Alonzo Mourning Wants to Help Your Kidneys

“These experiences allowed me to understand that I’m not here just for myself. . . I’m here as the voice of millions of Americans suffering from chronic kidney disease.”

15-year NBA career veteran Alonzo Mourning may be retired as a player, but the former Miami Heat star is fighting to help those keep their dialysis benefits.

Zo, who had a kidney transplant before coming back and winning the 2006 Finals with the Heat, travelled to Washington yesterday for meetings with policy makers and elected officials to argue against proposed cuts to Medicare’s dialysis benefit.

alonzo mourning

    Their issue involves a July 1 “proposed rule” by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) – the government agency that oversees Medicare – that would cut funding for dialysis by 12 percent,** or $30 dollars on each $246 payment that Medicare would have paid per treatment for calendar year 2014…According to community leaders, if the cuts are made, Medicare would fail to cover the cost for each 3-4 hour dialysis session for beneficiaries with kidney failure.  (PR WEB)

“I came to Washington today because health care for Americans with kidney failure is an issue I care about.   And when the leaders of our country’s top kidney patient organizations tell me they have a problem, then I know I have a problem, too,” said Mourning.  ”One thing is for certain: cuts this deep will have consequences, and those consequences will end up hurting patients, eliminating jobs, and reversing quality improvements that have been made in recent years.”

And according to a blurb in the Washinton Post, Mouring looked very elegant in a navy cashmere suit and ginormous NBA championship ring he won with the Miami Heat in 2006.’

Props to Zo for keeping it real post-retirement.

In his own words: Miami Herald.

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