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The Aura’s of David Beckham & Carmelo Anthony

The Aura’s of David Beckham & Carmelo Anthony

Two athletes I wouldn’t mind contracting swine flu from are David Beckham, and of course, Carmelo Anthony. I’ve covered their charity work but today my libido is in dire need of some non-essential objectification of our hotties. After all, this girl can only take so much…

First, Sir Golden Balls-who will be celebrating his birthday this weekend- caught my attention in the new Motorola Aura TV ad…Beckham is hawking the new mobile device, which retails for $2k and has a 62 Carat Sapphire Crystal Lens…

…props to Beckham’s camp for effectively, and continually, using one of the worlds sexiest men to endorse products. If others followed lead, I’d imagine we’d have quite an active ‘stimulus’ plan…speaking of stimulus plans, Carmelo Anthony and his baby blue aura once again have me forgetting my own name.


The Nuggets captured their first playoff series since 1994 after spanking the Hornets 107-86 Wednesday night. After Melo landed a 3-pointer late in the fourth quarter, he turned toward the camera and screamed, “This is my house.” Dear god this kids gonna be the death of me…what else can I say? His career playoff-high of 34 points is certainly impressive but I can only hope that when the Nuggets play the Lakers (exhibition game) this October in San Diego, I will be sitting courtside, trip him ala Larry David to Shaq on Curb, and have him land smack dab on top of me…If not, then perhaps I’ll finally get word from his PR people (a-hem) that Melo would be thrilled to give me an interview about all his amazing work with the kids. And just for the record, I can, in fact, conduct an interview while handcuffed to a chair.

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Hillary V Tenzing: Cricket on Mount Everest?

Hillary V Tenzing: Cricket on Mount Everest?


Two British cricket teams made history as they donned their black and pink uniforms, trekked to Gorak Shep and played a game of cricket for charity. Team Hillary (in black) and team Tenzing (in pink) played a short form Twenty20 version of the game on the sandy plateau located at 17,000 feet above sea level, close to base camp of Mount Everest.


The teams, named after Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the first men known to climb Mount Everest, made the grueling 9-day trek to play the game on a frozen lake near the Khumu glacier. The world’s highest match was held for a good cause…to raise funds for the Lord’s Taverners, a cricket charity for young aspirants, and the Himalayan Trust, UK, that was set up by Hillary to aid the Sherpa community that helped him scale Mt Everest in 1953.


Teams were aided in their ascent by grounds men, medics, spectators, and eight reserve players…according to PA Sport, ‘team Hillary beat team Tenzing by 36 runs with six balls remaining after locals helped prepare the pitch by moving stones, pebbles and rocks — sometimes with pickaxes’.

Team Hillary captain Glen Lowis: “It has been truly one of the most memorable experiences of my life, I cannot thank all of the people involved enough.” The teams were expected to raise close to $400,000 for the cause.

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Caddy for a Cure With Camilo Villegas

Caddy for a Cure With Camilo Villegas
I’ve met him, squeezed him, kissed him, smelled him and asked him to crawl for me…and now, it’s your chance. The kitten of which I speak of is-of course- Camilo Villegas. If your ovaries just did a back flip, then have I got an auction for you…


Our kitten is participating in the ‘Caddy for a Cure’ program where’s he’s put himself on the ‘I need a caddy” list auction. The auction is for an opportunity to caddy for PGA Tour player, Camilo Villegas, at the FedExCup Playoffs event, the Deutsche Bank Championship. The Deutsche Bank Championship will be held at the TPC of Boston in Norton, MA September 1 thru September 7, 2009. The caddy date will be Thursday, September 3rd.

Aside from touching the most ripped player in the PGA and getting an up close and personal look at his J. Lindberg belt buckle-er, I mean clothing- the winner of the auction will walk Inside the Ropes and be his caddy for a day. No golf knowledge is necessary…as I’m sure you’ll be given plenty of advise on which ‘wood, club, iron, driver, whatever’ the beast needs for any given shot. After all, even someone with knowledge of the clubs is likely to become distracted by Camilo’s biceps.

