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‘Glee’ Selects Hendrick Boards Skateboards & Apparel for Spring Premiere

‘Glee’ fans may have noticed something cool in last nights episode…during the musical number scene where the kids are off to “Senior Skip Day” all the clothing and skateboards came from Hendrick Boards-an eco-friendly skateboard and apparel company that gives back to local animal shelters and rescues across the nation.

hot athletes
“We are thrilled and honored that Glee selected Hendrick Boards to include our products in their Spring premiere,” said David Hendrickson, Founder and CEO of Hendrick Boards. “By showcasing our skateboards and apparel, Glee has only strengthened our vision to see a world where every animal has a loving, caring and respectful environment through the amazing work being done by local animal shelters and rescues.” Continue reading

Camilo Villegas Debuts New Clothing at the US Open

Camilo Villegas, Debuts New Clothing at the US Open


I’d like to start off by wishing Camilo Villegas a Happy Fathers day…no, he doesn’t have any kids (that I know of) but if he calls me soon we can change that by next year…in the meantime, I, along with half the worlds female population, have been actively enjoying our kitten while he tries to keep his paws (and chin) dry at the US Open.

Rain has wreaked havoc at the US Open, giving us excruciating delays in play but more than enough eye candy to keep us occupied. I have nothing deep to report here…no charity to write about…no scores or pars or eagles or birdies…just some straight-up gratuitous love for the hottest and sexiest male golfer alive, Camilo Villegas.


If you’ve been under a rock for the last five years, the sexy beast hails from Columbia and although most of the worlds press refers to him as Spiderman, I prefer to call him Our Kitten…and it seems our Kitten has added some fresh swagger to his crawl? The latest improvement on his ‘move’ includes the ‘balancing of his chin’ on the ground as he lines up his putt…dear god, can he get any cuter?


Camilo can sit on a fence and look adorable…he can suck the life outta a can of Red Bull or sign autographs while maintaining that oh-so-serious kiss-me now look on his face…


But aside from his limber, libido-tingling, yoga-like moves, Villegas has been dressed to impress…All week, he’s been sporting the new “J. Lindeberg Art Polo / Camilo Villegas Collection.” J. Lindeberg recently re-signed Villegas as their brand ambassador and extended their relationship by collaboratively developing this new line of sexy garb…


Needless to say, the marriage of Villegas and Lindeberg is what dreams are made of…the debut of Villegas’ new collection at the US Open has defiantly added some color, sex appeal and flair to the greens. But its also about character…and Villegas is one of the good-guys. While he is intensely focused during play, he always stops for the fans to sign autographs…he seems to have a solid grasp on what makes a man a ‘gentleman’, a golfer a ‘great player’ and an athlete a solid role model.

Meow my sexy feline, ME-OW.

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Athletes Charities and Events Worth Supporting

Athletes Charities and Events Worth Supporting

First and foremost, there are several “it goes without saying” celebrity athletes who, in my book, can do no wrong. Dikembe Mutombo walks on water, period. Dude can shake his finger at me and ask me to move to the Congo to clean-up bedpans at his hospital and I’d do it. He is a humanitarian first, an athlete second. Safe to say he reigns supreme in the Church of Athlebritology. Yeah, Melo’s permitted through the pearly gates but I’m gonna need a few hours with him in purgatory first just to make sure…Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Paul-all gain immediate entry…as do Grant Hill, Etan Thomas, Juwan Howard, and Tony Hawk. Quite a few won’t make it into Athlebritology heaven: Lebron James, Michael Vick, Kobe Bryant and Roger Clemens just to name a few.

