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Lakers Sends Spurs Back to San Longoria, David Beckham Gets Wet, Tony Hawks Jeep for Charity Auction, Pro Team Challenge Countdown, Interview With the Real World’s Greg Halstead


Yeah, its Friday and I need to give a shout-out to David Beckham for pouring water on himself. Golden Balls is training with England, who are set to face Trinidad & Tobago in a friendly match June 2.


The Lakers came back from a 17-point deficit last night to beat the Spurs 100-92 and win the conference finals in five games. The Lakers celebrated the Western Conference championship before their adoring fans at Staples Center last night…among those adoring fans…

Dr. Dre, Tobey Maguire (L), Antonio Banderas, Cameron Diaz, Denzel Washington & P. Diddy (C), and B-Diddy (aka Baron Davis) and Adam Sandler (R). No doubt it was party-time in LA after the game…but didn’t see any sign of a weed-stealing posse sitting courtside to supply a certain bearded baller who is too-ego driven to address the lack of character his friends have.


Tony Hawk has put his Jeep up on Ebay…from June 12-22 you can bid on a one of a kind 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon 4×4, which has been tricked out with all the latest and best features. The winning bidder will also receive 4 VIP Tickets to Tony’s tour and get to meet him…the best part, 100% of the proceeds will benefit The Tony Hawk Foundation, which seeks to improve society by supporting and empowering youth.


I know he’s not an athlete, but he’s certainly got the looks to be considered a hottie…admittedly, I don’t watch the ‘Real World’, but was asked to interview Greg for Look to the Stars. I did my research and after reading some of viewer comments about him-I thought for sure I was going to be talking to an arrogant fool. But it was quite the contrary. Greg was one of the nicest guys I’ve spoken to. He was candid, intelligent, articulate and confident. And the most surprising thing about Greg? Greg asked to be involved with charity- he told his PR guy that he wanted to do something worthwhile with his ‘fame.’ This weekend, Greg is donating his time to raise awareness about the Damon and Stella Foundation. For more details and my full interview with Greg Halstead, please visit Look to the Stars.


We’re getting closer and closer to one of the most highly anticipated charity events to hit the West Coast…the Pro Sports Team Challenge celebrity golf tournament will held June 7th and 8th at Eagle Falls Golf Club at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Palm Springs, California. Legendary all-stars from baseball, hockey, basketball, and football, led by tournement commish Charles Barkley, will compete for a total purse of more than $250,000 for their charities. The Pro Sports Team Challenge will also be broadcast nationwide on Fox Sports Net June 28th and 29th.

The winning team of sports legends over the two-day golf tournament will present their charity with $100,000. Prizes for second, third, and fourth place are $75,000, $50, and $25,000. Fans also get involved in supporting the charities through registering as a VIP ProCoachTM strategist for one of the teams online at For each paid VIP ProCoachTM registration, $1.00 is added to the charity’s purse, so register online today. $250,000 purse will be paid to the charities for each team, as selected by the Team Captains. Those institutions are (respectively): Baseball Assistance Team for baseball, United Service Organizations, Inc. for basketball, Operation Kids for football, and Hockey Fights Cancer for hockey. The purse will increase for any particular charity by $1.00 for each fan that registers as a paid ProCoach for that team.

DeLinda Lombardo

Fox News Jokes About Killing Obama, Offside Soccer Exhibit, Mike Miller & Wife Donates Huge to St. Jude’s


On Wednesday Memphis Grizzly Mike Miller and his wife Jenny donated $200,000 to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at the Memphis Grizzlies House-signaling the largest donation ever given to St. Jude by an individual Grizzlies player. Fittingly, the hospital named its exercise room the Mason and Mavrick Miller Fitness Room, after Miller’s two sons. “I love what St. Jude does for the community,” Miller said in a statement. “Jennifer and I have always been very supportive for what they do with children. I really wanted to do something to help out the community here in Memphis.” Now that’s what I call a-mighty-mighty-good-Grizzly.


They’ve got angels holding soccer balls and the voodoo doll used by an Italian soccer fan during the last FIFA World Cup in 2006…the exhibition is called “Offside” and is currently running at Geneva’s Ethnography Museum (MEG) in Conches, near Geneva, and aims looks at soccer through an anthropological lens by analyzing the social and symbolic dimensions of the premier global sport…adjacent to the exhibit is the Hooligans Display, where the anthropologists are studying the behavior of unruly fans who have no social dimension…but me thinks they should have a “living display” of hotties in post-victory hugs to effectively illustrate the symbolic dimension of John Terry and David Beckham holding each other tightly.


I know this isnt a politcal blog, but this has gotten my blood boiling. While commenting on Hillary’s RFK gaffe, Liz Trotta on Fox News Channel first referred to Barack Obama as “Osama” and then laughed that they should both be killed. It doesn’t matter who you support during this campaign, Liz Trotta openly joking about assassinating a Senator on national television is unacceptable and completely outrageous. (Although it’s typical of Fox News.) Her lame-ass-after-the-fact apology doesn’t carry an ounce of sincerity to it. Seriously, haven’t we had enough of this shit…watch the video and judge for yourselves but I, like many others are calling for everyone to contact Fox News to call for her assassination resignation although that will never happen. or 1-888-369-4762.

Kobe Jumps Pool of Mamba’s, Camilo Villegas From Behind, Joakim Noah and his Daddy, Yao Ming Feels Aftershocks

I am NOT a Jackass fan, but this is a phenomenal continuation of the Kobe’s public image repair campaign….


Earlier this month, NBA hotties and soccer babes held my libido hostage and forced me to ignore the hotness prowling around at the AT&T Classic in Georgia. My kitten got down and dirty, finished in third place (wahoo!) and finally, Matt Sullivan from Getty Images snapped an are-you-kidding-me photo-from behind of Camilo Villegas. ‘Nough said.


Today, President of the French Tennis Federation Christian Bimes and Former French tennis champion Yannick Noah unveiled the ‘Allee of Yannick Noah’ (walking path) at the French Tennis Open, at Roland Garros, in Paris. Noah is celebrating his victory 25 years ago, which was the last singles victory for a Frenchman at Roland Garros…ironically, this comes a few days after his precious offspring, Joakim Noah gets busted for drinking in public and having a stash o’herbage in his pocket…“I don’t understand all that fuss for just drinking a beer on the street,” Yannick Noah said Tuesday at the French Open. “I talk to him every day on the phone, he’ll soon come over to France to see me.” After Daddy won the French Open in 1983, he created a bit of a scandal when he told a magazine writer he smoked weed. I guess the French ain’t so bad after all.


Sunday, Yao Ming was at Lowe’s Motor Speedway shooting hoops with NASCAR drivers and learning how to change tires from Kyle Petty’s pit crew as part of a promotion with Coca-Cola.

But the big sensitive guy remains focused on the devastating after effects of the earthquake that hit China. “We have a long way to go to create a new place for the people who don’t have a place to stay right now,” Yao said. “Every day the number is going up. This morning it was over 62,000 people killed. We are very sad for the people we have lost in the earthquake.” Yao, who has already kicked in $290,000 and filmed several PSA’s for the Red Cross, led the crowd in a moment of silence for China’s victims before the Coca-Cola 600. “The best thing you can do for the government is to send money there and people there to help them,” Yao said as he sat in a motor home parked in the track’s infield. “But we also need to warm them. They’re hurt mentally by the earthquake. I heard some kids cannot sleep in the middle of the night because they’re scared. Any kind of help—it’s more than just the money. Number one right now is to save people’s lives. On May 12 people forgot about the Olympics. People forgot about the torch. Let’s focus the government and the people on saving as many lives as we can.”

