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Max Mosley Being Called Out, NBA Pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Add Another Notch In Roger Clemens’ Dirty Belt, Ronaldo Gets Extorted by a Trannie? Obama Shoots Hoops

Last Saturday, Formula One’s biggest backers held a meeting at the Spanish Grad Prix to discuss the ‘Max Mosley issue.’ F1 Management Chair Bernie Ecclestone said that he was “prepared to ask [FIA President Max] Mosley to stand aside.” And Former F1 driver Sir Jackie Stewart said Mosley’s behavior would have contradicted the companies’ “corporate moral guidelines” and that motor clubs around the world would not approve either. “Therefore it’s very difficult to see how he could stay under these circumstances,” added Stewart. Some of my favorite quotes born from this fiasco: “Revulsion at Mosley’s own conduct…Clinging to power in the face of increasingly overwhelming opposition…apparent imperviousness to embarrassment is astonishing… he’s gone beyond anything they (F1) would tolerate.” And it gets worse, the London Times reports that “motoring organizations are considering leaving the FIA and setting up a separate organization if [Mosley] is successful in his desperate attempt to cling on” as FIA President. While Mosley desperately clings on to his position, the invites-er-unvites-keep rolling in-the Israeli government has just “withdrawn an invitation” to Mosley to visit the country…perhaps to make room for the NBA?


Four of the greatest NBA players of all time — Rick Barry, Earl “the Pearl” Monroe, Dominique Wilkins, and “Dr J,” Julius Irving are going to on a week-long pilgrimage to hold clinics for the thousands of orphaned, abused and underprivileged kids in Israel. It’s the first such trip ever to the Middle East and will take place from May 25 – May 30. One of the most prominent charities in Israel, Migdal Ohr, is sponsoring the event. Rick Barry. “Migdal Ohr has put together a tremendous event, all to help kids in a country, which, by the way, already has Maccabi Tel Aviv, one of the great basketball teams in the world.” Robert Katz, executive vice president of the American Friends of Migdal Ohr: “I spoke to Rick before the 2008 NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans and he instantly agreed to be the voice of 6,500 children at risk and a spokesperson for a tiny country with hundreds of thousands of basketball-crazed fans.” (Migdal Ohr).

So, are we supposed to care that Roger Clemens had a decade-long relationship with country star Mindy McCready that started when she was 15-years-old and he was a 28 year-old married father of two? Hell yeah we should. Clemens has proven time and time again that he’s a liar, and now we find out that he was having sex with a 15 year-old when he was ‘an ace pitcher for the Bo-Sox’…combine this with the date-rape-that-no-one-talks-about-that-was-covered-up-by-the-Yankees-MLB-Celemens-behavior of his ex-trainer Brain McNamee, and I’d say Clemens is sitting pretty atop o’ the throne of rejects.

In the story Monday night, sources told the News that McCready went with Clemens to his hotel room in Fort Myers, Fla., after their first meeting but that they did not have sex. The relationship turned intimate after she later moved to Nashville and became a country star. Hmm, wonder if this was around the same time she had her number one single “Guys Do It All the Time” on the charts? “I cannot refute anything in the story,” McCready told the paper. Last September, McCready was sentenced for violating probation from a 2004 drug arrest and was released from jail last Dec. 30. (She still must serve two years’ probation.) Looks like birds of a feather really do flock together don’t they?

This is Priceless…Prostitution is not illegal in Brazil. So, AC Milan babe Ronaldo admitted he wanted to have some fun with a few of the local girls, but when they arrived at his hotel in Rio, the joke was on him. Dude picked up transvestites! Ronaldo told police he offered to pay the transvestites anyway, but before he left one of them allegedly asked for $30,000 to hide the story from the media. (Thank god they didn’t, I needed a good laugh)…the po-po said the altercation began when Ronaldo found out he was dealing with transvestites instead of women. Ronaldo admitted he knew they were prostitutes when they met earlier Sunday night, but did not realize they were transvestites until they got to the motel. “He admitted to everything, he wanted to have fun,” Nogueira said. “But he committed no crime at all, it was immoral at best.”

This is exactly what I’ve been bitching about for years…after our Rafa dominated the Swiss-Mister and became the first beast in Open era history to capture four straight titles in Monte Carlo- Federer cant simply say “good job,” instead he has to talk about how he thinks he’s not too far away from ending Nadal’s dominance on clay. “Yes, and I have always been convinced,” said Federer. “I have only beaten him once on this surface, in Hamburg last year, but that is more than enough for me to know that I can do it again… And I reckon this defeat proves again that yes, I do have the game to beat him. I could have played six or seven sets if I had had to and it really is a shame that the final is only a best-of-three…What is disappointing is that I allowed him to come back in the second set, but apart from that section of the game, I played an okay match. I had a good game plan. I didn’t make the wrong choices, I was just wrong sometimes in my execution. My attacking game wasn’t always consistent. My serve wasn’t amazing but it was good. But clay isn’t like grass or hard courts – your serve can’t save you.” Dear god…pa-lease shut up! If you “had the game to beat him” you should have done it…what next? Think you can beat Obama at hoops too?

Yes, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama shot hoops with some of the ballers at the University of North Carolina. Cant say he’s got a wicked jump-shot, but I can say that I love the basketball-Presidency-merger that’s taking place. I can easily imagine a President Obama discussing politics while shooting hoops with world leaders…nothing brings people together like sports, nothing.

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David Beckham Jersey War, Adam Scott Rules EDS, In Defense of Josh Howard


A lot of things in this world got me shaking my head in disbelief-but THIS takes the cake…the Kerr and Ho family’s in Hawaii have both hired attorneys to settle a dispute over David Beckham’s soccer jersey. It started when their kids, ages 9 and 10, held up bright orange Beckham signs in the front row at Aloha Stadium Feb. 22. Following the match, Beckham ran over, pointed to one of the boys, and handed him his jersey.


“My son got it first from Mr. Beckham, directly. We agreed to let them borrow it from us, (but) before that happened we tried to clarify we were the owner and they proceeded to get upset so we never let them borrow it,” Wilfred Ho said. “The jersey is my son’s and I’m very upset with the behavior of the Kerrs and we’d prefer no more contact with them unless they apologize, but I don’t foresee that.” BUT, Eric Kerr said he told his son that Beckham noticed his sign because he ran right for the boys after blowing kisses in the corners of the stadium after the game. “He (Beckham) pointed out that he wanted our son to have it. How do you explain this to a 10-year-old?” asked Eric Kerr. “It’s been really hard on him. Why not let the kids share? He’s such a big star and it’s one heck of an experience for the boys. We just want (the Hos) to keep their end of the bargain.” Are-you-f*cking-kidding-me! Why don’t you people grow up and stop having children until you can act like adults? It’s a shirt for god’s sake. (Honolulu News)

adam scottadam_scott

Congratulations to Burberry babe Adam Scott, who earned his 6th career tour win at EDS Byron Nelson Championship Irving, Texas yesterday. Adam Scott: “I didn’t need to fine-tune anything. I just needed to get out here. … Obviously, it worked well.” Indeed it did. After Scott blew a three-stroke lead that carried into the final round, he made a 9-foot birdie putt on No. 18 to force a playoff. Playing it again on the third playoff hole, Scott made another birdie putt, a 48-footer that rolled over two ridges, into the cup, circled my ovaries and landed smack dab in the center of my libido. “I needed to walk out of here with a trophy,” said Scott, who also got $1.152 million. “I needed to go and close this thing out. It was tough, but I managed to do it.”


Pa-leeze…this has gotten utterly ridiculous. In case you missed it, NBA babe Josh Howard (Mavericks) did a radio interview on the Michael Irvin Show about a week ago, where he said ‘Most of the players in the league use marijuana, and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the off-season sometimes.’ ” … What I was stating was just [in response to] a random question [the Morning News] asked me about the marijuana use,” Howard said. “I just let him know that most of the players in the league use marijuana, and I have and do partake in smoking weed in the off-season sometimes and that’s my personal choice and my personal opinion. But I don’t think that’s stopping me from doing my job…I was raised on being truthful and honest with myself and my family, so I can say it with no problems and go out there and perform to the best of my abilities (Friday) and not even think about it.”


So, in defense of Howard…props to him for being honest and not being bound by some invisible noose the Commish seems to be tightening every year. Sure, this could spark an “oooh, but what about the children discussion” to which I would reply-be a parent instead of letting the media school your kids. Also in defense of Howard, we all know that ballers are some of the biggest burners in sports. Are we now to expect some sort of crack down on drifty-hoopsters? From personal experience, I can tell you that Howard speaks the truth. Without admitting that I enjoy the occasional toke, I will admit that I’ve been to pa-lenty of parties with ballers enjoying the herb. Aside from a few posse members expecting free weed and ruining the reputation of their oh-so-famous and beloved Baller Posse leader, there’s never been any problems. The bigger problem rests with steroids and MLB. There are far too many incidents of sexual assaults and rapes suffered at the hands of MLB players who are juiced up and aggressive-being covered up by the powers to be that it makes me sick.