The winner of the auction will start the day by meeting up with Camilo when he arrives to warm up on the putting green…then you’re off to begin your day of heavenly bliss…you’ll be within hugs reach as he hit balls, crawls, stretches, swaggers, scores and slinks along the course.

According to the auction “you will get to know the PGA Tour player like never before with a chance to walk the tournament golf course, side by side with him, chatting about some of the great experiences of his career and wins on Tour” and you’ll even get to ask him about Delinda and why he (a-hem) still hasn’t answered her request for information about his Foundation. (Sorry Cam, you know I love ya but your PR peeps suck hard and I’ve got no problem saying so.)

In any case, it’s all for a good cause. Caddy For A Cure is an amazing organization that aims to increase awareness of and contribute toward finding effective treatments and a cure for Fanconi anemia, while contributing toward the awareness, education, and cures for many nationally recognized diseases and social and educational issues. They do all this by offering one-of-a-kind sports fantasies to caddy for PGA TOUR players in official practice rounds of PGA TOUR events.

And while I’m not a big fan of posting info about our hotties personal life, I do see that many of you are searching for information about whether or not Camilo Villegas has a girlfriend. The last time I checked, Camilo was very much involved with someone. They’ve been together for a while…so unless they’ve broken up, our Kitten is smitten. Sorry to burst your bubble…but I gotta say she’s a really nice girl…and no, I ain’t printing her name. (I’m sure you can find it somewhere else on the web)….

Now go bid on Camilo!

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Dikembe Mutombo Honored Again As A Humanitarian

Dikembe Mutombo Honored Again As A Humanitarian

In a perfect world, my phone would ring, I’d answer it, and it would be Dikembe Mutombo calling to say it’s time to come work for him. But in an Ideal world, Dikembe would be cherished and awarded for his unprecedented humanitarian work…and on Friday, it happened…Dikembe Mutombo received the J. Walker Kennedy Citizenship Award from the Professional Basketball Writers Association. In and of itself, that’s quite an honor, but this is the SECOND time he’s won the award, and the first player in History to do so. (Sorry Steve Nash, he beat ya to it)


“That Dikembe Mutombo would be the first player to repeat as a J. Walter Kennedy award winner speaks as highly of the honor as it does of him,” PBWA president Doug Smith said. “No player has given more freely of his time, his money and himself, on a consistent basis than Mutombo through the years. His and his foundation’s continuing efforts in building, maintaining and improving the hospital in Kinshasa are widely known and set a standard for NBA players, and frankly, athletes across all sports. The PBWA is delighted to present him — again — with this award.”

What more can I say about a man who’s been awarded the Presidents Service Award in 1999, inducted into the World Sports Humanitarian Hall of Fame in 2007, acknowledged by former President George W. Bush in his 2007 State of the Union Address for his work in support of African causes and continued to inspire an entire team while putting up numbers on the court?


I know I’d sound like a broken record if I went off about his decade long quest to raise $29M for the building of the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital and Research Center in Kinshasa…or how he personally kicked in close to $19M of his own money to make it a reality…or how he has promised to never give up his work to raise money for its operating costs…but I can’t help it. In a world where ‘hate’ sells, I will forever be grateful to Dikembe for his love towards humanity…for his unwavering responsibility of being a role model among professional athletes gone crazy and using his influence to do good deeds.

“The Congo lost more than 300,000 children last year alone from malaria,” Mutombo said. “The treatment will cost no more than $10. If we can come up with $2 million for treatment, with 100,000 people donating $20, there is a chance for us to really eradicate malaria in that particular area. …I know it is going to be difficult to stop people from dying, because death is part of our lives,” he said. “But to prevent as many deaths as possible, it is up to us to do so. This is something I will do the rest of my life.”


Although it looks as if Dikembe’s on-court career is over due to a torn tendon, the upside is that I suspect that we’ll see much more of him now that he’s not playing. “My prayer is that as many people as we have in Houston, maybe 100,000 will respond to my call to donate $20 or more,” Mutombo told the Houston Chronicle in March. “After that, I’m planning to go after every city that I played for.” The eight-time NBA All-Star and four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year has played in Denver, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Houston.


