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The Moses Project

The Moses Project

“I said back in 2000 that I was the world’s greatest athlete, and now I get the chance to try and prove it. I still love to compete. We’re going to have a lot of fun, and raise a lot of money for charity.” Ed Moses, stud.

Someone finally got it right. TV programming that is inspiring, heartfelt, thought provoking and void of egos…and the entertainment company giving it to us? Mojo Marketing & Media – the first and only of its kind whose underlying mission is to be an engine of awareness and encourage people to fully develop their personal social conscience, take action and get involved in making a positive difference.


The first show to come from the Mojo peeps is ‘The Moses Project.’ It features Olympic Gold Medalist and professional golfer Ed Moses as the sexy host and competitor for the new show that pits him against the hottest athletes and celebrities in different competitions each week…the kicker? All the money raised goes directly to charity…more than a million bucks to be exact.

The ‘Moses Project’ is just the first in a series of anticipated new programs from the company founded by Moses and Joy Stephenson. “There couldn’t be a better time than now for Mojo. But unlike other ‘feel-good’ fundraising projects that are oftentimes short-lived, Mojo is committed to ongoing efforts to benefit charities through innovative and engaging entertainment projects utilizing both mainstream and new media channels,” said company founder and president, Stephenson.


Mojo will produce original, compelling family-friendly content – including music, movies, sports, docudramas, concerts and reality-based content – that spreads the word about what organizations can do for communities and individuals and what communities and individuals can do for these organizations.

“Our first venture, ‘The Moses Project,’ is a great example of the entertaining and original work Mojo will produce,” said Moses, “As an athlete and Olympian who loves to compete, I can think of nothing more thrilling than putting it all on the line against other athletes and celebrities to benefit charity.”


More about our hot host Moses: The stud is an Olympic Champion, he won both gold and silver medals in swimming at the 2000 Sydney Olympics…he is a 13-time world record holder in swimming, the current world record holder in the 200 meter breaststroke, and a seven-time U.S. National Champion…he is also a professional golfer…he’s got a Bachelor of Arts degree in sports medicine from the University of Virginia…and, he is an active participant in events to raise funds and awareness for Ronald McDonald House, Mario Lemieux Foundation, Arnold Palmer Medical Center Foundation and the Joey Fatone Foundation…but wait, there’s more- he also teaches more than 10,000 kids and parents life skills and goal setting each year….and he served as the spokesperson for Caribbean Classic Golf Invitational from 2006 – 2008, a foundation which hosts an annual golf tournament in Jamaica to raise funds to place computer learning centers in Jamaica’s primary schools.

For more info please visit Mojo Marketing, The Moses Project Facebook Group, or The Real Moses: Ed’s Youtube channel where he’s got a great video-teaser of himself playing rooftop hoops with Michael Beasley.

I will have much, much more info available soon about Ed, the Moses Project and which of our athletes have accepted challenges from him. So stay tuned kids, I’m on top of this one.

As always, thanks for reading.

Camilo Villegas Debuts New Clothing at the US Open

Camilo Villegas, Debuts New Clothing at the US Open


I’d like to start off by wishing Camilo Villegas a Happy Fathers day…no, he doesn’t have any kids (that I know of) but if he calls me soon we can change that by next year…in the meantime, I, along with half the worlds female population, have been actively enjoying our kitten while he tries to keep his paws (and chin) dry at the US Open.

Rain has wreaked havoc at the US Open, giving us excruciating delays in play but more than enough eye candy to keep us occupied. I have nothing deep to report here…no charity to write about…no scores or pars or eagles or birdies…just some straight-up gratuitous love for the hottest and sexiest male golfer alive, Camilo Villegas.


If you’ve been under a rock for the last five years, the sexy beast hails from Columbia and although most of the worlds press refers to him as Spiderman, I prefer to call him Our Kitten…and it seems our Kitten has added some fresh swagger to his crawl? The latest improvement on his ‘move’ includes the ‘balancing of his chin’ on the ground as he lines up his putt…dear god, can he get any cuter?