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Lewis Hamilton Wins Monaco, In Defense of Noah Joakim, Lightening Strikes Two Gonzalez’s, Euro 2008


“I have to say a big thank-you to all of my team back home and over here,” said Lewis Hamilton after winning the Monaco Grand Prix. “And to all my fans – I know I have got a lot of fans here and also back home – I did it for all of you and especially my family who have been here supporting me all weekend and to my mum. Lots of love Mum.”

I’m not sure, but I suspect, that I’m one of the few who set the alarm clock in order to get up at an ungodly hour to watch the Formula One race. What drives me is the idea of watching Lewis Hamilton as continues to etch his name in the history books, and Peter Windsor working the pre-race crowd like no one else on the planet can. The rain added an extra notch of excitement and danger to the wet/dry Monaco Grand Prix, and Windsor asked managing director of Renault, Flavio Briatore, what he thought of the conditions…his response in broken English was priceless: “I believe everybody exciting because more danger we are more the people love it.”

Windsor attempted a conversation with Quentin Tarantino who was in the city for the first time…I got the impression that Tarantino had about 85 Red Bulls before arriving and was completely devoid of any conversations skills by the time Windsor got to him…and when Windsor walked by Nico Rosberg (who was wearing a massive sash on his head), coffee flew out my nose as he said: ”We see Nico Rosberg over there…interesting headband situation that Nico’s got going there, wont say too much more about that.” Once the race was underway, cars were skidding in the rain, and commentators were discussing the strategy of “wet tires” versus “dry tires” which only added to my level of amusement-especially when one of them commented on Hamilton’s tires: “Looks like he’s got some jolly-good grip on the track”…and did he ever. Hamilton grabbed the lead on lap 33 after Kubica and Massa pitted. “Even if I was to win here again, which I plan on doing, this is the best one. The first one. Just getting to Formula One and going to Monaco and winning the Grand Prix.” This is the second win of the year for the 23-year-old British babe, the sixth of his career, and makes him the first British driver in nearly 40 years to win the Monaco Grand Prix. The sexy beast now heads to Montreal (June 6-8), where, as a rookie, he scored his first F1 victory.

Stop the friggen press because oh-god-no, another one of our ballers got caught with weed. Chicago Bull babe Joakim Noah was enjoying his off-season in Florida when he was spotted by the po-po at 1:50 a.m. holding a cup of amber liquid which they recognized as alcohol- because god only knows you never see people getting drunk on holiday weekends at the beach…anyway, Noah was arrested for his “open container,” and taken down to the station where during a search, the officers found marijuana in his pocket. (Why he didn’t ditch it before the search is beyond me)…hot-stuff was later released after signing a notice to appear before a judge.

And this is news why? Obviously, the long-arm of the NBA law doesn’t like to think of its ballers smoking a bit o’ weed, but let’s be as honest as Josh Howard here…we all know ballers like their weed. I cant think of the last time I was in a situation-whether it be a bar, private party or post-game celebration, that the smell of weed didn’t permeate the air surrounding a posse of ballers. Why are people so afraid to say it? Why does Noah get ripped on in the media for something as innocent as enjoying his off time in Florida. Seriously. Noah’s a good kid, he’s stayed outta trouble, hasn’t brandished a gun, killed anyone, caused a brawl at a strip club, beaten up an ex-girlfriend, or raped anyone. Really, where are our priorities in this country…oh, wait, I forgot, we’re dealing with NBA rules here, where players cant get dressed or pee without prior written approval of the league…next thing we’re going to see is a Mitchell-type investigation, perhaps a ‘Mary Jane Report’ which exposes all the NBA players who smoke a blunt, have a drink and then pass out without hurting anyone.


This poor guy…former Blue Jay’s pitcher Geremi Gonzalez was killed after getting struck by lightning in his native Venezuela on Sunday. He was 33…and another Gonzalez got himself into trouble- Tokyo’s Yomiuri Giants infielder Luis Gonzalez-also from Venezuela (R), was banned for one year by Japan’s professional baseball governing body for doping. The douche bag tested positive for clobenzorex, amphetamine and parahydroxyamfetamine, all banned in Japanese baseball…and this is where our priorities should remain-cleansing baseball of all its roid-raging predators instead of honing in on peaceful weed-smoking ballers.


I love all things hooligan- Swiss soldier have erected a provisional prison in Basel, which will be used to keep arrested hooligans in custody during the 2008 Euro Soccer Championships. The ‘prison’ looks like its constructed outta chicken wire and balsa wood-ensuring that no hooligan will be able to kick open the door and escape or drop a lit cigarette and send the place up on flames.

Italian treats Luca Toni and Gianluca Zambrotta are gearing up for team Italy at the National Technical Center of Coverciano near my libido Florence…Italy has been drawn in Group C with France, the Netherlands and Romania for the first round which takes place from June 7-29 in Austria and Switzerland.


Do NOT miss this event if you love Will Ferrell, golf, and helping raise money for cancer survivors to go to college. Event info listed under Athletes Charity Events page.

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Man-U Over Chelsea, Spike Lee Filming Jordan Bio, Artest Interviews Kobe, Phil Mickelson on Entourage, Cooking with Cowboy Jason Witten


The first time two English clubs competed in the Champions League final…and Manchester United had to beat my Chelsea. Congrats to Man-U for taking home the trophy from a match riddled with rain, riots, yellow cards (8), the ejection of my Didier Drogba, a broken nose for United’s Paul Scholes, and the 42nd goal of the season for Cristiano Ronaldo. “I feel very proud for lads,” Ronaldo said. “This is everything for me. It’s a magnificent season for me.”

Maybe it was their shoes? Drogba and Ronaldo both wore Nike’s Mercurial SL boots-which claim to be the “most lightweight and innovative football boot ever produced.” Drogba, pre-eviction- on his kicks: “The new Mercurial SL defines the next level of football boots – it is like nothing I have ever seen before and I’m very excited to be one of the first players to wear this boot in the Champions League Final.” His United rival Ronaldo added: “Speed and acceleration are essential to my game; one second can be the difference between winning or losing the Champions League Final. This Mercurial SL boot is designed to provide the next level of speed.”


Spike Lee is ready to shoot a feature-length documentary about Michael Jordan. The NBA will kick in the cash needed to finance the movie, while Lee’s 40 Acres & a Mule Film works will produce it. The documentary will include extensive unseen footage shot by NBA cameras during the final two years in Jordan’s career, the ’01-02 and ’02-03 seasons…and Kobe continues his trend of good PR this week during an interview with Ron Artest. Artests interview with Kobe will air on FSN’s BDSSP, Friday, May 23 at 11:00 pm. Artest and Bryant discuss hoops, fatherhood, Bryant’s MVP Award, his Nike commercial and whether he really did jump over the speeding Aston Martin…the interview was conducted earlier this week at the Laker’s practice facility…if you wanna read a fantastic interview with Ron Artest-and get to know who he really is-check out Michael Tillery’s interview with Ron Artest on the Starting Five- and you’ll undertsand why I will never speak ill-will of Ron-Ron again.

And David Beckham eating caramel apples with his son Brooklyn, courtside at the Lakers, will never get old.


