiches, soup, water, medicine – everything- they bring it to my office and we take it out every week,” said Lewis, “And we don’t realize how difficult it is in life for folks who have nothing. There are folks that have no money so they wander the streets and look for somebody to care for them because unfortunately they fell and they can’t get up. So we are providing an avenue for them to get up, and when I say ‘we’ I’m talking about the organization, the personnel of the organization, they care about peoples plight.“

One such plight is the need for food-it seems criminal to me that we have people walking the streets hungry in a nation that leads the world in obesity rates. “The need for help is growing,“ said Lewis, “Last week, we were feeding the homeless, and there was this three year old little girl with her mother, homeless out there, she was just playing and carrying on,” Lewis pauses, “After we finished the little girl’s mother approached us and said ‘my daughter wants to say something to you.’ So she came up to us, each of us, and said ‘thank you for feeding us.’ That’s the real world out there and this is just a small part of what we do’”


Of course I had to ask Lewis about the players, specifically, who would be the first to step up and take action? “This one over here,” he motions to Chargers Wide Receiver Gary Banks who was busy talking to an elderly gentleman, “He never says no, at a moments notice he is always here. You know, it all depends on how you were raised, and he cares.”


I would have to ditto Lewis’ sentiments about Gary Banks. The second year receiver has a smile to die for, but its what he does with it that makes him special. He must have spoken to every resident in that home…he shook hands, signed autographs and posed for photos…and he never stopped smiling. He is sincere…trust me kids, after attending many, many events, you can tell the difference between those guys who feel obligated and those who want to be there. He wanted to be there. “I’ve been to a number of events, Dick always has something going on and he’ll let me know about it,” Banks told me, “Its always fun coming and seeing the smiles Dick and the rest of the guys put on everyone’s faces.”

A smile was on everyone’s face indeed…from the 90 year-old school teacher to the care-givers to the crazy redheaded blogger…and this is just the tip of the Chargers ice-berg of community love that I intend on sharing with you as time goes by.

One love people and Go Chargers~

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Steve McNair’s Tragic Death

Steve McNair’s Tragic Death

As good as he was on the football field, that couldn’t touch the person,” agent Bus Cook

The news of Steve McNair’s death is all over the Internet…most have nothing but nice things to say about the ex-NFL quarterback who played 13 seasons before ending his career in Baltimore last season. He is, and forever will be, Air McNair. “People have certain things that they do in life,” said McNair’s longtime friend Robert Gaddy, who called 911. “We don’t need to look on the situation at this time (but) on the fact we just lost a great member of society.”


McNair and his girlfriend were both shot and killed on the Fourth of July in what appears to be a murder-suicide…he died of multiple gunshot wounds, while she died of a single shot, the weapon found under her body. It’s a tragedy. But what is even more disturbing to me, is an article I came across this morning, penned by ‘AP Sports Writer TERESA M WALKER…. Instead of focusing in on McNair’s incredible off court charity work or unwavering dedication to his teams, this alleged “writer” feels compelled to feed the haters of the world with an article about McNair’s “darkside.” Are you effing kidding me? Walker titled the piece ‘Shooting Unveils Very Different Sides to McNair.” Dude had a couple of DUI’s and that’s what Walker writes about? Disgusting. And what’s the point? Really, what possible motive could someone have for finding a few needles buried in a haystack of GOOD? This is irresponsible journalism seeking to sensationalize the death of McNair and it makes me sick to my stomach. You can read it yourself and make up your own minds….


I opt to remember a selfless man, with imperfections, whose generosity supercedes his legacy on the field…a man who routinely gave away food and money and paid for kids to attend his camp. “As good as he was on the football field, that couldn’t touch the person,” agent Bus Cook said Sunday. “I mean it just couldn’t…that was Steve McNair. That’s who he is. And who he was.”


McNair donated big to the Boys & Girls Club…he has helped relief efforts and rebuilding in New Orleans post-Katrina and his Foundation does an amazing job serving underprivileged kids. That’s the Steve I’m going to remember…RIP my friend, RIP.

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Shaun Phillips and Charger Buddies Tee Off For Kids

Shaun Phillips and Charger Buddies Tee Off For Kids

Today, San Diego Charger Shaun Phillips was joined by his smoking hot teammates at the Maderas Golf Club in San Diego to host the inaugural Shaun Phillips Golf Tournament to benefit the San Diego After-School-All-Stars.

Phillips was recently named the spokesperson and sponsor of the event, and judging by the number of golfers and Chargers who showed up to lend their support, I’d say the San Diego After-School-All-Stars will make much more than a positive impact on the community.


