Rock Band Blurred Vision Launch ‘No More War’ Campaign #NoMoreWar

Canadian band, Blurred Vision, has launched a timely ‘No More War’ campaign via social media today to encourage all of us to stop the madness and declare ‘No More War.’

No More War campaign Blurred Vision

No More War campaign Blurred Vision

It’s simple:

1. Simply write “No More War” on any canvas, from a piece of paper, to a bed sheet.
2. Get as many people as you know to sign the canvas.
3. Post the picture of the canvas to the “No More War” campaign Facebook page, with the description of how many signatures there are and where you’re from.

And now, you’re a part of the “No More War” campaign…

Blurred Vision believe very strongly in the power of music and using their public persona to bring about positive change around the world. They are supporters of human rights charity Amnesty International, and are official ambassadors of NYC based hunger & poverty charity Why Hunger.

The band, which formed in 2010, is a 4-piece progressive/alternative Canadian rock band based in Toronto and New York. Blurred Vision has received coverage in Rolling 
Stone, Billboard, The Independent among others, and they gained the staunch and impressive support of Roger Waters, rock legend & founder of Pink Floyd. Blurred Vision’s first official video release was voted as one of the top 100 most influential pop videos of all time by Televisor, Germany, joining a prestigious list of artists including Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson, Arcade Fire, Peter Gabriel, Radiohead, Lady Gaga and others.

2014 has seen the band explode onto the international music scene once again with the release of their single ‘No More War.’

They were one of only 50 artists from around the world, and the only Canadian band, to have been invited to perform at The Beatles 50th Anniversary Celebrations in New York City, joining The Spin Doctors at the historic and iconic Hudson Theater in Manhattan, the same stage Elvis Presley appeared on in 1956 on the Steve Allen Show. Not only did they win the hearts of the near sell out crowd at the show, but were hailed by organizers as having “a completely higher level of performance, sound, musicianship and star power!”

Join the movement HERE. And please share using #NoMoreWar.

Let’s all give peace a chance.