Tattoos, Obama, Land Mines, Dry Ice, A Very Sad Swiss Mister and a Naked Tapa?

Tattoos, Obama, Land Mines, Dry Ice, A Very Sad Swiss Mister and a Naked Tapa?

My libido is clashing with my goal to write about charity stuff…so I defer to my hormones…yes, I am still crushing hard on Obama…and I’m loving the support our sexy new Prez is getting from some of our balling babes…Wizards beast Gilbert Arenas got some cool ink on his digits…talk about creating a ‘let-your-fingers-do-the-walking’ fantasy (post-manicure pa-leeze!)…but perhaps my favorite tribute (to date) comes from Sweet Melon who’s got my marshMelo’s standing at full attention. Not sure what he said because he keeps licking his lips and distracting me…

Poor Roger Federer

Despite the dry ice and on court massage, Roger Federer could not get by Andy Murray. Day six of the ATP Masters Cup in Shanghai…Murray won the match 4-6, 7-6, 6-4 to eliminate Federer from the tournament…seriously; I am starting to feel kinda bad for the Swiss Mister…

Baltic Soccer Stadium

I, for one, would think twice about attending the Baltic Arena soccer stadium in Poland…the stadium is being built for the Euro 2012 Cup but prior to any building being done, they sent out a gaggle of “sappers’ from an explosives company to test the ground for any remaining World War II explosives…And to everyone in Poland who didn’t think this was funny, I meant no disrespect.  Trust me, even if they did NOT send in the “sappers” I would still attend a Euro Cup match in the stadium!

Enjoy the weekend…maybe go for a sail? While I’m not one to run photos of our hotties naked, I cant help but post this one of Rafael Nadal ala natural…vamos indeed.

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