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Rock and Roll CAN Save the World

Had the pleasure of interviewing Sepp from Blurred Vision about music, peace, rock and roll, John Lennon, children and religion.

PLease visit LTTS here to read what frontman Sepp had to say about using rock and roll to save the world.

A highlight of the interview was speaking about the damaging aspect of religion and Bill Maher:

    Q: Aside from effectively using music to promote peace, you are also extremely well versed in politics… it would seem a natural fit for you to appear on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’?
    I think it’s a perfect fit because we are the voice of today’s generation and Bill has always been the outspoken voice for many. I think one of the things we stand very much aligned with Bill is the fact that for our generation now, religion is losing its power. I think that’s a big thing because religion is really one of the weak points of humanity all over the world. With hunger and poverty I think there are those that use the concept of religion to feed off of those that are hungry or impoverished. So the more we educate the world, the more we feed the children of the world with good things, the less the chances are of them being preyed upon by those that use religion to brainwash minds and send them out to the battlefields to fight for whatever God they believe in or whatever holy figure they want people to die for. Hopefully we’ll be on Bill Maher very soon. We watch him every week, he’s spot on too.

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“Dear John” – A Global Tribute To John Lennon

Not long ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing the guys from ‘Blurred Vision’ about using music to promote peace…and this month, the band’s official video for “Dear John” – A Global Tribute To John Lennon – was released and invited Blurred Vision fans from all over the world to be involved in the video.

The band also included their friends from Hope North- a school in Uganda helping child soldiers recover from the trauma of war-to be in the video.

All proceeds from the single on iTunes is benefitting NYC based charity Whyhunger, where along with Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, and Carlos Santana, Blurred Vision are official ambassadors.

The band is currently between New York and Toronto, preparing for the release of their debut album “Organized Insanity” in July, and a US tour to follow…I will also be catching up with frontman Sepp later this month to discuss the new video.

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Keep Memory Alive’s 17th Annual Power of Love Gala

Keep Memory Alive’s 17th annual Power of Love Gala continues to grow with an extended list of entertainment icons and celebrities attending and performing at the 80th birthday celebration for Quincy Jones and Sir Michael Caine in Las Vegas.

The star-studded tribute will take place on April 13, 2013, at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino, while raising funds in support of the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and its fight against neurodegenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases, multiple sclerosis, ALS and memory disorders of all kinds.

For the first time, anyone who wants to support brain health research at Cleveland Clinic can contribute through a text-to-donate campaign that is now live. Donors can text “MEMORY” to 80888 to give $10. Keep Memory Alive also has a personal fundraising page that accepts credit card donations.

The celebrity-guest lineup for the gala includes… Continue reading

Lamar Odom and Khole Kardashian Charity Scam

ESPN’s ‘Outside the Lines’ ran a great segment this week about professional athletes and their foundations. Of the 155 charitable organizations founded by top professional athletes, 74 of them fell short of their promises.

No surprise here. Really. Properly highlighted for their ‘questionable’ charitable giving were NBA superstars Lamar Odom and Baron Davis.

OTL nailed it…beautifully.

My best ‘simple’ advise? Always do your research: If the foundation website looks out of date or hasn’t been updated in a while-they obviously don’t care, find another and move on.

It’s generally safe to support those who are raising money and awareness for a particular organization or cause, for example, a number of athletes support Operation Smile. Most donate their time and celebrity in efforts to help others.

Athletes who set up foundations often hire friends or family and over pay them to run it, meaning they know how to throw great parties while badly mismanaging the funds.

Yes I could list all the mighty-mighty fine charitable athletes I know of…and I have, since 2004.

And I could call out all the ‘fake’ charitable athletes I know of, but I’d rather relish in the Odom-Boom I told you so moment I’m having.

You can watch the segment here:

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