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Kelly Slater Wants GMO’s Out of Hawaii

Surf god Kelly Slater has lent his voice to Hawai’i GMO Justice Coalition in efforts to get the word out that the largest chemical companies in the world (Monsanto, Du Pont, Syngenta and Dow) now own most of the seed companies in the world.

What’s this got to do with you? Everything. Take 2.34 out of your life and listen to Slater explain it in simple terms.

Warning: Video contains graphic images of Slater speaking. Try to concentrate on his words, please.

To support the Hawai’I GMO Justice Coalition, check out their Facebook page HERE.

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Philadelphia Eagles Todd Herremans Talks Charity, NFL and Giving Back

Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman, Todd Herremans, now in his eighth year in the NFL, realizes the importance of giving back in the community and recently created his own Foundation in efforts to help where help is needed.

Athlebrities founder Delinda Lombardo, was happy to pick the NFL players mind about what makes him a mighty, mighty fine man.

todd herremans
Q: Tell us a little bit about the “Good Guy Award” you received from the Philadelphia Sports Writers Association-what kind of work have you been doing in your community?

A. To be honest I didn’t even know that the award existed until they called me and told me I won. It was interesting because they said I received an award for being cordial and a “good guy” to the reporters and sportswriters. I was shocked, I thought that is how everyone was suppose to act. They should have given the award to my parents for how they raised me. Continue reading