Thank you Dikembe Mutombo. Thank you for all the finger wagging, basket slamming, ball flying on-court action. But more importantly, thank you for caring on a global scale. We have been blessed by your presence and infected with your passion…thank you for not forgetting those in the Congo…thank you for making us aware…thank you for being you. You, my friend, are a necessity that I, for one, could not live without. I will be waiting patiently by the phone…

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Rafael Nadal, Sweaty Towels and His Foundation

Rafael Nadal, Sweaty Towels and His Foundation


Fantasy Friday is in full swing…and today’s tasty treat hails from Mallorca, tastes better than any tapa I’ve had, and has been busy making history while promoting his Foundation. No doubt my Rafa readers are well aware that our Spanish beast is vying to follow up his fifth straight Monte Carlo Masters trophy with a fifth straight title at Barcelona. I can almost hear a collective ‘Vamos’ coming from the crowd…


Nadal and Spanish former tennis player Manolo Santana exchanged rackets at the Barcelona Open a few days ago…Santana gave Nadal the ‘historic’ racket he used during the Wimbledon tournament in 1966, and Nadal gave Santana the racket he used during the Monte Carlo tennis open last weekend. But the event wasn’t just about exchanging rackets, it was a promotional event for Rafael Nadal’s Foundation: Fundacion Rafa Nadal. Word is that Santana’s racket will be auctioned off at Rafa’s next charity auction.


Keeping true to his humble self-Nadal apologized to Santana when he gave him his racket, “This is not so much history.” Not so much history? Can you be any cuter Rafa? Seriously. You’ve dethroned the world’s most arrogant number one, won five-straight at Monte Carlo, are about to do it again in Barcelona and have caused an absolute panic just for wearing sleeves!

Yes, Rafa has recently changed his wardrobe and it seems to be creating a panic among the Nadal Estrogen Brigade. Understandably so. And while I don’t really ‘cruise’ Youtube as much as I probably should, I’ve got some great readers to rely on for sporn-tastic video discoveries. Thanks to Ankita for sharing this video of Rafael Nadal with me…between the towels he brings home for his friends, his sweaty hair sticking to his face, his rolling up of the sleeve to show us his muscle, and his adorable way of thanking the crowd: “Thank you very much the crowd, I repeat everyday, but was always very nice with me” I’d say Rafa grossly underestimates his place in history.

But this is supposed to be a post about Rafa’s Foundation…which I’ve got to admit, is a bit of a challenge because he’s so damn cute I get sidetracked…focus…foundation…Nadal’s Foundation focuses on “promoting the sport as an integration tool for those who need it the most, such as handicapped, immigrant and socially excluded people.” (Sounds like an ideal place for R-Fed to get some help?) Please visit Rafa’s site for more info on his Foundation.


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NFL Creates New Position: ‘Director of Fandemonium’

NFL Creates New Position: ‘Director of Fandemonium’

This Friday someone is going to be really, really happy because earlier this year, joined forces with the NFL to give one fan the job of a lifetime, the first ever NFL ‘Director of Fandemonium’.


Out of the 300,00, only 32 were invited to NYC to battle it out for the position. Under the watchful eye of NFL beast Michael Strahan, competitors were put through a series of NFL challenges in efforts to find that one special someone who will take home the title of Director of Fandemonium-which (gulp) includes a $100,000 signing bonus. And let’s hope the winners got a great voice-as they will also be announcing the first pick at the NFL Draft.

The competition has been captured in a series of webisodes and in the latest episode Strahan attempts to see which contestant can ‘motivate’ his/her team with one word. Strahan, along with Rob Riggle, challenge fans to motivate their team with a pep talk which must include one of the following words: hot dog, pajamas, tofu, chicken soup…etc…(I know how I would use hot-dog and pajamas to motivate, but that’s another post.)

The Director of Fandemonium winner is being announced on Friday, so be sure to watch Strahan put the fans through the ringer by visiting

This video has nothing to do with the Director of Fandemonium competition, but it did make me wonder if the guy Strahan is talking about applied for this position?

