NFL Players Tour East Africa with OXFAM

NFLer’s Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin tour with OXFAM and inspire Kurt Warner to get involved.

There’s one athlete we’re having trouble keeping up with, Larry Fitzgerald. Perhaps the biggest ‘giver’ in the NFL, Fitzgerald does so much charity work, we could dedicate our entire blog to him and never run out of fodder.

The might-mighty-fine man has been documenting his various ‘charitable’ journeys via Facebook and Twitter, most recently, he checked in from Ethiopia.

Currently, Fitzgerald, along with NFL player Anquan Boldin (who invited him on the trip) are working their way through East Africa with Oxfam, where they just finished getting dirty in Northern Ethopia:

    “While we were helping out an an irrigation project in northern Ethiopia we climbed up the side of a mountain to try to leverage big rocks loose so they could be used to build a rock dam below,” Fitzgerald posted. “Once I was already up there I realized that the rock I was working on was also part of the foundation we were standing on! Turned out ok. It felt great to be working with others on an important cause. Thank you Oxfam America for letting me be a part of your important work!”

Wow, an athlete thanking a non-profit for allowing them to help? Pinch us, we must be dreaming. But wait, it gets better, doing ‘good’ is so infectious that after Fitzgerald Tweeted about his work with Oxfam, Kurt Warner chimed in:

“That is awesome… doing good work, we need 2 talk if there is anyway I can get involved!”

Yes, get involved Kurt! Here’s the link: OXFAM

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