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Tippi Hedren Openly Talks About Death Threats, Congress and Shambala

Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of interviewing Tippi Hedren for Look to the Stars. Some of you know her as the actress from Hitchcocks ‘The Birds,’ other might know her as Melanie Griffith’s mother, I however, have been a lifelong fan of this woman for different reasons.

No, she’s not an athlete. But today I deviate because it’s important and it’s from the heart.

Years ago she wrote a book, ‘The Cats of Shambala.’ It’s a book that’s been the subject of many conversations in my family. At a very young age, my father instilled a love for Africa in me, a love for the people, the culture and animals.

Ms. Hedren’s book is about the cats at her Shambala Preserve in California. Shambala is a nonprofit animal sanctuary that is home to almost seventy animals including African lions, Siberian and Bengal tigers, leopards, servals, mountain lions, bobcats, and lynx. Continue reading

Ballers Give San Diego Youth A Chance

SDSU Graduate, and NBA All-Rookie of the San Antonio Spurs, Kawhi Leonard, is hosting his first Annual Youth Basketball Camp with a percentage of proceeds benefiting the Boys to Men Mentoring Network, (August 7-9) in San Diego, California.
Athlebrities stopped by the camp to see what this rookie sensation had to say for himself. After all, he’s an SDSU alumni. And although Leonard is notorious for being quite-and perhaps a bit shy-we had no trouble getting him to speak longer than our allotted time.

kawhi leonard

On College:
“I went for two years and haven’t gotten my degree yet, right now I’m not taking classes but hope to finish in about three-years when I’m established in the league, we’ll see what happens.”

On his role with the San Antonio Spurs next season:
“Pretty much the same guy, probably a little bit more aggressive, I’ll probably get more play since I shot the ball well and you know, you’ll see me being more aggressive and more comfortable on the court.” Continue reading