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Nadal Makes History With Win Over Roger Federer, Lewis Hamilton Places Third, Heikki Kovalainen Crashes.


The Masters Series Monte Carlo…”I think I am more adapted to clay every match, no? I am feel I play more clay style every day, no?” Going for his 24th career title, our Spanish treat, Rafael Nadal, can’t make much cuter, no? Rafa worked the clay against Roger Federer and became the first player in Open Era history to capture the event four times in a row. The allegedly ‘neutral’ crowd was most def backing up the Swiss Mister. But Rafa’s supreme ball control-especially on clay- was too much for Federer-and in fabulous fashion, Rafa downed the worlds number one in straight sets and rolled around on that wonderful red-clay in celebration.

“I think I am playing well; I am doing good work,” purred Nadal, “I think I am more adapted to clay every match. I play more clay (court) style every day, having control of the point with the forehand.” Guess Federer needs to take a good, hard look at what he’s doing wrong…or simply stick to grass.

”I am the first fourth in a row? So, well, happy for that. That most important, happy for still playing good, no, for continuing playing good. Having last two Masters Series, two finals, the first semifinals, and the first Grand Slam semifinals, too. So I think is a very good start of the 2008 season. Just I have to continuing like this, no? I think I am playing well. I am doing good work. If I continue like this, I gonna have chances for being in the top positions another time, no?”


First place at the Spanish Grand Prix went to Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen, second place was taken by Ferrari’s Felipe Massa, and third place was claimed by Lewis Hamilton (McLaren Mercedes)…I can not, with a clear conscience, say that Raikkonen looks nearly as good as the other babes when he downs champagne, but props to him for the win…

Finnish McLaren-Mercedes Formula One driver Heikki Kovalainen didn’t have a good day. After crashing during the event, he was taken to the hospital and is reportedly in good condition. “As far as we know he hasn’t broken anything. He’s a little concussed,” said McLaren boss Ron Dennis. “We think it was [caused by] a stone [getting caught] between the wheel rim and suspension. It shows a catastrophic air loss and we’ll know more when we get the bits back.” An on-board camera captured Kovalainen’s left-front tire suddenly deflate in the middle of the right-handed Campsa corner, one of F1′s most difficult. Initially there were serious concerns because the cockpit of the car was buried under a barrier and it took F1′s medical team 10 minutes to get him outta the wreckage.

Hamilton said he had been told during the race that his teammate was not badly injured. “It was a terrible day for Heikki, I am just so happy that he was not badly injured. I came past the corner and saw a red car in the wall, but did not know if it was a Ferrari or a McLaren. It reminded me of a similar situation last year, when the same thing happened to me.” The beast said he was glad to be back on the podium, after having failed to finish in the top three in the last two races. “After qualifying fifth, I knew it would be difficult, so I am glad to have finished third,” he said.

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Four teams, four Captains. You’ve got, of course Sir Charles in charge of Team Basketball, Drew Brees leading Team Football; Ozzie Smith taking the reins of Team Baseball, and hockey great Mario Lemieux keeping his Team Hockey in check…what am I talking about? The Pro Team Sports Challenge. On April 18, I wrote about the Pro Sports Team Challenge, and today, I’m going to reiterate how cool this event is going to be. Lead by Team Challenge Commissioner, Charles Barkley, the two-day golf event will pit some of the best athletes from four sports (baseball, basketball, hockey and football) against each other on the greens. They are all playing for charity but perhaps the most unique aspect of the event is fan interaction.

During the course of the event, fan interaction will influence the outcome of the game, think ‘American Idol’ on a golf course. Do you think Team Hockey has a more competitive edge with their roster of established pros? Then get online, vote, blog, debate and trash talk with those who think Team Football has better golfers. You could actually win a spot on the greens and walk with your favorite Team inside the ropes as a ProCoach…but you gotta register before May 19 in order to cast your votes and decide which players are playing better or worse than their stated handicaps.

Participating in a press-call this morning, team captains Drew Brees, Ozzie Smith and Mario Lemieux spoke about the event and what we should expect. All three were equally as pumped up about earning bragging rights, as they were to be playing for charity.

Drew Brees: “This is one of the most unique events I’ve ever played in. To find four guys from major sports and bring them together in a fun atmosphere, it’s incredible, I’m gonna have a chance to meet and play with guys I’ve watched growing up, Hall of Famers, world champions.” And when Drew Brees spoke about playing for charity, I knew he was for real. “Our charity is Operation Kids,” he said. “Its an international charity whose mission is to care for the total well being of the child, they focus on education and healthcare for kids, and they’ve done some phenomenal things.”

Baseball team Captain Ozzie Smith was equally as enthusiastic about participating and raising money at the same time: “To have all these guys at the same place at the same time makes it a great event. My charity is Baseball Assistance Team (BAT), they assist families and players that have fallen on hard times, older players who didn’t reap the benefits of long contracts.” Ozzie Smith was reluctant to reveal any coaching strategies: “We’ll put our heads together and figure out how best to approach it,” he said, “Its going to be interesting to see how they (fans) match us up.” When asked who he feels the best player on his Team Baseball is, Ozzie wasn’t promoting himself. “George Brett and Vince Coleman are probably the best on the team. I certainly think I’d be the weakest.”

Hockey Team Captain, Mario Lemieux on his participation: “Just having the fans involved at the same time and most importantly, to raise money for some great charities.” His charity? Hockey Fights Cancer, “Its been going on for a few years, and helps those who‘ve had cancer, I’m one of them, in 1993 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, so it’s very dear to my heart.”

Who’s the best coach and best player on thier teams?
Drew Brees: “I don’t know if I’ve ever done much coaching on a golf course, but John Elway is the best member on my team. I’ve got a good team and I think we all know our own strengths and weakness.”

Mario Lemieux: “Bret Hull is the best player on my team.”

Because of the fan interaction, I was curious about which fan-base would produce the most-trash-talking interaction. Brees: “Well, we got LaDainian Tomlinson, and (John) Elway covering the Rocky Mountain area, myself in the south, and (Michael) Strahan holding down the east, so we’re hopefully going to grab fans from everywhere and it can get very interesting.”

And Ozzie was just as excited, “Our fan base will be very diverse and I think that this tournement, with the guys chosen, have great fan appeal and will make it very interesting as well.”

Commissioner Barkley, who’s charity is the USO, was not available for the press-call, and Drew Brees opined as to why: “I’m sure he’s strategizing as we speak.” Brees’ strategy? “I just grip it and rip it!” he said.

For those of us who follow the off-court/field wardrobes of the players, Brees was quick to remind us that Ballers got it going on. “Basketball is gonna be the most stylish, those guys- their style far exceeds anything we’d be wearing.”

When asked the hypothetical question- what theme song would you play while teeing off…Mario chimed in first with ‘We Are The Champions’…followed by Ozzie who laughed, ‘Off To See the Wizard,’ while Brees said he would pick something similar to a “dramatic theme song used in NFL films”.

For the sake of my own curiosity, I had to ask which ranked celebrity golfer they’d most like to play with: Samuel L Jackson, Bill Murray, Cheech Marin, or George Lopez. Ozzie and Brees both said Samuel L Jackson, while Lemieux went Caddyshack on us and chose Bill Murray.

The Pro Team Sports Challenge will be held on June 7-8th in Palm Springs California. I highly recommend you keep an eye on this event and its unique fan-interaction aspect. Aside from raising money for charity, it just may be a sign of bigger things to come- like Reality Sports. Don’t like the way Jason Kidd is swinging for Team Basketball- text in your vote. If you think Team Hockey is swinging better than Team Baseball, cast your vote for Team Hockey…all the details are available on Team Challenge, with more updates to be released soon.

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Kobe Bryant Grants Wish, NBA Commish & A Mosquito, Maradona’s Fists of Fury, Lewis Hamilton Prepared for Spain, Dakar Crash, Swarovski Pele, There Can Only Be One Obama on Time Magazine.


First, the 49-point man needs a stylist. While the other NBA babes are dressing up in fine Italian suits, Kobe Bryant shows up in a plaid jacket, red shirt and matching red thingy sticking out of his pocket? And on a night when he’s granting a Make-a-Wish…come on Kobe, you could do much better…but props to the Princess for a sick game last night, where he scored 49-points and answered the Nuggets trash-talk with some phenomenal shots…following the game, Kobe donated his game worn shoes to Make-A-Wish participant Joe Spears.

Speaking of the Nuggets…Carmelo Anthony must have heard Lamar Odom when he said (about Kobe), “He’s one of those players you don’t really want to make mad.” Melo simply saved his ‘make-him-mad’ activities for Luke Walton. “As a team,” Melo said, “I think we lost our focus, lost our composure.” Ya think?