Over time, it’s become increasingly easier to determine who’s really into helping others and who’s in it just for the PR (a-hem Lebron). As I add events to the calendar page, I’ll be sure to highlight the ones I personally recommend. You can take my advice or not…for example, if you live in So-Cal and have never attended the Cancer for College event with Will Ferrell then you must be insane. Ferrell lends his name, time and comedy to this incredibly necessary and sincere charity event. For a small price you help send a cancer patient to college, hang out with Frank the Tank, play golf, eat good food and make new friends…another event I wouldn’t miss is Celebrity Fight Night held in Arizona. It’ll cost ya a bit more to attend the premier fundraiser for the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, but you get one hell of a swag-bag and a truly priceless experience…

Granted, I can’t list ‘em all in one post…but I will keep you updated on what some of our mighty might fine men are doing…which all goes back to their foundations and how they are run. I want to help raise money and awareness for foundations with employees who care about their work. Don’t wait three days to call me back if I got a fat check for you-because to me this means you must not really need it or care as much as you’d like us to believe. Anyway…several cool new foundations and website have come to my attention in the last few weeks. One comes from hockey great Jeremy Roenick.

Roenick just launched his new site Roenicklife.com and he did it with style. No janky dead links or non-responsive PR folks…In part, he wrote: “I have spent the past twenty-one years sharing my passion and myself with the game of hockey. I have had the opportunity to touch the hearts of millions of fans and have been excited everyday to help create a smile on so many childrens faces…I need to be involved for myself…to keep touching the hearts of all the people that have supported me for half my life is a huge priority…I decided to take the website a step further, and incorporate my love of the game, my voice, and my passion to use the website as a place where constant communication between all supporters can be used to help benefit charity.”


Currently, Roenick’s got several charity related ‘raffles’ on his site. You can win Jeremy’s personal tickets to the Sharks/Dallas Stars Game, an autographed jersey, signed photos and other stuff…winners announced on February 14, so hurry up and enter, proceeds to benefit the Aubri Brown Club.

For those who find themselves at the SuperBowl this year, look for several worthy events…if I were a betting girl I’d say the place to be is the Par & Poker Celebrity Challenge for Charity. Hosted by Super Bowl Champion Seth Joyner, the January 29 event will feature a celebrity packed golf and poker experience and it’s FREE! Don’t believe me? Last year Celebrity Golf Magazine named it as one-of-the top Celebrity Golf Events. Aside from providing awareness about the Joyner-Walker Foundation, Par and Poker aims to raise awareness for its host city charities as well. The JWF, in my opinion- is one of the best out there for several reasons. One, they got a tight team running the show, and two, because they are one step ahead of the curve-or more specifically, the economy. The foundations flagship ‘financial literacy’ program schools kids on finances. Founders (NFL Veteran) Seth Joyner, (PGA Tour Pro) Adam Walker and Leonard Walker have made it their goal to become the nations leader in educating our youth on finances, investments and money management. Last year, the program enrolled 13 students at South Mountain Community High School. “Right now our short -term goal is to get into all ten community colleges here (Arizona),” Andy Walker said,” We want to be the financial literacy provider for all of them. Our long-term goal on a national level is to be the face of financial literacy for students and make it mandatory for them to have a certain number of hours to graduate.” For more info, please visit the Joyner-Walker Foundation and tell ‘em Delinda sent ya.

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DC Athletes Growing Facial Hair for Charity; Courtside Celebrities Decorate Staples Center and Phil Mickelson Gets Lip Service from Sergio Garcia

Creative Way to Raise Money?

Money may not grow on trees, but it might grow on the faces of several DC athletes. X Games babe Travis Pastrana, along with Ryan Smith, Lindsey Robertson, Devun Walsh, Dane Reynolds, Nate Adams, Allan Cooke, Chad Kagy, Corey Bohan, Mike Clark and Ken Block have all agreed to grow a “Mo” this month while raising money for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Movember (www.movember.com) is an annual charity movement where men lose their facial hair inhibitions and commit to grow and groom a Mo (Aussie slang for moustache) for the entire month while collecting donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation…and for those woman cringing at the idea of a Mo on a man, think twice. My choice for hottest Mo to grace a face goes to Scot Pollard (above) of the Boston Celtics. Dude rocked the hell outta his Mo. (Pollard is not part of the MO growing movement, the photo is simply to illustrate how fine a Mo can be.)