There have been some pretty great appearances on HBO’s Entourage, Kanye West’s two-minute cameo still remains the best, but perhaps the next great bit might come from Phil Mickelson? Big Phil spent two days this week taping an episode of the show, set to air in September, in which Mickelson is featured in a golf scene. Mickelson said of the show, “It’s edgy; the language is a little rough. But I just love watching that show.”


Rumor has it that Cowboys TE Jason Witten has agreed to ask his teammates and former Cowboys playa’s to appear on a new reality show entitled “Cooking with the All Pros.” Allegedly, the show will pair fans with players, and pit them against each other in cooking competitions. It is set to begin filming in late June. Five half-hour episodes will air in August on Dallas-based WFAA-ABC. The competition is expected to begin with nine contestants. The only upside I can see from the show is the fact that Witten’s charity, the S.C.O.R.E. Foundation, also stands to benefit as preliminary plans call for the public to be invited to bid on tax-deductible contributions toward the charity…and the top bidders will be on the show.

I’m taking the next few days off to enjoy the long weekend, the Monaco Grand prix and some much needed sunshine.

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David Beckham to Climb Kilimanjaro for Bono? Lewis Hamilton’s Playboy Adventures Continue, Matt Barnes Hoops with Kids, NBA KIA Cars for Charity

David Beckham has agreed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro after Bono asked him to tackle the grueling six-day climb to raise money for UNICAF. A ‘source’ allegedly close to Beckham told The Sun: “The 19,340 ft peak is a bit outside of David’s normal comfort zone but he is absolutely set on making the climb. No date has been fixed yet because David is very busy with his LA Galaxy commitments but he is absolutely set on doing it.” Rumor also has it that British soccer beast, West Ham goalkeeper Robert Green, may also be doing the climb…with that said, Im always a bit skeptical about stories like this- not sure if it started as a rumor or if its actually true, in any case, it would be one hell of a stunt if Beck’s actually hung up his soccer cleats for climbing gear and tackled Africa’s highest peak.


Lewis Hamilton went to the Indiana Jones premiere in Cannes last weekend with Vivian Burkhardt, a Miss World runner-up. (Kinda rude to walk ahead of her like that?) Hamilton’s latest arm-charm jetted over from her home in the Caribbean to join him in the South of France where they were Oh-God-No ‘pictured coming out of the Carlton Hotel together’…yes, just walking outta a hotel is enough to spark international chatter. A spokesman for McLaren said: “Lewis brought a group of friends to Cannes for the film festival after being invited to the premiere by George Lucas. He and Vivian know each other from Grenada where Lewis often visits for family reasons.” It remains a mystery if Miss Burkhardt will stick around to distract Lewis from this weekends Monaco Grand Prix…a publicist said: “I don’t know if she will be staying with him. He normally likes to concentrate before big races.”


Students at Washington Elementary School (Northern Cal) are gonna have a great day today…they’ve gotten two refurbished NBA regulation basketball courts courtesy of the Golden State Warriors, Toyota and the Good Tidings Foundation. The refurbished courts will be broken in by Golden State hot-hot-hottie Matt Barnes, who will tip-off a 15-minute game for students in the school district’s LEAPS after school program…Its just too bad there isn’t more good guys like Barnes out there. I’ve met him, and he’s about as down to earth as they get. He’s sweet, young and impressionable, so to see him stay outta trouble instead of hanging out with bearded teammates other ballers who are busy getting high on weed that their posse members stole for them makes me smile.

NBA partner KIA gave away four season-ending awards and topped each of ‘em off with a car. Kia Motors will donate an all-new 2009 Kia Borrego seven-passenger mid-size SUV on behalf of each NBA Performance Award winner to the charity of the winner’s choice. The following is a list of named babes and the charities that will benefit.
Sixth Man Award winner, Manu Ginobili’s Kia is going to the Roy Maas Youth Alternatives; Defensive Player of the Year, Kevin Garnett’s is going to the Boston Center for Youth and Families; Most Improved Player, Hedo Turkoglu has named Parramore Kidz Zone to get his, and MVP Kobe Bryant, gave his to the East Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club.

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Eagles for St Jude Auction, Fans Arrive in Moscow for Champions League, Earth Race.

CAMILO VILLEGAS BAGcamilo_villegas
Most of you are probably hip to the Eagles for St Jude program where hotties from the world of golf, including our favorite J Lindeberg clad kitten, Camilo Villegas, make donations for each Eagle they sink during play. In support of the campaign, Eagles for St. Jude is also running a charity auction, where you can bid on golf memorabilia, autographed items, and other cool stuff…like, being a caddie for Villegas for a day (current bid $500) or his golf bag (current bid only ($100)…all revenue generated by the auctions benefits St. Jude…


Unless you’re a die-hard Chelsea or Man-U fan, chances are you’re not one of the three people here in the States wishing they were in Moscow right now. Fans are converging in Moscow for the UEFA Champions League final match between Chelsea and Manchester United on May 21. Security has been vamped up, and fans from both teams were regulated to arrive separate airports in Moscow. Close to 40,000 lucky peeps are expected in the Russian capital for the match, which I pray Chelsea wins or we’ll never hear the end of it from Man-U’s oh-so-sweet fans.

Just learned about this Earth Race that’s going on, and I gotta say I love it. The goal of Earthrace is to set a new world record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe, running 100% renewable biodiesel fuel, and with a net zero carbon footprint. The amazing boat started in Sagunto, Spain and is also undertaking a two year promotional tour, visiting 100 cities around the globe. And yes, they just made a stop in San Diego where a friend of mine was lucky enough to board the vessel, which snuck in and out of our harbor in less than six-hours. Aside from running on biodielsel, its unique shape allows it to go through the waves, instead of over them. “The inside looks like a submarine,” said my friend, “But I wasn’t allowed to take any photos of the interior.” The Earthrace is a 78ft tri-hull wavepiercer that has been designed and built specifically to get the record for a powerboat to circumnavigate the globe. She is an advanced endurance vessel, capable of submarining up to 23-feet underwater as she powers across oceans…check her out, follow her journey, and support the cause by visiting

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Lebron James Is An idiot, Paul Smith Makes Manchester United Look Good, Chelsea in Armani, Yao Ming Films PSA’s for Earthquake Relief, Vince Young Slams Tequila Topless with his Posse?


This one literally had me spitting coffee outta my nose…the most self-centered player in the NBA, who has time and time again shied away from signing ‘Save Darfur’ petitions or taking a stance on the sweatshops used by his endorsers-is NOW deciding that its time to jump on the bandwagon and get himself some good PR? Sell it to someone else LeBron. “When you get to a point where you just see human rights not being treated fairly, as athletes, we should all speak up” – Cavaliers F LeBron James, interviewed for ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” Sunday, on speaking out about China’s humans right record while participating in the Beijing Olympics.