Kanye West took in game two of the Western Conference Quarterfinals (Nuggets/ Lakers)…


I applaud the NBA’s efforts at fighting malaria; I really do, but a giant mosquito? Yesterday, NBA Commissioner Stern was at the UN Headquarters in New York for the announcement of a new grassroots effort to help fight malaria with the UN and the Nothing But Nets Foundation. And yes, they actually paid some bozo to dress up as a mosquito.


Those little fists attached to Diego Maradona got quite a workout today…the spitfire was leaving a courthouse in Argentina when local photographers and journalists went crazy and chased him as he and his former wife, Claudia Villafane, tried to escape. Maradona allegedly shouted, “Don’t push Claudia” before throwing an air punch. He was later heard complaining: “They hit me with a camera!” After watching two of the videos posted on YouTube, gotta side with the furry beast- he was swamped-and delivered a lame punch at someone-which didn’t connect and he was smacked in the face with a camera…

Today, the FIA launched their “Racing Against Racism” campaign at the Circuit de Catalunya, in response to the taunting of Lewis Hamilton during winter testing at the same track in February. Thankfully, they had enough sense to keep Max Mosley away from launch, appropriate since the FIA says the campaign will send a strong message that racism of any kind will not be tolerated, including Nazi-style orgies…but the story here is about Hamilton’s class, not Mosley’s lack of taste. Tomorrow Hamilton will take the track for a practice session, at which point we’ll see if they have, in fact, wiped out racsim. Hamilton has remained classy and hasn’t allowed a few idiots ruin it for the rest of Spain. “The Circuit de Catalunya is a great track. We can’t ever lose it from the calendar. It always sees competitive racing, and there are so many enthusiastic fans there all the time which makes for a great atmosphere.” The Spanish F1 goes down this Sunday.


Once a year I mention the Dakar Rally…the Central European Rally of Dakar series is being held in Hungary and Romania between April 20 and 26 after the Lisbon-Dakar race was cancelled over security concerns. Admittedly, I don’t know much about this rally, except every year someone crashes in spectacular form. This years crash winner is French biker Gilles Diguet.


The U.S. Soccer Foundation is auctioning a rare Swarovski crystal portrait of Brazilian superstar Pele to raise money to develop a synthetic grass soccer field for FC Harlem in New York. This cool one-of-a-kind Pele collectable combines acrylic paints with more than 17,000 Swarovski Crystals, all inserted by hand. The U.S. Soccer Foundation is the major charitable arm of soccer in the U.S., and will direct 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this authentic item to FC Harlem.


“People who keep on shooting even though they have no jump shot. You can tell that there is a certain self-delusional aspect to their game that says something about who they are,” Presidential candidate and U.S. Sen. Barrack Obama to Bryant Gumbll on HBO’s Real Sports. Obama playing hoops at the White House could be a reality-especially after Gumball told him that the White House has an outdoor basketball hoop: “I wasn’t aware of that. I was thinking I was gonna have to tear down the bowling alley to build a basketball court. But I’m still thinking if I get there, we may need at least a little indoor half-court.” And could Obama’s interest in hoops be the inspiration behind the cover of Time magazine’s May 5 issue. The side-by-side image mimics the NBA Playoffs ad campaign ‘There Can Only Be One.’

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Adidas 08 Dream Big, Kanye West Nike’s, Zinedine Zidane Kicks It for Charity, Max Mosley Still in Denial, Jennifer Harman Raises Big Bucks for SPCA.

Today in Germany, adidas launched its ’08 soccer ad campaign, in which soccer players visit the national soccer teams from some of the world’s smallest countries in a film project titled ‘Dream Big.’ Those enticing us from the spot include Sir Golden Balls himself, David Beckham, Liverpool beast Steven Gerrard, Arsenal’s Robin van Persie, Chelsea hottie Michael Ballack and AC Milan legend Kaka. Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho provides the sultry voiceover for the spot.


The 35-year-old (former) France international soccer stud, Zinedine Zidane, joined a host of other soccer notables for a charity match Monday in Geneva. While he still loves kicking the ball for charity, he doesn’t regret retiring. “Not at all. I have been there and done it, and I have to do other things now,” Zidane said. The match was born through his friendship with Switzerland midfielder Fabio Celestini, who has launched 442, a children’s charity that aims to raise money to help disadvantaged children learn to play soccer…”I have met Fabio because our kids go to school in the same town,” Zidane explained. “It is a pleasure to play here and a good idea to give something to the kids.” If you need be reminded-Zidane is also a United Nations goodwill ambassador and now makes appearances for charitable causes. (Canadian Press)


Francesco Totti shakes hands with Francesco Rutelli-a candidate in the race for Rome’s city hall…whatever, I don’t care who he is…its not fair to post photos of a half-nekked Totti in bed…just kill me now already…


I think its official…we’ve seen Kanye in his ‘pastels and Bape shit’…and now Kanye West has become the first non-athlete to have his own Nike Signature shoe. West and Nike teamed up to create the Nike Air Yeezys. Kanye first wore the kicks for his Grammy performance in February but we’re just hearing about the details…in true Kanye fashion, the Air Yeezy’s glow in the dark. Still waiting on word about availability, price and release date…

Last year, professional poker player Jennifer Harman held her Inaugural Charity Poker Tournament for the Nevada SPCA. Thanks to her efforts, the event raised $130,000 for the shelter in Las Vegas, affording them the opportunity to open two new wings for the no-kill shelter. And on April 18, Harman hosted her Second Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament, which was held inside the Venetian Poker Room. Poker celebrities ‘giving back’ arrived at Venetian to walk the red carpet, but they didn’t walk alone. Each celebrity had a shelter animal with him or her. Former NFLer Shawn King walked the carpet with a cat dressed in feather boa and poker professional Phil Ivey walked with a kitten in his arms…for my complete write up visit Look to the Stars or to see the red carpet arrivals video, check out Poker News. This years event raised over $300,000 for the Las Vegas SPCA.

My favorite sports scandal continues to march on…FIA President Max Mosley, who faces a forced resignation due to that nasty Nazi-style-orgy-video, now thinks we should all just mind our business. Mosley: “I think most adults would say that whatever in that spectrum somebody does, provided it doesn’t hurt anybody, provided it’s consensual, provided it’s among adults, provided it’s in private, it concerns nobody but the people doing it.” Okay, so I agree with that-what people do behind closed doors in their business, BUT-its not an issue of his privacy anymore- its an issue of tainting the sport. I cant event think of Formula One without thinking of Mosley’s and his Nazi fetish. His perversion is an indication of a larger issue-a lack of compassion perhaps?

Perhaps the biggest shame is that Mosley wont retire or even admit to the facts caught on tape. Watch the video (link below) and you’ll see the controversy before laughing as you read his denial: “It’s outrageous, because the whole thing was predicated around the idea that this was some sort of Nazi orgy,” he said. “And the Nazi aspect of that is absolutely untrue. In fact it was a deliberate, cold-blooded, calculated lie, to which there’s no basis at all. So that was really annoying because obviously the main subject was embarrassing to say the least, but to have the Nazi connotation placed on it when it was completely untrue was extremely annoying.” Interesting that the women in the video tell a very different story. One of the ‘girls’ told how Mosley, 67—son of Britain’s notorious wartime fascist leader Sir Oswald—ordered her to dress up in German military uniform and bark orders at him as he was flogged till he bled. He also bellowed orders in German and spoke English in a bizarre German accent during the five-hour S & M orgy in a London dungeon. She told New of the World: “He filmed the whole thing on video camera to enjoy again later. And it’s not the first time he’s hired us to satisfy his kinky lust.” For all the details, or if you really wanna watch Mosley getting flogged in the video, visit New of the World.

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Celtic Over Hawks, David Beckham at Lakers, GolTV, Quincy Jones Olympic Comments, Tiger Jammed Me


Celtics beat the Atlanta Hawks 104-81 to lead the series 1-0. Kevin Garnett: “I had to slow down as I ran through the tunnel and to hear the crowd, to hear the building rocking and the bleachers were shaking. I had to take a minute for myself, man, just thank the lord I was back in this position.” Indeed. And I think I need to take a minute after seeing Garnett/ Paul Pierce dressed to the nines and Leonardo DiCaprio snapping photos from his seat.


New Rule…David Beckham is NOT allowed to attend any more Lakers games. I really, really wanna watch these games, but come on, Beckham and his offspring, courtside- not fair. Either affix a camera to the seat next to him and give him his own Show, or keep the camera off him during the playoffss. Lakers/Nuggets Game One: Lakers topped ‘em 128-114.


