Athletes and Celebrities Team Up with the ILO to End Slavery

Athletes and Celebrities Team Up with the ILO to End Slavery

Chivas USA goalkeeper Dan Kennedy is just one of the celebrities who has joined forces with the ILO – the International Labour Organization – to fight modern-day slavery.

"Dan Kennedy"
The campaign, “End Slavery Now” is supported by a number of Hollywood celebrities and activists including: Cher, Mila Kunis, Ron Howard, Oliver Stone, Kellan Lutz, Sérgio Mendes, anti-trafficking champion Somaly Mam and Jada Pinkett Smith.

“I am proud to join the ILO in the fight against slavery,” Jada Pinkett Smith said. “When we think of slavery, we think of the past. But the truth is that three out of every 1,000 people in the world today are either in forced labour, have been trafficked or work in slave-like conditions,” she stressed. “This is wrong and it has to stop.”

Almost 21 million women, men and children around the world are still victims of slavery and forced labor. They are trapped in jobs into which they were coerced or deceived and which they cannot leave. More than half of them are women and children. Children alone account for more than a quarter of today´s slaves.

“For all of us, having a decent job with a fair wage, having our fundamental rights protected and having access to minimum protection in times of need is a basic aspiration,” said ILO Director-General Guy Ryder. “Sadly, even today, millions of women and men, boys and girls are caught in the nightmare of slavery and forced labour. That’s why the ILO is greatly encouraged to see so many leading artists join this fight. Together, we can make a positive difference and bring hope to those who yearn to work in freedom, equity, security and dignity.”

The ILO is the UN agency that specializes in the world of work. It was founded in 1919 as part of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I to reflect the principle that universal and lasting peace can only be achieved if it is built on social justice. It was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1969.

For more info, watch this VIDEO of ILO TV speaking with Jean-Robert Cadet, a former Restavek and author of the book “Restavec: From Haitian Slave to Middle Class American.” (The term ‘restavek’ in Haitian Creole means literally ‘to stay with’. Today it is one of the worst names to be called in Haitian society. Originally conceived as a system to send children to live with wealthier relatives in the city so they could receive an education and enjoy a better life, the restavek system has deteriorated in recent years.)

Take action and support the cause at ILO.ORG.

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