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Meet SurfAid’s Youngest Ambassador: Cody Lovaas

His name might not yet be familiar to you, but pay attention because this 15 year-old singer, songwriter and surfer is already being compared to his influencers – Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Donovan Frankenreiter- and he’s very quick to point out that his activism comes before his music career.

“What I support comes before my music career, it’s not a marketing tool for me,” Cody explained via email, “I am an avid surfer and waterman so I do a lot around clean water. I represent and have worked closely w/ Hurley and their H2O program, SurfAid, Surf w/the Blind, Feeding the Soul and Home Free.”

In fact, Lovass was recently elected as perhaps youngest ever ambassador to SurfAid and even hit the stage with Jason Mraz during his Life Rolls On Benefit concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl in September.

Like I said, keep an eye on this kid. Not only can he sing, but he is a perfect example of the next-generation do-gooders. Gifted, giving, and full of love. More HERE.

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Surf Industry Raises More Than $400,000 in Donations at the 24th Annual Waterman’s Weekend

Surf Industry Raises More Than $400,000 in Donations at the 24th Annual Waterman’s Weekend

Fernando Aguerre, Brandon Boyd & Incubus, Peter “PT” Townend and Jon Rose Also Honored 

More than 600 surf industry VIPs came together to support the preservation and protection of the ocean at the SIMA Environment Fund Waterman’s Weekend fundraiser August 9-10. The 13th Annual Waterman’s Classic Golf Tournament took place at the Monarch Beach Golf Links in Dana Point on Friday, and the 24th Annual Waterman’s Ball took place at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel the following night. The sold out events of Waterman’s Weekend brought in more than $400,000 that will go directly to beneficiaries dedicated to preserving the oceanic environment.

“Do what you love and help along the way,” a statement from Special Recognition Award recipient Jon Rose, was an overarching theme of this year’s Waterman’s Weekend as the surf industry gathered to raise money for the SIMA Environmental Fund grant beneficiaries. The weekend kicked off with the Waterman’s Classic Golf Tournament, a tournament that brings together more than 150 surf industry executives and professional surfers to enjoy a day of golf, on-course entertainment and friendly competitions on the side all in the name of charity. The first place team coming in with the lowest gross score was the team made up of golfers from Agenda, Wahoo’s and Shwack. The Vans team was deemed the best-dressed foursome in the tournament, and Swell was awarded the title of Best Hole Activity with an on course dunk tank. Continue reading

Kelly Slater Wants GMO’s Out of Hawaii

Surf god Kelly Slater has lent his voice to Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition in efforts to get the word out that the largest chemical companies in the world (Monsanto, Du Pont, Syngenta and Dow) now own most of the seed companies in the world.

What’s this got to do with you? Everything. Take 2.34 out of your life and listen to Slater explain it in simple terms.

Warning: Video contains graphic images of Slater speaking. Try to concentrate on his words, please.

To support the Hawai’I GMO Justice Coalition, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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Kelly Slater’s Urban Jungle

Join Kelly Slater weaving his way through urban chaos and remote jungle in search of perfection on Bali and its neighboring islands.

And it’s really just an ad for the Kelly Slater signature Cypher Roam board-short…thank you Quiksilver…might we recommend that the ‘signature shorts’ worn in the video be auctioned off for charity?

For info on Slaters charity work, go HERE.

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One-of-a-Kind “Surf-Uke” Available

One-of-a-Kind Ukulele Signed by Surfing Champion Joel Parkinson, Jack Johnson and 33 Legends

An amazing ukulele and celebrity signed guitar have come up on the eBay Auction Cause store. The nonprofit Guitars in the Classroom has collected the signatures of the “Stars, Icons and Legends of The Surfing World” on this Kohala Kanikapila-style concert ukulele and a Fender Classic Vibe Telecaster to raise funds for their programs to bring music into education. The auction will be live until Thursday night, December 20th, 2012 at

The “Surf Uke” features the 35 iconic autographs, including the following surfers: Joel Parkinson – 2012 World Champion and Pipe Masters winner; Kelly Slater – 11x World Surfing Champion and 18x Surfer Poll winner; Jack Johnson – famous musician and surfer; John John Florence – top pro surfing prodigy and #2 on the Surfer Poll; Gerry Lopez – legendary “Mr. Pipeline”; Rob Machado – iconic soul surfer; Dane Reynolds – futuristic surfing hero; Shane Dorian – big wave legend; and John Cruz – Hawaiian master musician. Continue reading

Walking on Water: The Derek Rabelo Story

“We need to live by faith, not by sight.” ~Derek Rabelo

17 year-old Derek Rabelo was born blind, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dream of surfing Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu.