We all know David Beckham would rock a Mo as well. Golden Balls kicked it courtside with Marc Anthony during the Lakers-Clippers game at Staples Center last night…other notable faces in the Lakers crowd included actor the Game (C) and his precious offspring, Jonah Hill, Andy Garcia and Will Ferrell (R).

Pretty sure Sergio Garcia doesn’t have the sex appeal to officially sport a Mo…Sergio the ‘Spitter’ Garcia is now terrorizing Phil Mickelson-declaring he wants to replace him as the world’s second best golfer by taking his HSBC Champions title this week…whatever Sergio. I love it when you tease Tiger, but step off my homeboy Phil…who I only mention because he’s hustling on the greens alongside my flashkat Ian Poulter and Burberry babe Adam Scott-who would both look exceptional with a Mo.

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Camilo Villegas Tour victory

Someone has crawled their way out of a five-shot deficit to win the Tour Championship…yes, our favorite Columbian lawn-crawling sex pot closed with a 4-under 66 after beating Sergio the ‘Spitter’ Garcia on the first playoff hole with a two-putt par.

How many starts have we patiently waited through-about 84- to see Villegas win…but two in a row? And to top it off, this lands him second in the FedEx Cup (behind Singh) and is slated to take over as No. 6 in the world ranking…and with the Tour victory, Camilo Villegas pockets $1.26M and adds another $3M in bonus money for his second-place finish in the FedEx Cup.


And right about now I’m wondering…Tiger who? Yeah, I know many around the globe adore Tiger, and I’m certainly not comparing the Tiger to the Kitten, but I am saying its high-time Tiger stays home, chills with family and makes room for those who have been suffocated by his presence. And I don’t mean ‘suffocated’ on the greens, I mean suffocated as in ‘playing in his shadows’. Most of you have seen the throngs of fans lined up along the ropes just for a glimpse of Tiger…while some of us followed the lesser known packs of hotties dressed in Lindberg and Burberry.

I remember the first time I saw Camilo on the greens, emerging from the mist with a look of confidence to match his insane swagger. At the time, I didn’t know much about golf, but as I heard other golf aficionado’s mutter ‘who’s this guy coming up on 18’ I was the first to chime in, “Dah, its Camilo Villegas, from Columbia?” Perhaps due to high estrogen levels, my blinders rarely saw passed our kitten. Granted, Ian Poulter, Adam Scott and Aaron Baddeley appeared on my radar, but none are as special as Camilo. The second time I saw the kitten in the flesh, he was enjoying a practice round. How many people were following him that day? One. Me. Anyway, if you’re a regular, you read that entire post…and finally, the last time I was breathing the same air as Camilo, the estrogen brigade had caught on and I was no longer the sole admirer drooling over his every move.

Congratulations Camilo Villegas, my friend. You have worked hard, remained focused and infused a lethal dose of sex appeal into an old sport. Thank you, thank you, thank you for so many wonderful rounds and the many more future wins you have yet to tuck under that mouthwatering belt you got on.

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Will Ferrell Hosts Cancer for College Golf Classic


Craig Pollard, a local golf entrepreneur, cancer survivor, double amputee, and a USC fraternity pal of Ferrell’s, founded Cancer for College…and I can’t believe a year has gone by since the last Cancer for College Golf Classic and fundraiser. This years’ event was held at the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo and proved to be an overwhelming success, raising more than $250,000 for cancer survivors.

Ferrell addressed the media wearing black/white checkered shorts, an ‘Army Man’ t-shirt, and a pair of gold Pumas. I actually hadn’t noticed they were Pumas until I asked him when the Nike Air Force Ferrell’s were going to be released. “No, not Nike. Nike’s bad.” He said before explaining the science behind the gold kicks, “They were actually built for me from scientists at NASA, so I can actually levitate for 30 seconds at a height of 15 to 20 feet. I don’t know how that will help me with my golf, but that’s just a cool trick.”

Another cool trick Ferrell has performed is helping the event grow from a little known backyard fundraiser, into one of the premier charity events in San Diego. It’s taken the local news this long to catch on and thankfully someone had the gumption to ask Ferrell how Ron Burgundy would cover the event.