But making a positive impact on me, were the amazing volunteers and dedication of Phillips to make this event a success. As I walked in, I quickly spotted the unmistakable strut of the Chargers in attendance, but was quickly sidetracked by the free tequila shots being given out by Atel Communications. (You gotta love the sponsors!) From there, I perused the auction items and dreamed of bidding on and winning the ‘Dinner with Shaun Phillips’ package…


The auction items were on display in preparation for the gala that night and without a doubt, and aside from dinner with Phillips and his abs, the best items up for auction were from artist Jorge Burtin. I recently wrote about Burtin and his ‘Pixaic’ mosaics in my ‘Art for Charity’ post (June 2). Burtin has been involved with a number of athletes and their charity work- specifically he donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his artwork to charity. His work and compassion for helping others is simply put, inspiring.


Also inspiring…were the Chargers themselves. Shaun Phillips was all smiles-and dimples-as he chatted with participants, red-headed bloggers, volunteers, kids and fellow Chargers (L-David Binn and Phillips, R-Matt Wilhelm)…he greeted each of his teammates with hugs, grins and handshakes and was genuinely eager to be hosting an event that provides after-school-programs for kids. “I was lucky, “ he said in a recent interview, “I had somewhere to go after-school and the help I got changed my life. It gave me direction, kept me out of trouble and helped me find the courage to reach my goals.” No doubt, Shaun’s goal has helped many kids in San Diego stay out of trouble. His support for the program is touching and sincere and I couldn’t think of a better spokesperson for them.

Phillips’ dedication to the organization goes beyond just hosting events, hot-stuff has pledged to donate $1,000 to the After-School-All-Stars for each sack he records during the season, last year he kicked down $8,500…next up, Phillips will be hosting his first ever dodge-ball tournament in November to benefit the program-and I hope to see you all there.

A big “thank you” to Shaun Phillips and all the sexy San Diego Chargers who lent their time and swagger to this wonderful event. If only we had more mighty-mighty-fine men like you guys looking out for the kids, then this world would truly be a better place.

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com

Athletes Support Art for Charity

Athletes Support Art for Charity

Orange County based artist Jorge Burtin has captured my attention…not just because his artwork is amazing but because he’s raised thousands of dollars for non-profits, schools, universities, hospitals etc. And he’s also captured the attention of a few Athlebrities.


Jorge’s art form is called Pixaic…if you haven’t heard of it before, that’s because Jorge created it himself. Each piece of art contains tens of thousands of tiny hand broken squares of glass; it is the ancient mosaic form presented in a modern, pixelized fashion and no doubt takes equal amounts of talent and patience to create.


What I adore about this artist is his generosity. His pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars each, but Jorge doesn’t keep the money-he gives all profits from the sale of his work to charity. All of it. When someone buys one of his pieces, they simply name the charity they’d like to benefit from their purchase and Jorge whips out his checkbook and writes a check directly to the non-profit organization for the market value of the piece.


Most recently, Jorge was involved with Lamar Odom’s fundraiser (above)…and is participating in San Diego Charger’s Shaun Phillips event later this month…Jorge’s donations from his artwork have gone to organizations such as ‘Black Women United for Action,’ Toronto University, Las Vegas Ballet Theatre, Hoag Hospital, Chai Life Line, and the Boys & Girls Clubs, to name a few. Perhaps his most famous contribution is a Pixaic of Andrea Bocelli which was auctioned at a Bocelli concert with profits donated to a charity benefiting blind children. You can even find a commissioned piece (by Black Women United for Action) featured at the National Slave Memorial at George Washington’s Mansion in Mount Vernon.

For more information about this amazing man and his remarkable way of giving back, please visit PIXAIC.COM.

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com

NFL New Orleans Saint Jonathan Vilma To Meet With The UN

NFL New Orleans Saint Jonathan Vilma To Meet With The UN

The other day I mentioned the recent surge in NFL players making humanitarian missions to Africa. Today, I continue with NFL hotties taking an interest in Haiti. Specifically, NFL star Jonathan Vilma of the New Orleans Saints.


The 6’1″, 230-pound babe will take those arms to visit with world leaders, dignitaries and humanitarians at the United Nations Headquarters on Friday March 27, in efforts to push for funding of hurricane proof housing in his native Haiti. And Vilma ain’t going alone- he’s to be joined by former NFL hotties, Freeman McNeil and Adam Dispirito.


The three mighty-mighty-good men will ‘tackle’ the issue and help ease the fears of those in hurricane affected areas by ‘passing’ their concerns onto the UN while ‘touching-down’ on things such as ‘safety’ for homes in the hurricane’s ‘end zone’.


