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Ian Somerhalder Foundation Leads #FX Challenge on Crowdrise

Since it’s #givingtuesday we thought we point out a great initiative from Crowdrise and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox will donate $100k to the cause that raises the most funds…the grassroots fundraiser makes it easy to see what causes people are strongly supporting.

Leading the pack is actor/activist Ian Somerhalder and his Foundation:

    My birthday is on December 8th. I don’t need any presents. My only ask is that you please support our foundation so that we can reach our goal and win this challenge. This would be a huge leap for ISF.
    ISF supporters are a kick ass bunch of peeps. From young children to Grandparents, standing together, supporting each other with each generations’ strengths, collectively combining passions, skills and leadership into one massive population of change makers…The IS FOUNDATION aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures…Our ISF Groups span across all continents, creeds, languages and passions, forming an ever growing family of more than 200 groups world wide, all working as a united force to radically transform the world. Where people who love the planet and those who hold hands with paws come together to create a real future for all life on this miraculous planet we call Earth.

Hot on Somerhalder’s heels is Sophia Bush and her Pencils of Promise. Jonah Hill (FCancer), Seth Rogan (Hilarity for Charity) and Ed Norton (Maasai Wilderness) are also atop the leader board in terms of garnering donations. Not far behind is one of our favorites, Cancer for College led by Will Ferrell. Failing miserably (so far) Rob Machado, Adrian Grenier and Randy Foye. Continue reading

Ed Norton Helps to Save Rhinos

One of the most active ‘do-gooders’ in the celebrity realm is actor/activist Ed Norton. He just doesn’t stop…and this morning, Norton gave a Twitter shout out and donation via Crowdrise to help save the rhinos. (We estimate Norton spends 8 hours a day scouring Crowdrise in efforts to donate to and promote worthy fundraisers.)

Norton’s donation went to the ‘Save the Rhino Foundation’s Running Rhino’s.’ The Running Rhino’s are brothers Richard and Philippe Flamand, they’ve already made a name for themselves by running in the London Marathon while raising awareness and donations. Continue reading

Ian Somerhalder Looking for Teammates

Ian Somerhalder Looking for Teammates

While searching for a nice feel-good sports related story today, I came across some info on Paul Pierce fundraising via Crowdrise, but then soon found myself sidetracked by something better, Ian Somerhalder and his blue-eyes.

Best known for his role as Boone on ‘Lost’ and as Damon on The Vampire Diaries’ the actor apparently has a soft spot for sea turtles and the environment and has started his own movement on Crowdrise with the goal of raising funds to help develop youth based educational and support programs.

Additionally, on his Foundations website this week, Somerhalder issued a press release asking President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to deny the Keystone XL Pipeline Permit.

    The pipeline project, which would transport extremely toxic tar sands oil nearly 2,000 miles from Alberta, Canada through the middle of the U.S. heartland to the Texas Gulf coast for refining, has drawn criticism from environmental communities in both the US and Canada.
    “The proposed Keystone XL pipeline puts fish and wildlife at risk, threatens the health and livelihood of countless American farmers, and perpetuates the United States’ unhealthy dependence on oil,” says ISF founder Ian Somerhalder. “On behalf of myself, the IS Foundation, and the 22,000 people who have already signed our Stop the Tar Sands Oil Keystone XL Pipeline Petition, we strongly urge the Obama Administration to follow through on its promise to ‘end the age of oil in our time.’”

Granted, Somerhalder is not the only celebrity, athlete or activist to voice strong opposition to this ridiculous pipeline project but he got my attention after posting raw footage of NBA players scrambling during the lock-out

Without a doubt, one of the best celebrity foundation websites I’ve come across.

IS Foundation (ISF): Founded by actor and activist Ian Somerhalder, the IS Foundation aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures. ISF believes that the global problems and challenges we are facing are infinitely interconnected and co-dependent, therefore our solutions and actions must be enacted in an interconnected manner.

As always, thanks for reading~