Oscar Pistorius Runs Like the Wind

Today, Oscar Pistorius ran like the wind in Qater to promote those with disabilities via the Doho Goals platform, which brings together leaders to solve the world’s problems using sport.

Pistorius, who as we all know, was the first double amputee to run at the Olympics, challenged an Arabian stud named Maserati to a foot race, and as predicted, ran the like the wind and left Maserati in his dust.

Over the last few years, Pistorius has successfully taken on a role to break down barriers surrounding the perception of Paralympic sports – and told delegates at Doha GOALS of his mission to extend this practically through work with his foundation to make prosthetic limbs available in inaccessible areas of Africa.

“Of the limbs distributed in Africa, less than six per cent are in use after three years but now we will be launching a new foot next year that is heat resistant, durable and will last between nine to 12 years,” he said.

In reference to the London Olympics and his historic race, Pistorius said the Games had transformed the way the world saw the Paralympic athletes:

“The British are very forward thinking and the staging of the Games there meant people were educated to see it as a professional sports competition,” he said. “They stopped looking at disabilities and looked at competitors, and now some Paralympians are household names due to London.”

And with this event wrapped up, we’re hoping Pistorius can give some love to the folks at Jawonio? For over 60 years, the NY based organization has provided support and services for people with developmental disabilities and special needs throughout the NY area.

They are also asking for the Blade Runner to visit ‘their kids’ in NY, as well as support their initiative to bring back the UN Treaty for persons with disabilities.

You can support them here by signing the petition.

For more of Pistorius’ charity work, check out his website HERE.

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