Granted, there’s no ‘charity’ angle here for me to pump up…but I do love me some Michael Strahan. Met him a few times and he’s always been extremely cordial, approachable and nice to his fans. Plus, he’s always taking part in charity events-mainly golf. He’s one of the good guys and I love this ‘marriage’ of Monster and the NFL. Now if only they would team up with the NBA, the ATP or the EPL, I’m fairly confident I’d land the job of Director of Fandemonium….

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David Beckham Taking Aim at Mosquito’s

David Beckham Taking Aim at Mosquito’s


The good peeps from Malaria No More have just launched Malaria No More UK…and in conjunction with the launch, they’ve named Sir Golden Balls- David Beckham, tennis beast Andy Murray and Olympic Gold Medallist Denise Lewis as members of the leadership council for the new campaign.

The trio have pledged their backing for this British extension of a US charity that aims to prevent millions of deaths worldwide…I don’t think I need to remind you that malaria is a preventable and treatable disease-killing one child every 30 seconds in Africa.


“When you think that malaria kills one child every 30 seconds and three times as many under-5s as HIV/Aids, there is a desperate need in increase our understanding and awareness of this disease,” said Sarah Kline, the charity’s executive director.

Beckham: “It’s truly incredible to think we can stop this killer disease forever and it’s such a simple thing to do. For less than the cost of a football you can protect a family from dying. I urge the UK public to get behind the Malaria No More UK campaign to save a life and make malaria no more.”


Murray chimed in: “This is the first global charity I’ve been involved with in this capacity and it was an easy decision. Malaria is completely preventable and stoppable but yet it still kills more children in Africa than any other single disease. We can radically change this, it is a huge opportunity and I’m urging the UK public to help save a life and get behind Malaria No More UK, a truly world-changing and life-saving initiative.”

You know what to do…visit MALARIA NO MORE UK, buy a net, and save a life- it’s as simple as that.

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Michael Jordan Auctions Rare Air Jordan’s

Michael Jordan Auctions Rare Air Jordan’s & His Locker

I was never really obsessed with Michael Jordan like the rest of ya, but I must admit, it would be pretty cool to own his locker or a sweaty game worn jersey, no?

The Chicago Bulls have teamed up with Hunt Auctions to sell off a bunch O’ Jordan Treats. Sole collectors take notice-rare Air Jordan’s up for bids include: The OG ‘Bred’ Air Jordan XI (11), OG ‘Bugs Bunny’ Air Jordan IIIX (8), and the OG ‘White/Red’ Air Jordan XII (12) -and yes, each pair is game-worn by the stud himself-and autographed.

micheal-jordan-auction-6 micheal-jordan-auction-7

Other items up for auction include game worn Chicago Bulls home & away jerseys, MJ’s locker from the Chicago Bulls practice facility at the Berto Center, and more…the auction is now in the online pre-bidding phase and the live auction will begin April 18, 2009 at the National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame in Chicago. All proceeds earned will go towards the Bull’s nonprofit charity organization, the CharitaBulls.


Needless to say, Jordan is the gift that keeps on giving for the Bulls. No telling how much Jordan’s pieces of history will bring in for the teams charity, but for those out of the ‘sole-collectors’ loop, I’ve seen more than one pair of Jordan’s (unsigned and unworn) go for well over $10,000. Add his signature, DNA and a little play to the kicks? Priceless.

UPDATE: This auction raised $110,000 for charity!

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Hockey Players Play Poker?

Hockey Players Play Poker?

I try to keep up with what our babes on the ice are doing, but sometimes they fall by the wayside. Remember, this is the girl who asked Mario Lemieux (Penguins owner) who he wanted to win the Stanley Cup last year. Mind you, the game was in progress-a Penguins-Red Wings Final. Thank god he had a sense of humor and was impressed by my knowledge of his charity work rather than his stats.


In any case, I’m getting better at keeping up with hockey. The NHL Awards are going down in Las Vegas June 18. During a press conference this week, League officials, Palms Hotel peeps George, Gavin, and Joe Maloof, and others announced that the 2009 NHL Awards are to be broadcast live from the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms Hotel, apparently a first.