Camilo can sit on a fence and look adorable…he can suck the life outta a can of Red Bull or sign autographs while maintaining that oh-so-serious kiss-me now look on his face…


But aside from his limber, libido-tingling, yoga-like moves, Villegas has been dressed to impress…All week, he’s been sporting the new “J. Lindeberg Art Polo / Camilo Villegas Collection.” J. Lindeberg recently re-signed Villegas as their brand ambassador and extended their relationship by collaboratively developing this new line of sexy garb…


Needless to say, the marriage of Villegas and Lindeberg is what dreams are made of…the debut of Villegas’ new collection at the US Open has defiantly added some color, sex appeal and flair to the greens. But its also about character…and Villegas is one of the good-guys. While he is intensely focused during play, he always stops for the fans to sign autographs…he seems to have a solid grasp on what makes a man a ‘gentleman’, a golfer a ‘great player’ and an athlete a solid role model.

Meow my sexy feline, ME-OW.

As always, thanks for reading.

L.A. Dodger Russell Martin Donates Big to the ‘One Drop Foundation’

L.A. Dodger Russell Martin Donates Big to the ‘One Drop Foundation’

It’s rare for me to have anything nice to say about anyone involved with MLB…but, once in a while, a player will step-up and remind me that hidden between the cracks of a tainted sport, there are a few athletes who are interested in bettering the world. And now, Los Angeles Dodger Russell Martin has landed on my radar after the two-time All-Star catcher announced he will be donating $600,000 to the One Drop Foundation.

Martin has been named spokesperson for One Drop, whose mission is to fight against poverty by providing access to water and raising awareness among individuals and communities about the need for mobilization to make safe water accessible to all.


“We take water for granted, but there are people around the world struggling to get it and that’s unacceptable to me,” said Martin. “You start making money and you can give it to wherever you want, but I wanted something close to my heart…I wanted to find something important to me. It doesn’t get more important than water, and when you think about it, some people don’t have it.”

Additionally, Martin has committed to hosting an off-season fundraiser for One Drop and is planning to make an international trip this winter on behalf of the organization that was started by Guy Laliberté, the founder of Cirque du Soleil.

According to One Drop, every eight seconds a child dies somewhere around the world from lack of drinking water and Martin has committed himself to making a difference. Current projects exist in Nicaragua and Honduras, while One Drop has also undertaken previous efforts in Africa.

For more info on Martin’s involvement, please visit his official website, Russell Martin 55.

As always, thanks for reading.

Laird Hamilton Tackles 110-Mile Stand Up Paddle for a Cure

Laird Hamilton Tackles 110-Mile Stand Up Paddle for a Cure

Big wave surfer Laird Hamilton is at it again…hot stuff and three other members of ‘Team Surfing USA’ are competing in a 110-mile stand-up paddle to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The hotties left Malibu on Thursday-taking turns on the paddle- and were set to land in Oceanside this morning…their arrival marks the first segment of a three-leg, 3,900 mile journey across the country as part of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s “Pipeline to a Cure” campaign to fund research into the disease.


They are scheduled to leave Oceanside on Saturday for a round-the-clock, cross- country bicycling trip to Annapolis, MD., before paddling 300 miles to New York City…its just a shame that more people weren’t made aware of this. A Google news search came back with a total of three articles in reference to Lairds current activity and back in 2006, the stud crossed the English Channel on his own signature board and paddle to raise awareness about autism.

Go get ‘em Laird, we see you now.

As always, thanks for reading.

Shaun Phillips and Charger Buddies Tee Off For Kids

Shaun Phillips and Charger Buddies Tee Off For Kids

Today, San Diego Charger Shaun Phillips was joined by his smoking hot teammates at the Maderas Golf Club in San Diego to host the inaugural Shaun Phillips Golf Tournament to benefit the San Diego After-School-All-Stars.

Phillips was recently named the spokesperson and sponsor of the event, and judging by the number of golfers and Chargers who showed up to lend their support, I’d say the San Diego After-School-All-Stars will make much more than a positive impact on the community.