This isn’t Vilma’s first effort at helping those caught in the wrath of a hurricanes aftermath…he appeared in a United Way television commercial after Hurricane Katrina and has become an advocate for more affordable hurricane proof housing for the people of New Orleans as well as Haiti.

Vilma not only sounds all right by me, but he looks downright edible in a suit. For more info, check out his website Jon Vilma.com.

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com

NFL Star Amobi Okoye’s 2nd Annual Trip to Nigeria

NFL Star Amobi Okoye’s 2nd Annual Trip to Nigeria


“Throughout my life, I have had opportunities that many children around the globe don’t have…It grips my heart knowing that most of the children within the United States and around the globe don’t have these same blessings…I made an early decision to establish a vehicle to use this greater voice that was given me to make a real difference. Thus, I founded the Amobi Okoye Foundation with the belief that all youth have the basic human right of hope for a brighter future. “

NFL star Amobi Okoye, a few other mighty-mighty-good men and one woman, are ready to embark upon the 2nd Annual ‘Athletes in the Diaspora’ trip to Nigeria.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of Sudanese players in the NBA who haven’t forgotten their roots. Now, we’re seeing a similar ‘happening’ in the NFL with the leagues Nigerian hotties. Last year, a group of NFL players with direct family ties to Nigeria made a little publicized journey ‘home’ as part of the ‘Athletes in the Diaspora’ Community Interventions program (ADCI).

And they’re ready to do it again. Established by Sports Marketing & Entertainment Group, Invictus91, the mission of the ADCI is to provide an avenue for professional athletes to give back to their local and global communities. Working collaboratively with professional athletes, they strive to help provide an opportunity for a better future for the underprivileged.


Today, the group left the US and headed to Nigeria for an 8-day journey to spread the love. En route to make sustainable and positive differences in Nigeria, Africa, and globally are: Houston Texan Amobi Okeye (L); Oakland Raider Nnamdi Asomugha; New York Giant Osi Umenyiora (R); Cincinnati Bengal Chinedum Ndukwe; Miami Dolphin Ike Ndukwe; Chicago Bear Tommie Harris; and Kasia Muoto-one of Nigeria’s most famous female soccer stars and the founder of We Play to Win.

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NFL Players Record Your Voicemail

NFL Players Record Your Voicemail

This is one of the best-kept secrets out there…I’ve blogged about Auction Cause before, because quite frankly, I love what they’re doing. They get celebrity swag and hawk it on eBay for charity. Sometimes, admittedly, I ‘forget’ to blog about it because I want the item in question. But today, I’m letting the NFL players out of the bag- so to speak- because I think some of you will be all over this.

Instead of using your voice to record the same “I’m not in right now” yawner on your phone, Auction Cause has gotten a stellar line-up of celebrities and hotties to record it for you. Any Simpson’s fans out there? You want Hank Azaria, THE voice of the show, to record your outgoing message? Seriously, they’ve got him up for bids. Azaria is the voice of Moe, Apu & Chief Wiggum from the Simpson’s, and bidding is hovering at $100…other celebrity voices waiting for you: Elizabeth Banks, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Richard Kind and…


My personal favorites: Borat, Chris Rock, and NFL beasts Marshall Faulk, Deion Sanders, and Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay Packers). As of today, Borat and Chris Rock are outta my bidding range…but our men from the NFL are still at bargain bids. Now, I’m not much of a football fanatic, but I know a good deal when I see it. Faulk is a legend-Colts, Rams, injuries, formations, scandals, misunderstandings etc…what about twinkle toes Deion Saunders? Neon Deion telling your friends your not available cuz your chillen ‘Prime Time’…and Aaron Rogers? Why aren’t you people bidding on Aaron Rogers? This is Brett Favre’s little protégé. When he made his debut as a starter the Packers not only beat the Vikings, but it was the first time since 1992 that a quarterback other than Favre started a regular season game for the Packers…Rodgers owns an incredible streak of 157 consecutive pass attempts without an interception (the streak is the third longest in franchise history alongside my pass attempts at Melo) and Rodgers has been dubbed their quarterback of the future…the Packers signed him to a six-year extension on Oct 31, 2008 making him one of the highest paid players in the game…what’s not to love?

Winning bidders are allowed to suggest out going messages for their ‘prizes’ to record, but ultimately, the final recording will be completely at the celebrities’ discretion. And even if you can’t afford to bid, please check it out and share it with your friends, its for a great cause: All proceeds benefit International Medical Corps.

