Celtics Crush Lakers for the NBA Trophy, Jemele Hill Gets Achtung’d


“It’s about team,” Garnett said. “That’s right up my alley. I’ve never been a selfish guy, or a selfish player. It’s so much motivation coming in here every day with the banners on the wall, and seeing the ex-players coming in. As soon as you come through the doors, see those banners and see the jerseys and the pictures, you know that you’re around something special.”

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Rajon Rondo gave us on hell of a show. But when Kevin Garnett put his cap on after the game, bowed his head and cried, I felt his emotion, and that of the entire stadium filled with love and adoration for a team that rightly deserved the NBA Finals Trophy. Sorry Lakers fans, but a 131-92 beating pretty much ends the debate as to who the real warriors were last night. It doesn’t matter which team you wanted to win, the heart and soul the Celtics displayed through their emotions, skills, and genuine love for the game was so overwhelming that if Garnett didn’t make you cry just-a-lil-bit when he said “I got my own, I got my own!” into Bill Russell’s ear, then perhaps you should’ve been watching something else.

Nothing like a little known reporter getting her fifteen minutes…ESPN.com columnist Jemele Hill was suspended yesterday after writing: “Rooting for the Celtics is like saying Hitler was a victim. It’s like hoping Gorbachev would get to the blinking red button before Reagan.” Sure, she apologized…after the backlash. “Jemele has been relieved of her writing and on-air responsibilities for a period of time to reflect on the impact of her words,” ESPN spokesman Paul Melvin said in an e-mailed statement yesterday.

WBCN radio hosts Fred Toucher and Rich Shertenlieb got the ‘fire-her-ball’ rolling when they called her a hypocrite-based in part on a April 2007 piece where Hill called for radio host Don Imus to be fired for his controversial 2007 “nappy-headed hos” comment. “He is routinely offensive to people of color and women,” Hill wrote, “and if he needs to lose his job to understand that there is no place for that, so be it.” Maybe during her suspension, Jemele can shop for a tiny Celtics jersery to fit the Hitler doll?

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