Beckham Donates Salary to Charity

Soccer icon Sir David Beckham has left La-LA land for a sixth month stint with PSG-Paris Saint Germain and pledged all his wages to an unknown children’s charity.

“Throughout this time now I won’t receive any salary, it will go towards a local children’s charity in Paris and we’re very excited and proud about that.” –Beckham

“Blown away by the reception of the people in Paris…Glad to get so many positive comments about the donation. Victoria and I made the decision to give the wages away to a children’s charity. We are incredibly fortunate so we are glad we could do this with the club’s blessing. Thanks as always for your support, I will always do my best for you.”

Beckham’s donation announcement seemed to unfold via social-media, where Sir Golden Balls does a phenomenal job of keeping us up-to-date on everything Becks…and take note, Becks is constantly giving –back…it was just last week that hot-stuff posted this message:

“The world produces enough food for everyone but one person in eight is still living with the pain of hunger. More than 2 million children die every year because they can’t get enough to eat and many of those who survive are damaged for life. I’m joining Enough Food IF. Please support if you can.”

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