When I say that Man-U is looking good, I’m not talking about their upcoming match against Chelsea, I’m talking about looking good in the same sense that Dolce & Gabbana transformed Team Italy into the 2006 pin-up Gods. British designer Paul Smith has gotten his threads on the babes from Manchester United Football Club, supplying the team with formal wear and accessories for the next three years. “The outfits are outstanding. This is a Club with a rich heritage and one that has a clear sense of identity. Sir Paul has recognized that, while providing clothing that will be the envy of every other Club,” said Sir Alex Ferguson…

The first designs will be worn in June 2008 to the European Cup Final in Moscow. “We were very privileged to be asked to make the suits; the suit is a two button slim navy 100% mohair with specially designed lining with red panels and striped piping. The team crest has been made from gold and silver thread and is sewn to the top pocket to give a club blazer feel. As we are famous for stripes we decided on a tie with diagonal stripes in optimistic colors, designed exclusively for the team. It is worn with a white shirt and we have made a special belt which has the crest printed inside on the tip. Finally, we have supplied luggage for the team in a striped fabric inspired by traditional English suiting.”

chelsea armani
If the suspense of the May 21st showdown between the two hottest clubs in the world isnt enough, at least we know who’s gonna be the best dressed. Chelsea babes have opted to wear their sexy Giorgio Armani garb. Chelsea 1, Man-U 0.


I don’t know if Yao Ming is really THAT big, or if Denise Bishop of the Red Cross is THAT small, in any case, the big guy is taking action and has filmed several PSA’s asking for aid for the victims of the earthquake in China…but Yao isnt just asking for help, he’s already kicked in close to $72,000 for the victims. “This is only the first contribution from Yao,” said Lu Hao, the head of Yao’s management team in Beijing. “He will follow it up when he returns to the country.” The Red Cross Society of China has also opened several bank accounts and hotlines to receive donations for the victims of the 7.8-magnitude quake that hit Monday and killed thousands of people.

Sometimes I simply can not resist highlighting the stupid shit some of these guys get into…this weeks winner is Vince Young and his Patron chugging, topless posse of dudes, checking each other out, drunk as hell and clearly aware that there is a camera in the room but not a female in sight…and oh how I’d love to be a fly on the wall in the Titans locker room or his mangers office as he gets lectured about this less-than-ideal PR…I curse my morals because if I had the balls to open up my ‘vault’ of secret ‘drunk-smoking-married-topless-wanna-be-rappers-bitching-about-their-marketing-agents-while-raiding-a-mini-bar-and-partying-their-asses-off’ images I suspect I may actually make money…until then, ya’all gotta go elsewhere for that, like, the source of these lovely images.

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UEFA Cup Win by Zenit, GolTV Scores, Beckham Benched at Lakers Game, Lewis Hamilton’s Diamond Encrusted Helmut, Laird Hamilton Launches Clothing Line


On Wednesday night in England, Zenit St. Petersburg’s UEFA Cup victory over the Glasgow Rangers was marred by fan violence. Who would have guessed? ‘Hey, let’s fill a stadium with Scottish fans, and get more than 100,000 to watch the match in downtown Manchester on giant screens and see what happens as Zenit becomes the second Russian team in four seasons to win Europe’s No. 2 club tournament…“As a result, a small number of supporters—who until that point had been largely well-behaved and had been enjoying the carnival atmosphere—became frustrated and started to pelt the screen with beer bottles,” Manchester Police said in a statement. “Council workers attempted to repair the screen, however these attempts failed and supporters, many of which had been drinking heavily for a number of hours, became increasingly frustrated.”

And this is why you should be watching the games on TV, GolTV to be precise. GolTv has just announced the addition of four new original programs. The 2010 World Cup soccer coverage will follow all the action through the championship game of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa; The Soccer Cam features content captured by the fans themselves: Fantasy Goal will allow fans to practice their coaching, recruiting and team management skills as they create and their own fantasy teams…and finally, the Kings of Club is a 10-episode half-hour GolTV original series that examines top soccer clubs from around the world, and in a documentary-style format, examines why they are “kings” in their respective countries and features behind-the-scenes interviews with hotties themselves.


Jack Nicholson used to be the star-courtside attraction at the Lakers game, but thankfully he has been upstaged by Sir Golden Balls himself, Mr. David Beckham. Beck’s watched the Lakers take Game 5 from the Utah Jazz 111-104. I’ve been told the players don’t get star-struck, but I dunno…


Lewis Hamilton was presented with a Steinmetz Forevermark diamond encrusted helmet ahead of the forth coming Monaco Grand Prix…along the top of the helmet is Hamilton’s signature lined in diamonds…and no, I don’t think he’s gonna race in it.


Another Hamilton who should be encrusted with diamonds is surf/skate king Laird Hamilton. Laird has signed a deal with Steve & Barry’s for a new surf and skate apparel line called Wonderwall, which debuts to day. Keeping in line with Steve & Barry’s delivery of affordably priced merchandise, every Wonderwall item is priced under $9.98. 165-items are available, including graphic t-shirts, board shorts, woven shirts, cargo shorts, and accessories…AND, Laird is donating proceeds from one of the collections to help battle autism. Items include a unique, limited edition graphic t-shirt with a portion of sales of the shirt going to Talk About Curing Autism (TACA). “Autism is a cause that is close to my heart,” purred Laird, “It touches the lives of so many families, and I’m very proud we’re able to support TACA’s efforts through Wonderwall.” NOTE: Laird Hamilton will be at the Steve & Barry’s store at Horton Plaza, in San Diego, on May 17, high noon, to sign autographs so giddy on over there if you can.


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Lewis Hamilton Nabs Reebok to Out-Earn David Beckham, LaDainian Joins Gatorade, Gatorade Tiger Moonshot Challenge Longest Drive Contest

Formula One’s most marketable driver, Lewis Hamilton, just landed himself a deal with Reebok worth about $19.4M. The deal names Hamilton one of the company’s global brand ambassadors, along with Thierry Henry, Andriy Shevchenko and boxer Amir Khan. Plus, he’s also working on a deal with Pepsi that could be worth as much as the Reebok one…Its not like the 23-year-old needs any more income to hide from British authorities, over the next five years, he’ll earn $145.7M in salary; made about $2M for his autobiography; gets free Lear jet rides from Bombardier on their luxury planes; gets free oil from team sponsor Mobile; Vodafone doesn’t send him a phone bill; Tag Heuer throws watches at him, Hugo Boss gives him free clothing; and of course all his Hilton hotel suites are gratis…Hamilton’s combined deals earn him more than David Beckham, whose salary and endorsement deals are hovering at a measly estimate of about $31M a year.

Joining the likes of Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Derek Jeter, Kevin Garnett and Peyton Manning, one of my hometown hotties, Charger LaDainian Tomlinson, has announced a new deal with Gatorade. “Gatorade has been a part of my game for years because its proven time and again it works for me and for a lot of the greatest athletes in sports,” said Tomlinson. “One of the major reasons I chose Gatorade is because they are the experts — they know what they’re doing. I’m looking forward to working with Gatorade scientists to develop a hydration strategy that will make my game even stronger.”
In his first role as a Gator-babe, LT will take part in the ‘Gatorade Tiger Moonshot Challenge Longest Drive Contest’ in San Diego, Thursday, May 15 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Seaport Village. The challenge is simply to hit the longest drive in a golf simulator. Gatorade Tiger will name a male and female winner, and finalists will fly to New York City to compete in the Championship Event in Times Square on June 11th. At that competition two champions will win the opportunity to create their own “out of this world” experience worth up to $125,000. On behalf of fans who participate in the event, Gatorade Tiger will donate $100,000 to the Tiger Woods Foundation. The challenge will also take place in Dallas, Tuesday, May 20, Victory Park, w/Dirk Nowitzki; Chicago, Thursday, May 29, Pioneer Court, w/Derrek Lee; Miami, Thursday, June 5, Bayfront Park, w/ Bill Parcells; New York, Wednesday, June 11, Military Island in Times Square w/ Jimmie Johnson & a celebrity guest. (

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Put Words in Kelly Slater’s Mouth, Francesco Totti, John Terry in a Sling, Sidney Crosby, Lewis Hamilton Places Second, Mike Tyson Trying to Reinvent Himself, Francois Sterchele, Olympic Torch in My Family, Atlanta Hawks Give Some Love

Brickfish and wanna give away a new surfboard and wetsuit to the person who can come up with the most creative caption for the above photo of sir hotness Kelly Slater. As you may have guessed, my caption wouldn’t be suitable for print, so Ill just direct you to the “Slater Sez” Photo Caption Challenge located at Mike Matey, VP of marketing for Surfline: “Since there are so many ways people can go with this photo, it will be fun to tap into the community’s creativity and spread the passion for surf across the Web.” (Did he just use tap, passion and spread in the same sentence?) Contest ends June 19.