But the bigger announcement-for me- is that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman announced the League will be staging a celebrity/pro athlete charity poker tournament June 17. “For years there has been a charitable component to the Awards program,” said Bettman, “I am pleased to announce today that the NHL will team with and the NHL Players’ Association to present [the poker tournament] in connection with the 2009 NHL Awards.”

The “NHL Charity Shootout Presented by” event, will include NHL studs, NHL alumni and celebrity guests. The format will be-of course-No Limit Texas Hold’em. Hotties will be raising money for the Ronald McDonald House in Las Vegas and the NHL Players Association’s “Goals and Dreams” charity.


I suggest going to Vegas for this event…you can buy tickets for the 2009 Awards in Las Vegas at or at the Pearl Concert Theater Box Office inside the Palms Hotel. NOTE: Tickets will give fans “unprecedented access, including a seat alongside the NHL stars, celebrities and other NHL VIPs.” Plus, the same ticket will get you into the NHL official after-party at the Rain nightclub. See ya in Vegas kids…clothing optional.

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James Blake Given Humanitarian Award

James Blake Given Humanitarian Award


We all enjoyed watching James Blake bathe in a tub of Evian water and bounce that beautiful booty around the tennis court, but now I think its time to give him a little love for his off-court endeavors.

Prior to the Sony Open in Florida, the ATP handed out their awards and James Blake rightfully won the Arthur Ashe Humanitarian of the Year award for his charitable efforts.

Last summer, Blake created the Thomas Blake Sr. Memorial Research Fund at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in memory of his father. The Blake Research Fund invests money in leading-edge science in order to ‘speed up the most promising work and shorten the time it takes to turn laboratory discoveries into better treatments for patients’. 100% of every dollar donated to the Fund goes directly to cancer research at Memorial Sloan-Kettering.


This also marks the 5th year of Blake’s J-Block program…fans purchase J-Block merchandise and 100% of the gross proceeds are donated to charity. To date, more than $100,000 has been raised through J-Block merchandise sales…kinda makes you feel good about buying a T-shirt don’t it?

Anthem LIVE! is another one of Blake’s charity endeavors. The annual charity tennis exhibition, which is hosted by hot stuff himself, also supports cancer research programs including the Blake Research Fund. And despite his busy schedule, Blake always finds time to help to raise funds for the Harlem Junior Tennis Program and hosts the organization’s annual fundraising event each year. No surprise there – as Blake decided to pursue a career in tennis after listening to Arthur Ashe speak at an event for the Harlem Junior Tennis Program.


All this…and I didn’t even have to mention the fact that James Blake overcame a broken back, partial paralysis and blurred vision while maintaining his form on the court. For more on that, you can read his book, ‘Breaking Back: How I Lost Everything and Won Back My Life’ or visit James Blake Tennis, for more info on how you can donate to the Fund, buy a cool T and support this truly fine beast on his quest to better this world.

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Roger Federer Doesn’t Care Anymore

Roger Federer Doesn’t Care Anymore

Roger Federer’s tantrum at the Sony Ericsson Open has left me aghast. In case you missed it, the Swiss Mister smashed his racquet while losing to Novak Djokovic during the men’s semifinal of the Sony Ericsson Open on April 3, 2009.

Granted, had Federer simply lost instead of acting like a child, I’d be well over it, but I gotta get this off my chest…. On March 25, the ATP announced the recipients of their “awards” prior to the start of the Open. For the fifth consecutive year, Roger Federer won the ATP World Tour’s Stefan Edberg sportsmanship award.

Other-more appropriate awards included our Spanish delicacy, top-ranked Rafael Nadal chosen as player of the year, while James Blake nabbed the Arthur Ashe humanitarian of the year award for his charitable efforts. (More on that in another post.)


Interesting, no? Ten days after receiving his fifth “sportsmanship” award, Federer decides to throw a tantrum because he was outplayed? This would be like James Blake going out and kicking a homeless person after winning his humanitarian award. Come on ATP, can we please stop kissing R-Fed’s Nike laced ass.

“It is great to receive two more awards,” Federer said. “It is always important for me to be a good sportsman on the court and give the right example for others to follow and hopefully inspire the next generation. It also means the world to me to be the fans’ favorite player for the sixth year in a row.”