“It is a glorrrious day,” said Ferrell as Burgundy, “here in beautiful Son Diego, we’ve got a record turn out, I thought there’d be more media here frankly, for someone of my stature, in fact, I’ll have to say as I look out into the face of the media here, you guys look like a bunch of idiots compared to when I was in the news game. Have some class, some dignity. I don’t see anyone wearing a suit. I don’t smell any cologne”

After the funny man had the media warmed up, he got serious about his support for the event. “For all of the things Craig has been through kind of physically and emotionally, he’s probably one of the most upbeat, positive people you can ever be around,” Ferrell said. “He just epitomizes . . . perseverance. The fact that he’s so involved in helping others when he could easily sit back and say, ‘Woe is me,’ he never does that. He’s just kind of a shining example to everyone who meets him of the power of being positive and having a great outlook on life.”

Two of Ferrell’s playing partners, Emil and William, were excited about taking part in the event. “We expect to be slightly above par even though it’s a scramble,” Emil said as he proudly sported the same black/white shorts as Ferrell, “Will (Ferrell) keeps us in the game.” William was curiously out of uniform and dressed in a military jumpsuit, instead of the shorts. “I wanna support our troops right now in Iraq,” he explained, “You know, sport the jumpsuit and give a little preview for tonight’s bidding.” William won the jumpsuit at last years auction. ”They’ll be some great items up for bids tonight, and, its all for the kids!”


One interesting addition to this years Cancer for College event was golf professional Chance Manning. Manning gave out tips to those who rolled through the 2nd hole. Emil and William were the first to celebrate the appearance of Chance. “If anyone can help, its Chance” Emil said “I don’t know who else to turn to?”

All in all everyone involved with Cancer for College was moved by the spirit of Craig Pollard, and the support of Will Ferrell. Ferrell has generously donated more than one check to Pollards foundation. “His loyalty has been phenomenal,” Pollard said. “Those two commercials that he did for the Super Bowl – all that money went to the charity. Budweiser paid him $250,000, Proctor and Gamble $500,000.”

Also gotta give shout out to BogeyPro for once again providing the humors tee-box signs along the course…they did a great job of keeping the golfers smiling despite the brutal heat.

Photos from the event available here and on my ‘Event Photos’ page.

Also, look for my coverage of the event on Look to the Stars.

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Our little kitten has finally done it…we’ve waited patiently for the last three years, hoping, praying and believing that hours of yoga and weight training will lend something to his already stellar physique -something extra-something to inch his oh-so-pretty Columbian flavor right into the victory circle.

Yes, we’ve been watching his sexiness crawl across the greens after meticulously selecting his Lindberg garb for the day…and now, our baby has popped his cherry and its time to rejoice and celebrate Camilo Villegas winning his first PGA tour victory. Our beast finished at 15-under 265 and earned a cool $1.26M. “It’s awesome to be here,” said Villegas, who was adorable in his solid white outfit accented by a yellow belt and painter’s cap. “Hopefully, it’s the first of many.” Indeed.

I’m not gonna post a hole-by-hole of the final round of the BMW Championships…because really, it’s about the man, not the game. It’s about the sweet demeanor of a long-overdue champion who brightens any course he plays with his unique crawl, flashy Lindberg cloths, perfectly matching socks and enticing tongue. Yes, the beast even looks hot when he sticks out his tongue…or yawns, or squats, or strokes his putter for that matter.

Camilo Villegas has won the BMW Championship. God…it feels so good to write that. But heads up ladies, a victory can mean much more than meets the eye. Regular readers and myself have been wiping Villegas-inspired drool off our chins for quite sometime, so I expect we are gonna see a Villegas-feeding-frenzy by the media from now on. Gone is the obscurity that allowed us to chit-chat with the kitten during practice rounds…gone are the days of having a secret hot golfer to enjoy…the trophy he kisses signifies his shot at Fame. My money says he’ll remain humble despite being thrown into the limelight, and I’m keep my fingers crossed that he appears in many, many more issues of Men’s Vogue, GQ, People, US, and whatever other publication has finally caught up to speed with us. I even heard a rumor that Tiger Woods is going to name his next child-if its a boy-Camilo….