But making a positive impact on me, were the amazing volunteers and dedication of Phillips to make this event a success. As I walked in, I quickly spotted the unmistakable strut of the Chargers in attendance, but was quickly sidetracked by the free tequila shots being given out by Atel Communications. (You gotta love the sponsors!) From there, I perused the auction items and dreamed of bidding on and winning the ‘Dinner with Shaun Phillips’ package…


The auction items were on display in preparation for the gala that night and without a doubt, and aside from dinner with Phillips and his abs, the best items up for auction were from artist Jorge Burtin. I recently wrote about Burtin and his ‘Pixaic’ mosaics in my ‘Art for Charity’ post (June 2). Burtin has been involved with a number of athletes and their charity work- specifically he donates 100% of the proceeds from the sale of his artwork to charity. His work and compassion for helping others is simply put, inspiring.


Also inspiring…were the Chargers themselves. Shaun Phillips was all smiles-and dimples-as he chatted with participants, red-headed bloggers, volunteers, kids and fellow Chargers (L-David Binn and Phillips, R-Matt Wilhelm)…he greeted each of his teammates with hugs, grins and handshakes and was genuinely eager to be hosting an event that provides after-school-programs for kids. “I was lucky, “ he said in a recent interview, “I had somewhere to go after-school and the help I got changed my life. It gave me direction, kept me out of trouble and helped me find the courage to reach my goals.” No doubt, Shaun’s goal has helped many kids in San Diego stay out of trouble. His support for the program is touching and sincere and I couldn’t think of a better spokesperson for them.

Phillips’ dedication to the organization goes beyond just hosting events, hot-stuff has pledged to donate $1,000 to the After-School-All-Stars for each sack he records during the season, last year he kicked down $8,500…next up, Phillips will be hosting his first ever dodge-ball tournament in November to benefit the program-and I hope to see you all there.

A big “thank you” to Shaun Phillips and all the sexy San Diego Chargers who lent their time and swagger to this wonderful event. If only we had more mighty-mighty-fine men like you guys looking out for the kids, then this world would truly be a better place.

As always, thanks for reading.

The Best Thing About the Lakers Win?

The Best Thing About the Lakers Win?


I’ve been getting a lot of flack for not being a Lakers fan…as you all know, I cheer for character, so it was hard for me to watch Dwight Howard lose to Kobe Bryant and Gasol. My distaste for the Lakers also stems from the behavior of their fans. Sorry people, but I’d like to hear just ONE Lakers fan give props to an opposing team-any opposing team…but I have yet to see that happen. Instead I witnessed the ‘amazing’ destruction of police cars, burning trees, broken windows and looting in celebration of the Lakers 99-86 victory over the Magic…

But…there are some good guys on the Lakers and perhaps the non-violent and sane Lakers fans will use their passion productively and support Jordan Farmer and his foundation?


Farmar’s gearing up for two days of fundraising to benefit a variety of charities supported by his foundation including Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA, Seeds of Peace Camp, Peres Peace Center Basketball Clinics, and others. The inaugural Jordan Farmar Celebrity Golf Classic and Gala will be held on July 19-20 In Los Angeles…the Gala will be Sunday evening at Ten-Ten Wilshire in L.A. and the Golf Classic will be held on Monday at the Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, California.

At the Gala guests will get to mingle with Jordan and a plethora of invited hotties and celebrities while enjoying the usual party swag- awesome food, music, and auction items to include unique sports memorabilia and event packages…the following day, athletes and celebrities will golf for the greater good. For those interested in a night of fun I highly recommend you purchase a ticket to the Gala because they are only $100.00 and it will be a sell-out. You can’t even go to a Lakers game and get out of Staples Center for less than that, so why not cough up a few bucks to party with some Lakers and their celebrity fans? (For ticket information, call the Jordan Farmar Foundation at 310 473-5445 or visit the website.)

Partial list of hotties invited to Jordan Farmar’s “All White Affair” include: George Lopez, Justin Timberlake, Jack Nicholson, Denzel Washington, Will Smith, Earvin Magic Johnson, Rob Morrow, Mia Hamm, Flea, Kenny Lofton, Royce Clayton and Darryl Strawberry (Huh? He still around?), UCLA coach Ben Howland, and Lakers’ teammates Kobe Bryant, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, Luke Walton, Trevor Ariza, Derek Fisher, and others.

Hope to see ya there…

As always, thanks for reading.