Sometimes when watching a match, my eyes can’t help but scan the audience too see which celebrities are really watching the fight, and which ones are just there to be seen…you decide. Seen ringside at the Calzaghe-Hopkins fight Saturday night Las Vegas: Jay-Z; Pete Sampras and former boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard; Whitney Houston, her boobs, and Ray-J…

simon cowell
Simon Cowell; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Tom Jones…

Arnold Schwarzenegger; Sylvester Stallone; and Jeremy Piven…speaking of Vegas, I mentioned last week that I was going. And I did. Apparently, I was “credentialed” to cover Tiger Jam, a fundraiser for the Tiger Woods Foundation, among other charities….so, in a nutshell, my Vegas drama…catch a flight at 12:30, get to the hotel and check in by 2:30. The only room I could find available was at the Excaliber. I’m rushing to get to Mandalay Bay for media-check in…run up to my room…and when I walked in I almost puked. It was the most disgusting hotel room I’ve ever seen- aside from the lack of amenities, it smelled like a gas station bathroom-seriously, I’ve stayed in nicer hotels in India. Anyway, dump my bags, run over to Mandalay Bay, beg them to find me a habitable room, they send me to the Four Seasons, I get a room, tram it back to the shanty Excaliber, check out of there after getting a full refund, tram it back to Mandalay/Four Seasons, dump my bags off, change, and make it to media check in at 4:30…after all this, I’m handed a general admission ticket for the Van Halen concert at 10 PM. I ask if I can at least bring my camera in-since I’ve been ‘credentialed’. “Uh, yeah, no you cant.” Um, okay, can I take a few photos of the ballroom? “Um, yeah, no you cant.” What about the auction items, can I snap a few photos? “Um, yeah, no you cant.” Okay, do you know where the concert is? “Um yeah, no we don’t.”…so you’re telling me I spent almost a grand to fly out here and cover an event but the only thing I can do is go to a general admission concert? “Um, yeah. You can look at the website on Monday, we’ll have it all posted there.”…Needless to say, I packed my bags, checked out of the Four Seasons, left my concert ticket with the front desk dude, hopped on a flight, and was home on my sofa watching the fight by 6:30….moral of the story? I ain’t got nothing to say about Tiger Jam that would be suitable for publication.


Yes…GolTV, the all soccer network, has acquired the exclusive U.S. and Canada broadcast rights to the 2010 World Cup qualifying matches of the Italian National Team…let that sink in for a minute…Italy’s home matches as well as the May 30 Italy v Belgium will be broadcast only on GolTV.

Italian National Team members you may know from my blog, your dreams, or those sporntastic D&G ads that will never get old, include Fabio Cannavaro (top right), Luca Toni (top left), and Gennaro Gattuso (not shown)…speaking of luscious Luca Toni, he and the Bayern babes won the German Cup after they defeated Borussia Dortmund in the German Cup football final at Berlin’s Olympic stadium on April 19, 2008. Bayern won by 1-2 and took the German Cup trophy for the 14th time.

Long-time humanitarian, Quincy Jones, commented for the first time publicly about his role as an artistic advisor to the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Key excerpts from Quincy Jones’ April 19th keynote speech: “I’m sure you know that China is at a crucial crossroads. There are complex and polarizing issues surrounding the Olympics that affects and touches the entire world community… and stirs up emotions and inflames passions. I’m talking, of course, about the situation in Tibet and in Darfur.”

“I don’t think anyone would want the burden of Tibet & the Dalai Lama and Darfur on their lap. But China’s leadership took on the challenge of the Beijing Olympics knowing that the spotlight and focus would be on them, warts and all. Because the spotlight is on them, they now have the chance to show leadership and wisdom to change the world for the better…I’m deeply concerned about Tibet, but on a human scale… and my own experiences with the African continent… Darfur is screaming out at me the loudest.” If you’d like to read the entire press release, you can do so HERE.

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Danica Patrick Makes History, Calzaghe Hits Hopkins From Behind, Cruz Beckham Flips Off the Paparazzi, Francesco Totti Knee Surgery, Lakers Reading Challenge, Roger Federer Oh God No.


The biggest winner this weekend by far is Danica Patrick, who became the first female winner in Indy Car history after taking the Indy Japan 300. Patrick finished 5.8594 seconds ahead of Helio Castroneves. “It’s a long time coming. Finally,” Patrick said. “It was a fuel strategy race, but my team called it perfectly for me. I knew I was on the same strategy as Helio and when I passed him for the lead, I couldn’t believe it. This is fabulous.” Aside from deserving the win, I gotta applaud her for being so gracious. Way to represent Danica! (If you wanna debate whether Danica needs to keep her clothes on in order to win, join the discussion at, Mizzo has got me fired up this morning)

Calzaghe landed a historic 232 punches on Hopkins. But I’m wondering if they counted the blows Calzaghe landed on Hopkins ‘from behind ‘ in round 10? Initially I wanted Calzaghe to win, his corner bustling with colorful Welshmen spitting out stuff like rat-at-at-at-rat-ta-ta-he’s-there-rat-rat-a-ta-ta-he’s-ready-ta-lose- that subtitles may have helped. But after Calzaghe’s low blow, and ensuing taunts, I was left with a bad taste in my mouth-like a warm pint left sitting around the pub for too long. I wanted Hopkins to wipe that arrogant smirk off Calzaghe’s face and throw him into the audience. Preferable right between Sylvester Stallone and Simon Cowell…but no such luck, Hopkins lost by spilt decision…All in all, the fight was thoroughly entertaining-especially since we didn’t have to shell out pay-per-view fees to see it go down.

cruz beckham flips off the media
I don’t know where these photos originated, but its high time they made the rounds on the Internet. David Beckham and his son Cruz. Did Sir Golden Balls teach his kids to flip off the paparazzi? I hope so…it’s priceless.


I wouldn’t have waited until I was 18 to read ‘Tale of Two Cities’ had Luke Walton and Jordan Farmar been around when I was a kid. Last week, the Lakers babes visited students of Carr Elementary, which won one of the grand prizes of the Lakers Reading Challenge.


AS Roma’s captain of my libido, Francesco Totti, hurt his sexy knee during their Italian serie A 1-1 draw against Livorno on April 19. “I was a little scared because I heard the crack, ” Totti told Italy’s Sky TV. “I’m a little down, but I’ve been through worse. I’ll return stronger than before.” Today, Totti is comfortably resting in Rome’s Villa Stuart clinic after having surgery on his injured right knee. They say that Totti could miss the start of next season due to the partial tear of his anterior cruciate ligament…”After examining the player, professor Pierpaolo Mariani (Totti’s surgeon) confirmed the primary diagnosis: that he has partially ruptured his cruciate knee ligament,” confirmed team physician Mario Brozzi. “Roma have already had to deal with this kind of injury and we believe that four months is enough recovery time.”


Thanks to Nikolay Davydenko and his “leg injury” (scandal anyone?) the Swiss Mister, Roger Federer, won the Estoril Open after Davydenko retired with a fake leg injury while trailing 7-6 (5), 1-2 Sunday. “It’s not the way you want to win a tournament, but that’s just the way it goes sometime,” Federer said. “It’s great to win a title again and to straightaway win my first clay court tournament of the season gives me great confidence going into Monte Carlo.” Yeah, we know…

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Charles Barkley’s New Team, Nuggets Win NBA Entertainment League Championships

I just finished an article for Look to the Stars about Charles Barkley and his generous donations to fire victims in the Lake Tahoe area…and today, I’ve got more good-hearted fun coming from the former NBA beast. On June 7-8 in Palm Springs (CA), Barkley will act as Tournement Commissioner for the Pro Sports Teams Challenge. Sixteen legendary athlebrities (four each from football, baseball, basketball and hockey) will tee off at Eagle Falls Golf Course and compete against each other- not just for bragging rights- but also a charity prize of $100,000. “Athletes from each sport think that they are the best golfers. It’s high time we found out who really is: baseball, football, basketball or hockey,” said Team Challenge spokesman, Mike Paul.

The hotties already committed to participate include (*team captains): Baseball: *Ozzie Smith, George Brett, Vince Coleman; Basketball: *Charles Barkley (L), Jason Kidd (C), Julius ‘Dr. J’ Erving; Football: *Drew Brees (R), LaDainian Tomlinson, John Elway, Michael Strahan; Hockey: *Mario Lemieux, Brett Hull, Grant Fuhr, Peirre Larouche. “The playful smack talk regarding which sport and athlete are the best started months ago,” said Tom Belton, founder and managing partner of Team Challenge, LLC. “These sports legends look forward to the challenge and to raising significant money for charity. Nothing makes them happier than playing sports to raise money to help others in need. Moreover, this competition might also depend on who has the most loyal and knowledgeable fans.” YES! This isnt just a spectator event-you get to participate. The Team Challenge will for the first time ever give fans the platform to be ‘Pro Coaches” by using the internet or mobile text messaging to make real strategy decisions in this competition- this will have an actual impact on the scoring. Blogs and chat rooms will be available for fans to strategize together on real choices, bringing the fan inside the locker room in a sports competition…it’s hot, so don’t be left out of the game…check out Team Challenge for all the juicy details.