What is it, arrogance? A cultural difference? A sense of entitlement? I’m confused. Sure, I’ve met R-Fed before, and yes, he was sweet as a button- there’s an undeniable charm to R-Fed. He is a ‘nice guy. But a sportsman award? I think not.

How did he win this? Why did he win this? Because he wears blazers, he’s automatically a ‘gentleman’? Classy sportsmen don’t smash their rackets like a two-year-old having a tantrum because the “wind” carried his ball out-a-bounds. And let’s please remember his loss to Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open earlier this year. Instead of graciously stepping aside and allowing Rafa to enjoy his spoils, Federer broke down in tears and hijacked Rafa’s moment. Sportsman-like conduct? Not in my book.


And I bet anyone it’s just a matter of time before the ‘baby’ is blamed for his lackluster performances. Federer excitedly announced his news last month: “It’s not going to really disturb my mindset on tennis a whole lot.” Really? You can’t even play in the wind Roger, what kind of distraction is a courtside Mirka and mini-me going to cause?


The hypocrisy that is Roger Federer even comes via his words: “Thank God the hardcourt season is over,” he said. “It’s the end of the hardcourt season. I don’t care anymore. I’m moving over to clay, a new chapter.” Um, new chapter? You mean playing on your least favorite surface-red dirt? The one on which you have been the least successful? Good luck Roger, we’ll be seeing ya in ‘He Lost It Hall of Fame.’

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Dwight Howard Takes Kids on Shopping Spree

Dwight Howard Takes Kids on Shopping Spree


The sexiest Superman in the NBA just got a little bit hotter. Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard spent time yesterday afternoon making 50 kids from the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida ecstatic. First, Howard presented the B&G Club with a check for $20,000. And then, he took the kids on a shopping spree at Finish Line…each kid was given a $100 gift card to the store located at the Mall at Millenia in Orlando, Florida.

“I bought two pair of shoes, I bought a pair of Pumas and a pair of Chucks. Red Chucks. I really wanted the shoes,” said one kid.


“It was pretty fun, you know. We laughed around, made a couple of jokes. I’m very appreciative for what he did for us,” said another.

Each year, the Orlando Magic Youth Fund (OMYF) honors a player who has dedicated his efforts off the court for the purpose of enhancing others’ lives. So it’s no surprise that Howard has won the award three times. In addition to receiving the award, the player is granted $50,000 from the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation to donate to the charity of his choice.

Just a few things sexy D-How has done to enhance the lives of others:

Donated $25,000 to the Parramore Kidz Zone to refurbish the locker room area.

Donated $25,000 to “Blessings in a Backpack” to provide kids from Lake Como Elementary with a nutritious meal on the weekends.

Visited children over the holidays at Florida Children’s Hospital.

Gave 160 children per game a chance to see the Magic play through his ticket program ‘Friends of Superman.’

Gave away 100/$100 Publix gift cards and 100 emergency preparedness kits to 100 Central Florida families.

Donated gifts and met with families for the Magic holiday party with underprivileged children and their families…

I think you get the idea.  Dwight Howard is indeed a mighty-mighty-fine man…

Keep on keeping on D-How…I like what I see.

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Steve Nash Signs Shaq’s Shoe

Steve Nash Signs Shaq’s Shoe


Steve Nash has put a smile on my face this morning. Not for reasons that I dream about, but because he’s starring in some funny Vitaminwater spots. My favorite, of course, is his XXX spot in which he declares he’s faster than sharks while going through a bevy of sexy-poses, “I am great. I’m just like you but ten times better.” Now, there are some ballers who’ve got ‘it’ and some who don’t. Comedy ain’t easy and Nash has nailed it.

Below is another priceless spot from Nash…the Sexy beast made a visit to the Vitaminwater headquarters one afternoon. While he was there, he noticed Shaquille O’Neal’s autographed size 23 sneaker on Marci’s desk…Nash decides to “make it better” for her by also planting his autograph on it. “Are you F*cking kidding me right now?” she says to an oblivious Nash…after the shock wore off, Marci decided to auction off the Shaq-Steve Nash signed kick and donate the proceeds to Nash’s foundation.

