Celebrities Pose ‘In The Tub’ for Breast Cancer Research

Spartacus fans have reason to rejoice-aside from a new season, director T.J. Scott has put together a coffee table book of celeb friends posing in a bathtub-with proceeds going towards breast cancer research.

The project- currently on Kickstarter-needs a little help from us to see it to fruition. Take a look, donate, and yes, my birthday is next month and I would love it if you all donated to this project rather than buy me a gift.

From T.J. Scotts Kickstarter page:

For the past two years I have been asking my Actor, Musician, Model and Artist Friends to strip down and jump “IN THE TUB” to take their pictures and in turn many told their FRIENDS to strip jump in. Over 150 people have taken the plunge in all…So far my wife and I have financed the entire project out of our own pockets. Every participant has posed for their photo shoot for free. I now have a great publishing partner for the project ‘Design Studio Press’ and through them the book will be printed at a high quality have worldwIde distribution… This Kickstarter Project will help me finance all of the production costs… so you can have the book on your Coffee Table later this Spring…I was behind the camera so believe me I know – there are lot of intriguing images to look at… everyone threw their caution to the wind ‘A-games only’ for this project…

For a complete list of celebrities and Spartacus actors who got In The Tub, check it HERE.

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