Sloan Stephens Added to List of ‘Gun’ Tweeters

I’m really not sure what is going on with our athletic heroes…with this country on edge about guns, gun violence, gun regulations, gun control and daily headlines covering senseless shootings…why are we seeing professional athletes sending out tweets which seem to glorify guns?

As mentioned in previous posts, Roy Williams (former NFLer) and current NFL player Shawn Phillips, both sent out some not-so-nice Tweets which included gun emoticons and ‘cute’ little quips about shooting people.

And today, tennis sensation Sloan Stephens sent out this beauty to her 60,000+ twitter followers:

Is it too much to expect our sports ‘heroes’ be a bit more sensitive to…this issue? Last time I checked, sensitivity training was still in play? What about a publicist?

And what about the parents who lost children in the Newtown shooting? Is it unreasonable to think maybe one of them found a bit of respite watching Stephens beat Serena Williams, then began following her on Twitter and then Bang Bang in their news feed?

Just something to think about…that’s all.


*Note* As of today, Feb.7, the tweet has been removed. Sloane got class! Thank you girl~