Congratulations my kitten. We are all so proud of you.

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Rafael Nadal Topless in New York and James Blake Suited Up in Men’s Vogue


Men’s Vogue recently hosted a party for James Blake and his delicious booty. The bootlicious tennis beast has honored his papa- who passed away from cancer- by establishing the Thomas Blake Sr. Memeorial Research Fund…the coctail party delivered us James Blake in a Huge Boss suit as he expressed gratitude for Men’s Vogue’s help with setting up an online auction at charityfolks.com. Bid away kids…they got ‘a chance to hang out with Blake at a 2009 tournament in Miami’ up for bids, as well as a trip to the Evian Resort in France, a Maurice Lacroix watch, and a Niketown shopping experience. “All this support get me closer to my goal of raising $1 million by next year,” Blake said. And yes, that is indeed John Mayer chatting away with James Blake.


Rafael Nadal has also earned some serious love from NY Magazine and has shown his gratitude by finally taking off his shirt to grace not only the cover, but also several pages inside. Rafa’s manangers say our Tapa is in the process of tapping into his marketing potential and has been working with designers at Nike to ‘come up with a new look’. “It is fair to say that it is more mature,” Nike spokesman Kilee Hughes said of the new on-court look Rafa is sporting for the first time at the U.S. Open. Rafa came up with the idea for an image makeover and ‘the new look was developed gradually over the past couple of years, with sponsors, Mr. Nadal’s communications team and the player himself working together’…the new gear reflects the player’s personality. They write: Mr. Nadal doesn’t like black, but prefers bright colors that are more “Latin.” Nike says the short-sleeve polo shirts — complete with mesh side panels — will allow him to “counterpunch with color.” The company says, “With colors as vibrant as the culture of Majorca, Rafa will burst onto the court in chlorine blue, orange blaze, white and concord [purple]. Rafa’s contrasting tones are set to shine, day and night in the city that never sleeps.” And what about those capri’s? His shorter shorts will be loose, as opposed to their tight, sometimes see-through predecessors. They will have Velcro fastenings. And who doesn’t love Velcro, no?

Enjoy yourselves kids…I’m taking a much-needed sabbatical…I’ll be back when the urge strikes.

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Pistons Make Wish Come True; Olympic Athletes Make Dreams Come True, Carmelo Anthony Hangs with Michael Phelps, and Luke Wilson’s Silver Lining


As we sit around watching real-fake-live coverage of the Olympian-hotness, I feel it’s important to give some props to former Detroit Piston John Long and head coach Michael Curry…the two mighty-fine men spent Monday hanging out with Spencer and his buddies. Spencer was the recipient of the ‘Afternoon with the Pistons, A Wish Come True’ event…and with that off my chest, I can feel good about a bit o gratuitous Delinda style coverage of some Olympic babes….

After the Men’s US Swim Babes stunned France in the 4×100 freestyle on Monday night, Michael Phelps went on to etch his name alongside Mark Spitz and Carl Lewis as one of the “winningest Olympians ever” with his third gold medal and third world record in as many days. In winning the 200-meter freestyle Tuesday, Phelps ran his career Olympic total to nine golds…

I love you
Speaking of Phelps, seems like he and Carmelo Anthony are chill. Sweet Melon is writing an Olympic diary for the NY Times. In part, he spoke about his new buddy Michael Phelps…”I’m amazed at what he can do in that water. He’s like a shark. I’ve never seen anyone swim like that before. Swimming never caught my eyes before I saw him.” Last week, Melo licked his lips and wrote about hanging with Phelps: “I got a chance to talk with him last night at the Olympic Village. I met him before just growing up, but I hadn’t met him since he won those six gold medals in 2004. So his whole life has changed. He’s not from the same neighborhood as me, but we’ll claim him…This is my first time to really get a chance to mingle and interact with him. We talked about spots back home, but we were talking about getting out to each other’s events. He’s going to bring some golds back to Baltimore and I’m going to bring a gold back. They can have our parade together in Baltimore.”