“Pipeline is basically the ultimate wave in a lot of ways — just a short, intense, dangerous wave that’s close to the beach,” said Kelly Slater, 11-time World Champion surfer. “Many surfers with sight do not venture out even after they see that others can do it.”

But he DID do it, and after years of training and inspiring the worlds top surfers Rableo’s story is set to be immortalized in film by pro-surfer and film producer Bryan Jennings. Continue reading

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Rob Machado Foundation Benefit Concert at The Belly-Up

Zen master, wave dancer, humanitarian, pro-surfer Rob Machado will be hosting his first ever benefit concert November 12 at The Belly-Up in Solana Beach, California to benefit the Rob Machado Foundation.

The event, which costs only 40 bucks to attend, will feature one-of-a-kind surf memorabilia and merchandise, surprise musical performances, lots of celebs, and acoustic sets from John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Jon Foreman of Switchfoot, and Jon Swift.

The Rob Machado Foundation does an amazing job at teaching children that our resources are precious.

“We need to respect our water and land,” says Machado via his website, “Each one of us can make a difference. From turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth, to eliminating single-use plastic bottles, to understanding your watershed, we can all work together to make an impact. We can’t keep operating the way we do or we’ll pay a price. So, I hope to encourage people to take a look around and realize that there is an issue but ultimately, we can make it better.”

Last month, Machado went back to his high school, the San Dieguito Academy, where he kicked off Hydration Nation with his foundation and Hurley’s h20. Thanks to Global Tap the kids now have a clean water fountain that they will actually use to refill water bottles. No plastic needed. Continue reading

Waves for Water Seeks Help to Rebuild East Coast Surf Community


Humanitarian and former professional surfer Jon Rose is leading an effort to help rebuild post-Sandy devastation.

As a first responder to the surf-community, Jon’s non-profit organization, Waves For Water, will lead a focused effort to remove storm debris and assist with other basic survival needs associated with the catastrophic storm.

The team is currently gathering the intelligence of his friends and colleagues in the North Carolina, New Jersey and New York coastal areas for immediate support.

“Many of our favorite East Coast surfing epicenters are completely wiped out and under water,” said Rose, who’s spearheaded previous relief efforts to countries like Haiti, post- tsunami Japan, North Korea and Afghanistan. Continue reading

Help Kelly Slater Save Our Oceans

June 8 is World Oceans Day and 11x ASP World Surfing Champion Kelly Slater agrees with me (indirectly of course) and is tired of the severe threats facing our oceans…pollution, overfishing and coastal development…it all takes it’s toll.

Help Save Our Oceans:

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Kelly Slater Helps Clean Up Bali

(Press Release) Surfing’s 11-time and current world champion Kelly Slater is joining the effort to help clean up Bali by donating a surf board and offering to give his time and money to turn the tide of the seemingly careless disregard for the environment that has permeated the holiday island.

Slater has been in spending the last few days in Bali surfing and visiting friends in between stops on the ASP World Tour, and was understandably aghast at seeing the large amounts of trash in the water and on the beaches of the previously pristine Bali. Continue reading

Surf Icon to Launch Photo Exhibit

Surf icon, legend, Zen-master, humanitarian, warrior, wave-dancer and all around stud, Rob Machado, will display and sell his photos to benefit his Foundation.

The launch of Machado’s images takes place in Encinitas California at boutique Bliss 101 on May 5th from 6 to 9 p.m. (above photo by Chris Straley but I’m sure Machado could take a self-portrait while surfing…we’ll have to wait and see?) Continue reading

Fernando Aguerre to Receive Dick Baker Memorial Award at Surf Summit 15

The Dick Baker Memorial Award will be given to Fernando Aguerre in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, during the annual surf industry leadership conference, Surf Summit 15. The conference is presented by the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association (SIMA) and the Board Retailers Association (BRA). The award will be presented to Aguerre by the Baker Family during the Closing Ceremonies of Surf Summit 15 on May 18, 2012.

“The Dick Baker Memorial Award Committee is so honored to have Fernando as the 2012 recipient,” said Una Baker, Dick Baker Memorial Award Committee Chairwoman. “Fernando truly exemplifies the most admirable personal and professional characteristics that Dick possessed. From his endless devotion and love for his beautiful teenage triplets, sweetheart Florencia and family, to his dedication and professional guidance in the surf industry, he has a zest for life and knows how to embrace everyday to the fullest. Fernando was like a brother to Dick and today is a wonderful father figure to Ryan and Jack. Like Dick, Fernando is a man of great integrity and can make anything he believes in happen.” Continue reading

Kelly Slater ‘Honored’ to Help Challenged Athletes Foundation

According to my Twitter feed, Kelly Slater has agreed to give surf lessons to athletes from the Challenged Athletes Foundation.