The auction is live and the bidding starts at $13.00. And I’m pretty sure-as are the Vitaminwater people- that this is the only sneaker that exists which is signed by both Steve Nash and Shaquille O’Neal…to access the auction, visit the VITAMINWATER group on Facebook and follow the links…or you may be able to access it via Steve Nash’s Foundation website. Good luck and happy bidding…auction ends April 13.

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Michael Phelps Trains With the Navy SEALS

Michael Phelps Trains With the Navy SEALS

Michael Phelps recently wrapped up a trip to my hood-actually, a few miles south of San Diego in Chula Vista. Because hidden in Chula Vista we have a heavenly hotbed called the Olympic training complex. Last time I went there to watch the Men’s US Soccer team practice, I was not only amazed at how beautiful the grounds are, but by the lack of fans in attendance. Being well aware that Sir Phelps was just a few miles from me, I did the unspeakable- I opted not to hunt him down. Since he was holding a press conference on Saturday, I knew it would be a madhouse. Instead of fighting the crowd (paparazzi), I hit up a ‘source’ that was there a few days prior and he did an amazing job for me.


According to my source, no one had anything bad to say about Phelps. Some of the other athlete’s there- who were training in various sports- said Phelps was pretty quite and stuck to himself. Sometimes eating alone in the cafeteria-and some weren’t comfortable approaching him when he was eating. Not that he gave off a bad-vibe or anything, they just felt he needed his space. Had I been there? This would be an entirely different post.


In any case, we have something better than spies and press conferences to keep us up to date with Our Golden Boy. It’s called the Internet, or more specifically, Facebook. Granted, there are a lot of athlebrities and celebrities who use the Book. Some of them are run by an assistant- others are run by the actual person. Being ethical, I will always ask someone before I write a post or use any images from their pages. It’s a matter of respect and personal boundaries. Sure, I’ve read things on there that made me salivate at the thought of writing about it- but-I won’t cross that line…unless it’s a Fan Page-then game on. Fan pages give you up to date info, photos, personal messages from the athlete/celeb and lets you know where they’ll be for charity events or personal appearances.


Very happy to say that Michael Phelps has a great fan page on Facebook. His latest entry explains the photos in this post: “Hey everyone…I’m back in Baltimore after two weeks out on the west coast for a training camp w/ the national team. Gotta get ready for Nationals and Worlds this summer. It’s been a painful process getting back into training shape, but it feels good to be back in the water. Our camp was hard at the Olympic training complex in Chula Vista. It was nice to be back outside swimming in the sun and adding some color. But it was definitely no day at the beach. We actually spent one of the days training w/ the Navy SEALs…yes, THOSE Navy SEALs!!! I’d like to say that I did pretty good (all things considered of course) but clearly nothing close to the level of the SEALs. I must admit, it was one of the coolest experiences in my life. Not just going through some of the training that they do, but also to have the chance to sit and talk w/ them. After all, they (and all the men and women of the military) are fighting for our freedom and to me, they are the ultimate gold medallists!!!” (All photos courtesy of Navy SEALs)


The thought occurred to me that maybe Phelps was made to train with the SEALs as a sort of punishment for his oh-so-scandalous activity…but most likely, the stud assumed the letter I sent him came from the SEALs because it said: ‘Let’s see what you got tough guy.’ And by the looks of things, they gave him a way easier work out than I would have.

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Vlade Divac: Gone But Never Forgotten

Vlade Divac: Gone But Never Forgotten

“You gave us a chance to start fresh with your attitude, because there wasn’t any ego. The type of things you talked to me about, are the things I would like to teach my son.” Chris Webber to former teammate Vlade Divac

Sexy Serbian Vlade Divac may have only played six seasons with the Sacramento Kings, but his legacy lives in the hearts of his former teammates, a crazy redheaded blogger, thousands of Serbian children, and high above the rafters in Arco Arena. On Tuesday night, Divac’s jersey was officially retired after playing 17 years of professional hoops.

