Randy Moss Steps Up for Kids in Need

Randy Moss Steps Up for Kids in Need

“It’s all about the kids,” Randy Moss on giving back to the community.

NFL New England Patriots Wide Receiver Randy Moss is all right by me. And I’ll tell you why…because for the last ‘how many years’ he’s addressed his controversy in the media-taking unnecessary hits for celebratory moons or making an illegal u-turn, all the while keeping mum about his charity work. Seems to me that dude needs a bit of good PR to illustrate that off the field-he’s matured into a mighty-mighty-fine man.

I wonder how many people are aware that last year Moss established the ‘Links for Learning’ Foundation? The foundation, which takes a special interest in giving back to the communities of his home state (West Virginia), plans to build learning centers in the most under served student populations.

Last year, Moss hosted a tournament at the Sleepy Hollow Golf Club in Hurricane to kick off his fundraising efforts…in January, Moss again flew under the radar and donated clothing and distributed food at St. John’s Episcopal Church…and next up was a charity softball game to benefit the Heath Evans Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children and families affected by sexual abuse…and I haven’t even mentioned the free backpacks he gave out to school kids in Boston…these are just a few examples of Moss’s good work that remain largely ignored by mainstream media.

Now, Moss has stepped up to help seriously ill children. His Foundation recently named the Starlight Children’s Foundation MidAtlantic as its latest recipient. With Moss’s donation, Starlight was able to purchase a ‘Fun Center’ for the Women and Children’s Hospital of Charleston West Virginia…and a Fun Center is exactly what it sounds like, Fun! It’s a portable bedside videogame/DVD/TV system equipped with 22 Nintendo Wii games.

“Giving back to these children was important to me. Watching a young man, Nathan, demonstrate how to use the Wii and seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces, well, that’s what it’s all about,” said Moss. “It’s a shame these kids have to be in a hospital, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have some fun while they’re here. As a Dad, I can only imagine the difficult situations the parents of these children must be facing.”

Starlight MidAtlantic works with hospitals and seriously ill children in Washington, D.C., Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. Just last year, more than 216,000 children and their families benefited from Starlight programs. For more information please visit www.starlight-midatlantic.org.

And a big wet sloppy kiss goes to Randy Moss for loving the kids and making ‘em smile. We see you now Randy, we see you now.

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One thought on “Randy Moss Steps Up for Kids in Need

  1. Mark Seiler

    Awesome… this is what we (humans) need. The people who are fortunate, give some of their ‘fortune’ back. I think it is so great that people do it and don’t go around and wave their hands all over saying ‘look at me’… just quietly helping others. I wonder how many others there are on the Patriots doing this?

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