It’s been around for eleven seasons and admittedly I don’t cover it enough…but big ups to the Nuggets who won the NBA Entertainment League Championship 71-63 over the Cavaliers on Saturday, April 12. The Nuggets team included actor Morris Chestnut and singer Drew Lachey…while the Cav’s roster included Will Ferrell, Scrubs actor Donald Faison and ‘Las Vegas’ actor James Lesure. After the game, the league’s wrap party attracted celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Brody Jenner, Stacy Kiebler, Terry Crews, and Jaleel White among others. Check out the complete NBAE League and full rosters here.


The NBA Playoffs begin Saturday with the Celtics the No. 1 seed in the Eastern Conference and the Lakers the top seed in the Western Conference…and just about everyone is praying for a Celtics-Lakers Final…one reason why could be that the two teams haven’t faced each other in the Finals in about what…20 years? Celtics first gotta win the best of seven against the Atlanta Hawks and the Lakers gotta do the same against the Nuggets…first round Sunday.

Boxing bad boys Joe Calzaghe of Wales and Bernard Hopkins of USA are set for their fight in Vegas this weekend, making it Calzaghe’s first fight on “US soil.” This girl hopes the Welshman can finally get Hopkins to shut up…and yes, I will in fact be in Vegas looking for a posse to invite me to their after-party.

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Give the Olympic Torch to the Dalai Lama and Call It a Day, Olympic Athlete’s and Their Sexy Portraits


Steve Varon, of, has a great idea…have the Dalai Lama carry the Olympic Torch: “With controversy and strife surrounding the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay over the past few months, this proposal is the first publicly announced solution to the dilemma. Imagine the Dalai Lama carrying the Olympic torch along the torch relay route, past the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet – or anywhere else on the relay route,” said Varon. “It has the potential to quell the violent protests and return the focus of the torch relay to a celebration of peace through sport, inspiring hope for all people around the world. Corporate, civic and government leaders globally have been encouraged to support this opportunity. The idea has been warmly embraced publicly and privately.” I, for one, love this idea and can’t believe it hasn’t been implemented yet. However, I suspect the Lama-although he’s agreed with it in theory-isnt gonna do laps around Tibet with the Torch…

Speaking of Tibet…protesters turned out in throngs and marched through India’s capital of New Delhi earlier today, holding banners referencing Tibet and shouting “Die for Freedom” hours before the Olympic torch arrived for the Indian leg of its int’l tour…but, if there’s one thing that can divert attention off the Flame of Shame and onto the Games, it’s the competitors themselves. And these Olympic athletes have distracted me from politics quicker than a posse of ballers at an open bar…

Thanks to all Olympic athletes for stepping it up a notch for their portraits,…thank you Brendan Hansen (swimmer)…thank you Sean Golden (gymnast)…thank you Ryan Lochte (swimmer)…

Thank you Michael Phelps…thank you Cullen Jones (swimmers)…

Dear god…thank you for track and field athletes Walter Davis and Bryan Clay…Beijing 08! Wahoo!

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LaLa Defends Her Melo, Tyrus Thomas Bulls Reading Center, Stephen Jackson Opens Court, Wake-Up with Amaré Stoudemire, John Daly Stomach Surgery, David Wright on Jackie Robinson.

“Everyone just needs to relax and eat a piece of fruit or something.” (One of my favorite quotes- if you can tell me what movie it’s from, Ill send ya a free t-shirt) So, people, eat your fruit-especially all you Denver area fans and media who seem to look for any reason to rip on Melo-except of course, when he wins a game. Words like “immature” and “irresponsible” are being thrown around, as well as polls (Denver area media) asking whether this is an indication that Melo needs to grow up or ship out…pa-leeze, I’m not defending driving under the influence, but we don’t even know if he was drunk or not. If he was, shame on Melo, but its time to shift the focus off Melo’s minor f*ck-up and concentrate on the games…and, props to LaLa and Melo for speaking to People Magazine…”I want to make sure the public understands that I fully support my fiancé, Carmelo Anthony, and stand by him through this ordeal,” LaLa said in a statement to PEOPLE on Tuesday. “I will always have his back and never refused to pick him up from the police station. In fact, they offered to bring him to me.” And Melo said in his own statement: “LaLa continues to be a rock in my life, she’s always been there for me through thick and thin.”

Earlier this month, filming for a Vitaminwater commercial went down in New York. (2nd photo) From left to right, Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, 50 Cent, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard and Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz…cosmonauts. ‘Nough said.

Chicago Bull Tyrus Thomas and NBA Legend and Chicago Bulls Director of Community Affairs Bob Love gave students plenty to smile about after cutting the ribbon and officially opening a new Chicago Bulls Reading and Learning Center at Cook Elementary School. The Bulls and their marketing partners teamed up to sponsor the renovation of the space in conjunction with the team’s Read to Achieve Program…another one spreading some love to the kids is Golden State Warrior Stephen Jackson. Dude unveiled the Stephen Jackson Basketball Court at the Omega Boys Club in San Francisco last Friday.

I’m about to enroll in school…the Ad Council and the U.S. Army have joined forces to launch a Wake-Up Call program as part of their “Boost” national campaign designed to encourage students to graduate from high school. It features Amaré Stoudemire and includes a series of wake-up calls and alarm ringtones that fans can share with their friends to provide the motivation to get up and go to school. And if this doesn’t motivate the kids, I’m not sure what will.

I’m sorry, but this made me laugh really hard, and I don’t think I need to explain why…John Daly has cited injury as the reason for his miserable play. The injury? His stomach, or more accurately, a torn muscle in his stomach. “When he tried to stop swinging at the Honda Classic, he tore his rotator cuff and he also dislocated two rib joints where they attach to the spine,” said his doctor. “We rehabbed all that, but the whole time he had dislocated ribs, he tore the ligaments around them.” After running a “full body scan” the doctors discovered the muscle tear in the stomach. “It was not attached, and the muscle shrunk down,” said the doc. “When he swings, he uses that area with his stomach and core strength. He could only go so long without hurting. He was in a cycle he could not get out of.” Safe to say Daly will always be in a cycle he can’t get out of…its called too many chicken wings. (Yahoo.sports)

Last week, the NY Mets sexiest player, David Wright, rode a vintage subway train headed for Shea Stadium…actually, it wasn’t really Wright, it was his wax figure from Madame Tussauds which was used in a campaign to promote mass transit…and yesterday, Wright was one of the many who donned number 42 in honor of Jackie Robinson. “No matter what kind of race, color, religion, or background you come from, I think everybody that puts on a Major League uniform — or a baseball uniform, for that matter — has a respect and a love for Jackie Robinson. So I think it’s great that we get to show that appreciation. To be able to do it in New York, it makes it even more special.”

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Carmelo Anthony’s DUI Lands Him at the Ritz, Jackie Robinson Day, Justice for ’96, Lewis Hamilton Chases Minogue, Sidney Crosby, Fabio Capello Visits Africa, Kick4Life, Mike Milbury and the “Crapitals,” Coca-Cola Monk Ad Stirs Controversy

Yes, Carmelo Anthony got pulled over on suspicion of a DUI…was arrested Monday morning for suspicion of driving under the influence…police stated blah, blah, blah…south on Interstate 25 roughly around 4 a.m…blah, blah, blah…stopped for failing to drive in a single lane and failing to dim lights…“Carmelo was pulled over late Sunday night on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol,” said Anthony’s lawyer Dan Recht in a statement…Melo was released on bond…appearance was scheduled for May 14…

And, the reports keep trickling in…the best by far is a report by News2. In summary, Melo was alone in the car (a crime unto itself), a DUI traffic officer responded first, but says Melo became belligerent, so he called his sergeant. Melo was then handcuffed and taken to Denver Health Medical Center where he submitted to a blood test. That’s when police called LaLa (cited as Melo’s wife) to pick him up. But she said NO! The law states when you’re arrested for DUI in Denver, you’re either taken to Detox or released to a sober, responsible party. Since LaLa said NahNah…the sergeant who responded personally took Melo in his police car to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver, were “Anthony and his wife” were staying…could this mean Melo’s getting the preferential treatment? Denver Police Spokesperson Sonny Jackson defended the officer’s actions, saying, “The fact is, Anthony was charged with a crime. He went through all procedures he was supposed to go through by the letter of the law. If that sergeant decided to go above and beyond through a personal relationship, that’s his decision. I can’t say there was anything wrong in the officer’s actions.” In addition to the free ride to the Ritz, another cop drove Melo’s $130,000 silver Mercedes to a parking lot at the Denver Police Traffic Operations Bureau until he could pick it up later in the day. Typically, the arresting officer would tow a car involved in a DUI case to an impound yard or drive it to a safe, but neutral location…As mentioned, it’s a crime that Melo was driving alone at 4AM, but its a bigger crime that LaLa wouldnt come get him…all in all, Melo may have made a bad mistake, but this certainly doesnt warrant national attention.


