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CrowdRise Launches Holiday Charity Challenge

CrowdRise launched the third annual Holiday Charity Challenge – the holiday season’s largest and most fun crowdsourced online giving and fundraising event — with the announcement of Craig Newmark and other philanthropists’ generous donations of $200K in prize money for competing charities.

The Challenge, with support from The Huffington Post, runs from 12:00 p.m. ET, November 18 through 11:59 a.m. ET, January 9 and promises grand prize donations to the three charities to raise the most money during the Challenge; a record $100K for first place, $40K for second place and $20K for third place. Charities will also have the opportunity to win thousands of dollars more in prizes during weekly Bonus Challenges. Continue reading

Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian Charity Scam

ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ ran a great segment this week about professional athletes and their foundations. Of the 155 charitable organizations founded by top professional athletes, 74 of them fell short of their promises.

No surprise here. Really. Properly highlighted for their ‘questionable’ charitable giving were NBA superstars Lamar Odom and Baron Davis.

OTL nailed it…beautifully.

My best ‘simple’ advise? Always do your research: If the foundation website looks out of date or hasn’t been updated in a while-they obviously don’t care, find another and move on.

It’s generally safe to support those who are raising money and awareness for a particular organization or cause, for example, a number of athletes support Operation Smile. Most donate their time and celebrity in efforts to help others.

Athletes who set up foundations often hire friends or family and over pay them to run it, meaning they know how to throw great parties while badly mismanaging the funds.

Yes I could list all the mighty-mighty fine charitable athletes I know of…and I have, since 2004.

And I could call out all the ‘fake’ charitable athletes I know of, but I’d rather relish in the Odom-Boom I told you so moment I’m having.

You can watch the segment here:

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Celebrities and Athletes Support Steps4Paws

Last weekend, Los Angeles based clothing company, Steps4Paws, presented their new collection of graphic tees to celebrities and sports personalities for a Golden Globes event in Hollywood, California.

Oldin Polynice

Celebrities who walked the red carpet with Steps4Paws mascot/rescue dog Coco included NBA star Oldin Polynice (pictured above), Terrell Owens, Madchen Amick from “Gossip Girl,” Gilles Marini from “Dancing With The Stars,” Lauren Potter from “Glee;” Brandon Tyler Russell from “Tosh 2.0” and many others. Continue reading

How to Meet Tony Hawk

Our favorite go-to website for donating and receiving something awesome in return, Charity Buzz, is running an auction for all you Eyas:

Meet Tony Hawk

    ‘You and 3 guests can meet the world’s most famous skateboarder, the legendary Tony Hawk! 

You’ll visit Tony Hawk’s private skate-park, home of Birdhouse Skateboards in Southern California. While there, you’ll see Tony’s giant ‘Huckjam’ ramps, meet Tony Hawk and sit in on a live broadcast of Tony Hawk’s Demolition Radio’

Continue reading

Ian Somerhalder Foundation Leads #FX Challenge on Crowdrise

Since it’s #givingtuesday we thought we point out a great initiative from Crowdrise and Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox will donate $100k to the cause that raises the most funds…the grassroots fundraiser makes it easy to see what causes people are strongly supporting.

Leading the pack is actor/activist Ian Somerhalder and his Foundation:

    My birthday is on December 8th. I don’t need any presents. My only ask is that you please support our foundation so that we can reach our goal and win this challenge. This would be a huge leap for ISF.
    ISF supporters are a kick ass bunch of peeps. From young children to Grandparents, standing together, supporting each other with each generations’ strengths, collectively combining passions, skills and leadership into one massive population of change makers…The IS FOUNDATION aims to empower, educate and collaborate with people and projects to positively impact the planet and its creatures…Our ISF Groups span across all continents, creeds, languages and passions, forming an ever growing family of more than 200 groups world wide, all working as a united force to radically transform the world. Where people who love the planet and those who hold hands with paws come together to create a real future for all life on this miraculous planet we call Earth.

Hot on Somerhalder’s heels is Sophia Bush and her Pencils of Promise. Jonah Hill (FCancer), Seth Rogan (Hilarity for Charity) and Ed Norton (Maasai Wilderness) are also atop the leader board in terms of garnering donations. Not far behind is one of our favorites, Cancer for College led by Will Ferrell. Failing miserably (so far) Rob Machado, Adrian Grenier and Randy Foye. Continue reading

Athletes Film PSA Against Dating Violence

David Beckham, Jeremy Lin, Eli Manning, Jimmy Rollins, Evan Longoria, Joe Torre and Andy Katz joined President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden in this PSA to raise awareness about dating violence.

Despite the significant progress made in reducing violence against women, young women continue to face the highest rates of dating violence and sexual assault. In the last year, one in 10 teens has reported being physically hurt on purpose by a boyfriend or girlfriend. One in five young women has been sexually assaulted while in college. In response to these alarming statistics, Vice President Biden launched the 1is2many campaign last year. This campaign focuses his longstanding commitment to reducing violence against women specifically on teens and young women ages 16-24. By targeting the importance of changing attitudes that lead to violence, and educating the public on the realities of abuse, this Administration is leading the way to stop violence against women before it begins

Interesting that they chose sports hotties to participate…how about a campaign to support women who claim sexual abuse at the hands of a sports star? How quickly these women become the subject of hatred, immediately labeled as gold-diggers or groupies and liars.

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Usain Bolt Supports JA Walk for Kids

“HelpJAChildren on May1st. Take a stand for something, walk to protect our children…from Bustamante Children’s Hospital to Emancipation Park” ~Usain St. Leo Bolt (@usainbolt)

After reading Usain Bolt’s Tweet this morning, we did a little research and the worlds fastest man led us directly to an amazing organization-‘Help JA Children’ that was just founded April 1, 2012.

Founded by a young Jamaican, Brandon Allwood, ‘Help JA Children’ will be having a march in Jamaica on May 1st from the Bustamante Children’s Hospital to Emancipation park  At Emancipation Park, a rally is scheduled to take place which will include speakers from various stakeholder organizations. Continue reading

London International Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament

The London 2012 Olympic Games kick off in just 100 days, and today there are some amazing athletes preparing for an epic battle…for the first time, the London International Invitational Wheelchair Rugby Tournament is part of the ‘London Prepares’ program and is taking part in the crucial testing phase- a three-day event comprised of one day of training and two days of competition.

It’s happening now (April 17-19) at the Basketball Arena (in London). (Note: We LOVE that the referee is female, you go girl). Continue reading

David Beckham: Adidas Take the Stage

David Beckham offers aspiring photographers the opportunity to join him on set at an upcoming photo shoot…anyone know CPR?

And, as we lace up our Pumas, we can’t ignore the fact that Adidas also has David Beckham and Derrick Rose asking “Are You Ready to Run?” After watching the video 14 times while downing a bag of chocolate Easter bunnies, we are in fact, ready to run. Continue reading

Shaun Phillips & Hope Solo ‘Game Changers’ for Charity

Beginning Monday, 15 pro athletes will ask their fans, “How can I give back to our community?” as part of the popchips “Game Changers” program.

hot athletes

Fans who see a problem in their community are asked to nominate an idea/charity/cause they want their favorite athlete to support…submissions will be reviewed by participating athletes and one winner will be chosen…popchips for life and helping your community? Sounds crunchy-good to us. Continue reading