Slater was asked to participate by Rich Cruise Photo, “Would you consider giving some @CAFoundation (Challenged Athletes Foundation) athletes surf lessons?”

Took the surf-king less than 30 minutes to reply: “I’d love to. Would be an honor.” Continue reading

Waves for Water: Bali

Waves for Water has been globetrotting around the world in efforts to bring clean water to those in need. Founder Jon Rose recently drank water from the Amazon River and aided in bringing clean water to Afghanistan. Next up, Bali.

From the mouths of babes: Bali has given us surfers the waves of our lives. So why not give back? Jon Rose, Waves for Water and H2O need your help to bring clean drinking water to the thousands of Balinese who need it. Through the Clean Water Courier program you can make a difference by bringing a few water filters to Indonesia (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) and passing them out to the local communities. You’re still able to do what you love (surf), and help in the process.

Seriously, Rose could save the world with our help. Athlebrities will be closely following Rose, his journey, success and progress of the water couriers until everyone has access to clean water, because really, there is NO reason for this not to be successful given the ease of delivery and proven results of the water filters.

Learn more at WAVES FOR WATER

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Soul Surfer Bethany Hamilton to Speak at So-Cal Church

Athlebrities favorite female surfer, Bethany Hamilton, will speak at the VantagePoint Church in Eastvale January 22.

Hamilton’s story has been depicted in the inspirational movie ‘Soul Surfer’ after she lost an arm to a shark when she was 13. “She’s become an inspiration for so many people who want to find hope in their lives,” said Mark Lee, lead pastor of VantagePoint. “She was given the option of continuing her surf career or giving up,” he said. “She chose to continue.” Continue reading

Jon Rose: How to Drink the Amazon River

Jon Rose: How to Drink the Amazon River

The advent of social media has given power to the people in terms of charitable giving and we here at Athlebrities love this new ‘Vote for a Cause’ initiative from Cultivate Wines. The company already donates 10% of sales to causes related to education and basic human needs and they’ve just kicked it up a notch. Continue reading

Wolfhound Battalion Helps ‘Waves for Water’ Expand to Afghanistan

Since 2009, Waves for Water, (W4W) has been applying pragmatic solutions to the belief that everyone should have access to clean water. Founder and pro-surfer Jon Rose and partner Christian Troy teamed up with Hurley International to start the Clean Water Couriers DIY program, where surfers and travelers to third world countries can deliver portable water purification kits to impoverished areas.

Professional surfers Greg Long, Chilean native Ramon Navarro, and Kohl Christensen have all couriered water filters, giving more than 100,000 people access to clean water. Continue reading

Gerard Butler Rescued From Waves at Mavericks

Gerard Butler Rescued From Waves at Mavericks

Gerard Butler, the star of ‘300’ almost drown earlier this week during the filming of ‘Of Men and Mavericks’ when two massive waves held the stud underwater.

Butler, who plays the lead role as Pleasure Point surfer Frosty Henson in the film, has little surf experience, and knowing that big wave surfing at Mavericks is not for everyone, I can only say thank god for jet-skis and next time, hopefully he’ll make better use of his abs? Continue reading

A Wounded Warrior Who Could Out-Surf Kelly Slater?

A Wounded Warrior Who Could Out-Surf Kelly Slater?

With the help of XTERRA, Skydive Hawaii, Outrigger Hotels, AccesSurf and Disabled American Veterans of Hawaii, Corporal Todd Love’s XTREME DREAM came true on a recent trip to Hawaii….the stud lost both his legs and part of his left arm when an explosive device was triggered while he was on a recon mission in Afghanistan in October 2010.
Continue reading

Holiday Surfboards for Healing

Holiday Surfboards for Healing

More Holiday gift-giving ideas…..this year, why not shun the malls, go to the Ritz-Carlton in Laguna, and get that surfer in your life an amazing board to benefit Surfers Healing?

The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel Fourth Annual Holiday Surfboard Auction runs through December 31 with proceeds going to Surfers Healing in order to support children with Autism.


The Holiday Surfboard Auction is part of The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel’s Community Footprints program. Community Footprints was created to encourage leadership in volunteerism, fundraising, product donations and mentoring programs at a local level.

Boards up for bids include those from: Greg Noll, Anthony Kiedis, Robb Havassy, Sage Vaughn, Steve Wan, Tim Armstrong, Wyland , NCIS, Donavon Frankenreiter, Dustin Barca, Elizabeth Laul Healey, GMac, Wingnut, Greg Long, Hurley, Joe Aaron, Joel Parkinson, PT, Makua Rothman, Andy Irons, Skip Fry, Sons of Anarchy, and Ke11y Slater.


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