In case you notice the 300-or-so-plus MLB players wearing No. 42 today, its because it’s Jackie Robinson Day…players and on-field staff will sport No. 42 in honor of the late HOFer on the 61st anniversary of his breaking baseball’s color barrier. Jackie’s widow Rachel will join Mets co-Owners, the GM and manager in a ceremony to unveil the design of the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at Citi Field…also, the Empire State Building will be illuminated in the Dodgers’ bright blue throughout the day…Jackie made his Major League debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers and ended approximately eighty years of baseball segregation The HOF inducted Robinson in 1962, he was a member of six World Series teams and earned six consecutive All-Star Game nominations…no one has contributed more to the diversity of baseball, and sports, than Jackie, and for that Mr. Robinson, we thank you.


In 1989, ninety-six Liverpool fans were killed in a “crowd crush” during a FA Cup semi final game in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. And every year on the anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, L’Pool fans (and others) remember the fallen victims…April 15 marks the nineteenth anniversary…and I just love, love, love the fact that the Brits- er-the L’Pool fans- never forget their fallen comrades.

I’m a sucker for anything Italian, especially when it comes to soccer. England (soccer) team head coach, Italian born Fabio Capello, is on a two day trip which is part of a FIFA initiative to help improve the standard of African soccer coaching ahead of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Capello and former England goalkeeping coach Ray Clemence will observe FA coaches conducting a training session involving local schoolteachers and children. The FA, with the support of FIFA, have agreed to help the game develop in southern African countries ahead of the World Cup finals by providing equipment and qualified coaches as well as sponsoring tournaments. Tomorrow, the pair will attend the day-long ‘Kick4Life’ football festival. ‘Kick4Life’ is a charity that uses soccer as a tool to fight poverty and diseases such as HIV and AIDS in the world’s poorest countries.


I’m not even gonna mention Lewis Hamilton’s miserable performances lately, I’m convinced he’ll pull his act together…IF he stops chasing the ladies. His latest off-track distraction comes from “pop star” Danni (never heard of her) Minogue…allegedly the Hamilton hungry Danni has agreed to a (shhhhh) secret meeting with Hamilton at the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix after he bombarded her with text messages. The two swapped numbers after he won the Melbourne Grand Prix last month, and ever since, he’s been hounding her for a date. An “insider” tells The Sun: “Lewis thought she was gorgeous and was really impressed with her knowledge of cars. He wanted to take her out for dinner that night (they met) but she had something on that she couldn’t cancel. He’s kept at it and she’s finally agreed to meet him for dinner at the Monaco Grand Prix.” Yeah, I bet he was really impressed with her knowledge of cars…

Capitals Owner Ted Leonsis has called out NBC’s Mike Milbury for calling his team the “Crapitals” twice during the net’s Sunday broadcast of Flyers-Capitals Game Two. Leonsis: “Mike calmly explained that he meant no harm. He had a slip of the tongue when trying to start a commentary about our play. He meant to say the Washington Caps but instead he said the Washington Craps. … He formally apologized to me and he wanted me to convey his apology to our community. … I have accepted his apology and believe we should all move on.”

Granted, this has nothing to do with Sidney Crosby, but I was looking for any excuse to run this photo of the NHL’s hottest pin-up boy…who is getting sexier by the minute…I guess I should mention that Crosby scored the game winning goal against the Ottawa Senators during game three of the 2008 NHL Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on April 14. (Penguins defeated the Senators 4-1.)


Chinese nationalist are calling for a Coca-Cola “boycott” after (oh-no!) a Chinese blogger posted a photo of a Coke ad. The ad, which is over 5-years old, depicts three Buddhist monks riding a roller coaster, with the slogan ‘Make It Real.’ Coke responded by yanking the ad, which it said was “used only in parts of Germany and was five years old.” Coke: “We regret if the use of an image featuring monks from an old print advertising campaign from 2003 has caused any offense.” (Atlanta Constitution, 4/15). Oddly enough, the last time I was at Disneyland I saw a couple of monks enjoying the Pirates of the Caribbean…so I don’t get all the fuss.

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Max Mosley Orgy-Gate Continues, Courtside Beckham at Lakers, Spike Lee Documenting Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce Grants Wish, Dwyane Wade Joins Zo’s Summer Groove, Lebron James & The UN, Decker Cheers on Andy Roddick


Imagine if you will, David Stern dressing up like a slave while engaging in a ‘sex session’ with five women acting like slave-owners…that’s how bad this is and I’m surprised that more people aren’t hip to this wicked Formula One scandal. For those still outta the loop, FIA President Max Mosley, was on caught on tape (by the ‘News of the World’) taking part in a “spanking and sex session” with five prostitutes. In the video, Mosley wears a pair of striped concentration camp-like overalls, and while Mosley admits speaking German to the women, he has denied there were any Nazi connotations. Now, British F1 drivers have called on the bozo to “resign immediately,” which isnt likely, so the FIA will hold a meeting in Paris on June 3 to decide his fate…(Timesonline). Perhaps once he’s canned, Mosley will take a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum to see their special exhibition, The Nazi Olympics: Berlin 1936.

There’s only one place in Los Angeles that you’re guaranteed, on any given night, to see a plethora of celebrities enjoying themselves, and that-of course- is at a Lakers game. Endorsing this statement is Sir Golden Balls himself, David Beckham. Beckham enjoyed the Lakers game against the Hornets on the 11th, along with sons Romeo and Brooklyn…Becks also got his paws on Ronny Turiaf, which-if we’re playing six-degrees-of Beckham, puts me one degree away since I recently interview Turiaf at the World Poker Tour Invitational…now if I could only get a courtside seat…

More courtside sighting at recent Lakers games includes: hip-hop hottie the Game, NFL beast Terrell Owens, and New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush with girlfriend Kim Kartrashian Kardashian. You may have also noticed Spike Lee hanging courtside with his camera. Lee is filming a documentary of Kobe Bryant in what I believe is part of ESPN’s new “30/30″ documentary program celebrating the 30th anniversary of ESPN, who are teaming-up with filmmakers who will each make a 60-minute documentary scheduled for broadcast beginning in the fall of ’09.


Nothing makes me happier than seeing our hotties giving back. Last week, Celtics babe Paul Pierce hung out with the family of a teenager from the Make a Wish Foundation before the game against the Milwaukee Bucks.


“Alonzo and I share the same vision. I’ve learned so much from him about the importance of using our successes and voices to positively affect change in the community,” said Dwyane Wade. “This is very exciting and personal because we’re merging our goals for a greater impact.” One of the coolest fundraising parties around just added some the Flash to their roster. Alonzo “Zo” Mourning and his Summer Groove Event just announced a new partnership with the NBA’s second sexiest lip-licker, Dwyane Wade. “Dwyane’s leadership and personal interest in helping young people develop their goals is aligned with the core of what we do,” said Mourning. “I look forward to a successful partnership with him as he lends an additional boost to ZSG and our community-centered efforts.”
Zo’s Summer Groove is a five-day weekend filled with golf, comedy, concerts, a benefit dinner, block party, all-star basketball game, and after-parties. July 9-13, in Miami. Be there.

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars, and I never will. But, gotta give some love to Jason Taylor (and Dancing partner Edyta Sliwinska) who stopped dancing last week to pop in on the kids at the Jason Taylor Children’s Learning Center in Miami. The NFL Man of the Year’s Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting South Florida children in need.


This one made me laugh out loud. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Goodwill Ambassador, Maria Sharapova, has invited Cleveland Cavaliers Basketball star LeBron James to “Team Up Against Poverty” on a new UNDP advertisement…we’ve all been witness to Lebron James keeping his mouth shut when it has anything to do with politics or controversy. So until Lebron takes a trip to Darfur or tours a refugee camp to spread the love, I ain’t buying this PR stunt for one second. ‘Team Up Against Poverty’ includes fifty celebrities, including UNDP Goodwill Ambassadors Ronaldo and Zinedine Zidane, who have agreed to participate in the initiative to promote specific anti-poverty activities, including educational activities, HIV/AIDS projects, and promoting safe drinking water campaigns…Bron-bron will most likely participate in um, nothing?


The best-looking couple since Tom and Giselle had plenty to celebrate this weekend, as Andy Roddick was victorious against France’s Paul-Henri Mathieu during their quarterfinal tennis match of the Davis Cup World Group in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Roddick won 6-2, 6-3, 6-2 , which qualifies the US for the semifinals against Spain.

