Skate 4 Cancer Collaborates with Keep a Breast

The founder of Skate 4 Cancer is collaborating on a new shoe in support of the Keep a Breast Foundation.

S4C founder Rob Dyer and friends have been skateboarding around the Globe, attacking with the phrase ‘Cancer is a Dick’ while raising awareness about cancer prevention.

The mission of Skate4Cancer is to hype up youth on the importance of cancer prevention and community building, making S4C a natural fit for the organization that coined the phrase ‘I Heart Boobies.

Dyer started S4C in 2003 when he was just sixteen years old with the idea to skateboard from LA to Toronto while using the attention he gained touring as a platform to spread knowledge on cancer prevention awareness.

Skate4Cancer is self-described as: Our heart is pure and simple. Although we have expanded our reach over the years, S4C is still just a bunch of motivated, gnarly skateboarders who want to raise money and awareness while performing marathons across countries. We strive to actively grow a community that fosters discussion and support. We are a strictly volunteer based organization and we redirect any financial proceeds towards various hospitals and causes we believe in. Working with our community, we can use the combined passion to drastically reduce the presence of cancer.

Dyers journey across the globe has been immortalized in film, ‘Dream Love Cure’ is the official Skate4Cancer short-documentary. It was produced with the goal of enlightening fans and newcomers to the overall story of Skate4Cancer, its past accomplishments and hardships, as well as the new direction Rob Dyer and the organization find themselves moving towards.

Dream Love Cure.

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