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com

Football Charities Ain’t Got Nothing on Futbol Charities

Football Charities Ain’t Got Nothing on Futbol (Soccer) Charities
Go ahead…enjoy the SuperBowl. Yes, there are tons of charity related NFL par-tays going on…but to me, most seem a bit insincere and more geared towards great ‘photo-ops.’ Of course there are exceptions, however, my (football) SuperBowl isn’t about helmets and hot-spots, it’s about voodoo, balls that unify, kids, and some mighty-mighty-fine men.


One of the greatest things about soccer is the global culture that surrounds it. While most of us dislike hooligans, their absence would leave a gaping hole in the stadiums and a lot of ‘police’ outta jobs. Make shift hooligan jails are a staple at World Cup qualifiers and games, so I was really, really bummed to hear RadioShack has bowed out of sponsoring a Mexican newspapers promotion which would have undoubtedly filled a few hooligan-tanks to capacity when they figured out it didn’t work…Mexico is set to play their World Cup Qualifier against the U.S. on February 11…Mexico has not beaten the U.S. on American soil in 10 years (and they wont do it anytime soon), so…an advertisement in the sports daily ‘Record’ invited fans to clip coupons and redeem them at their local Radio Shack store for a voodoo-doll likeness of a U.S. player. The hope was that a little black magic might help Mexico break a decade of futility on the road versus its northern neighbor. (AP photo) An illustration showed a pair of scissors slicing off the leg of a doll in a U.S. jersey; the doll grimaced in pain with its arms covered in bruises, as stuffing leaked from its No. 10 jersey, stuck with pushpins. The newspaper was hoping that soccer fans would watch the match and “apply punishments to our rivals,” giving Mexico an edge to end a decade of winless play versus the Americans on U.S. soil. “Help end the losing streak so Mexico advances,” the ad read.


If voodoo did work the way I’d like it too, I would win the lottery. No, I wouldn’t buy myself a house, or a new car…wouldn’t dare purchase a Prada, pair Jimmy Choo’s or any other pricey luxury good to make myself feel worthy…the first thing I would do? Join the Great Football Give Away…last November, a group of volunteers traveled to some of the most rural parts of Uganda and hand delivered over 3,000 soccer balls and netballs to the kids. And who says money can’t buy love? The organization is teaming up with Alive and Kicking to buy their Zambian made balls which have aids and malaria awareness messages printed on them…they’re using them to spread awareness about malaria-which is the number one killer in the country…And here’s where my lotto winnings would come into play…the Great Football Giveaway is looking for volunteers to organize and run future projects. If you can take a 4-6 month career break, they’ll help you with all the details-including fundraising, project management, putting a team together and hand-delivering the balls yourself to kids in some of the poorest countries of the world…I want to do this BAD so if anyone out there wants my beach front house for four-to-six months while paying for me to travel to Africa and pass out soccer balls to the kids, let me know. (And yes, I’m dead serious.)


Another one of my favorite charity organizations, Right To Play, earned a massive donation from Zdano Chara (Boston Bruins) after winning the NHL’s Hardest Shot Competition at the All Star Weekend in Montreal on January 24th…the mighty fine beast won the competition with an All-Star Record of 105.4MPH and then promptly donated his winnings- $24,000- to Right To Play…too bad the IOC can’t think out side the box…(Wow, Delinda is having a flashback to all the hate-emails I got after ripping the IOC a new one last year…hope ya’all paying attention now.)

Excluding the athlete-founded, athlete-driven Right To Play from the Athlete’s Village is a firm step backward for the Olympic movement. Right to Play is a humanitarian organization that uses sport to teach children about teamwork, fair play, conflict resolution, self-esteem, communication, commitment, respect and integrity. We firmly believe that this organization improves the lives of children by strengthening their vulnerable communities with the best practices of sport and play. And it creates opportunities to promote development, health and peace. I believe this act of exclusion violates the fundamental values of the Olympic movement.” Adam Kreek, Olympic Rowing Gold Medalist 2008, London, Ont.

What makes me really, really sad-is that this incredibly moving and poignant video has been posted on YouTube for over a year and has only been viewed 3,225 times. What a sad commentary on society…in any case, we may be able to help change that by coming up with a catchy moniker to grab some media attention for them. RTP is running a competition to highlight the studly attempt of a student by the name of Duncan Drew, who will try to run 30 MARATHONS IN THIRTY DAYS this August to benefit Right To Play. This is a world record attempt and will be receiving a lot of media attention…so help ‘em out by coming up with a catchy phrase to garner as much attention as possible for this event. The more support Duncan gets, the happier the disadvantaged children in Africa, Asia and the Middle East will be. What should they call it?

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com