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Kobe Jumps Aston Martin, Sleep Like Beckham, Dwight Howard Rewards Students, Al Harrington Feed the Kids, Art of Music

Kobe Bryant wore his new kicks against the Clippers last night, (Lakers won 106-78). The Hyperdunk shoe featuring Flywire, Nike’s “lightest shoe technology ever” weighs only 13 ounces, making it the lightest shoe currently on the market. Which is probably why he was able to jump over a speeding Aston Martin in what could be one of the greatest videos ever. Kobe has strongly suggested-rather-admitted that he did not really perform this stunt…“Its Hollywood baby, what you expect out here,” he said,”If Rambo can take on a whole army, I can jump over an Aston Martin!” (Notice how I didn’t call him Princess?)

No doubt David and Victoria Beckham slept very well after taking in the Lakers game last night. Seems that Sir Golden Balls sleeps on a Monarch Vi-Spring luxury bed, which are described as life changing beds…blah, blah, blah…found in finest hotels and homes in the world…each one tailor made to order in Devon using the highest quality natural materials and exclusive Belgian fabrics…wanna get your own? The Monarch Vi-Spring is available only at Harrods and cost a mere $50k.

Each year, the Orlando Magic Youth Foundation (OMYF) honors a player that’s dedicated his off court time to help improve this world. No surprised that Dwight Howard received the award for the second time. All ya gotta do is read about how he’s donated $25,000 to the Pine Hills Boys & Girls Club, met with Make A Wish kids or donated gifts to underprivileged children and their families to know he’s one of the best NBA good-guys around.
And yesterday, Howard and the Orlando Magic community ambassador Nick Anderson distributed 398 pairs of shoes provided by adidas to every student at Orange Center Elementary School. The event was a reward for the students’ hard work towards improving their Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests scores…Howard even spoke to the kids about never giving up, setting goals and working hard…and yet, another might-mighty-good-man has landed.

Another mighty-mighty-good-man from the NBA is Golden State Warrior Al Harrington. Harrington, who was just recognized by the NBA for his “outstanding efforts in the community and his ongoing philanthropic work,” partnered with international hunger relief organization Feed The Children this week to provide 800 local families with boxes of food and personal care items.

Speaking of the Golden State Warriors…maybe Baron Davis needs to shave the beard, do a little community service and call it a day? His triple-double wasn’t enough to stop the Nuggets, who delivered a ‘oh-no-you’re-not-going-to-the-finals-this-year’ loss to the Warriors last night. “That’s a tough one to swallow,” Davis said, “But we’ve got to finish strong. That’s all we can do.” Denver won 114-105……And speaking of ballers, the irony of a Wall Street Journal article didn’t escape me, or those I’ve been talking to about ballers and their questionable choice of posse members…Hannah Karp reports athletes are “turning the entourage from liability to asset…players across the sports world are using a range of management tactics to eke the most profit and productivity out of their support systems.” One sports attorney said that he’s seen athletes “give their friends lump-sum payments of as much as $100,000,” which they most likely pocket and don’t pay off their debts with…

If you’re not watching the Masters, you’re stupid. And I ain’t talking about the game. Camilo Villegas, Paul Casey, Adam Scott, and the oh-so-adorable Brandt Snedeker…Which made me laugh as I read about Callaway Golf “making a fresh appeal to a vital demographic” by finding ways to “attract more women to the game.”

Speaking of the Masters, Art of Music has got a little something for those who want to wear the green jacket without actually winning the event. The company, which hosts celebrity charity events and sells rare items for various Foundations, is selling a Masters Jacket signed by: Gary Player, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Mark O’Meara, Raymond Floyd, Nick Faldo, Fred Couples, Bernhard Langer, Ian Woosnan, Jose Maria Olazabal, Mike Weir, Fuzzy Zoeller, Vijay Singh, Sandy Lyle, Larry Mize, Craig Stadler, George Archer, Gary Brewer, Billy Casper, Phil Mickelson, Bob Goalby, Charles Coody & Tommy Aaron. Check em out for more great stuff, such as an autographed Tom Brady jersey and an NY Greats signed jersey…items aren’t cheap, but proceeds got to charity so you can feel good about yourself.

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Celebrity Fight Night Recap: Chuck Liddell Says He’d Fight Kimbo, Costner Rocks Out with His Band, B.J. Flores Belts Dionne Warwick, Mary Lou Retton Sad About Olympic Protests, Grant Hill Cool with Lebron James Cover, Shawne Merriman, Ray Lewis, Tony Hawk.

D&D hit up the 14th annual Celebrity Fight Night in Scottsdale Arizona on Saturday night, where a ton of A-listers joined Muhammad Ali and his wife Lonnie in the fight against Parkinson’s disease for this incredible event that’s raised more than $45 million bucks since its inception.

The love showered on Muhammad Ali and his foundation went beyond my expectations. The celebrities who showed up to support the event weren’t just there to walk the red carpet, they were there to make a difference, and this included all guests in attendance. As with most events, the red carpet experience was a blast. First impressions of those who were there…Jordin Sparks, who also performed at the event was absolutely beautiful, sincere, and graceful; LaDainian Tomlinson, who received the Ali Sports Achievement Award was grateful, emotional, and inspiring.

Grant Hill, who is nothing short of angelic, had good reason to be at the event. “Muhammad Ali has given so much to the world, and my wife is also performing tonight so I guess I have two reasons for being here.” When asked about the controversy surrounding the recent LeBron James Vogue cover, Hill wasn’t too concerned. “I don’t have a problem with it” he said, “I saw the (WW1 propaganda) poster, and you know, I wouldn’t have done it, but Lebron’s young and you know, I’m okay with it, but I wouldn’t have done it.”

When Arsenal (soccer) fan Kevin Costner walked by, I couldn’t resist asking him about Arsenals loss that morning. “Ah, picking on my guys over there!” he said with a smile. I also had to dig a bit deeper and ask how he felt about American ownership of European soccer clubs: “I haven’t followed it to that detail” he replied, “I’ve been really into politics, but sports are so good it’s stands alone, those people are so passionate about what goes on, and you’ll never get two Englishmen to agree on anything when it comes to sports.” Pressing Costner further, I asked if he had any interest in ownership. “No, I don’t know enough about the game, I’ve just had some extraordinary experiences with it.” Most celebs could’ve BSed their way around my questions, so I applaud him for being so candid. KC remained sweet, masculine, sexy and when he received his Muhammad Ali Achievement Award, his acceptance speech had most, if not all guests on the verge of tears. Gotta make mention of Costners after party as well. Costner performed with his band Modern West after the main event. Being skeptical of celebrities who try to be rock stars, I must admit he rocked. He gave off an air of comfort from the stage, exuding a love for music you don’t normally see from someone of his caliber. I’ve posted plenty of photos of Costners performance on Shutterfly-the link is at the end of this post.

Another athlebrity who floored me was Tony Hawk. Dude has got to be one of the brightest and most compassionate people I’ve ever met. It’s hard to imagine the skateboarding legend never saw himself becoming a global franchise. “Not at all,’ he said when asked, “when I was growing up skating was a pretty small world, so to become one of the best or to aspire to a career didn’t mean a lot, it just meant you got free gear, so to be doing this for a living and have all the opportunities, I love it, I’m just thankful I still get to skate for a living, that really what its all about to me.” Hawk was with his wife, who’s expecting their 4th child in June, and had some great advice all kids. “Believe in yourself. Persevere, never give up, if you want to do something, just try it, don’t give up.”

Next up Shawne Merriman walked in with Ray Lewis…Merriman was hot and humble. Lewis, had a very commanding presence…Merriman was obviously more than excited to support the charity event, “I can’t believe we can get everybody out here in one building for a great event, Im totally amazed at the number of great people, this is my second year and I’ll basically mark this weekend off on my calendar every year to come and support it.”

Faith Hill and Reba McEntire were both stunning and very down to earth. Our first night there was met with a “Hi, I’m Reba” as we rode the elevator with her-can’t stress enough how adorable and sweet she is. Mary Lou Retton was as spunky as ever and I had to ask the former Olympic gymnast how she felt about the political uproar surrounding the upcoming games. “You know, it’s really sad, because the Olympics are supposed to be a time when the best athletes in the world come together in competition. Politics aren’t anything new, it happened back in the 80’s, it happened before that and I believe we’re going to get it all resolved.” And what about athletes who use the games as a platform to speak out? “I think you should speak how you feel and feel how you speak, and if you’ve got a strong opinion about something, its America, thank God we are born in America and we can voice that. I’ve got no problem with that. I’m a true blue born all American, so I hope we get it all resolved.”

One of the highlights for me was meeting Chuck Liddell. I may not mention the UFC much on my blog, but I’ve had one eye on Liddell and the other on Kimbo Slice for a long, long time. So, for those of you in the loop, I asked Liddell what he felt about Kimbo. “I don’t have no problem with Kimbo,” he said with a cup of Starbucks in one hand, “I’d fight him, I’d have no problem, I’d fight him and win.”