Granted, I can’t sit still long enough to watch each and every real-fake-live-broadcast event…but I’m trying to keep an eye on several noteworthy morsels…one of which, as we all know, is a particular Tapa. Our Rafael Nadal has burned through Italian beast Potito Starace and Lleyton Hewitt as he inches his way towards gold…

Luke wilson and Johan Edfors PUMA
Meanwhile, let’s take our eyes of Beijing for a minute and give some props to actor Luke Wilson. He, along with Swedish golf-babe Johan Edfors, have teamed up to co-design the new ‘Chrome’ line for Puma. “Johan wears the splashy stuff,” Wilson says…the two collaborated on a line to suit both the ‘extroverts’ and ‘introverts’ on the greens..sexy bold colors for Edfors and muted cardigans for Wilson. “I like the real meticulous look of guys like Sam Snead and Ben Hogan. They had their own tailors making their clothes back then,” Wilson says. For more info and some great photos of the new line, check out the LA Times.

Justin Tmberlake mugshot?
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Monday Mix: Camilo Villegas Charity Appearance, Ian Poulter-ized Me, Team Chelsea Versus AC Milan, C-Webbs Bada Bling

All you Camilo Villegas hungry fans, mark your calendars, because our kitten is gonna be crawling across the greens for charity…August 26, at Turning Stone Resort’s Atunyote Golf Club for the Notah Begay III Foundation Challenge.

The Aug. 26 event will feature Vijay Singh, Mike Weir, Stewart Cink, Camilo Villegas, and Notah Begay III, in a skins format exhibition game. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Notah Begay III Foundation, which supports Native American youth sports programs. Tickets are $35. I repeat-tickets are $35.00 If you’ve been paying attention to what I’ve been trying to shove down your throats for the last few years-this is it. For $35 bucks, you can go to this event and get up close and personal with Camilo or Singh or Cink or Begay. The reason athletes participate in these type of events are two fold: One, they’re using their ‘fame’ to sell tickets to benefit charity. Second: They appear at these events to meet the fans- so why would you wanna fight the crowds at the US Open or any other major event, in hopes of catching a glimpse of someone and maybe-if you’re-lucky-nab an autograph or two? Seriously, I wouldn’t send you in the wrong direction. There isnt one athlete on the face of the earth that I’ve met at a charity event who wasn’t eager to meet the fans who came out to support the cause. Its pretty much a no-brainer, so hit me up after taking my advice and let me know how it goes…otherwise, you can sit in front of your computer all day and repeatedly watch this double-de-licious video of Camilo Villegas balancing on one leg atop of a ball while pumping up his biceps…

ian poulter
“I’ve known that I can perform well and play good,” he said. “I guess I am just trying to let that come out in me. There is plenty more in me and I know I can go better. It is all about winning so I won’t feel like this is my best result. I’m not going to hold a second place as high as some of my wins. You don’t strive to finish second, you strive to win, and that is what will make me practice harder and harder.”

Thank you Ian Poulter for giving this girl a sporntastic British Open and hitting your way to a magnificent second-place finish. My sexy flashkat teased us for nearly an hour with a possible victory, and eventually carded a (oh!) 69 to finish seven-over. “I don’t need to ride the storm of comments that get made and get taken out of context,” he said. “I’m just pleased I went out today and put a good show on. It wasn’t quite good enough because Padraig put in a hell of a performance and really did his stuff on the back nine.”