After the beast retired in 2007, he moved back home to Serbia, where he serves as a ‘informal’ adviser to the Serbian government, is the President of Serbia’s Special Olympics committee, and keeps a close eye on an international humanitarian organization. Vlade is, and will forever be-one of the good guys.


“It’s interesting going around the city, and people are still talking about our group of guys,” Divac said of his Kings, which won two Pacific Division titles and never had a losing record. “It’s fun that you left behind something that people still remember. I travel all around the world, and people are still talking about our team and how we played. We were an international team, and that’s one reason we’re still remembered.”

The emotional half-time ceremony had some mighty-fine men lined up to honor Vlade. Former Kings’ hot-hot-hottie Scot Pollard, Doug Christie, Chris Webber, Peja Stojakovic (Also of Serbia, now playing for the Hornets), Kings President of Basketball Operations Geoff Petrie, and Kings co-owner Gavin Maloof.

“You turned our franchise around,” Kings owner Gavin Maloof said before pledging to build a home in Divac’s honor for a Serbian family. “You were the glue for the team.”

For more info on Vlade and his humanitarion work, please visit his or

“I believe basketball provides today’s children with necessary skills to choose the right path in life and become successful at whatever they decide to do. Having been privileged to play basketball at the highest level, I believe it is my duty to reach out to as many children as possible across the globe and teach them the importance of respect for self and others, teamwork, having a healthy mind and a healthy body, and love for your family and friends. I hope that through my foundation and programs we offer, I can have at least a small positive influence in the lives of these children”. -Vlade Divac

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Carmelo Anthony Giving Away Free Haircuts

Carmelo Anthony’s ‘15 on the 15th Initiative’

It is my goal this year to interview Carmelo Anthony. I mean, come on Melo, how much love I gotta give before I get some back? Don’t make me camp out in front of ‘Studio 51,’ because if I could, I would-especially on Thursdays. And it wouldn’t be in efforts of just a chance meeting with you, it would be to see your work-product. And by ‘work-product’ I mean happy people. Happy-needy-people to be exact.


Melo, through his aptly named Carmelo Cares Foundation, is giving away free haircuts to 15 Denver residents in need. Calling it his ’15 on the 15th’ program, the initiative utilizes Carmelo’s Studio 15 barbershop to provide haircuts to disadvantaged children and underserved adults.


On the 15th day of each month, 15 kids or adults from a community group are chosen by Melo’s Foundation to receive free haircuts at Studio 15. Most recently, folks in need from the Family Resource Center, Denver Children’s Home and Excelsior Youth Center have all benefited from the first three events this year. If you’d like to support the “15 on the 15th” program by sponsoring a month in 2009, please contact the Carmelo Anthony Foundation via email at for more details.

And I’ve gotta take a minute to give thanks to the amazing team from Maroon Public Relations. They’re the ones who secure sponsors as well as spread the love about Melo’s latest charitable endeavors.

In the latest edition of Maroon PR’s ‘Insider eNewsletter’ they did a quick 5 question Q&A with the Nuggets Director of Media Relations, Eric Sebastian. For obvious reasons, I chose to reprint one of the questions…

Maroon PR Asked:  It seems that the media’s focus, at times, is strictly on a professional athlete’s game performance, and less on the positive impact they have on the community out-of-uniform. How do you think more attention can be brought to an athlete’s philanthropic efforts, especially in a market like Denver that has a team in each of the four major sports?

Eric Sebastian Answered:  “Well, I think a good deal of the burden rests on the players. The player really needs to be committed to his community. He can’t be half-hearted in his efforts or just think that attaching his name to something is going to bring him recognition. He can also go a long way towards getting the media to cover his philanthropic efforts if he has a good rapport with them. As a PR person, I can only do so much. I can bring attention to programs a player is involved in, but if he doesn’t appear to be genuine about it or if the player doesn’t treat the media with respect, they aren’t going to do him any favors by covering him. There are just too many other athletes in Denver that the media can choose to cover. (Los Angeles Clippers center) Marcus Camby was as adept at this as anyone I’ve worked with. He made time for the media every day – win or lose – and was incredibly involved in the programs he started through his foundation. As a result, the events he did for his foundation received a great deal of coverage and his image was impeccable in town.”

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