Speaking of hotties in Arizona who use their fists, Team Flores, which included Jay of Juggler Entertainment and MIMS of DET to LA rocked the hell out of the red carpet. The hottest undefeated USBA cruiserweight sensation B.J. Flores (with team Flores) strolled the red carpet with the confidence you’d expect from a boxer while almost giving us a heart attack each time he licked his lips. Not only is he sexy as hell, but his focus and hunger compel you to wanna see him fight right then and there.

Aside from being a force in the ring, Flores is also making an impact outside the sport. Recently he appeared as the in-studio guest for ESPN2’s Friday Night Fights. Hot stuff aka ‘Peligroso’ (dangerous in Spanish) is currently 21-0 with 13 knockouts as a professional and ranked #2 by the IBF, #7 by the WBO, and #11 by the WBA. Gotta give extra love to Flores for his marketing and production team Juggler Entertainment…It’s not often you see a boxer swanked by such classy professionals. Jay from Juggler promised to make noise from Arizona to Timbuktu, and he’s already made good by interviewing the legendary Dionne Warwick with B.J. on the red carpet. Flores walked the red carpet directly after Warwick, which led to one of my favorite photos of all time- Dionne posing with Flores’ title belt. Priceless. But maybe not as priceless as when I got that belt around my waist…

Thanks to Look to the Stars for sending D&D to this stellar event. I’ll have a complete write up on their site later this week, including a full list of celebrity attendees, many more quotes, auction items, and final bids. For photos from the event, you can view ‘em on Shutterfly.

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Andy Roddick Downs The Swiss Mister, Camilo Villegas Plans Every Shot, Olympic Troubles, Lewis Hamilton Help for Heroes.

Need I tell you how happy Andy Roddick has made me? Albeit not as happy as Brooklyn, but pretty friggen close…the master of all things mojo added to Roger Federers losing streak with a wicked 140-mph serve to stop the Swiss Mister from reaching yet another final…Andy ended his 12-consecutive loses to R-Fed to win 7-6 (4), 4-6, 6-3 in the quarterfinals. “I came in knowing that nobody has beaten me 12 times in a row,” Roddick said. “So I had that on my side.”
Poor Federer has yet to reach a final this year. “I am just sort of disappointed not to see my name playing in the finals,” Federer said. “I think I have the game to obviously be there.” Of course you do Roger…“I always said it’s tough to play against Andy—you know, that serve. He’s always going to have a chance. That’s why I’m quite amazed about my record against him.” And I’m quite amazed that there might have been a compliment in there?

Reading about golf may sound boring to most people, but if you take your time and dig for gold, you’re gonna find some serious fore play hidden among the pages of Case in point- Camilo Villegas (along with David DeNunzio) have posted an article: 13 Ways to Plan & Pure Every Shot, in which Villegas writes: “I’m a free swinger, but that doesn’t mean I’m careless with my shots. I approach each one with a clearly defined purpose — a plan that tells me where I’m going and how I’ll get there. Here’s how I think my way around a course, and the swing keys I rely on to bring it to its knees. You can’t make a smooth stroke if you give your putter the death grip.”
After reading Villegas’s intro, I know his smooth strokes and free swings would bring me to my knees. Our sexy kitten covers a variety of libido tingling topics in the piece, including (a-hem): How to split the fairway; hit your second shot first; how to knock it close; how to bend the ball on command and how to get a perfect read…(

This weekend, our F1 babes will lay rubber on the track for the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix…and nothing made me happier than seeing Lewis Hamilton sporting his ‘Help for Heroes’ wristband during practice. Help for Heroes is a new charity set up to aid wounded British Servicemen and Servicewomen, and is also supported by sexy music man James Blunt, among others.

The Washing Times reports that China’s Communist Party has ordered regional leaders to “use military and intelligence units to crack down ‘harshly’ on dissent and step up spying throughout the country” leading up to the Olympics. The directive reads in part, ‘Enemy forces inside and outside our border are accelerating their sabotage activities with a focus on the Olympics’…. Canada Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not attend the opening ceremonies but “would continue to urge China to respect human rights and peaceful protests not just in Tibet but everywhere.”…the Torch is set to make its way around London this weekend, but some of the torch-bearers are opting out of the event: OUT: Mark Byford, the deputy director general of the BBC; and sports presenter Gabby Logan who told Channel 4 News: “I was very honored to be asked, and very honored to represent the disabled community. I fully support the Tibetan cause and in a way I feel that, because of the mounting pressure and the ongoing violence in Tibet, that torch-bearers should turn down their role … because I feel that is truly promoting and supporting the Olympic ideals, which are unity and world peace, and that doesn’t include invasion of other countries.” On Monday, the Olympic torch relay will attempt to navigate through the streets of San Francisco…

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Amnesty Int’l report: China, The Olympics Countdown, Will Ferrell Steps Up for Cancer, David Beckham on Leno, David Beckham’s Gold iPod, Obama Hoops

First of all, I hope no one misinterprets my disgust toward the Chinese government as being ‘non-supportive-towards-athletes-who’ve-been-training-for-the-Olympics-since-they-were-infants.’ (I don’t support the war either, but I do support our troops.) I support all the athletes, particularly those who’ve got the stones to voice their opinions…but trust me kids, its going to get much, much more interesting in the months ahead, because really, the best reality show on TV just kicked it up a notch and shifted all eyes away from the stars and redirected them towards those people in dire need of a larger voice than their third world conditions can deliver.

Today, Amnesty International released a report, (the latest in a series of 5) documenting human rights violations in China ahead of the August Games in Beijing. “If anyone wants to take the world people’s grand event as a stage for political show, he or she has found a wrong place, and will only ask for an insult” – Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jiang Yu, on foreign officials possibly boycotting the Beijing Olympics…why don’t we all collectively ask for an insult then? The report documents specific cases of activists and rights’ lawyers harassed, arbitrarily detained and beaten by the authorities, as well as increased controls over freedom of expression and censorship of the media. It also sheds light on several government tactics to silence those who dare to speak out on human rights, in particular the use of ‘security threats’ as a pretext for crackdown on peaceful activists and the use of the ‘Re-education through Labor” system to ‘clean up’ the city in the run up to the games…and WE should be insulted, embarrassed of harassed for speaking up against these conditions? I think not. Im gonna take Amnesty’s side on this one, but I’ll leave it up to you to decide. The FULL report can be read here.

There are actually two Will Ferrells out there. One is a young cancer survivor, the other, obviously, is our favorite actor/comedian. In January, the youngest Ferrell was selected to receive a scholarship from Cancer for College, a great charity that sends cancer survivors to college-they also pride themselves on never turning down a scholarship request. So when Ferrell (the recipient) went to collect his scholarship at the Taste to Educate event in Seattle, it was no surprise that Cancer for College supporter (actor) Will Ferrell showed up to surprise Ferrell (the recipient). More than 200 guests were on hand to support the fundraising event, which dolled out 13 scholarships to cancer survivors. Hopefully, some of you may recall that I covered the Cancer for College Golf Tournement last September and got a first hand look at the good work being done by founder Craig Pollard (A cancer survivor himself). I also posted my interview with Ferrell and contributed a piece to Look to the Stars…so check em out and get ready for this years Cancer for College Golf Tournement which is scheduled for Friday, September 19, at the Rancho Bernardo Inn golf course and the Country Club of Rancho Bernardo. Last year’s event raised over $200,000 thanks in large part to Will auctioning off a role in his upcoming film “Step Brothers”, which is due out July 25th. Click here for an awesome video of Will Ferrell surprising young Ferrell.

Sir Golden Balls received a Gold iPod Touch from England for his 100th cap, how sweet of them…he also graced “The Tonight Show” last night where Leno said to Becks: “I enjoyed having your wife here. She was very nice.” Beckham: “She’s the funny one of the family so I’m slightly worried today because I’m really not funny. I was happy she got through the interview because she usually says things in interviews that come back to haunt her and it’ll come back to haunt me. Like she said I used to wear her underwear which is not true.” Beckham also spoke about the notorious Armani ad that features him posing in all his glory via those edible skivvies: “I was so nervous about doing that campaign because, obviously, I’ve done photo shoots before, but I’ve never actually done photo shoots in my underwear. I was quite nervous because, obviously, I knew that my wife and friends were going to see it, but my mum is going to see it.”
Leno also asked Gods Gift to Women his thoughts on soccer here in the US: Beckham: “There’s a slight problem with the fact that there are so many great sports over here and traditionally in Europe and most parts of the world, soccer is the biggest game. But in America there’s American football, there’s basketball and there’s baseball. I’ve always said I doubt very much (soccer) is going to be as big as those sports and it probably shouldn’t be because traditionally, it’s nice to have those sports. But I believe that there is potential there for it to grow.” (Ahem…anyone see the ‘potential’ he’s talking about? Get on the boat people.)

“There’s not only a chance, but it’s a guarantee” – U.S. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), on whether he would build a basketball court at the White House if elected president.

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