Soak In, Feel the Burn and Share Hope

Soak In, Feel the Burn and Share Hope

Despite the weird weather we’ve been having in So-Cal recently, it doesn’t appear that June-gloom will be making an appearance anytime soon…especially in Palm Springs, and especially on June 20. That’s because the Riviera Resort & Spa in Palm Springs will be going off for one of the biggest parties of the year when they plunge into summer with Solstice.

Presented by the Scene, Solstice welcomes the longest day of the year (June 21) with the longest day of partying featuring two huge parties, world-class DJs, and celebrity appearances…I for one, will be there enjoying the Scene’s two Saturday parties dubbed “Soak In” and “Feel the Burn.”

‘Soak In’ runs all day Saturday-poolside at the Riviera…DJs will be spinning records so you can bust a move while enjoying the pool or you can simply relax on one of the plush daybeds while sipping an exotic cocktail or enjoying a glass of Hope Wine. ‘Feel the Burn’ picks up where the pool party ends…the Riviera ballroom will be transformed into an “audio-visual feast for the senses” with some of the world’s top DJs and electronic acts helping to usher in the longest day of the year.


So what does this have to do with athletes and charity? For one, I’ll be there so take that as your first clue. Two, it’s summer and I’m getting out from behind my desk to frolic in the sun and may or may not be posting until after this event. (Girl needs a vacation badly). And Three, it’s going to be a weekend filled with HOPE…wine that is. HOPE is all about making the world better and giving people an easy way to make a difference…and ONE HOPE Wine will be flowing in Palm Springs that weekend.

The company, ONE HOPE, started with a focus on three causes: Breast Cancer, Autism and AIDS. Since their launch in 2006, they’ve added two more causes- the environment and helping military families. 50% of their profits are donated to the above named causes and so far they’ve donated hundreds-of-thousands-of-dollars to make this world a better place through the sales of their Hope Wine.

From their website: ‘To put it into perspective, if just one in four, out of the estimated 19.5 million women who are or will be diagnosed with breast cancer in the U.S. received one bottle of our ONEHOPE Chardonnay every month for one year, ONEHOPE Wine could raise $70 million dollars for breast cancer research.’

So, for all my wine drinking readers, please buy your bottles from One Hope and do your part to improve this world. In the meantime, I’ll be on hiatus until I-don’t-know-when and I hope to see some of you getting jiggy-with-it on June 20 in Palm Springs. Until then, be good, spread love and live Hope.

As always, thanks for reading.

Athletes Support Art for Charity

Athletes Support Art for Charity

Orange County based artist Jorge Burtin has captured my attention…not just because his artwork is amazing but because he’s raised thousands of dollars for non-profits, schools, universities, hospitals etc. And he’s also captured the attention of a few Athlebrities.


Jorge’s art form is called Pixaic…if you haven’t heard of it before, that’s because Jorge created it himself. Each piece of art contains tens of thousands of tiny hand broken squares of glass; it is the ancient mosaic form presented in a modern, pixelized fashion and no doubt takes equal amounts of talent and patience to create.


What I adore about this artist is his generosity. His pieces sell for tens of thousands of dollars each, but Jorge doesn’t keep the money-he gives all profits from the sale of his work to charity. All of it. When someone buys one of his pieces, they simply name the charity they’d like to benefit from their purchase and Jorge whips out his checkbook and writes a check directly to the non-profit organization for the market value of the piece.


Most recently, Jorge was involved with Lamar Odom’s fundraiser (above)…and is participating in San Diego Charger’s Shaun Phillips event later this month…Jorge’s donations from his artwork have gone to organizations such as ‘Black Women United for Action,’ Toronto University, Las Vegas Ballet Theatre, Hoag Hospital, Chai Life Line, and the Boys & Girls Clubs, to name a few. Perhaps his most famous contribution is a Pixaic of Andrea Bocelli which was auctioned at a Bocelli concert with profits donated to a charity benefiting blind children. You can even find a commissioned piece (by Black Women United for Action) featured at the National Slave Memorial at George Washington’s Mansion in Mount Vernon.

For more information about this amazing man and his remarkable way of giving back, please visit PIXAIC.COM.

As always, thanks for reading.