Precious…NBA Hall of Famer and Atlanta Hawk legend Dominique Wilkins, along with coolest named Hawk, Zaza Pachulia, conducted a basketball clinic for young fans at the NBA Nation tour stop May 10, 2008 in Atlanta, the event included a Kia Skills Challenge…

What does Mike Tyson have to say about his life? “I look at it now, and I’m embarrassed I did it.” Tyson is so embarrassed that he’s taking his shame to the Cannes Film Festival in France this week to premier ‘Tyson’ a new uncreatively titled documentary about his life. The film includes interviews of Tyson from last year while he was in rehab and plans “to reintroduce” Tyson…a memoir is soon to follow. And let’s put a cherry on the top of this story…the films producer made me laugh my ass off after reading one of his selling points: “I just showed it to Warren [Beatty] and Annette [Bening], and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen [Beatty] choke up over a movie.” (Guess he didn’t see Reds?)

Francesco Totti and his precious offspring, Cristian after AS Roma won 2-1…In efforts to keep the death toll down, AS Roma fans will be banned from the Serie A title at Catania this weekend because of fears they could incite riots. (Dah) To take the title, Roma needs to win and Inter Milan needs to lose. Last year, authorities banned Catania fans from attending home games for several months after a policeman was killed in rioting by fans. Mom always said ‘don’t go to a game in Catania…’

John Terry dislocated his shoulder during Chelsea’s draw, which gave Manchester United enough room to win the Premiership and I don’t wanna talk about it again until May 21…when the two face off in the UEFA Champions League…which is being promoted with a massive trophy made of more than 5,000 beers cans.

Sidney Crosby spoke to the media after the Penguins took a 2-0 lead in the series on Sunday…game three of the Eastern Conference Finals of the 2008 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs is tonight. And if Sidney Crosby gets any hotter my cougar claws are gonna come out with a vengeance.

Since I’ve soured a bit on Tiger Woods, I was happy to see Sergio Garcia win the Players Championship and thank Tiger for not playing…and while Sergio may have won the event, a levitating Ian Poulter upstaged him.

Lewis Hamilton finished second in the Turkish Grand Prix…before the start, Hamilton had been told by McLaren’s strategy team that fifth place was about the best he could hope for. Not. The most successful rookie in Formula One history took the wheel, passed his team-mate, Heikki Kovalainen, and never looked back.


Belgian soccer babe Francois Sterchele was speeding in his Porshe on his way home at around 03:00 AM on May 8 when he crashed, was thrown from the car, and killed. His funeral ceremony was held today in the Saint-Remy church. Rest in peace my friend, rest in peace.


Sure, I’ve been very vocal about my distain for the Chinese government and their foreign policies, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna ignore ALL the torch bearers, especially this squeezable 94-year old who carried the Torch through the capital of Fuzhou…and it just so happens, that Chunkun Ou is my grand-father in law, and I was extremely proud to see him live out his dream of carrying the torch before his failing eyesite prevented him from taking part.

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Chris Paul Honors Fan, Prince William Plays Soccer, Kyle Korver Calls for Converse Designs, Lewis Hamilton as Apollo, Mirka Sleeps as Federer Flops, Crybaby T’s for Sexson?

Hands down, Chris Paul is the best guy in the NBA. From his unselfish play to his tireless charitable efforts, he seems to be redefining the definition of what it is to be good. I cant even remember the last time a NBA player paid tribute to a fan…but last night, Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) laced up a pair of kicks after writing a name on them: Brian. Brian considered Chris Paul his ‘hero’ but died from cancer on May 5 before he could meet him. CP wore the kicks during the warm-up before facing the San Longoria Spurs in game three of the Western Conference Quarterfinals…Go Hornets.

Gotta say, little Prince William has grown into quite a handsome young man…adding some extra yumminess to his royal-self, Prince William attended an English Football Association skills session at St Aidan’s Primary School in England today. He visited the school to see first-hand the English Football Association’s Skills Program in action. William became president of the Football Association two years ago and met with FA coaches and kids during their warm-up sessions.

It’s about friggen time! One of the nicest and most marketable NBA players has been dodging the spotlight for way too long, and finally, Kyle Korver is giving us some off court heat-and wouldn’t ya know its for charity…Korver has teamed up with Converse to launch a contest called MyChucks, which invites fans to design a Chuck Taylor All Star shoe with the chance of having their design produced by Converse. As part of the contest, Kyle Korver submitted his own design, along with a video of him designing his shoe and explaining the process. Korver’s shoe has pinstripes to represent all of the people in his life, and a red stripe to represent himself and his desire to be an original. Converse will produce 226 pairs of the shoe, which pays homage to Korver’s jersey number 26, and will be donated to the Kyle Korver Foundation, whose mission is to make a positive impact on the lives of under-privileged children by improving the quality of life for disadvantaged youth and their families.

“My grandmother was an art teacher and she helped begin my interest in design at a young age. I enjoyed it so much that I majored in visual communications in college, and I’ve had a passion for art and design ever since,” said Utah Jazz forward Kyle Korver. “I’m known as a basketball player but basketball isn’t everything that defines me, and I’ve always looked for opportunities to express myself off the court. I’m very excited for the MyChucks contest because it gives people the opportunity to express themselves by using the most iconic shoe of all time.” To enter the contest, visit

Okay, I gotta say we all make mistakes when we’re young, right? The Turkish Grand Prix is this Sunday, and in preparation for it, Lewis Hamilton (you know I adore you, but) pulled off one of the most uh, embarrassing stunts to date. Hamilton, during a promo for Vodafone, actually appeared onstage Thursday in Istanbul, Turkey, where he played the role of the Greek God Apollo as part of a performance of ‘Fire of Anatolia’, and he flew around the stage as a mock battle for Troy was being fought. Hamilton: “For sure if I had to wear some strange Borat crazy suit, I wouldn’t be doing that…I was thinking ‘I am a God flying in’ and how the hell does that look?” Yeah…um, the Sydney Morning Herald writes the appearance “has taken its place in the pantheon of outrageous publicity stunts.”

Yeah, I know bench clearing brawls happen all the time in baseball…but as the country is still licking its post-Mitchell report wounds, don’t you think you guys should chill out? If Seattle’s Richie Sexson can’t handle a close pitch by Texas Ranger Kason Gabbard, maybe he should just retire. Sexson rushed and tackled Gobbard after he threw a pitch close to Sexson in the fourth inning of an MLB baseball game. Sexson was ejected…any of those Papa Johns Cry Baby T’s around…

Roger Federer lost against Radek Stepanek of Czech Republic during their men’s quarterfinal match, at the Rome Master tennis tournament, in Rome, Friday, May 9, 2008…while Mirka dozed comfortably in her seat…

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Magic Johnson Honored with USA Today’s Hollywood Hero Award, Carlos Boozer Gets Overstocked, Kevin Costner Helps University of Oregon, Francesco Totti and Federer, iSport Magazine, Tommy Robredo, Payless to Pay More Than $300M to Adidas, Carmelo Anthony Foundation Work, European Soccer Babes Mandated to Speak English?


