Michael Phelps Trains With the Navy SEALS

Michael Phelps Trains With the Navy SEALS

Michael Phelps recently wrapped up a trip to my hood-actually, a few miles south of San Diego in Chula Vista. Because hidden in Chula Vista we have a heavenly hotbed called the Olympic training complex. Last time I went there to watch the Men’s US Soccer team practice, I was not only amazed at how beautiful the grounds are, but by the lack of fans in attendance. Being well aware that Sir Phelps was just a few miles from me, I did the unspeakable- I opted not to hunt him down. Since he was holding a press conference on Saturday, I knew it would be a madhouse. Instead of fighting the crowd (paparazzi), I hit up a ‘source’ that was there a few days prior and he did an amazing job for me.


According to my source, no one had anything bad to say about Phelps. Some of the other athlete’s there- who were training in various sports- said Phelps was pretty quite and stuck to himself. Sometimes eating alone in the cafeteria-and some weren’t comfortable approaching him when he was eating. Not that he gave off a bad-vibe or anything, they just felt he needed his space. Had I been there? This would be an entirely different post.


In any case, we have something better than spies and press conferences to keep us up to date with Our Golden Boy. It’s called the Internet, or more specifically, Facebook. Granted, there are a lot of athlebrities and celebrities who use the Book. Some of them are run by an assistant- others are run by the actual person. Being ethical, I will always ask someone before I write a post or use any images from their pages. It’s a matter of respect and personal boundaries. Sure, I’ve read things on there that made me salivate at the thought of writing about it- but-I won’t cross that line…unless it’s a Fan Page-then game on. Fan pages give you up to date info, photos, personal messages from the athlete/celeb and lets you know where they’ll be for charity events or personal appearances.


Very happy to say that Michael Phelps has a great fan page on Facebook. His latest entry explains the photos in this post: “Hey everyone…I’m back in Baltimore after two weeks out on the west coast for a training camp w/ the national team. Gotta get ready for Nationals and Worlds this summer. It’s been a painful process getting back into training shape, but it feels good to be back in the water. Our camp was hard at the Olympic training complex in Chula Vista. It was nice to be back outside swimming in the sun and adding some color. But it was definitely no day at the beach. We actually spent one of the days training w/ the Navy SEALs…yes, THOSE Navy SEALs!!! I’d like to say that I did pretty good (all things considered of course) but clearly nothing close to the level of the SEALs. I must admit, it was one of the coolest experiences in my life. Not just going through some of the training that they do, but also to have the chance to sit and talk w/ them. After all, they (and all the men and women of the military) are fighting for our freedom and to me, they are the ultimate gold medallists!!!” (All photos courtesy of Navy SEALs)


The thought occurred to me that maybe Phelps was made to train with the SEALs as a sort of punishment for his oh-so-scandalous activity…but most likely, the stud assumed the letter I sent him came from the SEALs because it said: ‘Let’s see what you got tough guy.’ And by the looks of things, they gave him a way easier work out than I would have.

As always, thanks for reading. Delinda@athlebrities.com

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