Tony Hawk’s Twitter Hunt

Skate-king Tony Hawk is using Twitter again to reward followers with serious swag when he kicks off his annual Tony Hawk Twitter Hunt on April 15.

Hawk has been busy collecting goodies from companies such as Kohls, Birdhouse, Quicksilver USA and T-Mobile to give away to his followers…the hunt works like this…

Starting April 15, Hawk will Tweet clues to the location of 100 boxes of swag located around the World. Identify the location, hustle to be the first to find the goods and tweet Hawk a picture with the package in hand.

Granted, Hawk has close to 3 million followers, so lace up your Puma’s and get ready to rumble. Swag differs from box to box, but some are full of Hawk signed goodies, skateboards, helmets, clothes, food and drink.

Our only gripe about Hawks Twitter hunt is his interactions on Twitter as it relates to questions about the Hunt. Fans-who have NO idea what the hunt is about have been asking for more info, Hawks response: “The info is out there.”

Yeah, I guess it is. HERE’S a great rundown from last years event.

As always, thanks for reading~

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