Magic Johnson founded the Magic Johnson Foundation in 1991 to raise funds for community-based organizations dealing with HIV/AIDS education and prevention programs. His foundation has already awarded more than $1.1 million in funds…He also established 21 Magic Johnson Community Empowerment Centers, four HIV/AIDS clinics and has co-created the award-winning “I Stand With Magic” campaign to end HIV/AIDS in the black community…so its no surprise that on Tuesday night, Magic was awarded USA Today’s Hollywood Hero Award for his work with the Magic Johnson Foundation.

delinda and magic johnson

This lucky girl was privy to the event where friends of Magic turned up in throngs to honor him at the award ceremony held at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Russell Simmons was frolicking around the hotel, for hours, with his cell phone glued to his head before walking the red carpet and giving an incredibly touching speech, “The inspiration and knowledge you give goes way beyond what people see. You are truly an inspirational image in this country and the world,” said Simmons…Paul Sorvino graced the event and had nothing but love for Magic, “He’s Magic Johnson, he gives back so much, how could I not be here.” One of my all time favorites, Samuel L Jackson, was in da house- wearing a velvet blazer that attracted me like a moth to the flame. Sammy didn’t seem to mind as I caressed his arm and spoke to him about golf- his PR girl wasn’t too happy, but the big guy was happy to oblige my minor molestation.


Other notables included Phil Jackson and Jeanie Buss-with her cute Lakers purse. (And for all you ‘Dog Whisperer’ lovers, Jeanie informed me that Princess is doing much better since their visit from Cesar Millan and appearance on the show, “He spent way more time with me than with Princess, working to help me be the alpha-dog, but we’re doing much better.” Also must make mention that I asked both Phil Jackson and Magic Johnson if they had anything to do with Lakers game two being moved from the night of the Event, to the following evening…they both chuckled and denied any involvement.) Guests gave tribute to Magic via goose-bump producing speeches. When Chaka Kahn said, “I want to thank you for loving mankind,” I shed my first tear…the next came during Regina Kings speech, “It’s about you inspiring us to be better, to want to be better, and I thank you so much for being you, I appreciate you.” Needless to say, when Magic gave his speech, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Much thanks to USA TODAY, NMA Entertainment and Marketing for an awesome event, and for allowing me to attend. Please visit Look to the Stars for my complete write-up.


Finally, a reason to write about Carlos Boozer! The sexy Utah Jazz All-Star has teamed up with for a four-year agreement that includes Boozer making appearances on behalf of Sounds a bit odd, but Overstock is based in Utah, as is Boozers Foundation, Boozer’s Buddies- a non profit organization that supports the research and treatment of Sickle Cell Anemia…Boozers son suffers from the disease, so props to Overstock for giving Boozers Buddies a boost. “Carlos and Cindy share the same values and ideals as,
and their commitment to these values is admirably demonstrated by their charitable organization…This will highlight that Utah is home to, Carlos, and Boozer’s Buddies. Together we can help a lot of people in the years to come,” said CEO Patrick Byrne.


All you naysayers jumping on the Melo-bashing wagon, step back. Carmelo Anthony has named Maroon PR to oversee the growth and outreach surrounding the Carmelo Anthony Foundation. According to the Rocky Mountain News, one of Melo’s top priorities is finding corporate supporters because he’s been making most of the financial contributions himself. Public filings indicate that in 2006, Melo opened his wallet and gave about $1M to the foundation. Documents show that Baltimore-based groups have received most of the Foundation money, as the CAF donated $175,000 to the Living Classrooms Foundation, $100,000 to basketball program Charm City Choice, $2,400 to the Kurk Lee Foundation and Denver-based Team Up For Kids received $30,000 from the CAF. The CAF “aims to help children” in Denver, Baltimore and Syracuse…like I said, back off on Melo people, he ain’t that bad.


Kevin Costner and his band, Modern West, will perform two fundraising concerts in Eugene, Oregon, to help the Univ. of Oregon raise money for a new baseball stadium…Costner will strut his stuff on May 30 and 31…you may recall that I recently caught KC’s after party show at Celebrity Fight Night-which is why I recommend checking out this show-granted, you’re not gonna walk away from his performance thinking “Grammy” but you will thoroughly enjoy the concert while helping the University get a new stadium.


Andy, Andy, Andy…what am I gonna do with you? Sir Andy Roddick took part in a little tennis clinic with some very lucky kids at the ATP Masters Series in Rome…and that’s about all the info available on the subject.


You’ll only find this kind of magazine in Europe…iSport Magazine…pure spornogrophy…from the cover image of that little spitfire MotoGP’s Valentino Rossi to the incredible eight-page photo spread of tennis babe Tommy Robredo, Juan Carlos Ferrero, Nicolas Almagro and Fernando Verdasco…the spread titled “Spanish Tennis is Trendy,” was shot a few weeks ago at the Open Comunidad Valenciana…to view a video of the photo-shoot, visit ATP Tennis. And for the record, the sexy nude shot of Robredo is from another layout he did for Cosmopolitan.


Because really, its hard to read their body language…Under new U.K. immigration rules, soccer players from outside the European Union (EU) “will be barred from joining” the English Premier League “unless they can speak simple English.” The government originally had planned to “insist that they understood English up to [a secondary school] level but this was changed (phew) amid fears that it would rule out too many players.” The new stipulations state workers need to demonstrate an “ability to understand and use familiar everyday expressions and very basic phrases, to introduce themselves and others and ask and answer questions about basic personal details.” U.K. Immigration Minister Liam Byrne: “Footballers earn enough money to pay for professional tuition.” (


Francesco Totti arrived in a pair of white pants (that were way too small for him) to watch the Swiss Mister in action at the Rome Masters. Totti inadvertently created a stir as kids rushed him for autographs while ignoring Federer play. “I’m glad he was able to come,” said Federer. Looks like my Totti is tainted…


A U.S. District Court jury in Portland Monday ordered Payless Shoes to pay $304.6M for “infringing on Adidas America Inc.’s three-stripe trademark and shoe styles,” according to Brent Hunsberger of the Portland OREGONIAN. The jury, after a 14-day trial and two days of deliberation, awarded adidas AG’s U.S. subsidiary $30.6M in actual damages, $137M in punitive damages and $137M in Payless profits. Trademark attorneys believe it to be the largest award ever in a trademark-infringement case, and if the decision stands, it could have implications for retailers beyond the shoe business…like all those kiosks in the malls that sell fake Fendi’s and Prada’s perhaps?

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Camilo Villegas at Wachovia, Athlete Engineered Skincare Products, AC Milan, Real Wins 31st, Kentucky Derby of Death, Kobe Bryant MVP, Courtside Hotness, Lebron James Crybaby T-Shirt, The Three Ronaldo’s, PETA Lashes Out at Hillary Clinton & Kentucky Derby


First-time PGA Tour winner Anthony Kim broke the 72-hole scoring record at the Wachovia Championship this past weekend by finishing 16-under par…awesome. But when Camilo Villegas dropped to his knees on the 15th green during the third round I just about exploded.

