Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian Charity Scam

ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ ran a great segment this week about professional athletes and their foundations. Of the 155 charitable organizations founded by top professional athletes, 74 of them fell short of their promises.

No surprise here. Really. Properly highlighted for their ‘questionable’ charitable giving were NBA superstars Lamar Odom and Baron Davis.

OTL nailed it…beautifully.

My best ‘simple’ advise? Always do your research: If the foundation website looks out of date or hasn’t been updated in a while-they obviously don’t care, find another and move on.

It’s generally safe to support those who are raising money and awareness for a particular organization or cause, for example, a number of athletes support Operation Smile. Most donate their time and celebrity in efforts to help others.

Athletes who set up foundations often hire friends or family and over pay them to run it, meaning they know how to throw great parties while badly mismanaging the funds.

Yes I could list all the mighty-mighty fine charitable athletes I know of…and I have, since 2004.

And I could call out all the ‘fake’ charitable athletes I know of, but I’d rather relish in the Odom-Boom I told you so moment I’m having.

You can watch the segment here:

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