As Elvis Costello’s ‘I Don’t Wanna Go To Chelsea’ runs through my brain I have to pray that it’s not becoming the theme song of the team. The rumor mill is churning out some fantastic dish on team Chelsea…Chief executive Peter Kenyon shot-down reports of a $238M bid for Kaka (the Brazilian World Player of the Year) and said negotiations with the Italian club had come to a head. “There was no offer made. I have read the same articles. They have made it clear that he is not for sale and we will make it clear we have not made an offer,” Kenyon said after arriving in southern China. “There is no reason to negotiate over something they don’t want to do and we have not made an offer.” AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliano also laughed at the rumor, “There has been no offer of 150 million euros for Kaka from anyone, even less so Chelsea,” he said. “These are urban legends that nourish themselves. Tomorrow someone will write 200 million and hopefully by September we’ll reach 300 million. I met with (Chelsea owner Roman) Abramovich, we asked about Sheva (Andrei Shevchenko) and he asked about Kaka but we talked about numbers and it ended 0-0. Real Madrid have also called about Kaka but he is staying with us.”

So, with Kaka firmly planted with AC Milan, the Chelsea babes have kicked off their pre-season Asian tour with the focus on raising money for the victims of the May 12 earthquake. Notably absent from the roster is Didier Drogba, who is nursing an injury that I wish he would have called me to help him heal. “Didier is injured. The doctor and our medical staff made a plan to have him training and playing in maybe three or four weeks,” new coach Felipe Scolari said. “But at this moment it’s impossible for Didier to come with us.” Thankfully, not everyone has bailed on Chelsea- we still got Frank Lampard doing his part as he dodges offers from AC Milan and of course, captain fantastic John Terry is doing his best to hold his squad together. “The players all want him to stay, but it’s down to Frank and the club to sort it out. We are here to focus on the football, but hopefully while he’s here the club can sort it out,” Terry said.

casey stoner meets with tomkattom cruise loves stoners ducati
Not really sure why this made me chuckle today…I don’t mind Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes or Baby Suri. And I could care less about what ‘religion’ they follow, to me, they’re not hurting anyone and they seem like a regular couple (aside from the millions of dollars, paparazzi magnetism or creepy rumors about Baby Suri being the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard)… but I do like seeing them pop-up on the sports circuit once in a while (as long as its not R-Fed related)…the happy couple are apparently in love with Australian MotoGP rider Casey Stoner, his sexy Ducati, and his questionable jumpsuit. The Tomkats met with Stoner before the Red Bull US Grand Prix in Laguna Seca. Valentino Rossi won the race, Casey Stoner took the second place and Chris Vermeulen placed third.


Chris Webber took in the Detroit Shock/ Sacramento Monarchs game over the weekend at the Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan…and remember if you need something fun to do this upcoming weekend, get yourself to Vegas for C-Webbs Third Annual Bada Bling. More info check out my celebrity athlete charity events page or at www.cwebbsbadabling.com.

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Camilo Villegas Grinds into Historic Round at British Open

camilo villegas
Did you kids really think Delinda wasn’t on top of the Camilo Villegas situation? Between his precious knit cap, his stellar second round, and his taunt crawling along the greens, I’m about to lose it. Seems that finally the rest of the world is taking notice of our kitten-maybe he just needed ‘this’ much more than a sexy stance and flashy clothes to land on the ‘are-you-kidding-me’ map. A win would have been great, but we’ll take a historic second round score of 5-under 65 at Royal Birkdale if that’s what it takes to make people take notice.

camilo villegas
Between Greg Norman and Camilo Villegas both rewriting the history books, I’ve hardly notice the wind, rain or absence of Tiger Woods at The British Open. In fact, his absence has been a blessing, giving some of our other talented golf-babies the chance to shine. Sure, Villegas has dramatically dropped down the leaderboard, but there’s still pa-lenty of talent to watch. The 53-year old Norman is stealing the show much like Rocco Mediate did during the US Open. Norman shot a round of 72 and grabbed a two-stroke lead going into Sunday’s final round.

ian poulteradam scott
We also have my flash-kat Ian Poulter stirring things up as he sits T9 next to Rocco, and Adam Scott has choked himself down to T27 after losing a battle with the wind-still, lots of coverage of the Burberry babe makes it worthy of watching.

For those of you needing an extra dose of Camilo Villegas, and when I say extra dose, I mean an extra dose complete with sexy wisps of hair, a Columbian accent and how he went into the round by saying (gulp) “Let’s Grind” check out this yummy video interview on FootJoy.com.

Ian Poulter British Open

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