Mission, the first Athlete-Engineered Skincare line launched last week. Josh Shaw, MISSION Product’s Founder and President. “MISSION Product will revolutionize how athletes hydrate, nourish, restore, and protect their skin, whether they’re an Olympic hopeful, a running enthusiast or even a weekend warrior.” Why do we care? Because Steve Nash, among others, have joined the team at MISSION Product and are intimately involved in product innovation and development. “I’m really proud to be a founding athlete with MISSION Product. I use all of our first five products and they are outstanding,” said Steve Nash. “I am especially dependent on our foot gel, which helps re-energize my feet between the regular beatings they take on the court.” And, sales from the sunscreen, foot gel, lip balm, anti-friction cream, and others supports the charities of its athletes, including The Steve Nash Foundation, Oceana, The Mia Hamm Foundation, H2O Africa and more. Check em out.


AC Milan beat Inter 2-1 on Sunday to open the title race with second-placed AS Roma winning 3-0. Inter’s lead has been cut to three points with two games left after Filippo Inzaghi and Kaka scored early in the second half for Milan, who move into the final Champions League qualifying place…and yeah, I know ya’all don’t care ‘bout the scores as much as you do about our emotional babes. “I’m so emotional, we’ve won, Fiorentina lost. We did what Inter should have done,” said Kaka, “They haven’t won the title and we’ve taken a step towards the Champions League. Now everything depends on us.”

And those silly AC Milan fans hung an interesting banner aimed at Inter Milan’s fans…I don’t think I need to translate it.


It would have been a great weekend to be in Spain. Real Madrid celebrated the teams 31st league title after a 2-1 win on Sunday. As thousands of fans converged on the famous Cibelas fountain in the Spanish capital, Real’s Raul climbed to the top of the statue and planted a hearty kiss.


Kobe Bryant, his wife Vanessa, and their daughters Natalia and Gianna also must have had a great weekend after the Lakers’ beat the Utah Jazz in Game One of the Western Conference Semifinals. And it looks like Kobe has just been awarded the NBA’s MVP award for the first time…or has he? The Los Angeles Times says “yes,” citing anonymous sources familiar with the outcome of voting by media members. They also reported that commissioner Stern will be in LA next week to present the trophy to Bryant. But…“We have not been told anything by the league,” Lakers spokesman John Black told The Associated Press.

Kobe rightly deserves the MVP award, so lets not even explore that issue. I dare say the celeb’s in attendance must feel the same way. Courtside hotness: Robert Downey Jr, Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Kevin Connolly (Entourage) and Denzel Washington…at least we know these guys were sitting courtside at the Lakers game and weren’t taking part in the Kentucky Derby of Death.

NBC earned a 9.5 overnight Nielsen rating for the race segment of its Kentucky Derby coverage, down 3% from last year’s 9.8. Thank god-I can only pray the ratings continue to drop and PETA opens up a can of whoop-ass on this bullshit and cruel sport. Big Brown won the race, but second-place finisher Eight Belles was euthanized following her less than perfect performance. Perhaps Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post put it best: “Thoroughbred racing is in a moral crisis, and everyone now knows it.”

Speaking of PETA, they are in fact opening a can of whoop-ass-on Hillary Clinton. In a USA TODAY cover story, Halladay & Cherner write PETA sent a letter to Hillary Clinton asking her to “condemn horseracing and chiding her for placing a bet on Eight Belles.” PETA wrote in its letter to Clinton, “I regret to say that your public support of horse racing — and specifically betting on Eight Belles — makes you culpable in her destruction. We cannot call ourselves a civilized nation if we allow any living being to endure such abuse.” PETA also wants Eight Belles jockey Gabriel Saez “suspended for what it says was excessive whipping” and PETA spokesperson Kathy Guillermo said that the group is also “calling for a ban on race training for horses younger than 3 and the mandatory use of synthetic track surfaces, considered by many to be safer.” Rest in peace Eight Belles, rest in peace.


I will never order pizza from anywhere else except Papa John’s-even though they apologized for the distribution of “No. 23 T-shirts emblazoned with the word ‘Crybaby’ and the [chain's] logo” during Cavaliers-Wizards Game Six Friday night. Priceless. The shirts reference Wizards babe Brendan Haywood calling LeBron a crybaby for complaining, “about hard fouls from Wizards players he thought were intended to injure.” To make up for ‘unintentionally’ reiterating the fact that Lebron is indeed a crybaby-Papa John’s said it will sell customers pizza’s for 23 cents and will donate the $0.23 from each pizza sold and an extra $10,000 to the Cavaliers Youth Fund.


First of all, I think it’s important to clarify the Ronaldo’s out there. We’ve got Cristiano Ronaldo (L), the Portuguese hottie currently kicking the ball with Man-U; then we’ve got Ronaldinho (C), the Brazilian beast from FC Barcelona (and NOT to be confused with one of the trannies that Ronaldo picked up) and finally, the trannie loving Ronaldo, the Brazilian AC Milan striker who is now in hiding after embarrassing himself by picking up hookers who ended up being transvestites. Ronaldo is denying it-but- according to rumors, his endorsement contracts are dropping him quicker than his wife should. Ronaldo was reported to have been dumped by phone company TIM, who declined to comment on the rumors but said they “are analyzing the situation.” His TIM deal is worth $4.8M and includes a clause that allows the company to “unilaterally end the deal if Ronaldo [is] involved in negative publicity.” Nike also reportedly is “reviewing a lifetime endorsement deal with Ronaldo worth around” $100M. Damn, poor guy, $104.8M and he didn’t even get laid…

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Not sure how many of you caught the ‘Costas Now’ special that’s being run ad nausea on the HBO, but if you get a chance, check it out. Costas held a sort-of roundtable discussion with industry ‘big-wigs’ and discussed, among other things: how negativity is fueling sports talk radio and seeping into other mediums; how the relationship between athletes and reporters is being breached by jealously and mistrust; and how the influx of blogs are making it harder to distinguish between real news and an ‘uneducated’ opinion. The program has ignited a short of shit-storm after author/blog hater Buzz Bissinger attacked Deadspin’s Will Leitch on-stage and said: “I feel very strongly about this. I really think you’re full of shit because I think blogs are dedicated to cruelty, they’re dedicated to journalistic dishonesty, they’re dedicated to speed. It is the complete dumbing-down of our society.” Thankfully, we got guys out there like Jason Whitlock standing up for blogs-not all of ‘em, but he does recognize the good ones…No doubt, if I were to open my vault, I’d have no trouble attaining DeadSpin status. But to categorize all blogs, as Bissinger has, as ‘dedicated to cruelty, journalistically dishonest and dumbing down society’ is ridiculous. In my opinion, blogs are a threat to mainstream media because we’re not bound by the usual restraints put on journalists, therefore allowing us to express our opinions freely. And those opinions aren’t necessarily ‘uneducated’, in fact, I’d say it’s quite the opposite. (After all, is it uneducated to write that Washington Redskins second round draft pick, wide receiver Malcolm Kelly has the sickest body-in-the-draft? I think not)…

Im not going to sit here and attack DeadSpin either. While Im not a huge fan, I understand that people have a need to laugh at the absurd and normal behavior of ‘celebrities’ who’ve been put on a pedestal. Its human nature, and its kinda sad. I could spend hours ‘blogging’ about a hottie who reached into his own pocket to help a needy family-but no one seems to care. But if were to blog about, hmmm, lets-say- a well known basketball star who hangs out with a posse of weed-stealing punks-my hits would go through the roof…Maybe DeadSpin does spread cruelty, but more often than not, all ya gotta do is open up your morning paper and you’ll find shit equally as cruel but not nearly as accurate. So, in keeping with the theme, lets talk a little smack about a few troublemakers shall we?

