Tony Hawk Visits Skateistan Cambodia

Last week, Skateistan Cambodia had an extremely exciting visitor: international pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk stopped by to spend a day at the Phnom Penh Park to inspire Cambodia’s emerging skaters.

“It’s great to see this facility and that the sport is growing. It’s incredible what [Skateistan] is doing here because skating is a good way to get kids active and playing together but not necessarily against each other.”-Tony Hawk

Tony met Skateistan staff and students, helped out with some classroom sessions, and blew everyone away with his impressive bag of tricks. He also participated in one of our arts-based educational classes, making a mask out of an old Skateistan deck alongside students and volunteers.

Between regular classes, we held a short public event for members of the Phnom Penh community to meet Tony. Everyone was thrilled, as much by his exuberance and positive attitude as by his wizardry on a skateboard.

In an interview with local paper The Cambodia Daily, Tony said, “It’s fun here, because they don’t have preconceived notions about what’s cool…so you see people skating here a little bit differently—and it’s refreshing.”

About skateboarding, he said, “I would just like to see it as just another accepted activity for kids to participate in…and something parents can encourage. That’s all I can really hope for.”

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