Former NBA beast Dennis Rodman was arrested for allegedly hurting a woman at a Century City hotel. Apparently the ink-a-licious bad boy grabbed a woman’s arm -leaving a bruise- after the pair drank too much and argued…and this is news because? He’s the only athlete to get drunk and pull his girl outta da club because he didn’t like the way she was drinking all his Crystal? I think not. Its news because of the innate nature of people to hear about scandalous behavior. Rodman was jailed for investigation of “felony domestic violence” and freed on $50,000 bail. Now, if this were DeadSpin, I’d open my vault and issue a collective ‘Its-time-for- all-you-ballers-on-the-West-Coast-to-recheck-yourselves-because-it-looks-like-things-have-just-started-to-get-ugly-for-those-big-headed-playas-who-feel-they-can-just-get-what-they-want-without-paying-the-reeper.’ But Im not DeadSpin and I don’t spread cruelty but I do love to talk shit once in a while…like what’s up with Jose Canseco? Dude just walked away from his $2.5M pad in the Valley. “You know my life, this financial thing, is a very complicated issue. Obviously, when you make all that money, people think, ‘OK, let’s assume it is $35 million.’ People have to understand that $35 million, you’re paying the government 41 percent. That leaves you with about $17 or $18 million, not even. Then you’re taking care of your whole family.” But wait, we got a book plug coming up…”What about other families that we’re hearing on TV, that they’re saying, `We have nowhere else to go,’” he said. “I mean, that is amazing. I’ve got books (he’s put out two expose-type books on drug use in baseball that I’m sure omit the sexual-assault-covers-ups-that-are-rampant-in-the-sport)…And now, former track star Tim Montgomery has been indicted on heroin distribution charges? No wonder DeadSpin is so popular…Montgomery was arrested Wednesday, accused of dealing more than 100 grams of heroin in Virginia over the past year. “You get caught up in the achievements,” he said. “You get blinded and make really bad mistakes.” But enough about the negative, lets get back to basics…


Our Columbian kitten is currently flexing those beautiful muscles at the Wachovia Championship in Charlotte. It has been far too long since we’ve gotten some great shots of Villegas doing what he does best missing the cut getting down and dirty while he concentrates on getting it in the hole.

Another one of our treats is currently ruling the clay-court…Rafael Nadal defeated Lopez Thursday to reach the Barcelona Open quarterfinals, which also gave him his 100th win on clay in his last 101 matches. “That’s not bad,” Nadal said. Is not bad either, no, that Barca babe Lionel Messi and an unknown hot-hot-hottie watched our Rafa spank Lopez.

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Maradona Plays Soccer in Rome, Jorge Luis Pinto is an Idiot, Roman Abramovich House’s, Two Sides to John Daly’s Story


I’m about to drop everything, catch a flight to Rome, and get my ass to the Stadio Olimpico…Diego Maradona has accepted an invitation from (gulp) my Francesco Totti, to play in a charity soccer match at Rome’s Stadio Olimpico on May 12.

The game will pit ‘celebrities’ against ‘singers,’ but due to his recent surgery, Totti wont be to play in the game, but is expected to act as a coach. On the celebrity athlebrity team, World Cup babes Gianluigi Buffon, Gennaro Gattuso and Marco Materazzi have already agreed to play…the singers (Gigi D’Alessio, Gianni Morandi, Claudio Baglioni, Biagio Antonacci and Eros Ramazzotti) I couldn’t care less about.


Today, Argentine soccer babe Lionel Messi and the Special Olympics received donations from the Spanish Catalan Sabadell Atlantico bank as part of a new global initiative to expand soccer opportunities for players with intellectual disabilities. The bank will donate 25 euros per ace marked during a tennis tournament Conde de Godo to the Special Olympics and the Lionel Messi Foundation. (At least what I think is going on…the release is in Spanish, so if I got it wrong, someone let me know!)

Which leads me to ask the bank if also they help team bosses with intellectual disabilities? Because I got a nominee: Colombian national team boss, Jorge Luis Pinto.
Its just a shame that we don’t burn people at the stake anymore…racism and bigotry have no place in this world…and the only reason I’m printing his bullshit words is to make sure you all know who he is. Jorge Luis Pinto. Columbian national soccer team boss and raging homophobic.
Pinto should seriously check his own sexual orientation after saying homosexuals “shouldn’t” play soccer, because it is a sport for men, and should always be respected. “They don’t fit in. Because of their attitudes, the way they act, the effort involved, they just can’t cope with it. I think the concept of football being only for straight people, without being excessively masculine, should be respected,” he told El Heraldo on Friday. “It isn’t a simple thing, it is about the manners in which they act, there are some of them around [gay players], but not too many of them. Football has rejected these kinds of players.” Pinto needs to be rejected, red-carded and ejected from humanity. AND for the record, I’m not implying that any of the hotties in the above-photos are gay, it’s just my opinion that the furthest thing from their minds is whether or not one of their teammates might be gay.

Two versions of the John Daly show are currently running…In Daly’s version, Coach Butch Harmon apologized for talking smack about Daly for heavy drinking. Harmon parted company with the big guy after media reports of Daly slamming drinks in the hospitality tent at last month’s Tampa Bay Championship. “I called him (Harmon) the other day and he said he realized he didn’t get his facts right and he felt bad about it,” Daly told a news conference on the eve of the Spanish Open. “He has apologized to me…after what Butch said…my marketability went right down. I told him ‘you cost me quite a bit of money through the stuff that you said, I wish you would have called me then you could have got the facts straight.” Seems that Daly might be right about his marketability-they wont even spell his name correctly on his caddy’s bib…
BUT, Harmon’s version contradicts what John Daly slurred said. “That story is complete BS,” Harmon told Yahoo! Sports. “John Daly called me last Thursday and said, ‘Pro you killed me. I’ve lost all my contracts.’ I said to him, ‘John, I’m sorry you lost your contracts, but I haven’t done anything to you. You did it to yourself, and you continue to do it to yourself.’ He asked if I would go on the record with a retraction, and I said no…this is just another strange chapter in the John Daly saga,” Harmon said. “He takes no responsibility for anything.”

As we watch the economy crumble around us, we also are privy to watching some good peeps from the Forbes list of the “uber-rich” continue to spent money on things that seem a bit, uh, excessive? English Premier League club Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich just paid $36.375M for a home on Wildcat Ridge above Snowmass Village in Aspen, Colorado. The cozy little 4,300 square-foot get-a-away has 11 bedrooms, 12 baths, 32 pieces of custom furniture and sits on more than 200 acres.

But the billionaire needs more…he’s just submitted plans to build what would be the most expensive private residence in Britain. The eight-bedroom “palatial” conversion in Knightsbridge, London, is expected to be worth about £150M when complete. Interior plans include a cinema, indoor swimming pool, steam room and entertainment room set across eight stories – three of them underground. Not enough spending from Abramovich? This crazy bastard is also reportedly buying the worlds largest drill in hopes of building a “sub sea tunnel between Russia and Alaska.”

cows and bikes
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